Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Lamont Lee King, of 120 Noble St., Lititz, and Sally Jennifer McDonald, same address. King’s parents are Russell Darnell Reed and Angela Odessa King. McDonald’s parents are Barry Ralph McDonald and Dale Kathleen Mendenhall.

Daniel Keith Greenleaf, of 183 Morrison Mill Road, Kirkwood, and Candice Lee Hassell, same address. Greenleaf’s parents are Terry Keith and Laura Lee Greenleaf. Hassell’s parents are Darren William and Sally Anne Hassell.

Arthur Kauffman Keenan, of 638 Fairview Ave., Columbia, and Stacy Lynn Moore, same address. Keenan’s parents are Arthur Kauffman Keenan and Cynthia Sullivan. Moore’s parents are Ronald Earl and Beverly Ann Moore.

Samuel Cruz-Islas, of 818 N. Sixth St., Reading, and Lorraine Marie Medina, of 77 Baron Drive. Cruz-Islas’ parents are Luis Cruz Campos and Leticia Islas Trenado. Medina’s parents are Juan Carlos Medina and Geovania Rodriguez.

Blaine Austin Smith, of 968 Elm Ave., and Ashley Nicole Toms, same address. Smith’s parents are Stephen Leonard and Rosalyn Claire Smith. Toms’ parents are Carl Andrew and Ruth Anne Toms.

Blaise William Deluca, of 2150 N. Lincoln Park W, Apt. 1211, Chicago, Ill., and Alexandra Catherine Krall, same address. Deluca’s parents are Mather B. Hutchens and Oneida Diane Deluca. Krall’s parents are James Springer and Lori Ann Krall.

Nicholas Charles Tummino, of 34 N. Plum St., and Morgan Leanne Hodson, of 692 Dry Well Road, Quarryville. Tummino’s parents are Charles Tummino and Laurie Pryce. Hodson’s parents are Michael Ryan and Michelle Ann Hodson.

Ryan Redmond, of 3360 Kreitler Road, Forest Hill, Md., and Danielle Mellinger, same address. Redmond’s parents are John and Jennifer Redmond. Mellinger’s parents are Steven and Karen Mellinger.

Brandon Charles Duelley, of 205 Duke St., Stevensville, and Corrine Ann Urland, same address. Dually’s parents are Charles William and Rebecca Lee Duelley. Urland’s parents are Todd Michael and Gail Ann Urland.

Ryan William Emery, of 129 Brabson Lane, Peach Bottom, and Breanne Catherine Phillips, of 149 Pulte Road. Emery’s parents are William O. and Theresa Emery. Phillips’ parents are Jimmie G. and Diane M. Phillips.

Ryan James Bedont, of 726 Bentley Ridge Blvd, and Melissa Juliane Schreiner, same address. Bedont’s parents are Scott Alan and Diane Marie Bedont. Schreiner’s parents are James Henry and Diane Marie Schreiner.

Christopher Craig Ripley, of 505 Pintail St., Greensboro, Md., and Rebekah Marie Hildebrand, same address.Ripley’s parents are Craig David Ripley and Helen Mora. Hildebrand’s parents are Drake Steven and Tammi Jo Hildebrand.

Justin Harrison Neiss, of 78 S. Grant St., Unit B, Manheim, and Geina Sue Tome, same address. Neiss’ parents are Carl Harrison Neiss and Darlene Louise Dahlen. Tome’s parents are Dan Franklin Barthold and Linda Williams Barthold.

Matthew Clement Weetman, of 56 Hickory Flat Road, Buckhannon, and Laura Ann Kesling, same address. Weetman’s parents are Jonathan and Holly Weetman. Kesling’s parents are Rodney Ray and Danielle Kesling.

Jordan Bleyer, of 749 Keller Drive, Lititz, and Christie Taormina, same address. Bleyer’s parents are Michael and Holly Bleyer. Taormina’s parents are Vincent Taormina and Dianna Resser.

James Duddy, of 3508 Calle de Ranchero NE, Albuquerque, N.M., and Heidi Neff, same address. 

Ezra Keith Wenger, of 20 Brookwood Drive, Lititz, and Madeline Louise Weaver, of 41 Mayfield Drive, Leola. Wenger’s parents are Brian Keith and Allison Lou Weaver. Weaver’s parents are Kenneth Ray and Marlene Rene Weaver.

Ahmad Abdul Shahiyd, of 57 Vermont Ave., Hempstead, N.Y., and Sandra Stacy Huff, of 14668 Huxley St., Rosedale, N.Y. Shahiyd’s parents are Benjamin and Maude Haywood. Huff’s parents are Aaron Tracy Huff and Durita Rehenia Malone.

Josiah Russell Bacon, of 731 N. Plum St., and Alaina Ann Wheeler, of 1122 Hampden Drive, Strasburg. Bacon’s parents are Russell Louis Bacon and Debbie Lyn Greenfield. Wheeler’s parents are John Patrick and Amy Ellen Wheeler.

