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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

David Timothy Lee, of 107 Knight Lane, and Crystal Lynn Port, of 1336 Blue Jay Drive. Lee’s parents are Ronald M. and Linda C. Lee. Port’s parents are April L. Kovach and the late Keith D. Port.

Tyler Keith Shank, of 302 S. Fourth St., Columbia, and Emily Yelena Hill, same address. Shank’s parents are Brian Shank and Victoria Egge. Hill’s parents are Richard and Louise Hill.

Dane C. Winey, of 530 Snyder Ave., Elizabethtown, and Edith Miranda Boyer Needham, same address. Winey’s parents are Richard Lynn and Dawn Rosann Winey. Needham’s parents are the late Norman William Needham and the late Maureen Inez Needham.

Jesse Heinzel Reist, of 360 Sunshine Valley Road, Questa, N.M., and Madeline Jane Miller, same address. Reist’s parents are Kathryn Heinzel and the late Samuel Reist. Miller’s parents are Anthony and Diane Miller.

Dalton J. Kinnard, of 1913 Arlington St., Apt. 1, Camp Hill, and Rachel Elizabeth Shenk, same address. Kinnard’s parents are Stephen Kinnard and Cynthia Borrelli. Shenk’s parents are Dale Shenk and Gretchen Shenk.

Brent Adrian Holtrop, of 4056 Windhaven Lane, Dallas, Texas, and Sarah Alexandria Germain, same address. Holtrop’s parents are Mercedes Holtrop and the late Joe Holtrop. Germain’s parents are Albert Germain and Faydra Stilwell.

Todd Mitchell Stauffer, of 1089 South Meadow Lane, Oakland Mills, and Karina Lynelle Yoder, of 5154 White Oak Road, Paradise. Stauffer’s parents are Timothy and Robin Stauffer. Yoder’s parents are Rodney and Valerie Yoder.

Christopher Kelse Brown, of 691 Habecker Church Road, and Victoria Jane Herr, same address. Brown’s parents are Christopher B. and Christine Brown. Herr’s parents are Robert and Lydia Herr.

Luis Antonio Chirinos Jr., of 708 Scarsdale Circle, and Shannon Marie Green, same address. Chirinos’ parents are Luis Chirinos Sr. and Besy Carcamo. Green’s parents are David and Kathryn Green.

Stephen Joseph Bryk, of 103 Ashley Drive, Marietta, and Michelle Lee Santiago, same address. Bryk’s parents are Stephen John and Kathleen Bryk. Santiago’s parents are Ruby Faye Pike and the late Johnny Pike.

Derek R. Sipe, of 129 E. Lincoln Ave., Lititz, and Megan A. Seydel, same address. Sipe’s parents are Robert L. and Beth A. Sipe. Seydel’s parents are David J. Seydel and Tracey L. McCartney.

Daxton Joshua Shirk, of 836 Mount Zion Road, Narvon, and Oceana Katerine Ringler, of 324 Boot Jack Road, Narvon. Shirk’s parents are Roger M. and Ruth E. Shirk. Ringler’s parents are Leon L. and Juanita F. Ringler.

Paul Leslie Nafziger, of 8 Pleasure Road, Ephrata, and Lisa Reynolds Kenny, of 103 Pleasure Road. Nafziger’s parents are the late Ira Nafziger and the late Sara Anna Nafziger. Kenny’s parents are Anna Maria Reynolds and the late Kenneth Irwin Reynolds.

Edwin Gonzalez Jr., of 21 Pickford Drive, and Dyhalma Evelyn Flores, same address. Gonzalez’s parents are the late Edwin Gonzalez Sr. and the late Ana Jimenez. Flores’ parents are Rosa Milagros Fetter and the late Luis Alberto Flores.

Nelson Castillo-Quinones, of 46 Riverside Ave., and Yaira M. Ramos, same address. Castillo-Quinones’ parents are Migdalia Quinones and the late Nelson Castillo. Ramos’ parents are Salvador and Maria Ramos.

Zachary Joseph Handzlik, of 1964 Sturbridge Drive, Jamison, and Brandi Rose Morgante, of 275 Kirks Mill Lane, North East, Md. Handzlik’s parents are Mark Edward and Laurie Diane Handzlik. Morgante’s parents are Peter and Sandra Marie Morgante.

Yancy Espiritu Maranan, of 306 E. Liberty St., and Laura M. Love, same address. Maranan’s parents are Vidal Anarna and Felicitas E. Maranan. Love’s parents are Joseph John Jr. and Lynne Marie Gruber.

Dalton Patrick Farrow, of 18 Ashton Drive, New Providence, and Regina Michelle Dewitt, same address. Farrow’s parents are David J. Farrow and Michelle Lee Trimble. Dewitt’s parents are Joseph Michael Dewitt and the late Janine Rachael Toth.

James T. Haugen Sr., of 2643 Chapel Road, and Deborah Lynn Rylee, same address. Haugen’s parents are the late John Haugen and the late Virginia Haugen. Rylee’s parents are Morris and Barbara Rylee.

Robert Lee Farra, of 115 Creekview Drive, Paradise, and Karen Elaine Balog, same address. Farra’s parents are Richard and Beverly Farra. Balog’s parents are Kathy Feathers and the late William Feathers.

Geoffrey Ian Trout, of 124 N. Poplar St., Elizabethtown, and Samantha Lynn Moyer, same address. Trout’s parents are Stewart Trout Jr. and Karen Katalinas. Moyer’s parents are Glenn Sr. and Daphne Moyer.

