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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

William Rhodes Clarke, of 215 Tan Bark Drive, Lewistown, and Jillian E. Groff, 670 N. Lime St., Elizabethtown. Clarke’s parents are Frederick William and Janet Elizabeth Clark. Groff’s parents are Roy E. and Vicki D. Groff.

Ryan Scott Wissler, of 583 River Road, Pequea, andMeghan Elizabeth Miller, of 2631 Chapel Road. Wissler’s parents are Randall Scott and Dannel Virginia Wissler. Miller’s parents are Roy Frank and Carol Ann Miller.

Michael Scott McGee, of 227 S. West End Ave., and Olivia Claire Rhoads, same address. McGee’s parents are George Marshall and Carol Ann McGee. Rhoads’ parents are Robert Whitmer and Sandra Ann Rhoads.

Thomas Allen Hatt, of 406 E. Main St., Mount Joy, andDonielle Lynn Mann, of 340 Glen Drive, Manchester. Hatt’s parents are Donald Eugene and Sylvia Eudora Hatt. Mann’s parents are Larry Edward and Bonnie Jeanne Hoffman.

Adam Richard Beebe, of 404 Crestwyck Circle, Mount Joy, and Rhiannah Tucker, same address. Beebe’s parents are Jeff and Suzanne Beebe. Tucker’s parents are Timothy and Anna Marie Tucker.

Daniel Mark Imler, of 21 Ashley Drive, Marietta, and Samantha Lynn Reiff, same address. Imler’s parents are Mark Daniel and Lori Michelle Imler. Reiff’s parents are Steven Keith and Michaelle Marie Reiff.

Bradley Philip Miller, of 103 Catalpa Lane, Washington Boro, and Melissa Renee Rugh, same address. Miller’s parents are Paul Anthony and Regina Anna Miller. Rugh’s parents are Robert Charles and Doris Stoltzfus.

Andrew Stoltzfus, of 2352 Valley View Road, Narvon, and Darlene Stoltzfus, of 415 Pleasant View Road, Honey Brook. Andrew Stoltzfus’ parents are Chester and Rebecca Stoltzfus. Darlene Stoltzfus’ parents are Paul and Michele Stoltzfus.

Cameron Alexander Burke, of 642 Woodcrest Ave., Lititz, and Kayla Marie Druckemiller, same address. Burke’s parents are Gerald Duane and Cynthia Lou Burke. Druckemiller’s parents are James Druckenmiller and Melissa Lee Loy.

 Austin Reed Kintner, of 561 N. Plum St., and Angelica Layne Arbutina, same address. Kintner’s parents are Robert Reed and Jody Rebecca Kintner. Arbutina’s parents are Michael Lee Falcon and Celeste Ann Arbutina.

Gregory Atencio, of 906 Fountain Ave., and Emily Reifsnyder, same address. Atencio’s parents are Dante Atencio and Barbel Landis. Reifsnyder’s parents are Richard and Christine Reifsnyder.

Edward J. Oslowski, of 544 Candlewyck Road, and Shannon Leigh Grier, same address. Oslowski’s parents are Edward Joseph Oslowski and Wendy Whelan. Grier’s parents are Michael and Lynn McDermott.

Karl Allen Hainsey, of 225 Miller Road, Apt. H, Akron, and Emily Christine Decker, same address. Hainsey’s parents are Karl Allen and Kimberly Sue Hainsey. Decker’s parents are Joseph Paul and Cynthia Ann Decker.

 Kollin Lex Brakefield, of 6341 Jackson Drive, East Petersburg, and Natalie Marie Grubb, of 455 Lancer Drive, Columbia. Brakefield’s parents are Keith Lex and Stacy Lynn Brakefield. Grubb’s parents are Charles Kent and Mary Iveliss Grubb.

Matthew Louis Montcalm, of 1321 Lititz Pike, Apt. B, Manheim, and Amanda Louise Lyon, same address. Montcalm’s parents are David Montcalm and Elisa Mathieu. Lyon’s parents are Jonathan Craig and Page Lajean Lyon.

Marc Christian Webber, of 31A Tenby Way, and Jessica N. Henry, same address. Webber’s parents are Walter Warren and Deborah Sue Webber. Henry’s parents are Derreck Eugene and Justine Ann Henry.

Conor McQuade Esterly, of 316 Greenview Drive, and Amanda Joy Beck, of 427 W. Grant St. Esterly’s parents are Owen and Janet Esterly. Beck’s parents are Robert and Brenda Beck.

Eugene Victorvich Panov, of 139 Ashlea Gardens, New Holland, and Brittany Lin Popkin, same address. Panov’s father is Victor Panov. Popkin’s parents are Michael and Linda Kaye Popkin.

Aaron Michael Nolt, of 177 Old Mill Road, Apt. 6, Ephrata, and Jeulina Beth Hildebrand, of 43 E. Franklin St., Ephrata. Nolt’s parents are Mark Elvin and Amy Lynn Nolt. Hildebrand’s parents are Matthew Scott and Paulette Hildebrand.

Sean Christopher Maeder, of 4239 Ramble Road, Virgilina, Va.,and Susan Elizabeth Digiacomo, of 1313 Maple Ave. Maeder’s parents are Pierre and Eleanor Jo Maeder. Digiacomo’s parents are Paul RIchard and Jane Metzler Digiacomo.