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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Michael Rosario-Reyes, of 8 Acorn Blvd, and Leanne Urena, same address. Rosario-Reyes’ parents are Anval Rosario and Carmen Pilar Reyes. Urena’s parents are Pedro and Dominicana Urena.

Gregory Kirk Pell, of 491 Telegraph Road, Rising Sun, Md., and Samantha Marie Kohl, of 328 McGrady Road, Rising Sun, Md. Pell’s parents are Gregory and Nicki Pell. Kohl’s parents are John and Maria Kohl.

Joshua D. Lingle, of 22 Foxrun Terrace, Lititz, and Erin Marie Schoiack, same address. Lingle’s parents are Donald B. and Tawni L. Lingle. Schoiack’s parents are Thomas E. and Sharon A. Kuchcinski.

Andrew Timothy Keener, of 869 S. Franklin St., Holbrook, Mass., and Maggie Jean Roberts, of 182 Columbia Ave., Greenville. Keener’s parents are Shawn and Pamela Keener. Roberts’ parents are Todd and Jean Roberts.

Allison Marie Reilly, of 404 E. Second Ave., Lititz, and Melissa Nicole Mendes, same address. Reilly’s parents are Timothy and Mary Reilly. Mendes’ parents are Christian Mendes and Shirley Digregorio.

Levi Hampton Curles, of 503 Dora Drive, Manteo, N.C., and Deanna Jo Dell, same address. Curles’ parents are Douglas Garfield and Misty Gail Curles. Dell’s parents are Ronald James and Cynthia Jo Dell.

Jonathan Michael Stieff, of 335 Walnut St., Columbia, and Chelsea Lee Orwig, same address. Stieff’s parents are Howard and Robin Stieff. Orwig’s parents are Scott Orwig and Christi Bortner.

Eric Christopher Bauman, of 24 Creekside Drive, and Brittany Lynn Patterson, of 1339 Sylvan Road. Bauman’s parents are Gerald and Rhonda Bauman. Patterson’s parents are John and Monica Patterson.

Brian Y. Petrow, of 110 Cranford Court,Woodbury, N.J., and Crystal D. Hammond, of 72 Marlborough Ave., Marlton, N.J. Petrow’s parents are Gus Petrow and the late Diane Petrow. Hammond’s parents are Paul and Debra Hammond.

Michael J. Sasso, of 2305 Valley View Road, Narvon, and Tara Griffith, of 440 W. Sedgwick St., Philadelphia. Sasso’s parents are Alfred Joseph Sasso Jr. and Rosalita May Phillips. Griffith’s parents are Thomas Harold Griffith and Antonia Marie White.

Jason M. Davis, of 421 Winthrop Drive, and Shelby Lynn Heim, of 123 E. Logan Ave., Manheim. Davis’ parents are Michael and Brenda Davis. Heim’s parents are Vince Mummau and Shirley Brokenshire.

Kyle Michael Vanwinkle, of 723 Keller Drive, Lititz, and Katelyn Michelle Nordall, same address. Vanwinkle’s parents are Michael Vanwinkle and Cynthia Taylor. Nordall’s parents are Michael Nordall and Sherri Rodkey.

Matthew Martin McClure, of 2315 Astoria Blvd, Astoria, N.Y., and Andrew John Foley, same address. McClure’s parents are Jeffrey Lawrence and Rebecca Sue McClure. Foley’s parents are John Charles and Jane Marie Foley.

Joseph Vito Lozupone, of 574 Candlewyck Road, and Brooke A. McCormack, same address. Louzupone’s parents are Teresa Penque and the late Louis Angelo Lozupone Jr.

Robert Aaron Weller, of 1001 Sterling Place, and Keishla M. Diaz, of 825 S. Pearl St. Weller’s parents are Roberto Weller and Arelys Guzman. Diaz’s parents are Geroldo DIaz and Gloria Garcia.

Tyler Allen Smith, of 14 Willow Valley Drive, and Amanda G. Canter, of 257 Bethesda Church Road, Ephrata. Smith’s parents are Scott and Andrea Smith. Canter’s parents are Dennis Canter and Pam Dyer.

Marcel Rudolf Dumitrescu, of 788 Scarsdale Circle, and Citra Amelia, same address. Dumitrescu’s parents are Victor and Doina Dumitrescu. Amelia’s parents are Sugeng Hanjoya and Regina Khoe.

Gordon Hunter Bargainer, of 2813 Ironville Pike, Columbia, and Joy Rose Bhatti, of 758 Hamilton St. Bargainer’s parents are David Lynn and Mary Jane Bargainer. Bhatti’s parents are Sohail Anwer and Julie Anne Bhatti.

Eric Scott Griesemer, of 708 Keller Drive, Lititz, and Ashley Rose Jones, same address. Griesemer’s parents are Scott Griesemer and Patricia Fossler. Jones’ parents are Daniel and Kim Jones.

Connor Lloyd Blevins, of 102 Sprecher Road, Willow Street, and Brianna Michelle Dickel, of 1057 Rawlinsville Road, Willow Street. Blevins’ parents are Jeff and Sheri Blevins. Dickel’s parents are Terry and Bonnie Dickel.

Dustin Stansfield Peck, of 1715 Clear Spring Road, Mount Joy, and Althea Grace Mavros, of 530 Shadetree Blvd, Marietta. Peck’s parents are Daryl and Vicki Peck. Mavros’ parents are Jerry and Denise Mavros.

Stephen Cheyney Corcoran, of 801 Derby Drive, West Chester, and Jennifer Marie Newcamp, of 234 Lancaster Ave., Quarryville. Corcoran’s parents are Thomas and Anita Corcoran. Newcamp’s parents are Timothy and Susan Newcamp.

John Kenneth Boswell, of 25771 Lingo Lane, Millsboro, Del., and Jennifer Suzanne Deloach, of 101 Railway Drive, Kirkwood. Boswell’s parents are William Ray Boswell and Diane Brock. Deloach’s parents are Theodore Abt and Maryann Poulos.

Robert Anibal Tejeda Ledesma, of 141 Church St., and Ashley Rachel Lantigua, of 528 S. Queen St., Apt. 2. Tejeda Ledesma’s parents are Robert Tejeda and Wendis Ledesma. Lantigua’s parents are Wilson Lantigua and Lioseli Placencio.

Eric Ross Brinkman, of 1503 Willow Creek Drive, Mount Joy, and Cynthia M. Barley, same address. Brinkman’s parents are Gary and Sheryl Brinkman. Barley’s parents are Rudy and Jacqueline Ries.

Joshua James Lane, of 22 Morning Glory Lane, Manheim, and Juliana Catherine Schnee, of 467 Meadowlark Lane, Manheim. Lane’s parents are David A. Lane and Kimberly A. Plante. Schnee’s paents are John P. and Cynthia L. Schnee.

Bobby Ray Markley, of 104A N. Charlotte St., Manheim, and Adreanna Faith Bloom, same address. Markley’s parents are Marylou Krimes and the late Ray A. Markley. Bloom’s parents are Nathan J. and Tina L. Bloom.