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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Russell Leroy Wantz Jr., of 1465 Coffee Mill Lane, York, and Kathy D. Dietz, same address. Wantz’s parents are the late Russell Wantz Sr. and the late Ellen L. Wantz. Dietz’s parents are the late John Hawkins and the late Kathryn Hawnkins.

Joseph Angelo Pia, of 6365 Southwest Lombard, Beaverton, Ore., and Elizabeth Anne Stewart Odell, of 9335 SW Downing Drive, Apt. 45, Beaverton, Ore. Pia’s parents are Alex and Denise Pia. Odell’s parents are Andrew and Abby Odell.

Jasper Ellsworth Coble, of 729 Center Ave., Ephrata, and Meredith Rose Shaw, same address. Coble’s parents are Joseph and Kerry Coble. Shaw’s parents are Michael and Jennifer Shaw.

Nathan J. Yingst, of 1033 Clark St., and Autumn Elaine Keeler, same address. Yingst’s parents are Robert and Denise Yingst. Keeler’s parents are Philip and Signe Keeler.

Alan Michael Bainbridge, of 660 Horshesoe Trail Road, Denver, and Amber Rae McQuate, same address. Bainbridge’s parents are Christine Bainbridge and the late Marlin Bainbridge. McQuate’s parents are Cory and Deirdre McQuate.

Gladitza Garcia, of 124 Pheasant Ridge Circle, and Sherleyann Quinones-Morales, same address. Garcia’s parents are Robert Garcia and the late Migdalia Gali. Quinones-Morales’ parents are William Quinones and Jennifer Morales.

Vincent Antonio Gascot, of 206 Parklawn Court, and and Jacqueline Elise Landis, of 3275 Briarwood Blvd. Gascot’s parents are Carlos Gascot and Bernadette Lagambra. Landis’ parents are Keith and Carolyn Landis.

Timothy Jason Adair, of 791 E. Main St., rear apartment, Ephrata, and Shawna Lynn Armer, of 31 N. Cluster Ave., Apt. A, New Holland. Adair’s parents are Todd and Deborah Adair. Armer’s parents are Anna Mae Noecker and the late Charles Armer Jr.

Daren Benjamin Gehman, of 6 Bauer Ave., Willow Street, and Jacqueline Grace Crespo, of 200 W. Brook Road, Peach Bottom. Gehman’s parents are Samuel and Darlene Gehman. Crespo’s parents are Pierre and Mary Crespo.

Jonathan O. Good, of 285 Gehman Road, Narvon, and Hai Thi Vinh Nguyen, of 638 Marietta Ave., Apt. 4. Good’s parents are James and Alma Good. Nguyen’s parents are Cap and Mai Nguyen.

Antonio Maldonado Navarro Jr., of 104 Brimmer Ave., New Holland, and Brenda Lee Consylman, same address. Navarro’s parents are Antonio Maldonado Navarro Sr. and the late Marie E. Shelper. Consylman’s parents are Pauline May Miller and the late Amos Shindlebrooks.

Chrystal Ann Burkholder, of 227 N. State St., Ephrata, and Melissa Mae Sell, same address. Burkholder’s parents are Kenneth James Ulrich and Ruth Irene Burkholder. Sell’s parents are Paul Henry Sell and Christina Lynn Thames.

Marcos David Tejada, of 663 Fremont St., and Kelsey Grey McBryde, same address. Tejada’s parents are Francisco and Maryluz Tejada. McBryde’s parents are Stephen and Beth McBryde.

Steven Brett Gardner, of 591 Cloverbrook Drive, Ephrata, and Mary Elizabeth Boyle, of 1120 Marie Ave., Ephrata. Gardner’s parents are Dennis and Maureen Gardner. Boyle’s parents are Christine Waidley and the late Gregory Waidley.

Benjamin J. Weyrick, of 371 Pleasantview Drive, Mountville, and Judy Ann Meredith, same address. Weyrick’s parents are the late John Weyrick Sr. and the late Sarah Weyrick. Meredith’s parents are Constance Meredith and the late Harry Meredith Sr.

