Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Alexis Octavio Amaro, of 450 Charles Road, and Karisa L. Logsdon, same address. Amaro’s parents are Aldlberto Amaro and Rosa Rosario-Amaro. Logsdon’s parents are Galen G. and Karla Logsdon.

Andrew Ryan Purdum, of 701 E. Willow Street, Apt. 8101, Elizabethtown, and Megan Joanna Hess, of 1862 Bainbridge Road, Elizabethtown. Purdum’s parents are Donald Raymond and Nicole Diane Purdum. Hess’ parents are Anthony Michael and Marcia Lynn Hess.

Justin William Koehler, of 120 N. Eighth St.,Columbia, and Summer Lynn Gonder, same address. Koehler’s parents are William Pentz and Barbara Lee Koehler. Gonder’s parents are Theodore T. and Nicoletta Regina Gonder.

Cody August Heisey, of 2330 Andrew Ave., Mount Joy, and Jennifer Marie Killian, same address. Heisey’s parents are Richard August Heisey and Tracy Jolynn Tarbet. Killian’s mother is Lori Ellen Halfen.

David A. Boyer, of 148 Penn Oak Drive, Bainbridge, and Alicia Jo Good, same address. Boyer’s parents are David Daniel Hargrove and Virgin Lagrose Boyer. Good’s parents are Troy Good and Tracy Lynn Knier.

Samuel Gregory Epps, of 620 E. Hummelstown St., Elizabethtown, and Kelly Lynn Kleindienst, same address. Epps’ parents are Gregory Scott and Lori Ann Epps. Kleindienst’s parents are Bruce Alan and Kimberly Katrin Kleindienst.

Joshua William Evans, of 500 S. Smith Drive, Quarryville, and Leane Nicole Eshelman, same address. Evans’ parents are Donald Chandler and Christine Evans. Eshelman’s parents are Richard Charles Eshleman and Barbara Jean Wright.

Austin Baker, of 241 Plum St., Elizabethtown, and Adrienne M. Weber, same address. Baker’s parents are Harold Baker and Tosha Foster. Weber’s parents are Samuel Weber and Wendy Ober.

Freddie Anthony Vargas-Guerra, of 5 W. Franklin St., Ephrata, and Minh T. Tran, same address. Vargas-Guerra’s mother is Margarita Guerra. Tran’s father is Terac Bui.

Chad Michael Seprinski, of 1240 Seglock Road, Lititz, and Ann Elizabeth Lupold, same address. Seprinski’s parents are Peter Seprinski and Anne Mummau. Lupold’s parents are Ronald Steven and Melodie Ann Lupold.

Jill Louise Ross, of 1520 Graystone Road, Manheim, and Holly M. Herr, same address. Ross’ parents are Arthur H. and Joanne L. Kreider. Herr’s parents are Kenneth L. and Cindy L. Herr.

Santos Padilla-Aviles, of 817 Rolridge Ave., and Wilneilia Diaz, of 260 Locust St., Apt. 2, Columbia. Padilla-Aviles’ parents are Santos Padilla-Ortiz and Jenny Alvarado Aviles. Diaz’s parents are Victor Ocasio-Marrero and Norma Iris Guzman-Ortiz.

Alexander Amancio, of 1730 Windsor Ave., and Tara Renee Denlinger, same address. Amancio’s mother is Sandra Amancio. Denlinger’s parents are Thomas Jon and Susan Marie Denlinger.

Jason Lamont Hunter, of P.O. Box 7561, and Glenisha Mariceta Elo, of 804 Sterling Place. Hunter’s parents are Joseph and Marguerite Elaine Hunter. Elo’s parents are Glenn Banie and Marcieta Marie Spearman.

Steven Horace Barr, of 2606 N. Rosegarden Blvd., Mechanicsburg, and Allycia Ann Poorman, same address. Barr’s parents are Steven Barr and Susan Chasen. Poorman’s parents are Robert and Lisa Poorman.

Jonathan Snow, of 45 Willow Valley Drive, and Shaina Gonzalez, same address. Snow’s parents are John Snow and Diana Gill. Gonzalez’s parents are Michael Gonzalez and Kristen Heiser.

Austin James Anderson, of 116 Vincent Road, Harrisville, and Maria Nicole McDonald, of 264 Zion Wood Road, Loganville. Anderson’s parents are Robert Wayne Lyons and Christina Marie Anderson. McDonald’s parents are Thomas Eugene and Laurel Anne McDonald.