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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Sinly Kim, of 218 Pertshire Drive, and Sophany Prom, same address. Kim’s parents are Samoueth Kim and the late Phan Van. Prom’s parents are Nong On and Phally Chap.

Joshua Payne Mertz, of 125 N. Ridge Road, Reinholds, and Danielle E. Schantzer, same address. Mertz’s parents are John Mertz and Justina Miller. Schantzer’s parents are Mark and Deborah Schantzer.

Mark A. Alexander, of 104 Scott Road, New Providence, and Shade L. Wiley, of 23 N. Ann St., Apt. 2. Alexander’s parents are Wayne and Cheryl Alexander. Wiley’s parents are Bruce and Paula Wiley.

Chad Alex Dipilla, of 1142 Furniss Road, Peach Bottom, and Tonya Rae Guy, same address. Dipilla’s parents are Edward and Renee Dipilla. Guy’s parents are William Jr. and Susann Guy.

Vernon S. Horning, of 160 N. Shirk Road, New Holland, and Geneva Martin Nolt, of 115 Center Square Road, Leola. Horning’s parents are Eli and Nora Horning. Nolt’s parents are Lloyd and Elaine Nolt.

Edward Remollino-Torres, of 1342 Meadowcreek Lane, and Dannette Joeliz Colon, of 705 Beaver St. Remollino-Torres’ parents are Edward Romollino and Maria Lima. Colon’s parents are Juan Carlos and Lissette Colon.

Alex Jay Van Pelt, of 105 Ivy St., York, and Casey Lynn McQuiston, of 170 S. Lime St., Apt. 5, Quarryville. Van Pelt’s parents are Jay and Shelly Van Pelt. McQuiston’s parents are Paul and Christine McQuiston.

Stephen David Kreider, of 3 Fausnacht Drive, Denver, and Jenny L. Haws, same address. Kreider’s parents are Darla Witmer and the late David Kreider. Haws’ parents are Jonathan and Robin Haws.

Andrew James Wagner, of 3 Alder Drive, Middle River, Md., and Heather Ann Brotzman, same address. Wagner’s parents are Robert Allen and Mary Lucy Wagner. Brotzman’s parents are Randy Lee and Elizabeth Ann Brotzman.

Christian Alexander Montalvan, of 113 Iroquois Way, Oxon Hill, Md., and Cindy J. Maldonado Maldonado, of 125 Ashlea Gardens, New Holland. Montalvan’s mother is Lizette Mercedes Montalvan. Maldonado Maldonado’s parents are Jose Pedro Maldonado and Maria Graciela Maldonado.

Daniel Joel Beard, of 239 Kilgannon Lane, and Stephanie Lynne Graver, same address. Beard’s parents are Joel Robert and Brenda Mae Beard. Graver’s parents are Jeffrey Llewllyn and Sharon Ann Graver.

Stephen B. Koontz, of 436 New Holland Ave., and Noemi Washington, same address. Koontz’s parents are Stephen Koontz and Kathleen Bair. Washington’s parents are David Washington and Carmen Almodovar.

Ted A. Luckenbaugh, of 20 Main St., Landisville, and Nancy J. Foley, of 116 Pepperton Court, Lititz. Luckenbaugh’s parents are Rosa Luckenbaugh and the late Dwight Luckenbaugh. Foley’s parents are Joan Graves and the late George Graves.

Wilfredo Colon, of 4047 Columbia Ave., Columbia, and Wanda Ivette Martinez, same address. Colon’s parents are Paulina Montanez Deleon and the late Domingo Colon Ortiz. Martinez’s parents are Herberto Martinez and Maria Magelenia Narango Pena.

Alexander David Erb, of 11 Honeysuckle Drive, Marietta, and Crystal Nicole Crider, same address. Erb’s parents are Eric and Kelly Erb. Crider’s parents are Jamie Brice and Paula Crider.

Nicholas James Sperry, of 348 Penn St., Apt. 8, Washington Boro, and Kristen Diane Haun, of 110 Sullivan St., Apt. 1J, New York, N.Y. Sperry’s parents are Michael and Denise Sperry. Haun’s parents are Steven and Denise Haun.

Taj Matthew Harris, of 1304 Liriope Court, Apt. T1, Belcamp, Md., and Catherine Elaine Burke, same address. Harris’ parents are Cheryl Harris and the late Matthew Hunt. Burke’s parents are Steven and Barbara Burke.

Douglas J. Dietz, of 954 Dale Drive, Lititz, and Audrey Nicole Devries, of 1217 Penn Grant Road. Dietz’s parents are Sherwood David and Sharon Dietz. Devries’ parents are Philip and Diane Devries.

Frank Joseph Galaskewicz, of 135 Clay School Road, Ephrata, and Lauren C. Olinger, same address. Galaskewicz’s parents are Thomas and Dolores Galaskewicz. Olinger’s parents are Gary and Rebecca Olinger.

Steven W. Allen Jr., of 152 E. James St., and Melinda Oatman, same address. Allen’s parents are Steven W. Sr. and Vickie Mae Allen. Oatman’s parents are Betty Jean Oatman and the late William E. Oatman.

Richard Kyle Clinton, of 943 Central Manor Road, and Natalie Ann Hahn, of 137 E. High St., Box 102, Maytown. Clinton’s parents are Richard Jr. and Ann Clinton. Hahn’s parents are Edward and Elizabeth Hahn.

Jesse Thomas Pontz, of 1009 Tom Paine Drive, and Melissa A. Fisher, same address. Pontz’s parents are Thomas and Nancy Pontz. Fisher’s parents are Ralph and Jessica Fisher.

Ryan Patrick Grady, of 606 Scotland Road, Quarryville, and Briane Marie Smoker, same address. Grady’s parents are John Grady and Susan Settle. Smoker’s parents are Ronald Smoker and Dian Ryan-Austin.

Zane Jordan Meck, of 9 Howard Drive, Willow Street, and Nora I. Alsaif, same address. Meck’s parents are Loren and Bambi Meck. Alsaif’s parents are Ibrahmhim M. Alsaif and Latifa Al Sadhan.