Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Tyler Robert Eberly, of 42 Misty Meadows, Reinholds, and Katie Ann Ueberroth, same address. Eberly’s parents are Janet Youndt and the late Robert Eberly. Ueberroth’s parents are Lee Ueberroth and the late Richard Ueberroth II.

Teddy Manuel Vasquez, of 109 Summer Lane, Lititz, and Nicole Lee Jackson, same address. Vasquez’s parents are Felix Manuel and Anadine Vasquez. Jackson’s parents are Dominic Mario Spadea and the late Donna L. Galloway.

Justin Armando Lujan, of 30 Autumn Blaze Way, Ephrata, and Madison Alexandra Smith, same address. Lujan’s parents are Armando P. and Susan Lujan. Smith’s parents are Donald J. and Kristi L. Smith.

James John Price Jr., of 6485 Lincoln Court, East Petersburg, and Mayra Patricia Pirir Lopez, same address. Price’s parents are James John and Flora Ann Price. Pirir Lopez’s parents are the late Modesto Pirir and the late Emma Yolanda Lopez.

Chad W. Sload, of 258 Church St., Landisville, and Sarah Ann Saenen, same address. Sload’s parents are Richard and Shirley Sload. Saenen’s parents are Frances and Deborah Saenen.

Travis Lavern Fisher, of 631 E. Pleasantview Road, Manheim, and Alyssa Kate Beiler, 2185 Smyrna Road, Paradise. Fisher’s parents are Reuben and Rosella Fisher. Beiler’s parents are Keith and Cheryl Beiler.

Sos Long, of 2790 Southwick Drive, and Chan K. Cheng, same address. Long’s parents are the late Sam Long and the late Tom Mao. Cheng’s parents are Bunkean Cheng and Seangdy Son.

Israel Vazquez, of 525 1/2 W. King St., Apt. F, and Abigail Velez-Rivera, same address. Vazquez’s parents are Israel Vazquez and Abigail Galarza. Velez-Rivera’s parents are Gualberto Velez and Judith Rivera.

Antonia Edwards Rodriguez, of 140 Chukar Court, Lititz, and Ashley Ann Miller, same address. Rodriguez’s parents are Dominick and Julia Rodriguez. Miller’s parents are Richard Miller and Jennifer Harris.

Jeffrey Raymond Metz, of 547 Reynolds Ave., and Victoria Maxine Martin, same address. Metz’s parents are Jeffrey Metz and Elizabeth Dowell. Martin’s parents are David Martin and Gisela Pacheco.

Alexander Garcia, of 609 W. Orange St., Apt. 3, and Rubi Velez-Morales, same address. Garcia’s parents are the late Nelson Garcia and the late Juana De la Cruz. Velez-Morales’ parents are Gualberto Velez and Myrna Morales.

Christopher William Young, of 51 Fresh Meadow Drive, and Johanna Meghan Sperry, same address. Young’s parents are Michael and Karen Young. Sperry’s parents are Robert and Eileen Sperry.

Jakob Thomas Goodmuth, of 731 Marietta Ave., and Carolyn Grey McKalips, same address. Goodmuth’s parents are Steven Goodmuth and Karen Koelbel. McKalips’ parents are David McKalips and Sarah Phillipson.

Jonathan Daniel Fluck, of 133 Wild Run Road, Barto, and Julia C. Gentile, of 8 Market St., Corry. Fluck’s parents are Gary Steven and Jill Colmer Fluck. Gentile’s parents are Michael John and Della Jo Gentile.

Chrystal Dee Martin, of 5 Eastman Ave., Apt. 3, and Mary Joe Stanfield, same address. Martin’s parents are Alan Bowser and Lusyna Kelly. Stanfield’s mother is the late Mary C. Stanfield.

Timothy Andrew Lee Jr., of 537 Hamilton St., and Ashley Victoria Walter, same address. Lee’s parents are Timothy Andrew Lee Sr. and the late Kimberly Anne Walmack. Walter’s parents are Joseph Michael Walter and the late Rachelle Lynn Conlin.

Jean Mathew Christodoss Abrahim, of 1141 Royal York Road, Apt. 106, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada, and Breanne Rose Worcester, of 56 Circle Drive, Ephrata. Abrahim’s parents are Abrahim E. and Vasaphi Samuel. Worcester’s parents are Gerald and Kathy Worcester.

Nevin Jamal Cook Madric, of 528 High St., and Elaine Vargas, same address. Cook Madric’s parents are Dana Nicole Uzoigwe and the late Eric Dexter Cook II. Vargas’ parents are Jorge Vargas and Iraida Elena Rodriguez.

Shiva P. Bista, of 1814 Conestoga Ave., and Rebika Tamang, of 39 W. Farnum St. Bista’s parents are Devi and Chandra Bista. Tamang’s parents are Durga and Nir M. Tamang.

Christian Damian Christopher, of 10263 Dwell Court, Apt. 307, Orlando, Fla., and Katherine Elizabeth Bradley Eyerly, of 73 Old Forge Crossing, Devon. Christopher’s parents are Clifton and Damita Christopher. Bradley Eyerly’s parents are Mark Eyerly and Susan Bradley.

