Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Destiny Rose Coyne, of 534 Mandarin Lane, Elizabethtown, and Kyle J. Colon, same address. Coyne’s parents are Mark Edwin and Lorelei Lynn Coyne. Colon’s parents are Jorge Luis Colon and Natalie Juana Castro.

Katelyn Marie Iddings, of 1156 Sheep Hill Road, New Holland, and Christopher James Landes, of 318 E. Main St., New Holland. Iddings’ parents are Shawn Michael and Ivy Jo Iddings. Landes’ parents are Anthony Joel and Michele Marie Landes.

Luis Miguel Gonzalez-Torres, of 615 Thornberry Lane, Apt. 202, Lititz, and Nicole A. Heigl, same address. Gonzalez-Torres’ parents are Luis Manuel Gonzalez Pena and Lillian Enid Torres Santiago. Heigl’s parents are Philip Joseph and Antoinette Alitto Heigl.

David Shepperd Mitchell, of 268 California Road, Morgantown, and Erica Lynn Procopio, of 1431 Eden Road. Mitchell’s parents are Daniel Raymond and Judith Shepherd Mitchell. Procopio’s parents are Gregorio and Kathy Ann Procopio.

Eric Charles Yost, of 120 Gentlemans Way, and Alicia Rae Richardson, same address. Yost’s parents are John Vincent and Teresa Eileen Yost. Richardson’s parents are Brenda Lee Richardson and Jose Anibal Bruno.

John Michael Glick, of 235 W. Vine St., and Angela Marie Cribari, of 729 N. Duke St. Glick’s parents are Mervin Lee and Naomi Glick. Cribari’s parents Joseph Clarence and Connie Lynn Cribari.

David Daniel Still, of 1079 Schwanger Road, Apt. 25, Elizabethtown, and Kim Capello, same address. Still’s parents are Stephen George and Jeanette Gail Still. Capello’s parents are Harold Maynard Strickler and Arzula Larue Fanus.

Francisco Omar Nunez Figueroa, of 4070 Buttonwood Drive, Mount Joy, and Maria D. Arias Minaya, same address. Nunez Figueroa’s parents are Gustodio Nunez and Migdalia Figueroa. Arias Minaya’s parents are Joan Minaya and Jacqueline Gonzalez.

Carlos Edgar Shelmire, of 8139 Evening Star Drive, Unit 371, Pasadena, Calif., and Anna Leigh Timmons, same address. Shelmire’s parents are Jeffrey Glenn and Evangeline Alip Shelmire. Timmons’ parents are Leroy Jesse and Diana Thune Timmons.

Vance Joseph Martin, of 1033 High St., and Wendy Peters, same address. Martin’s parents are Vance Richard and Bettie-Jo Carol Martin. Peters’ parents are Donald Rettew and Susan Jean Catherson.

Philip Francis Edward Dobinson, of 28M Colonial Crest, and Laura Faith Bowman, of 305 E. Orange St., Apt. 6. Dobinson’s parents are Philip Francis and Susan Marie Dobinson. Bowman’s parents are Gary Lee and Jennifer Sue Bowman.

Susan Ellen Bonsall, of 13 Conestoga St., Washington Boro, and Mikal Shane Green, same address. Bonsall’s parents are John Michael Bonsall and Lynn Ellen Tracey. Green’s parents are Lajuana Jo and Ricky David Green.

William Robert Livezey, of 691 Golden Ridge Road, Sherman, Maine, and Eliana Carolyn Anthony, of 508 Drury Lane, Baltimore, Md. Livezey’s parents are William Richard and Gail Denise Livezey. Anthony’s parents are James David and Anne Elizabeth Anthony.

Jody Aaron Essick, of 58 Warwick Circle, Pottstown, and Johanna Luise Jurisson, of 1116 Hampden Drive, Strasburg. Essick’s parents are Lyle Kolb and Tina Marie Essick. Jurisson’s parents are Enno and Angela Jurisson.

Brandon Daniel Schwark, of 85 Misty Lane, Ephrata, and Amanda Lynn Hauser, of 1805 Girl Scout Road, Denver. Schwark’s parents are Jeromie Francis and Julie Haesche Schwark. Hauser’s parents are Frederick Warfield and Diane Christine Hauser.

Jonathon A. Williams, of 6373 Bayberry Ave., Manheim, and Gwendolyn Jessica Foley, same address. Williams’ parents are Richard Lyn and Tamara Jean Williams. Foley’s parents are Wiliam Francis and Susan Lynn Foley.

Chatwin Doyle Osborn, of 15 E. Roseville Road, Garage Apartment, and Diane Kay Fry, of 221 Mayberry Drive, Lititz. Osborn’s parents are Earl Gilbert and Margaret Elma Osborn. Fry’s parents are William and Rosemary Moyer.

Daniel David Duschl, of 231 N. Shippen St., Apt. 422, and Amber Joy Swiatocha, same address. Duschl’s parents are David James and Beate Susanne Duschl. Swiatocha’s parents are Paul Joseph and Debra Ann Swiatocha.

Mark Cavaliere, of 538 Alston Court, and Kaleigh Frances Ott, of 341 Woodbridge Drive, Etters. Cavaliere’s parents are Salvatore and Diane Lynn Cavaliere. Ott’s parents are Harry Craig and Annette Ott.

Douglas W. Gibbs, of 1048 Willamsburg Road, and Valerie Trout, same address. Gibbs’ parents are Douglas Wayne and Linda Carol Himelwright. Trout’s parents are Harold Francis and Sandra Jean Trout.

