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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

David Michael Mummaw, of 124 N. Seventh St., Columbia, and Mackenzie Lea Cressman, of 219 Beattys Tollgate Road, Marietta. Mummaw’s parents are David and Melissa Mummaw. Cressman’s parents are Glenn and Monica Cressman.

John Francis Lesniak, of 226 Arch St., Elizabethtown, and Jill Faith Luzier, same address. Lesniak’s parents are the late Robert John Lesniak and the late Maryann Lesniak. Luzier’s parents are Richard and Kay Bigley.

Jeidiah Yost, of 2685 Cloverleaf Drive, Elizabethtown, and Summer Michelle Neideigh, same address. Yost’s parents are John Yost and Linda Smith. Neideigh’s parents are Michael and Kim Neideigh.

Colton Tyler Keller, of 226 E. Sixth St., Lititz, and Hannah Elizabeth Raezer, of 201 E. Sixth St., Lititz. Keller’s parents are Charles and Colleen Keller. Raezer’s parents are Christian and Susan Raezer.

Alan Richard Michalske, of 275H Mission Lake Road, Bethel, Ark., and Ashley Elizabeth Kress, same address. Michalske’s parents are Raymond Michalske and Cathy Bailey. Kress’ parents are Arthur and Susan Kress.

Samuel J. Feinstein, of 1403 Fieldstone Drive, Mount Joy, and Brittanie L. Grazer, same address. Feinstein’s parents are Alex and Elizabeth Feinstein. Grazer’s parents are Edwin and Linda Grazer.

Luis T. Lopez, of 537 Poplar St., and Florentina Rodriguez, same address. Lopez’s parents are the late Eluterio Lopez and the late Virginia Lopez. Rodriguez’s parents are the late Luis Rodriguez and the late Angela Rivera.

Gregory J. Scritchfield, of 717 Stonecrest Drive, New Holland, and Jennifer Lynn Ross, of 1215 Fruitville Pike, Lititz. Scritchfield’s parents are Dennis G. and Linda K. Scritchfield. Ross’ parents are Jeffrey E. Steffy and Jane K. Pol.

Melvin Jay Graham III, of 16G Hellers Church Road, Leola, and Love S. Johnson, of 35 Park Lane, Holtwood. Graham’s parents are the late Melvin J. Graham Jr. and the late Harriet A. Graham. Johnson’s mother is the late Dawn M. Boone.

Rey Nolchris B. Henun, of 110 Swarthmore Drive, Lititz, and Lyka Marie N. Davis, same address. Henun’s parents are Ignacio and Lolita Henun. Davis’ parents are Samuel R. and Revelou M. Namocatcat.

Neil A. Singh, of 500 Pond Vesta Lane, Apt. N, Manheim, and Bonita Purnima Ramotar, same address. Singh’s parents are Somrat and Bridget Singh. Ramotar’s parents Sukdeo Ramotar and Hansrajie Lal.

Jared Manning Mercer, of 447 Rabbit Hill Lane, and Marissa Leanne Rash, same address. Mercer’s parents are Brandon and Beverly Mercer. Rash’s parents are William and Michelle Rash.

Cedric Javier Irizarry-Rodriguez, of 1704 Judie Lane, Apt. C, and Nashalie Ramos Liceaga, same address. Irizarry-Rodriguez’s parents are Javier Irizarry and Leslie Rodriguez. Ramos Liceaga’s parents are Fransco Ramos and Jacqueline Rivera.

Daniel M. Brubaker, of 1744 Conrad Road, and Michelle Troutman Holland, of 202 Blackhorse Drive, Strasburg. Brubaker’s parents are Donald and Maryanne Brubaker. Holland’s parents are David Troutman and Barbara Fisher.

Dakota Lee Dart, of 116 E. Gramby St., Manheim, and Kelly Kristen Lock, same address. Dart’s parents are Douglas and Brenda Dart. Lock’s parents are the late Daniel Lock and the late Sueann Roten.

Shane Joseph Sweigart, of 36 Graybill Road, and Lauren Elizabeth Dedufour, same address. Sweigart’s parents are John and Kim Sweigart. Dedufour’s parents are Stephen and Vincenza Dedufour.

Noah Patrick Miller, of 423 E. Clay St., and Alyssa Michelle Anderson, same address. Miller’s parents are Christopher Miller and Cynthia Daub-Miller. Anderson’s parents are Jess Anderson and Donna Root.

Noah Patrick Miller, of 423 E. Clay St., and Alyssa Michelle Anderson, same address. Miller’s parents are Christopher Miller and Cynthia Daub-Miller. Anderson’s parents are Jess Anderson and Donna Root.

Richard William Gauck Jr., of 1503 Butter Road, Apt. 6, and Ashley Rose Sannino, same address. Gauck’s parents are Richard Sr. and Melissa Gauck. Sannino’s parents are Christopher and Julie Sannino.

Sean Michael Varner, of 150 E. Mount Airy Road, Stevens, and Kori Marie Shifflett, same address. Varner’s parents are Dean Varner and Diana Forney. Shifflett’s parents are Kemper Jr. and Donna Shifflett.

Marcos Lazaro Cazulo Edmond, of 388 Colonial Crest Drive, and Dakota Jane Minnick, of 2945 Lincoln Highway East, Gordonville. Cazulo Edmond’s parents are Pedro Lazaro Cazulo Ramos and Maribel Edmond Martinez. Minnick’s parents are Randy Lee and Sonja Lorraine Minnick.

Eric Stuart, of 2 Michael Lane, Denver, and Britta Killian, same address. Stuart’s parents are Hazel Stuart and the late Howard Stuart. Killian’s parents are Leonard and Faye Lausch.

Jeremy L. Kukuk, of 344 Alexandria Court, Marietta, and Rachel L. Parker, same address. Kukuk’s parents are Eugene C. Sr. and Cherie R. Kukuk. Parker’s parents are Gary M. Parker and Terri L. Deangelo.