Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Tim Eugene Newcomb, of 444 Washington Ave., Ephrata, and Jazmin Lorena Garcia Romero, same address. Newcomb’s parents are Stephen Paul and Marilyn Ann Newcomb. Garcia Romero’s parents are Expedicto Garcia and Luz Stella Romero.

Vernon Malik Johnson, of 313 Sassafras Terrance, Mount Joy, and Kayla Nicole Weisman, same address. Johnson’s parents are Vernon Tyree and Bertille Victoria Johnson. Weisman’s parents are John Wesley Miller and Erica Lynn Weisman.

Lyndon Burnell Nolt, of 1760 Lancaster Pike, Peach Bottom, and Kayla Beth Groff, of 1226 Hammon Ave., Ephrata. Nolt’s parents Myron Weaver and Sally Jo Nolt. Groff’s parents are Leon S. and Charlene Marie Groff.

Marvin Shirk Zimmerman, of 312 Conestoga Creek Road, East Earl, and Norma Martin Hurst, of1381 Union Grove Road, Terre Hill.

John Everett Winters, 9 S. Arnold St., Marietta, and Karen Elaine McGaffney, of TH2-300 Queen Elizabeth Driveway, Ottawa, Canada. Winters’ parents are John E. and Catherine Ruth Winters. McGaffney’s parents are Albert James and Frances May Jeffries.

Francis X. Daley, of 323 W. Lemon St., Apt. 3, and Mairenys de la Rosa Gil, same address. Daley’s parents are Francis X. and Clare Marie Daley. De la Rosa Gil’s parents are Juan de la Rosa and Natividad Gil.

Anthony David Polvinale, of 1604 River Road, Drumore, and Kathryn Rose Bilheimer, same address. Polvinale’s parents are Michael Joseph Polvinale and Sandra Lynn Hicks. Bilheimer’s parents are Adam Joseph and Sarah Penelope Bilheimer.

Matthew Frederick McSweeney, of 1329 Crofton Drive, Bel Air, Md., and Adriana Lynn Glotz, of 710 Old Fallston Road, Fallston. McSweeney’s parents are David Neal and Debra Marie McSweeney. Glotz’s parents are Dennis Michael and Maryann Glotz.

Keith William R. Farrell, of 7415 Rockwell Ave., Philadelphia, and Megan V. Carrier, same address. Farrell’s parents are Jack William and Suzanne Marie Farrell. Carrier’s parents are Craig Wallace and Vanda Kramer Carrier.

Dylan Lee Bair, of 1512 W. Main St., Ephrata, and Brandy Lynn Ginder, same address. Bair’s parents are David Lee and Jorgia Margie Bair. Ginder’s parents are Frederick Lee and Danira Ginder.

Raymond Richard Mann, of 241 Lampeter Road, Quarryville, and Alexis Marie Wasson, same address. Mann’s parents are Raymond Richard and Cynthia May Mann. Wasson’s parents are Richard D. Mann and Tina Marie McFalls.

Levi W. Zimmerman, of 1300 E. Kercher Ave., Lot 16, Myerstown, and Miriam C. