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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Lewis A. Bryner, of 25 Fisher Circle, Elizabethtown, and Millie Fay Griffin, same address. Bryner’s parents are the late Lewis Bryner and the late Mary Bryner. Griffin’s parents are are May Shurtleff and the late Edmond Shurtleff Jr.

Justin M. Carver, of 16 Daisy Circle, Ephrata, and Kristen Marie Klopp, same address. Carver’s parents are Keith and Lynn Carver. Klopp’s parents are Stephen and Tracey Van Marter.

Ryan William Bunting, of 16 E. Lemon St., Lititz, and Judith Ann Barnett, of 7 Solar Drive, New Providence. Bunting’s parents are Thomas James and Lynn E. Bunting. Barnett’s parents are Mario Ditommasso and the late Wanda McGinnis.

Thomas Paul Rodriguez, of 63 Park Ave., Ephrata, and Malinda S. Zimmerman, same address. Rodriguez’s parents are Pedro Rodriguez and Karen Jenik. Zimmerman’s parents are Carl Zimmerman and the late Sarah Zimmerman.

Corey Spivey Hoskins, of 224 E. Walnut St., Ephrata, and Natasha Ann Vandegriff, same address. Hoskins’ parents are Jane Darlene Troyer and the late Spivey Hoskins. Vandergriff’s parents are Kenenth and Lisa Vandegriff.

Brent Michael Hackman, of 440A W. 28th Division HIghway, Lititz, and Jamie Lynn Vital, same address. Hackman’s parents are Michael Hackman and Kimberly Lessley. Vital’s parents are Eric and Tammy Vital.

Travis Lavern Fisher, of 631 E. Pleasantview Road, Manheim, and Alyssa Kate Beiler, of 2185 Smyrna Road, Paradise. Fisher’s parents are Reuben and Rosella Fisher. Beiler’s parents are Keith and Cheryl Beiler.

Daniel M. Lorenzo, of 369 Copley Drive, and Beth S. Moncarz, same address. Lorenzo’s parents are Grace A. Lorenzo and the late Daniel M. Lorenzo Sr. Moncarz’s parents are Gary C. and Jean S. Moncarz.

Jarrod Robert Spangler, of 58 Terrace Ave., Ephrata, and Taylor Rae Waligorski, same address. Spangler’s parents are William J. Spangler and the late Jane Louise Spangler. Waligorski’s parents are Raymond Anthony and Carla Ann Waligorski.

Gerald Raymond Reese, of 10 Farm Lane, Lititz, and Gayle Ann Cabral, of 230 Lancaster Ave., Denver. Reese’s parents are the late Ellsworth Reese and the late Minnie Reese. Cabral’s parents are Marjorie M. West and the late Charles West.

Joseph Diaz, of 249 N. Lime St., and Zamairah I. Ortiz, same address. Diaz’s parents are Greggory Diaz Jr. and Yvette Rodriguez. Ortiz’s parents are Lois Ortiz Jr. and Barbara Morell.

Scott E. Miller II, of 1939 Split Rock Road, and Kristal J. Cristino, same address. Miller’s parents are Grace Ellen Miller and the late Scott E. Miller. Cristino’s parents are Louis W. and Velma J. Sauder.

Cameron B. Reider, of 226 Sand Court, Ephrata, and Danielle Yvette Fink, same address. Reider’s parents are Harry Reider and Kathleen Krick. Fink’s parents are the late Roger Nestor and the late Donna Shirey.

Michael S. Blank, of 748 S. Cluster Ave., New Holland, and Karlee Elizabeth Thomas, of 329 Hilltop Road, Strasburg. Blank’s parents are John and Ada Blank. Thomas’ parents are Dustin and Margaret Thomas.

Bryan Comolli Sanchez, of 326 Wild Cherry Lane, Marietta, and Rocio DeJesus-Montes, same address. Sanchez’s parents are Luis A. and Awilda M. Sanchez. DeJesus-Montes’ parents are Elba Tirado and the late Onofre Mercado.

Tyler Paul Miknis, of 116 Spring Meadow Lane, Washington Boro, and Kelsey J. Galie, same address. Miknis’ parents are Karen Eberle and the late Steven Miknis. Galie’s parents are Joseph Galie Jr. and Cindi Hammons.

