Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

n Kody Jerome Karpinski, of 2020 Swarthmore Drive, Lititz, and Chelsea Lynette Stevenson, same address. Karpinski’s parents are Albert Jed and Tammy Ann Karpinski. Stevenson’s parents are Brian Keith Stevenson and Melissa Lu Horn.

n Michael James Frey, of 3400 Columbia Ave., Apt. 1, and Amber Elizabeth Oxenreider, same address. Frey’s parents are James Tennyson and Sharon Lynn Frey. Oxenreider’s parents are Randy Mohler and Nicole A. Aten.

n Jabron M. Taylor, of 237 Fairvew Ave., and Nicole E. Vasquez, same address. Vasquez’s parents are Radames Vazquez and Nelsa Iris Vasquez.

n David Lee Evans, of 244 Duke St., Ephrata, and Valerie Lynn Boulton, same address. Evans’ parents are David Lee Evans and Tina Louise Coen. Boulton’s parents are Michael Joseph and Bonni Lynn Boulton.

n Benito Xavier Delgado, of 250 Penn St., Washignton Boro, and Marisol Manzo-Madrigal, same address. Delgado’s parents are Benito Delgado and Dina Luz DeJesus. Manzo-Madrigal’s parents are Israel Navarro and Ileana Rosa.

n Jose Hiram Arroyo-Burgos, of 1082 Sterling Place, and Tanny Marie Collazo-Alomar, same address. Arroyo-Burgos’ parents are Jose Arroyo and Maria Ysabeth Burgos. Collazo-Alomar’s parents are Miguel Collazo and Gloria I. Alomar.

n Mauricio Alejandro Hernandez-Velazquez, of 340 Ashley Drive, Marietta, and Roshanda Kimberly Summerville, same address. Hernandez-Velazquez’s parents are Pio Hernandez and Zenaida Velazquez. Summerville’s parents are Louis Reid and Zenobia Kimberly Summerville.

n Ehren Michael Graybill, of 722 E. Newport Road, Lititz, and Lauren Olivia Sangrey, same address. Graybill’s parents are Larry Nelson and Janice Susanne Graybill. Sangrey’s parents are Todd William and Lisa Ann Sangrey.

n Titus Aaron High, of 183 E. Farmersville Road, Ephrata, and Heather Lynell Zimmerman, of 1590 Furnace Hill Road, Denver. High’s parents are Cleason Martin and Sylvia Martin High. Zimmerman’s parents are Jonthan Lee and Rochelle Zimmerman Zimmerman.

n Rafael Rodriguez, of 401 Eden Road, T6, and Genesis Silva Fernandez, same address. Rodriguez’s parents are Rafael and Norma Rodriguez. Silva Fernandez’s parents are Anthony Silva and Yolanda Fernandez.

n Dante Carnell George, of 75 Chapel View Road, and Marsha Marie Bourassa, same address. George’s parents are Donald and Leslie George. Bourassa’s parents are Michael and Maria Bourassa.

n Marvin Lewis Christy, of 232 Coventry at Waterford, York, and Elisha Marie Ritter, of 660 Columbia Ave., No. 2. Christy’s parents are Marvin Lewis Christy and Lavette Kelly. Ritter’s parents are Edward Allen Ritter and Kelly Joann Styler.

n Vang Be Pha, of 1027 E. Main St., New Holland, and Mai Chou Yang, of 5226 West Plainfield Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. Pha’s parents are Nyiaj Yang and Sao Vang Pha. Yang’s parents are Nhia Toua Yang and Pao Mee Xiong Yang.

n Jonathan David Breneman, of 90 Green Hill Road, Conestoga, and Hannah Mae Myers, of 1128 Miller Road, Mount Joy. Breneman’s parents are David Deiter and Naomi Stauffer Breneman. Myers’ parents are Kenneth David and Michele Lee Myers.

n Nathan James Watson, of 1000 Grinnell Ave., Columbia, and Kaely Laine Chilcote, same address. Watson’s parents are Travis James and Nanette Watson. Chilcote’s parents are Brad and Kelly Chilcote.

n John Mark Stoltzfus, of 2146 Main St., Narvon, and Georgia Rose Martin, same address. Stoltzfus’ parents are Samuel Jay and Mary Ann Stoltzfus. Martin’s parents are Dustin Andrew Martin and Jennifer Lynn McConaghy.

n Reilly Stephen Noetzel, of 141 Carol Drive, Washington Boro, and Cierra Winter Iddings, same address. Noetzel’s parents are Stephen Bowie Noetzel and Jaryn Trago. Iddings’ parents are Leonard Cecil and Tammee Winter.

n Jeremy Lee Delrossi, of 254 Lakeside Crossing, Mount Joy, and Wendy Dawn Hardy, same address. Delrossi’s parents are Frank Delrossi and Vivan Marie Coover. Hardy’s parents are David Merle and Peggy Lou Hinson.

n Lucia Beatriz Chabert Lopez, of 43 S. Prince St., Apt. 5, and Ashley Nicole Paine, same address. Chabert Lopez’s parents are Jose Louis Chabert and Penny Tairyn Lopez. Paine’s parents are Cameron Richard and Lynn Marie Paine.