Eliezer Medina, of 2506 Dolly Lane, Ronks, and Barbara Maria Rivera, same address. Medina’s parents are Jose Luis Medina and Nilsa Iris Gonzales. Rivera’s parents are the late Evangelisa Rivera and the late Maria E. Rivera.

Robert Howard Plank, of 145 E. Liberty St., Apt. 2, and Flavia C. Dasilva-Rocha, same address. Plank’s parents are Robert E. Jr. and Susan K. Plank. Dasilva-Rocha’s mother is Maria C. Dasilva.

Samuel Alcantara, of 90 E. Main St., Mount Joy, and Natalie Elaine Esdaille, of 729 Euclid Ave. Alcantara’s parents are Luis Eduardo and Altagracia de Carmen Alcantara. Esdaille’s parents are Gerson Samuel Esdaille and Elena Chez.

Andrew John Beal, of 537 Prince George Drive, and Taiani Ximenes Berton, same address. Beal’s parents are John and Carole Beal. Berton’s parents are Milton and Maria Berton.

Frankie Joseph Saad, of 535 Carlson Road, Hummelstown, and Chelsea Lynn Miller, of 2160 Wexford Road, Palmyra. Saad’s parents are Francis and Teresa Saad. Miller’s parents are James and Sharon Miller.

Dustin A. Shirk, of 135 Center Road, Mohrsville, and Jennifer Mae Kissinger-Starkey, of 769 Main St., Mohrsville. Shirk’s parents are Jeffrey and Rhea Shirk. Kissinger-Starkey’s parents are Eric and Carlene Kissinger.

Daniel Enchautegui Jr., of 24 N. Fourth St., Apt. 2, Columbia, and Vanessa Lee Campos-Mercado, same address. Enchautegui’s parents are Daniel Enchautegui Sr. and Annette Perez. Campos-Mercado’s parents are Ivette Mercado and the late Isreal Campos.

Walter F. Grow III, of 509 W. Conestoga St., New Holland, and Kimberly Ann Brown, same address. Grow’s parents are Walter Grow Jr. and Denise Gentch. Brown’s parents are Barbara Stroemel and the late Maurice Stroemel.

Shannon Corey Lyons, of 231 E. King St., Apt. 2, and Shantell Lynn Goines, same address. Lyons’ parents are Carroll Lyons and the late Ben Lyons. Goines’ parents are Estevan Melendez and Shantell Belavois.

Brent Lamar Hartzler, of 95 Leisey Road, Denver, and Jean M. Ray, same address. Hartzler’s parents are Kenneth and Betty Hartzler. Ray’s parents are Robert and Joyce Ray.

Mason Chase Miller, of 1507 Country Club Drive, and Claudia Grace Grossmann, of 1963 Park Plaza. Miller’s parents are Frank and Jennifer Miller. Grossmann’s parents are Mark and Elizabeth Grossmann.

Joseph Andrew Devine, of 116 N. Plum St., and Katrina Treva Longenecker, same address. Devine’s parents are Thomas Devine and Carolyn Kline. Longenecker’s parents are David and Nanette Longenecker.

Devin Aldon Hogan, of 1599 Mission Road, and Samantha Jo Johnston, same address. Hogan’s parents are Jesse and Ann Hogan. Johnston’s parents are Paul and Jodi Shenberger.

Roger Lee Hoover, of 9 Keeler Ave., Stevens, and Connie M. Harding, same address. Hoover’s parents are the late Donald Hoover and the late Verna Hoover. Harding’s parents are Walter and Marie Buohl.

Jonathan Robert Van Blarcom, of 50 Christy Court, Elizabethtown, and Ellen Grace Powers, same address. Van Blarcom’s parents are Robert Charles and Donna Stephani Van Blarcom. Powers’ parents are Patrick John and Coby Lynn Powers.

Matthew Thomas McGrath, of 5303 Columbia Road, Columbia, Md., and Laura Elizabeth Evans, same address. McGrath’s parents are Stephen T. and Debra A. McGrath. Evans’ parents are Andrew S. and Deborah Evans.

Xavier Santiago, of 525 Beaver St., and Yaribel Gonzalez-Figueroa, same address. Santiago’s parents are Luz Maria Ortiz and the late Alfonzo Santiago. Gonzalez-Figueroa’s parents are Israel Gonzalez-Martell and Betsy Figueroa-Santiago.

Odnel Cherelus, of 318 N. Franklin St., and Odeline Denis, of 412 S. Queen St. Cherelus’ parents are Nonel and Saintecile Durenard Cherelus. Denis’ parents are Odelin Denis and Guillaume Francoise.

Kody Michael Griffith, of 5 Valley Forge, Apt. 5, Elizabethtown, and Sara Anne Saurazas, same address. Griffith’s parents are Jason Irving Griffith and Kimberly Ann Farrell. Saurazas’ parents are William Leonard Saurazas and the late Ellen Ruth Oldham.

Christopher W. Kurtz, of 2162 Landis Valley Road, and Aime Lee Lankford, same address. Kurtz’s parents are the late William Henry Kurtz and the late Shirley Anne Dougher. Lankford’s parents are Robert Eugene Lankford and Catherine Marie Pearson.

Robert Conover Taylor, of 875 Louise Ave., and Alecia Sara Carcamo, same address. Taylor’s parents are Nancy S. Taylor and the late William C. Taylor. Carcamo’s parents are Allison S. Kline and the late Carl S. Kline.