John G. Heine, of 104 E. Harrisburg Ave., Elizabethtown, and Brittany Nicole Longenecker, same address. Heine’s parents are Douglas Helm and Carol Wickenheiser. Longenecker’s parents are Jay and Sheryl Longenecker.

Noah David Kiekel, of 133 Oakdale Road, Johnson City, N.Y., and Linda Marie Taylor, of 2651 Main St., Morgantown. Kiekel’s parents are Roy and Kimberly Kiekel. Taylor’s parents are Brian and Holly Taylor.

Brian Neil Bartch, of 633 Fulton St., Akron, and Ruth Ann Wile, of 631 Dwight Road, Denver. Bartch’s parents are Janet Bartch and the late George Bartch. Wile’s parents are Charles Irvin Weaver and the late Etta Weaver.

Michael Robert Ganger, of 15 Molnar Drive, Buffalo, N.Y., and Kayla Marie Miller, of 555 Pitney Road, Columbia. Ganger’s parents are Robert and Michelle Ganger. Miller’s parents are Daniel and Barbara Miller.

Kyle Jonathon Hibshman, of 136 S. Charlotte St., Manheim, and Ocean Marie Campell, same address. Hibshman’s parents are Dennis and Michelle Hibshman. Campbell’s parents are Melodie Leon and the late Steven Oliver.

Michael Joseph Houseal II, of 630 Donegal Springs Road, Mount Joy, and Sarah Elizabeth Mummau, of 1353 Grandview Road, Mount Joy. Houseal’s parents are Michael Joseph and Julia Elaine Houseal. Mummau’s parents are Arlen Wilber and Sherri Ann Mummau.

Thomas John Seddon, of 2 Redwood Building, Middletown, and Rayanne Victoria Hutchinson, same address. Seddon’s parents are Daniel Seddon and Margaret McClure. Hutchinson’s parents are Robert Hutchinson III and Beth Hartung.

Benjamin Thomas Oberholtzer, of 3108 Sunnyside Road, Mount Joy, and Kristine Dawn Burkholder, of 594 S. Cocalico Road, Denver. Oberholtzer’s parents are Marlin and Eva Oberholtzer. Burkholder’s parents are Warren and Esther Burkholder.

James R. Peters Jr., of 21 Rainbow Circle, Elizabethtown, and Melanie Ann Fox, same address. Peters’ parents are James Peters Sr. and Linda Thomas. Fox’s parents are Kathlyn Sherry and the late Robert Sherry Sr.

Erik M. Bechtold, of 110 E. Hummelstown St., Elizabethtown, and Tiffany Susan Shirk, same address. Bechtold’s parents are Paul and Lisa Bechtold. Shirk’s parents are Richard Jones and Peggy Shirk.

Mitchell Chayce Bewley, of 2480 Leaman Road, Apt. A, Ronks, and Danielle Elizabeth Harrington, same address. Bewley’s parents are John Bewley and Robin Mull. Harrington’s parents are Reba Heinman and the late Troy Sadler.

Luis Antonio Faris Jr., of 723 E. Marion St., and Amy Foltz, of 119 Noble St., Lititz. Faris’ parents are Luis Faris Sr. and Nancy Gonzalez. Foltz’s parents are Crystal Beckner and the late Robert Foltz.

Douglas Andrw Ferguson, of 218 Georgetown Road, Apt. D, Strasburg, and Clairessa Gabrielle Farmer, of 250 Bethesda Church Road, Holtwood. Ferguson’s parents are Stacey Walter and the late Brian Ferguson. Farmer’s parents are Jeffrey and Kendra Farmer.

Ryan M. Ciaccia, of 608 Petersburg Road, and Sara Lyons, same address. Ciaccia’s parents are Kenneth and Kathy Ciaccia. Lyons’ parents are Steven and Pauline Lyons.

Ross Lester Gilbert, of 2051 Millstream Road, and Letisha Ann Sheaffer, same address. Gilbert’s parents are Jerelyn A. Gilbert and the late Ross Gilbert. Sheaffer’s parents are James Sheaffer and Lawanda Smith.

