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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

John T. Moran, of 315 Brimmer Ave., Apt. 2, New Holland, and Heather Lea Cameron, same address. Moran’s parents are John Thomas and Laura Moran. Cameron’s parents are Richard Elliott and Patricia Ann Cameron.

Benjamin Hagerty Nickey, of 8202 Blue Heron Drive, Unit A, Frederick, Md., and Megan Magee Crandall, same address. Nickey’s parents are Robert Sylvester Nickey and Kathleen Hagerty. Crandall’s parents are James Kevin and Suzanne Ray Crandall.

Anthony Moe Rodriguez, of 242 S. Lime St., Quarryville, and Asha-Marie Torres-Butler, same address.

Christopher Ostrum, of 425 Hometowne Terrace, Lititz, and Erica Watson, same address. Ostrum’s parents are Fred and Leah Ostrum. Watson’s parents are Timothy and Patricia Watson.

Ward Andrew Shope, of 237 Noble St., Lititz, and Elizabeth Ann McRobie, same address. Shope’s parents are Ward Andrew and Marilyn Shope. McRobie’s parents are Randy Lee McRobie and Eloise Alice Riggleman.

Casey Garrett Zoll, of 503 Golden St., Lititz, and Jessica Brianne Poje, same address.

Jacob Daniel Stoltzfus, of 3745 Old Philadelphia Pike, Gordonville, and Lavina Sue King, of 4 Forever Lane, Paradise. Stoltzfus’ parents are David Allen and Miriram K. Stoltzfus. King’s parents are Stephen S. and Sheryl Marie King.

Justin Michael Heagy, of 1645 State St., East Petersburg, and Eleonore Marie Felix Sinot, same address.

Seth Thomas Adams, of 6 Heron Road, Lititz, and Taylor Virginia Toborowski, same address. Adams’ parents are Jeffrey and Kristin Adams. Toborowski’s parents are Mustafa Abdelmutiand Frances Toborowski.

Ivan Wayne Beiler, of 103A N. Ronks Road, Ronks, and Anna Mae Fisher, 407 S. Kinzer Road, Paradise. Beiler’s parents are Eli J. and Barbara F. Beiler. Fisher’s parents are Ivan A. and Katie Ann Fisher.

Nickalas Shawn Anthony Japp, of 530 E. King St., Apt. 1, and Selena Elaine Hernandez, sane address.

Jacob F. Zook, of 85 E. Main St., Leola, and Anna Mae Stoltzfus, of 690 Temperance Hill Road, Lititz. Zook’s parents are Levi and Mary Zook. Stoltzfus’ parents are Eli F. and Elizabeth S. Stoltzfus.

Jeffrey Eugene Wagner, of 490 Lakeview Drive, Lititz, and Drucilla G. Markey, same address.

John Joseph Egan, of 312 Heritage Drive, New Holland, and Gianna Lorraine Grupp, same address. Egan’s parents are John and Patricia Ann Egan. Grupp’s parents are David Joseph and Virginia Christien Grupp.

Jason Henry Herr, of 432 W. Orange St., Lititz, and Jessica Lynne Buch, same address. Herr’s parents are Jere H. and Cynthia J. Herr. Buch’s parents are Ronald Lee and Melanie Louise Herr.

Cody Tyler Riehl, of 964 W. Main St., New Holland, and Bridget Constance Cullen, same address. Riehl’s parents are Dean and Melissa Riehl. Cullen’s parents are William and Martha Jane Cullen.

Taylor John Hutchison, of 955 Wollups Hill Road, Trailer 15, Stevens, and Carly Jane Showalter, same address. Hutchison’s parents are Michael and Jean Ann Hutchison.

Devin Scott Fahnestock, of 343 Greenview Drive, and Laken Love Gibble, same address. Fahnestock’s parents are Mark Jason and Jessica Marie Fahnestock. Gibble’s parents are Roby Lynn Gibble and Christy Ann Graul.

Alec Taylor Splain, of 425 Florin Ave., Mount Joy, and Derek Andrew Nolt, same address. Splain’s mother is Christine Barr. Nolt’s parents are John Nolt and Joyce Elaine Gish.