Ryan Shaun Hensley, of 203 Cedar St., Ephrata, and Nicole Renee Phipps, of 13 W. Fourth St., Quarryville. Hensley’s parents are Timothy Hensley and Tahara Deewski. Phipps’ parents are Gary Phipps and Jessica Firestone.

Josie Gabriel Pineyro Berroa, of 431 Hilton Drive, and Danie Segura, same address. Pineyro Berroa’s parents are Jose Pineyro and Lillian Berroa. Segura’s mother is the late Mixdani Segura.

Christian Isiah Cook, of 101 N. Second St., Apt. 7, Bainbridge, and Amber Lyn Lukens, same address. Cook’s parents are Edward Cook and Anna Anderson. Lukens’ parents are Rodney Degroat and Beillie Klinger.

Evan Richard Trauger, of 31 Rickert Road, Sellersville, and Kirsten Elizabeth North, of 271 Avenue C, Apt. 11F, New York, N.Y. Trauger’s parents are Gary and Rachelle Trauger. North’s parents are Roger and Carolyn North.

Kenneth Samuel Shertzer, of 250 Northwood Drive, Lebanon, and Patricia Ann Jeckel, of 559 Hi View Drive, Lititz. Shertzer’s parents are the late Samuel Dombach Shertzer and the late Elizabeth Wilkinson. Jeckel’s parents are the late Edward Joseph Shovlin and the late Alberta Mae Shovlin.

Matthew Stanford Berenger, of 23 N. Arch St., and Oscar E. Ramirez Gonzalez, of 314 Race Ave. Berenger’s parents are the late Claude Nye and the late Ruth Etta Nye. Gonzalez’s mother is the late Ma Guadalupe Ramirez.

Benjamin Kirn, of 815 N. Plum St., and Tina Danielle Palombo, same address. Kirn’s parents are John Kirn and the late Sandra Kirn. Palombo’s parents are Edward and Karen Palombo.

David John Payne, of 570 Plum St., and Masami Kawano, same address. Payne’s parents are the late Victor Payne and the late Kathleen Payne. Kawano’s parents are Yoko Migita and the late Isamu Kawano.

Gary Z. Bell, of 20 Quaker Hill Road, and Kelly D. Lapierre, same address. Bell’s parents are Kenneth Bell and the late Jacqueline Carr. Lapierre’s parents are Sharon Dorsey and the late Joseph Dorsey.

Kurtis Byrce Kovach, of 59 Old English Lane, Elizabethtown, and Marisa Ann Zohner, same address. Kovach’s parents are Michael and Kristie Kovach. Zohner’s parents are John and Kathy Zohner.

Gheorghe R. Soanca, of 95 Stratford Village, and Julie Marie Corrigan, same address. Soanca’s parents are Aurora Soanca and the late Gheorghe Soanca. Corrigan’s parents are Jim Corrigan and Jeanne Heidenreich.

Jerry L. Weachter, of 1284 Graystone Road, Manheim, and Gwendolyn Shireman, same address. Weachter’s parents are Larry and Mary Jane Weachter. Shireman’s parents are Donald Heisey and the late Nancy Heisey.

Gregory Richard Herberg, of 801 W. McGee St., Apt. 17, Greensboro, N.C., and Holly Ann Varrasse, same address. Herberg’s parents are Richard and Sandra Herberg. Varrasse’s parents are John and Debra Varrasse.

Dustin Lee Heisey, of 1134 Shelly Road, Manheim, and Monica Rhea Vayo, same address. Heisey’s parents are Ricky Heisey and Barbara Rohrer. Vayo’s parents are Donald and Linda Vayo.

Delbert Lee Burkholder, of 100 Deysher Road, Kutztown, and Laurel Rose Martin, of 210 Blackburn Road, Quarryville. Burkholder’s parents are Leon and Linda Burkholder. Martin’s parents are Edwin and Kathryn Martin.

