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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Alexander Stephen Mandes, of 541 Shadetree Blvd., Marietta, and Angela L. Landon, same address. Mandes’ parents are Theodore and Donna Mandes. Landon’s parents are Wendall and Patricia Inghram.

Jason Seeley Smith, of 105 W. Church St., Cedarville, Ohio, and Joanna Gail Niesley, of 65 Village Square Drive, Marietta. Smith’s parents are Stephen Chandler and Ruth Catherine Smith. Niesley’s parents are Duane Roger and Cynthia Gail Niesley.

Joshua Keith Burkholder, of 640 Yellow Hill Road, Narvon, and Melissa Joy Martin, of 6811 Division Highway, Narvon. Burkholder’s parents are Glen and Judith Burkholder. Martin’s parents are Carl and Rose Martin.

Dennis Lynn Hurst Jr., of 168 Lauschtown Road, Denver, and Sheila Karen Martin, of 301 Green Park Road, Elliottsburg. Hurst’s parents are Dennis Lynn Sr. and Susan Hurst. Martin’s parents are Glenn and Glenda Martin.

Zane Livingston Barnes, of 226 River Corner Road, Conestoga, and Mallory Anna Mahan, of 404 Liberty Lane, Kirkwood. Barnes’ parents are Rick and Kim Barnes. Mahan’s parents are Philip and Maryann Mahan.

Raymond Leslie Yates, of 346 Primrose Ave., and Madelyn Jane Schwartz, of 745 Sunset Ave., Akron. Yates’ parents are Steven and Lisa Yates. Schwartz’s parents are Michael and Jodi Schwartz.

John George Scheffler Jr., of 168 Tracy Berg Road, and Kathleen E. Rinehart, same address. Scheffler’s parents are Elizabeth Albin and the late John Scheffler Sr. Rinehart’s parents are the late Laurence Carter and the late Shirley Carter.

Coleman James Wagner, of 1651 Furnace Hills Pike, Lititz, and Morgan Elizabeth Weaver, of 11 Valerie Ave., Ephrata. Wagner’s parents are Jeffrey and Kristelle Wagner. Weaver’s parents are Cliff and Jobeth Weaver.

\!q JacobThomasMyers, of 108 Locust St., Woodland, Calif., and Angelina Rose Shadwick, same address. Myers’ parents are Timothy Robert and Cynthia Anne Myers. Shadwick’s parents are Robert Tracey and Colleen Anne Shadwick.

Michael Lynn Enck, of 232 Fieldcrest Lane, Ephrata, and Dava Jene Frederick, of 1308 Bunny View Drive, Lititz. Enck’s parents are the late Adam Enck and the late Audrey Fay Enck. Frederick’s parents are John Frederick and Tammy Peat.

Charles Jay DeHaven, of 4990 Strasburg Road, Kinzers, and Kassie M. Bills, same address. DeHaven’s parents are Shirley Ann Miller and the late Charles William DeHaven. Bills’ parents are the late Robert Leroy Bills and the late Virignia Ann Bills.

Alex Nathan Myers, of 2 Nathans Drive, Stevens, and Maggie Stella Cardin, same address. Myers’ parents are Daren and Jodi Myers. Cardin’s parents are Philip and Mary Beth Cardin.

Jimmy L. Duncan, of 436 N. Charlotte St., Apt. 2, and Jane E. Drennen, same address. Duncan’s parents are the late Donald Duncan and the late Rose Keller. Drennen’s parents are Harry Drennen and the late Sylvia Andrewzieski.

James Iannizzotto, of 43 Greenfield Road, and Wendy S. Raeburn, same address. Iannizzotto’s parents are the late Leonard Iannaizzotto and the late Helen Iannizzotto, Raeburn’s parents are Burliegh and Rebecca Post.

Javon Clair Zimmerman, of 11807 Moniteau Drive, Tipton, Mo, and Delphine Kaye Martin, of 14103 Harrison Road, Versailles, Mo. Zimmerman’s parents are Clair and Joann Zimmerman. Martin’s parents are Elmer and Louise Martin.

Bryan Dolan Taylor, of 811 Kreps Road, and Leah Townsend Shiffler, same address. Taylor’s parents are Christopher M. McGraw and Yvette Marie Brunelle. Shiffler’s parents are Bernard Eugene Shiffler Jr. and Lisa Rose Polito.

Wilbur G. Petersheim, of 105 N. Maple St., Ephrata, and Elissa Jill Kluiko, of 7122 Almaden Way, Cary, N.C. Petersheim’s parents are Samuel and Sally Petersheim. Kluiko’s parents are Paul and Joyce Kluiko.

Dustin Lawrence Harnly, of 2080 State St., East Petersburg, and Christina Marie Aguirri, same address. Harnly’s parents are James L. and Bonnie K. Harnly. Aguirri’s parents are Deborah A. Oliveri and the late Lawrene J. Aguirri.

William Addison Pumphrey IV, of 524 Burrowes Ave., and Madelyn Rose Saunders, same address. Pumphrey’s parents are William III and Elizabeth Pumphrey. Saunders’ parents are Richard Saunders and Theresa Tingler.

Gerardo Hernandez Jr., of 13 Salvator Court, and Zuleyka Dalit Pena Rivera, same address. Hernandez’s parents are Gerardo Hernandez and Ada Bonilla. Pena Rivera’s parents are Renaldo Pena and Sandra Ivette Rivera.