Antonio Ambert, of 919 N. Prince St., Apt. 5, and Marcela Patricia Hermosa Rodriguez, same address. Ambert’s parents are Milta Romero and the late Francisco Ambert. Hermosa Rodriguez’s parents are Alberto Hermosa and Gladys Rodriguez.

Andrew Gordon Horst, of 1906 Meadowview Road, Manheim, and Chariess Nicole Sensenig, of 395 Sunnyburn Road, Elizabethtown. Horst’s parents are Ronald G. Horst and the late Tina M. Schulze. Sensenig’s parents are Jeremy G. Sensenig Sr. and Kineta K. Choudhary.

Travis Diane Gramley, of 534 Indian Rock Circle, Elizabethtown, and Melissa Marie Jeffers, same address. Gramley’s parents are Jerry Jr. and Tracy Gramley. Jeffers’ parents are the late Thomas Jeffers III and the late Julia Jeffers.

Joshua D. Stoudt, of 22 E. Second Ave., Lititz, and Elsie Mae Compton, same address. Stoudt’s parents are David Stoudt and Laura Taylor. Compton’s parents are George Compton and Dena Shaver.

Patrick James Brown, of 114 E. Lemon St., Apt. 602, and Salma Issam Tewfik, same address. Brown’s parents are Timothy and Deborah Brown. Tewfik’s parents are Issam Twefik and Laila Tewfik-Moussa.

Stephen Tanner Geib, of 2843 N. Chiques Road, Manheim, and Kimberly Lynn Langharns, of 553 Dairy Road, Elizabethville. Geib’s parents are Barry and Dawn Geib. Langhans’ parents are Daniel and Barbara Langhans.

Thomas Eugene Treacy, of 161 N. Charlotte St., Manheim, and Bronte Isabella Darco, of 1323 Heatherwood Drive, Mount Joy. Treacy’s parents are Michael J. and Debbie E. Treacy. Darco’s parents are Kevin J. and Barbara J. Darco.

Christopher A. Meade, of 385 Delaware Road, Blairstown, N.J., and Megan M. Lalor, same address. Meade’s parents are Wayne and Linda Meade. Lalor’s parents are Stephen Lalor and the late Diane Lalor.

Jeffrey A. McCormick, of 1129 Hampden Drive, Strasburg, and Jan Marie Bomberger, same address. McCormick’s parents are Donald and Mabel McCormick. Bomberger’s parents are the late Raymond Pendyck and the late Elizabeth Pendyck.

David Christian Trok, of 941 N. Lime St., Apt. 1, and Susannah Grace Moore, same address. Trok’s parents are Wiliam and Sharon Trok. Moore’s parents are Richard Jr. and Dawn Moore.

Tiejun Gong, of 164 Foxshire Drive, and Xingli Wang, same address. Gong’s parents are Wenqin Gu and the late Ming Gong. Wang’s parents are Daojun Wang and Jinmei Cao.

Jacques Frantz Edouard, of 229 Blyethe Drive, Bluffton, S.C., and Flores Jacques, Delmas33 Rue Kawas No. 5, Port-au- Prince, Haiti. Edouard’s parents are the late Jack Edouard and the late Christane Jean Baptiste. Jacques’ parents are Yves Choperon and Jacqyvenie Jacques.

Stephanie Ann Koltz, of 208 Birchland Ave., Mount Joy, and Judith A. Strassman, same address. Koltz’s parents are Carl Koltz and the late Elizabeth Koltz. Strassman’s parents are the late Walter Schubert and the late Dorothy Schubert.

Joseph Louis Ashford Jr., of 933 Clark St., and Heather Marie Fickes, same address. Ashford’s parents are Joe Ashford and Ruth Jimenez. Fickes’ parents are David Kirchoff and Sharon Fickes.

Dale W. Martin, of 200 Topland Drive, and Sophia E. Efthymiades, same address. Martin’s parents are Elmer and Elsie Mae Martin. Efthymiades’ parents are Christopher Efthimios and Mary Christina Efthymiades.

Domingo Antonio Pena Rodriguez, of 545 Howard Ave., and Catiria Ortega, same address. Pena Rodriguez’s parents are Ana Romania Rodriguez and the late Felix Pena. Ortega’s mother is Juana Canales.

Leeomar Mercado, of 440 N. Mulberry St., and Tiarra Marina Lugardo, of 129 E. Walnut St., Apt. 2. Mercado’s parents are George and Brenda Mercado. Lugardo’s parents are Charles Lugardo and Tamara Candelaria.

Shane B. Stauffer, of 21 Arrowhead Drive, Lititz, and Erica M. Leayman, same address. Stauffer’s parents are Gregg and Cindy Stauffer. Leayman’s parents are Stephen and Linda Leayman.

Aldas Jaskulis, of 5253 Summerfield Drive, Mount Joy, and Suzan M. Stillman, of 20 Silbury Hill, Lititz. Jaskulis’ parents are Zita Mirga Juskuliene and the late Alexandras Ignas Jaskulis. Stillman’s parents are G. Patrick and Beulah R. Stillman.

Tiejun Gong, of 164 Foxshire Drive, and Xingli Wang, same address. Gong’s parents are Wenqin Gu and the late Ming Gong. Wang’s parents are Daojun Wang and Jinmei Cao.