Justin Michael Palatucci, of 27 W. High St., Apt. 201, Elizabethtown, and Madison Catherine Stofflet, same address. Palatucci’s parents are Stephen and Jill Palatucci. Stofflet’s parents are Matthew Stofflet and Nicole Lubino.

Mark Austin Merrifield, of 6291 High St., East Petersburg, and Kendra Nejmie Beittel, same address. Merrifield’s parents are Jack and Reyna Merrifield. Beittel’s parents are Craig and Kamille Beittel.

Benjamin Michael-Eckhart Zawacki, of 2610 Allen St., Dallas, Texas, and Kathryn Marie Marshall, same address. Zawacki’s parents are Michael and Gail Zawacki. Marshall’s parents are Richard and Margaret Marshall.

Michael Ramos Jr., of 338 New Dorwart St., and Naisha E. Albino-Oquendo, same address. Ramos’ parents are Michael Ramos and Carmen M. Perez. Albino-Oquendo’s parents are Andres Albino and Wanda Yvette Montalvo.

Andrew Malcolm Young, of 128 Letort Road, Millersville, and Michelle A. Copley, of 228 Cedar Hallow, Manheim. Young’s parents are Malcolm and Virginia Young. Copley’s parents are Michael and Carol Malorzo.

Jordan Burns Glassman, of 104 Ferry Lane, Apt. 208, Bel Air, Md., and Kristin May Umenhofer, same address. Glassman’s parents are Barry T. and Deborah S. Glassman. Umenhofer’s parents are Thomas and Nancy Umenhofer.

Joshua David Voth, of 170 Mortar Lane, Ephrata, and Diane Grace Williams, of 114 W. Main St., Ephrata. Voth’s parents are Timothy D. and Jolynn E. Voth. Williams’ parents are James R. and Nancy A. Williams.

Russell Bonebrake Derrick, of 1410 Neptune Lane, Houston, Texas, and Julianne Deborah Fatula, same address. Derrick’s parents are Clifton and Georganna Derrick. Fatula’s parents are Michael and Deborah Fatula.

Dale R. Eckert, of 4 S. Duke St., Millersville, and Donna Marie Unangst, same address. Eckert’s parents are the late Wilbur Graham and the late Mary Jean Graham. Unangst’s parents are Brian and Robin Unangst.

Frank Nunez, of 1465 Campus Road, Elizabethtown, and Melissa Marie Halter, same address. Nunez’s parents are Rafael Nunez and Migdalie Windchester. Halter’s parents are Carole Edwards and the late Paul Edwards.

Stephen Martin Hackett, of 614 N. Duke St., and Alyssa Jo Emmert, same address. Hackett’s parents are Martin Richard and Frances Marie Hackett. Emmert’s parents are J. Farrell and Sherri Ann Emmert.

Kenneth E. Leisey, of 121 N. Pine St., and Jessica Ann Goerner, same address. Leisey’s parents are the late Kenneth M. Leisey and the late Susan M. Blantz. Goerner’s parents are Robert and Sherry Goerner.

Floyd F. Hinkle, of 16594 Maddox, Stewartstown, and Kristie S. Gunzenhauser, of 882 Gail Place. Hinkle’s parents are Donna Weigle and the late Freemont Hinkle. Gunzenhauser’s parents are Terry and Patricia Gunzenhauser.

Anthony Christopher Camasta, of 1381 Turnpike Road, Elizabethtown, and Sara Beth Zapotosky, same address. Camasta’s parents are Chris Camasta and Lisa Walk. Zapotosky’s parents are Joseph and Karen Zapotosky.

Roger Alan Baumbach II, of 106 Holly Hall, Middletown, and Jordan Hannah Tepper, same address. Baumbach’s parents are Roger A. and Dawn M. Baumbach. Tepper’s parents are Edward M. Tepper and Beth S. Kirschner.

Tory Andre Majett, of 877 Corvair Road, and Arlene Thomas, of 1029 Duke St. Majett’s parents are Lisa Majett and the late Kevin Dixon. Thomas’ parents are Julio Cruz and Luz Lozano.