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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Juan Carlos Rodriguez-Array, of 2203 Cedar Run Drive, Apt. D, Camp Hill, and Gloria Enid Irizarry-Perez, same address. Rodriguez-Array’s parents are Concepcion Rodriguez and Maribel Array. Irizarry-Perez’s parents are Agecibo Irizarry and Alicia Perez.

Mustafa A. Sadeq, of 2799 Ironville Pike, Columbia, and Luma M. Al Khazaali, of 1A Tenby Way. Sadeq’s parents are Abdulwahhab Karamah and Nazik Alkhkani. Khazaali’s parents are Muneam Al Khazaali and the late Najat Joda.

Stephen Richard Taylor, of 3869 Tilden Ave., Apt. 3, Culver City, Calif., and Erika Rose Salomon, same address. Taylor’s parents are Stephen and Doreen Taylor. Salomon’s parents are Frederick Salomon and Lori Jo Trautman.

Matthew Clair Phillippy, of 101 Woodside Drive, Mechanicsburg, and Joanna Rae Cathone, of 1617 English Drive, Mechanicsburg. Phillippy’s parents are Douglas and Debra Phillippy. Cathone’s parents are Matthew and Alyce Cathone.

Thomas Russell Nairns, of 238 E. Lincoln Ave., Lititz, and Laura Catherine Bennett, same address. Nairns’ parents are Robert Nairns and Brenda Bland. Bennett’s parents are Stephen and Claire Bennett.

Jason Michael Sultzbach, of 222 W. Main St., Apt. 1, Ephrata, and Rachel Louise Bruce, same address. Sultzbach’s parents are Scott Sutlzbach and Melanie Johnson. Bruce’s parents are Sean Bruce and Deborah Mitchell.

Daniel Erdem Atadan, of 112 Ridgemont Drive, Middletown, Del., and Allison Clair Billmire, of 4922 Augustine Herman Highway, Earleville, Md. Atadan’s parents are David and Merry Atadan. Billmire’s parents are Garrett and Kathleen Billmire.

Daniel S. Culton, of 41 Penn St., Terre Hill, and Alicia Marie Miller, same address. Culton’s parents are Kenneth Culton and Cynthia Sanchez. Miller’s parents are Charles and Melody Miller.

Dustin G. Worrell, of 116 Eayrestown Road, Vincentown, N.J., and Christina M. Anderson, same address. Worrell’s parents are Randy and Denise Worrell. Anderson’s parents are Raymond and Linda Anderson.

Bret Andrew Zeiset, of 374 E. Main St., Leola, and Leah Braelyn Steiner, of 122 Windsock Way, New Holland. Zeiset’s parents are Darren and Karen Zeiset. Steiner’s parents are Peter and Julie Steiner.

Rodney J. King, of 1210 Carole Lane, Manheim, and Tracy C. Hendrickson, same address. King’s parents are James King and the late Donna Hammacher. Hendrickson’s parents are Norman Carfagno and Gladys Russo.

Joseph James Eberly, of 168 Newport Road, Leola, and Danae Rachael Bitterman, same address. Eberly’s mother is Sharon Eberly. Bitterman’s parents are Charles and Joanne Bitterman.

Andrew Tyler Beideman, of 1150 Ranck Road, New Holland, and Amanda Lyn Davenport, of 515 Abbeyville Road. Beideman’s parents are Ira W. Beideman and Mary H. Presley. Davenport’s parents are Robert L. Davenport Jr. and the late Luz M. Davenport.

Damian James Eby, of 413 Zachary Drive, Manheim, and Tracy Ann Cox, same address. Eby’s parents are Terry Eby and the late Jolyn Eby. Cox’s parents are Raymond and Mary Cox.

Daniel James Short, of 2954 Hearthside Lane, and Samantha Amy Pratzner, same address. Short’s parents are Jeffrey and Sarah Short. Pratzner’s parents are Mark and Karen Pratzner.

Zachary Taylor Webb, of 988 Hammon Ave., Apt. 11, Ephrata, and Erica Lynn Lenhoff, same address. Webb’s parents are Barry and Cristine Webb. Lenhoff’s parents are Thomas and Deborah Erickson.

Timothy W. Kershner Jr., of 108 S. River St., Maytown, and Emily Suzanne Franze, same address. Kershner’s parents are Timothy Kershner Sr. and Sherri Geib. Franze’s parents are Bruce Franze and Diana McClellan.

Michael Thomas Senf, of 5286 Steelville Road, Atlgen, and Julia Ann Butler, of 831 Ballstown Road, Lititz. Senf’s parents are Thomas and Gloria Senf. Butler’s parents are Harris and Jill Butler.

Stephen Joseph Ransing III, of 2387 Split Rail Drive, East Petersburg, and Emily Rebecca Smeltz, same address. Ransing’s parents are Stephen Ransing Jr. and Marcia Leibrand. Smeltz’s parents are Bruce and Laura Smeltz.

Tyler Frank Sassano, of 364 Honey Locust Square, and Cassie Lynn Eva Race, same address. Sassano’s parents are Frank and Cindy Sassano. Race’s parents are Scott and Tammie Race.

Kaleb E. Burch, of 314 Pleasant Knoll Court, Newark, Del., and Rachel Lynn Aukamp, same address. Burch’s parents are Robert William and Karol Claire Burch. Aukamp’s parents are Curtis Lee and Vicki Lynn Aukamp.

Douglas Jackson Fletcher, of 6 Cranfield Court, Elizabethtown, and Adrianna K. Stahl, same address. Fletcher’s parents are Richard Jeffrey and Renee Michelle Fletcher. Stahl’s parents are Shawn Edward Stahl and Shelly Marie Charles.