Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Justin Michael Hildebrant, of 227 E. Walnut St., Apt. 2, and Nicole Christine Eyster, same address. Hildebrant’s parents are Mark Andrew and Janice Ann Humphrey. Eyster’s parents are David Blakely and Holly Michelle Eyster.

Shawn Matthew Woll, of 159 Dickens Drive, Building E, Floor 3, and Hilary Shau-Jeung Lee, same address. Woll’s parents are Edward Joseph and Annette Marie Woll. Lee’s parents are David En-Ah and Sylvia Siu Pik Lee.

Jacob Andrew Kauffman, 207 Governor Stable Road, Bainbridge, and Ashley Marie Weishner, same address. Kauffman’s parents are Douglas Kenneth and Lisa Michelle Kauffman. Weishner’s parents are Leonard John and Christine Lynn Weishner.

Christian Basile, of 113 Hunters Lane, Sparta, NJ, and Courtney Czapelski, same address. Basile’s parents are Steven Basile and Maureen Presky. Czapelski’s parents are George Czapelski and Donna Seidman.

Stephen David Hegedus, of 9 Amber Lane, Ephrata, and Marci Ann Nagle, same address. Hegedus’parents are David and Heather Kay Hegedus. Nagle’s parents are Thomas William and Doris Brunner.

Adam Eberly, of 333 Lititz Road, Manheim, and Liesl L. Blum, same address. Eberly’s parents are Bryan and Cynthia Eberly. Blum’s parents are Robert and Janet Blum.

Gabriel Trent Bertini, of 1997 Stone Mill Road, and Michelle Anne Wisely, of 60 Ferry Lane, Phoenixville. Bertini’s parents are Anthony Barry and Sandra Ann Bertini. Wisely’s parents are Mark Andrew and Lauriel Lynn Wisely.

Joseph James Smart, of 1903 William Penn Way, and Larissa Polejaev, same address. Smart’s parent are James and Maryanne Smart. Polejaev’s parents are Alexandr and Lioudmila Polejaev.

Marc Arthur Francklin, of 512 Chester St., and Cherlie Lafleur, same address. Francklin’s parents are Louis Francklin and Mimose Dorfeuille. Lafleur’s parents are Rico Lafleur and Julianie Elenas.

Aaron Robert Brace, of 498 Wheatfield Drive, Lititz, and Nicole Christine Polanskey, same address. Brace’s parents are Robert and Trina Brace. Polanskeys parents are Steve Richard and Gay Annette Polanskey.

Nounia Filia, of 419 Howard Ave., and Elysee Petit-Frere, same address. Filia’s parents are Ramil Filia and Marianie Guerrier. Petit-Frere’s parents are Justen Petit Frere and Resulia Sent Vilis.

Bruce Allen Ewell, of 2215 Manor Ridge Drive, and Katherine Jo Huhn, same address. Ewell’s parents are Bruce Allen Ewell and Gina Marie Marine. Huhn’s parents are Kenneth Lee Huhn and Cynthia Jo Hoar.

Raymond Charles Schickel, of 365 Carnation Drive, New Providence, and Mckayla Joyce Rohm, same address. Schickel’s parents are Charles Raymond and Cynthia Faye Schickel. Rohm’s parents are Christopher Carl Rohm and Paula Lanette Rasmussen.

Jesse S. Esh, of 2151 Forry Road, and Mary Beth Glick, of 102 Carriage Drive, Gordonville. Esh’s parents are Joseph and Sadie Esh. Glick’s parents are Joseph Z. and Leah B. Glick.

Alfred Joseph Lanza, of 307 Cherry St., Elizabethtown, and Amy Elizabeth Hazel, same address. Lanza’s parents are Alfred Joseph Lanza and Holly Virginia Macri. Hazel’s parents are Bruce Sarbaugh and Mary Ann Sheridan.

Kenneth Lee Gockley, of 5 Woodland Drive, Stevens, and Lana Renee Parke, same address. Gockley’s parents are Paul Donald and Jane Evelyn Gockley. Parke’s parents are Conlin Clifford and Scarlet Joy Parke.

Roland Mitchell Ketner, of 26 Lake St., Ephrata, and Maria Cabacungan Dulnuan, same address. Ketner’s parents are Mitchell Ranee and Claire Anne Ketner. Dulnuan’s parents are Reynaldo Aquino Cabacungan and Charito Miling Faustino.

Micah Charles Everett, of 20 W. Orange St., Apt. 201, and Emily Ann Lockley, same address. Everett’s parents are Claude Sutter and Ann Everett. Lockley’s parents are Mark David and Cheryl Ann Lockley.

Wyatt Cordell Stoner, of 3144 Elm Tree Road, Manheim, and Tara Sue Copenhaver, same address. Stoner’s parents are Dean Lamar and Angela Sue Stoner. Copenhaver’s parents are Avery Lynn and Jennie Copenhaver.

Scott Christopher Symington, of 52B Michael Lane, Denver, and Caitlin Danielle Croft, same address. Symington’s parents are Theodore Paul Symington and Joy Lynn Cardone Symington. Croft’s parents are James Edward and Tawnya Jane Croft.

Carl Douglas Christmas, of 144 Nassau Road, and Kelsey Elizabeth Scott, same address. Christmas’ parents are Carl Douglas Christmas and Terrie Marshell Shelley.

Ethan Bresch, of 323 Edgemont Drive, Willow Street, and Kylie Locklar, same address. Bresch’s parents are Troy Bresch and Dawn Feeser. Locklar’s parents are Scott Locklar and Jacque Green.

Joshua Lee Bouder, of 89 Penn Valley Village, Lititz, and Michelle L. Reed, same address. Bouder’s parents are Arthur Lee Bouder and Kim Louise Shoff. Reed’s parents are Michael David and Cheryl Lynn Reed.