n Kenneth P. King, of 837 Highland Ave., and Delores Wilson, same address. King’s parents are Foster Page and Ada King. Wilson’s parents are John Walker and Lillian Wilson.

n Deejay Hake, of 242 Railroad Ave., Bird-in-Hand, and June Louise Herr, same address. Hake’s parents are Ray Hake and Debra L. Paul. Herr’s parents are Mary and Clair Toomey.

n Todd Michael Davis, of 161 Wheatland Drive, Denver, and Sonia Hahnlen, same address. Davis’ parents are Donald Lewes and Myrtle May Davis. Hahnlen’s parents are Lawrence Allen Dauber and Karen Marie Waltersdorf.

n Zachary Liam Ross, of 3 Michelle Drive, and Brittany Lee Skocki, same address. Ross’ parents are William A. and Sarah Marie Ross. Skocki’s parents are Todd Stephen and Brenda Lee Skocki.

n Brandon Joseph Golden, of 316 Primrose Lane, Apt. 206, Mountville, and Lisa Ann Freeman, same address. Golden’s parents are Donald Joseph and Sharon Ruth Golden. Freeman’s parents are James Edward and Shirley Ann Freeman.

n John Thomas Petro, of 170 Pine Grove Road, Nottingham, and Teresa Lynne Oxenford, same address. Petro’s parents are Nicholas Francis Petro and Nancy Shvionne. Oxenford’s parents are Joseph Pascarella and Alice Faith Devore.

n Alan James Walker, of 672 Bentley Ridge Blvd, and Morgan Leigh Hofacker, same address. Walker’s parents are Barry Alan and Nancy Jean Walker. Hofacker’s parents are Paul Gerard and Linda Jacklyn Hofacker.

n Ryan Lee Martin, of 590 Middle Creek Road, Lititz, and Audrey Ruth Brubacker, of 595 Brown Road, Myerstown. Martin’s parents are Glenn Richard and Michele Ann Martin. Brubacker’s parents are Dwayne Lamar and Rosene Faye Brubacker.

n Joseph Andrew Meck, of 1861 Rockvale Road, and Carissa Joy Myers, of 1729 Windy Hill Road. Meck’s parents are James Eugene and Melissa Dawn Meck. Myers’ parents are Michael Lynn and Stacey Lynn Myers.

n Luis Samuel Tene Sislema, of 8 Mary Jane St., Schwenksville, and Giana Marie Gloyd, same address. Tene Sislema’s parents are Jose Feliciano Tene Ortega and Maria Eusebia Yaguachi. Gloyd’s parents are Thomas and Carol Gloyd.

n Dominic A. Hartman, of 1622 Newport Ave., Litiz, and Jocelyn Colette Graeser, same address. Hartman’s parents are Rodney Miller and Deborah Fern Hartman. Graeser’s parents are Michael Anthony and Jacqueline Mary Gornick.

n Radames Montalvo, of 213 W. Vine St., Apt. 2, and Fatima Jelys Lopez-Ortiz, same address. Montalvo’s parents are Radames Montalvo and Sue Ann Ramirez. Lopez-Ortiz’s parents are Alfredo Lopez and Juanita Gonzalez.

n Elijah Newhouse, of 1632 N. Union St., Middletown, and Brooke Noelle Hess, of 314 Weatherfield Place. Newhouse’s parents are Dwayne Edward and Deann Lizzie Newhouse. Hess’ parents are Glenn Harry and Constance Elaine Hess.

n Paul G. Specht, of 182 Springdale Lane, Millersville, and Sarah D. Laffredo, same address. Specht’s parents are Louis Walter and Ella Mae Specht. Laffredo’s parents are James Raymond and Patricia Moira Devereaux.

n Robert William Daniels, of 518 Woodhall Drive, Willow Street, and Jennifer Renea Montena, same address. Daniels’ parents are Richard Lesser and Myrl Josephine Daniels. Montena’s parents are William Earl Jester and Janet Yevvone Brown.

n Gerald Richard Nendel, of 1828 Krystle Drive, and Lois J. Stout, of 687 White Oak Road, Denver. Nendel’s parents are John and Mary Nendel. Stout’s parents are Henry F. Martin and and Irene M. Stoner.

n Jay Roger Dull, of 1381 W. Main St., Ephrata, and Alicia Brett Huston, of 60 E. Main St., Ephrata. Dull’s parents are Jay Roger and Sharon Yvonne Dull. Huston’s parents are Brock Allen and Leah Jo Huston.

n Lewis W. Killian, of 1253 Kramer Mill Road, Denver, and Zinia L. Zwally, same address. Killian’s parents are Lewis Wilmer and Edna Killian. Zwally’s parents are Carl Lamar and Dawn Elaine Schnader.

n John Brems Adams, of 323 Regents Drive, Lititz, and Georgia L. Burton, same address. Adams’ parents are John Quincy and Bertha Elthera Adams. Burton’s parents are John Mallett and Bonnie Bee Wanser.

n Victor Bedolla, of 405 E. King St., Apt.3, and Melissa Marie Serrano, same address. Bedolla’s parents are Reyes Bedolla and Jacqueline Marie Hernandez. Serrano’s parents are Joser Serrano and Emilia Ines Vargas.