Tyler James Wellman, 2317 Dartmouth Lane, Crofton, and Kelsey Adair Skinner, same address. Wellman’s parents are Larry Robert and Katherine Marie Wellman. Skinner’s parents are William Bernard and Timolyne Adair Skinner.

Keith G. Dorman, of 308 E. Main St., Lititz, and Mary E. Levasseur, same address. Dorman’s parents are George and Bridget Eileen Dorman. Levasseur’s parents are Joseph A. and Winifred McNelis.

Andrew Cornelial Burch, of 6 On the Green, Apt. 10, New Windsor, N.Y., and Alecia Ana-Stacia Myers, same address. Burch’s parents are Andrew Cornelial and Tinsey Mae Burch. 

Nelson Antonio Rodriguez Rodriguez, of 830 Lafayette St., and Dayerlin Esperanza Medina Villa, same address. Rodriguez Rodriguez’s father is Nelson Antonio Rodriguez Fabre. Medina Villa’s parents are Ramon Danilo Medina de los Santos and Milagros Altagracia Villa Mejia.

Barrett Rae Scott, of 9898 Burke Pond Court, Burke, Va., and Stefanie Rae Bressi, same address. Scott’s parents are Keith Rea and Rieta Scott. Bressi’s parents are Raymond Joseph and Theresa Ann Bressi.

Zachary Camen Romano, of 4322 Lydia St., Pittsburgh, and Ashley R. Hibshman, same address. Romano’s parents are Mark and Sandy Romano. Hibshman’s parents are Donald and Janice Hibshman.

Robert Elvin Givens, of 1224 E. Newport Road, Lititz, and Nicole Marie Peters, same address. Givens’ parents are Elvin Heagy Givens and Melanie Kay Walls. Peters’ parents are Denver and Roseline Gentry.

Charles Richard Blackshear, of 37 E. Pine St., Ephrata, and Alexandria Lynn Fisher, same address. Blackshear’s parents are Charles Richard Blackshear and Miranda Victoria Smith. Fisher’s parents are Adam Lee and Barbara Ann Fisher.

John E. Thomas, of 200 Hill Road, Apt. 166, Denver, and Alicia M. Fivecoat, same address. Thomas’ parents are Lloyd Morrison and Diane Thomas. Fivecoat’s parents are Timothy Fivecoat and Susan Martin.

John L. Shoff, of 135 Hertzog Valley Road, Denver, and Ruth N. Muckel, same address. Shoff’s  parents are John L. and Diane C. Shoff. Muckel’s parents are George Eli Reider and Norma Marlene Wartluft.

Jackson Clair Eby, of 459 Queen Road, Gordonville, and Megan Elizabeth Gockley, of 604 Maple St., East Earl. Eby’s parents are John Michael and Lynette Joy Eby. Gockley’s parents are Scot Loren and Rachael Ann Gockley.

Jeremy Mahlon Newswanger, of 1374 Amosite Road, Bainbridge, and Kara Marie Leaman, of 168 Crest Ave. Newswanger’s parents are Ivan Dwane and Karen Dawn Newswanger. Leaman’s parents are John David and Jewel Ann Leaman.

Herbert Whisman, of 402 Groffdale Road, Quarryville, and Heather L. Trager, same address. Whisman’s parents are Gerald and Donna Whisman. Trager’s parents are William and Debra FIndley.

Thomas Paul Mattaini, of 549 Spruce St., and Melissa Lynette Ramos, same address. Mattaini’s parents are Paul George and Pamela Jean Mattaini. Ramos’ parents are Freddy and Anna Catherine Ramos.

Jordan Hoover, of 672 Smokestown Road, Denver, and Alysa Martin, of 261 Covered Bridge Road, Ephrata. Hoover’s parents are Andrew and Glenda Hoover. Martin’s parents are Jeff and Janelle Martin.

Giovanni Perez, of 776 Chu St., Landisville, and Francheska Cruz Colon, of 776 Church St., Landisville. Perez’s parents are Franky Perez and Gloria Enid Caban. Cruz Colon’s mother is Frances Colon Soria.

Karl Buckwalter Mumma, of 208 Bank Barn Lane, and William Jack Shope, same address. Mumma’s parents are John Stern and Ellen Buckwalter Mumma. Shope’s parents are William Jack and Catherine Ann Shope.

Mitchell Balmer, of 1132 Shumaker Road, Manheim, and Erin Gerhart, of 1729 Susquehannock Drive, Drumore. Balmer’s parents are Roy Bryan and Tammy Balmer. Gerhart’s parents are William Davis and Donna Long.

Thomas John Moses, of 24 Homrich Lane, Mohnton, and Ashlee Ann Shumaker, same address. Moses’ parents are Thomas and Theresa Moses. Shumaker’s parents are Mark Franklin and Jacqui Marie Shumaker.

Francisco Rivera, of 239 S. Ann St., and Maria DeJesus Morales-Phipps, same address. Rivera’s parents are Franciso Rivera and Aixa Vazquez. Morales-Phipps’ parents are Jesus Morales and Sherry L. Phipps.