William Richard Baumiller, of 407 S. Prince St., and Veronica Maria Mares, same address. Baumiller’s parents are James and Tammy Baumiller. Mares’ parents are Horacio and Luz Maria Mares.

Paul C. Weibley III, of 483 Old Hershey Road, Apt. 2, Elizabethtown, and Alicia Marie Eshelman, same address. Weibley’s parents are Reberta Weibley and the late Paul C. Weibley Jr. Eshelman’s parents are John and Patricia Eshelman.

Randy Charles Taylor Jr., of 119 Deavere St., Havre de Grace, Md., and Rebekah Marie Corle, same address. Taylor’s parents are Randy Taylor Sr. and Dianne Doty. Corle’s parents are Robert Sr. and Tracy Corle.

Trevor Jay Ulrich, of 932 Orchard St., Akron, and Amanda Lee Fisher, same address. Ulrich’s parents are Kevin and Robin Ulrich. Fisher’s parents are Adam and Barbara Fisher.

Axel Junior Rivera Rodriguez, of 652 Wyncroft Lane, and Janitza Karina Davila-Rolon, same address. Rivera Rodriguez’s parents are Axel Rivera Rodriguez and Olga L. Rodriguez Rodriguez. Davila-Rolon’s parents are Madeline Rolon-Nieves and the late Jose J. Davila-Marrero.

Preze Diego Watson Jr., of 2 Clemetis Court, Owings Mills, Md., and Korynn Mae Wagner, of 14 Laurel Ridge, Leola. Watson’s parents are the late Preze Diego Watson Sr. and the late Alyson Sherise Watson. Wagner’s parents are Jeffrey Tobias and Susan Elaine Wagner.

Justin David Hunley, of 4100 Crossings Blvd, and Kristin Leigh McMullen, of 83 Duane Road, Doylestown. Hunley’s parents are David Allen and Colraine Elizabeth Collins Hunley. McMullen’s parents are James Francis and Teresa Joy McMullen.

Kevin Scott Weitzel, of 402 Gypsy Hill Road, Landenburg, and Valerie Sara Bachman, same address. Weitzel’s parents are Matt and Jini Landis. Bachman’s parents are Jay and Carol Bachman.

Daniel J. Arnold Jr., of 1259 Newport Road, Manheim, and Elizabeth Ann Taulker, same address. Arnold’s parents are Daniel J. Arnold Sr. and Joan Scholl. Taulker’s parents are Susan Messick and the late Scott Taulker.

Cristian David Spencer, of 346 N. Locust St., Lititz, and Morgan Ashleigh Burkholder, of 310 Fairview Road, Lititz. Spencer’s parents are Len Spencer and Aimee Crawford. Burkholder’s parents are Matthew and Karen Burkholder.

Judson Robert Knighton Brill, of 232 Acanthus St., Marietta, and Olivia Suzanne McMechlen, of 477 Haverhill Road. Brill’s parents are Tony and Jodi Brill. McMechen’s parents are Michael and Suzanne McMechen.

Carlos Ortiz, of 701 N. Shippen St., front, and Sonia Ruiz-Brito, of 346 S. Reservoir St. Ortiz’s parents are Carlos Ortiz and Angela Rivera. Ruiz-Brito’s parents are Vidal Ruiz-Lopez and Sonia Brito-Nunez.

Gregor Mark Phillips, of 219 Miller Road, Akron, and Emily Anne Gross, same address. Phillips’ parents are Robert Scott and Malinda Stoltzfus Phillips. Gross’ parents are William Joseph Jr. and Jill Rippey Gross.

Joseph R. Landis, of 612 Woodcrest Ave., Lititz, and Brittany Lynn Kemper, of 1301 Furniss Road, Reinholds. Landis’ parents are Richard Lavern and Carole Anne Landis. Kemper’s parents are Keith Edward and Ellen Louise Kemper.

Alex Taylor Frank, of 320 N. Lime St., and Ashley Elizabeth Pearson, of 428 Lampeter Road. Frank’s parents are Reggie Lee and Kimberly Ann Frank. Pearson’s parents are David Michael and Sandra Elizabeth Pearson.