Michael Anthony Cajigas, of 1536 W. Main St., Apt. M, Ephrata, and Leinita Susana Macay Sanchez, same address.

Kelvin Eddy Rapsac Santana, of 561 S. Christian St., and Miguelina Cuevas Santana, same address.

Jared Michael Weibley, of 123 E. New St., Lititz, and Elizabeth Ann Babinsack, same address. Weibley’s parents are Robert and Sandra Weibley. Babinsack’s parents are James Lynn and Carol Ann Babinsack.

Caleb Eliud Acosta, of 511 E. Ross St., and Celia Sofia Familia, of 4185 Magnolia Drive, Mount Joy. Acosta’s parents are Caleb Rafael and Christina Marie Acosta. Familia’s mother is Luz del Alba Amaro.

Peter Samuel Nussbaum, of 804 Texter Mountain Road, Robesonia, and Esther Ruth Campbell, of 900 N. Railroad Ave., New Holland. Nussbaum’s parents are Merlin Wayne Nussbaum and Sharon Danette Nussbaum Martin. Campbell’s parents are Jason Lee and Sandra Kay Campbell.

Jose Alexander Merced, of 314 Alexandria Court, Marietta, and Kariann Virginia Cochran, same address. Merced’s parents are Jose Raul Merced and Isabel Charon. Cochran’s parents are Floyd Steve Cochran and Denise Arlene Smith.

Ruben David Millan Fernandez, of 8578 Black Star Circle, Columbia, and Vanessa Cruz Soto, of 333 E. Jackson St., Apt. 2, New Holland.

Adrian Barry Ernay, of 710 Beaver St., and Arlene Vasquez-Mercado, same address.

Alexis Socoloski Lichty, of 219 Ruby St., and Dedra Nicole Demaree, same address. Lichty’s parents are Leonard Uribe and Victoria Ann Lichty. Demaree’s parents are Lawrence Orville Demaree and Peggenn Owings Harbert.

Miguel Cruz-Martinez, of 613 East End Ave., Apt. 1, and Daphne Thompson, same address. Cruz-Martinez’s parents are Miguez Cruz-Diaz and Bethzaida DeJesus. Thompson’s parents are Rodney C. and Patricia Warner.

Aaron Charles Mowery, of 230 Mandarin Lane, Elizabethtown, and Allison Kathleen Hoke, same address. Mowery’s parents are Robert Minor and Shelly Ann Mowery. Hoke’s parents are Robert Edward and Amy Elizabeth Hoke.

Michael Austin Mitchell, of 119 S. Fulton St., Strasburg, and Vanessa Margie Pizarro, same address. Mitchell’s parents are Douglas James Fieldhouse and Thelma Mitchell. Pizarro’s parents are Heriberto and Margie Pizarro.

Tyler Dane Nelson, of 32 W. Donegal St., Mount Joy, and Breanne Noel Heiner, same address.

Deshawn Duane Nesbitt, of 422 Locust St., Apt. C, Columbia, and Kristin Candee Murphy, same address. Nesbitt’s parents are Deshawn Duane Nesbitt and Sheenita Udella Brogdon. Murphy’s parents are Joseph and Kristin Murphy.

Donald Eugene Dowling, of 733 Cloverleaf Road, Apt. 19, Elizabethtown, and Kelli Sue Petticoffer, same address. Dowling’s parents are Donald Eugene and Margaret Ann Dowling. Petticoffer’s parents are Russell Lamar and Ruby Jerelyn Petticoffer.

Paul Lee, of 2461 Lincoln Highway East, and Christina Farrah Williams, same address.

Blake Cohen, of 1015 W. Main St., Apt. D, Mount Joy, and Brianna Lane, same address. Cohen’s parents are Jason and Heidi Cohen. Lane’s parents are Michael and La Juana Lane.

Brandon Kyler Gehron, of 152 Plum Hill Road, Peach Bottom, and Jackalyn Lee Ann Betts, same address. Gehron’s parents are Richard John and Charlotte Gehron. Betts’ parents are John Thaddeus and Jenny Lee Betts.