Joshua Eon Kirsh, of 41 Meadow Lane, and Stephanie Ann Vogt, same address. Kirsch’s parents are Jay Ivin and Donna Kay Kirsch. Vogt’s parents are George Henry and Lorra Lynn Becker.

Curtis William Sipe, of 1929 Clifton Ave., Highland Park, Ill., and Anne E. Badamo Connors, same address. Sipe’s parents are Ronald William and Nancy Lou Sipe. Badamo Connors’ parents are Joseph Donald and Janice M. Badamo.

Lawrence Winfield Mattson, of 116 Frogtown Road, Pequea, and Samantha Evelyn Bennett, same address. Mattson’s parents are Lawrence Winfield and Shelly Lynn Seeberger.

Kameron Christopher Burkholder, of 180 E. High St., Apt. 202, Elizabethtown, and Brooke Nicole Cleland, of 60 S. Harrison St., Elizabethtown. Burkholder’s parents are Christopher Eugene Burkholder and Kristin Joy Halterman. Cleland’s parents are Jonathan Kent Swift and Tammy Lynn Robertson.

Edward Joseph Kuchinski, of 323 Cabot Circle, Willow Street, and Clarissa Marie Perez, same address. Kuchinski’s parents are Frank Alex and Madeline Kuchinski. Perez’s parents are Rafael Angel and Madeline Kuchinski.

Daniel Robert Hetrick, of 136 Falmouth Road, Bainbridge, and Brittany Kathleen Osborne, same address. Hetrick’s father is James Floyd Hetrick. Osborne’s parents are Wayne Franklin Osborne and Ida Kathleen Boyle.

Daniel Pena, of 626 Waymeet Drive, and Emily Kay Parke, of 3631 Clear Stream Drive, Mountville. Pena’s parents are Dionnis Natanael Pena Garcia and Betsaida Elizabeth Medina Urena. Parke’s parents are Gary Lee and Laura Kay Parke.

Andrew James Lange, of 156 Oak Bottom Road, Quarryville, and Crista Lynn Trongone, same address. Lange’s parents are Robert Joseph and Sandra Lynn Lange. Trongone’s parents are Robert Edward Trongone and Deanna Lynn Bodreau.

Alex Maguana Quisilema, of 1318 Janet Drive, Mount Joy, and Jenna Hollinger, of 121 Wickersham Road, Bainbridge. <no parents listed>

Scott Ryan White, of 65 S. Perry St., Elizabethtown, and Amanda J. Mullen, of 569 E. High St., Elizabethtown. White’s parents are Steven Lynn and Lawanna Rose White. Mullen’s parents are Larry Roger Mullen and Kristine Bernice Brinser.

Scott Pierce, of 785 Furnace Road, Slatington, and Ashlee Lynn Metzger, same address. Pierce’s parents are J. Hubert and Barbara Louise Pierce. Metzger’s parents are Leroy D. Soke and Lori Jean Wisser.

Andrew Dean Petersheim, of 2860 Best Road, Morgantown, and Cheryl Diane Kauffman, of 342 E. Jackson St., New Holland. Petersheim’s parents are John Mast and Susan Lavern Petersheim. Kauffman’s parents are Jay Albert and Erma Arlene Kauffman.

Andrew Bryan Clements, of 312 Spring Hill Lane, Lebanon, and Allison Joy Barthold, of P.O. Box 133, 600 Second St., Mount Gretna. Clements’ parents are Donald Claude and Patti Lynn Clements. Barthold’s parents are Dan Franklin and Linda Williams.

Nathan Andrew Meckley, of 2304 Wilkes Road, and Deborah Star Olsen, of 3154 Parker Drive. Meckley’s parents are Randolph L. and Vicky L. Meckley. Olsen’s parents are Bruce Paul Heisey and Cecelia Ann Stremmel.

Carlos Luis Velez, of 615 Wyncroft Lane, and Claritza Elis Calcorzi, of 385 Howard Ave., Apt. 8. Velez’s parents are Carlos Velez and Emma Mathias. Calcorzi’s parents are Efrain Calcorzi and Elizabeth Ortiz.

Eric Matthew Miller, of 1005 Martin Ave., Ephrata, and Tara Bomberger, of 22 Park St., Akron. Miller’s parents are William Miller and Karen Shea-Miller. Bomberger’s parents are Patrick and Leian Wiker.

Sobirdzhon Bakhrullo Khasanov, of 1437 Elbridge St., Philadelphia, and Luisanna Frias Jimenez, same address. Khasanov’s parents are Bakhrullo and Mukhayo Khasanov. Frias Jimenez’s parents are Calletano Frias Adames and Merald Jimenez.

Frantz Cineus, of 12 Community Drive, Apt. K, Shillington, and Gladys Cherisca, of 21B Tenby Way. Cineus’ parent is Demosthene Cineus. Cherisca’s parent is Ophana Cherisca.

Luis E. Santiago, of 868 Hilton Drive, and Milagros Vasquez-Medina, same address. Santiago’s parents are Enrique Santiago and Cecilia Quinones. Vasquez-Medina’s parents are Felix Vasquez and Rosa Iris Medina.

Jane Lynn Lammey, of 430 E. Orange St., Apt. 2, and Christine Brown, of 232 E. Ross St., Apt. 2. Lammey’s parents are Victor Rivera and Debra Lynn Riehl. Brown’s parents are Andrew Gordon Brown and Antionette Frezelle Moore.