Deron William Johnson, of 7 Green St., and Maraly Idalyn Rosario, same address.

David A. Griffin, of 10 Cutler St., Morristown, N.J., and Alexis Maureen Kristen, same address. Griffin’s parents are Anthony and Mary Theresa Griffin. Kristen’s parents are Robert Francis and Elizabeth Kristen.

Keith Everett Bonte, of 521 Poplar St., Columbia, and Jaema Renee Lutz-Dommel, same address. Bonte’s parents are Charles Robinson and Vicki Lynn Bonte. Lutz-Dommel’s parents are James Richard Ortman and Thomasine Elizabeth Lutz.

Brandon Lee Widener, of 219 E. King St., Apt. 2, and Brooke Louise Bunton, same address. Widener’s mother is Karen Lynn Rightnour. Bunton’s parents are Peter and Ruth Ann Bunton.

Benjamin Daniel Bergman, of 2390 Cloverton Drive, Columbia, and Caitlin Elizabeth Bright, same address. Bergman’s parents are Lester Allen Bergman and Lois Esther Marshall. Bright’s parents are Merryl Richard and Jean Koehler Bright.

Quinto Lee Pauletti, of 420 S. West End Ave., and Aubree Nicole Kurtz, of 12 W. Newport Road, Apt. 3, Lititz. Pauletti’s parents are Brian and Denise Pauletti. Kurtz’s parents are Robert and Karen Kurtz.

Hiram Rodriguez, of 37 Kevin Court, Leola, and Jahaira M. Ramos, same address.

Harrison Noel Hagelgans, of 78 S. Reamstown Road, Stevens, and Camila Aparecida Grizotte Cabral, of 184 Dickens Drive. Hagelgans’ parents are James Hagelgans and Mary Lynn Pranun. Cabral’s parents are Joao Carlos Lassance Cabral and Matildes Regina Matias Grizotte.

Jude David Capizzi, of 19 Richardson Court, Leola, and Dulce Maria Martinez Moreta, same address. Capizzi’s parents are Ernest T. and Carolann J. Capizzi. Martinez Moreta’s parents are Jose Miguel Martinez and Altagracia Moreta.

Eric Matthew Herman, of 6260 Meadowview Drive, Mount Joy, and Victoria Medvedev, same address. Herman’s parents are Charles Edward and Elizabeth Walton Herman. Medvedev’s mother is Marina Medvedev.

Damian J. Hatfield, of 100 Jemefield Court, and Amanda Lynn Kimmet, same address. Hatfield’s parents are Adrian Joel and Latanya Hatifeld. Kimmet’s parents are Ray E. and Donna M. Kimmet.

Mario Ramos Natal, of 246 S. Ann St., and Teresa Garcia Pimentel, same address.

Jason Lee Burkholder, of 429 Franklin St., Shoemakersville, and Erin Mary Dowling, of 425 S. Ninth St., Akron. Burkholder’s parents are Richard Lee and Mary Jane Burkholder. Dowling’s parents are Edward Michael Dowling and Deidre Ann Kennedy.

Damien Lee Davido, of 1220 Shetland Road, East Earl, and Jessica Marie Nelligan, same address. Davido’s parents are James Davido and Lorraine Caruso. Nelligan’s parents are Bruce and Kathleen Nelligan.

Lynn Isaac Shertzer, of 4300 Crossings Blvd., 302, and Sarah Brightwell Little, same address. Shertzer’s parents are William Lynn and Dawn Renee Shertzer. Little’s parents are William Allen and Elizabeth Staunton Little.

Anouar El Ghaidani, of 46 1/2 E. Main St., Apt. 1, Ephrata, and Makayla Lynn Billman, same address.

Julio Cesar Echevarria De Jesus, of 409 Millersville Road, and Vivian Eneida Delgado Rosario, same address.

Kristopher Michael Toomey, of 1645 Princess Anne Drive, and Rebecca Lynn Whiteman, same address. Toomey’s mother is Lori Lynn Reilling. Whiteman’s parents are Gregory John and Sally Elizabeth Whiteman.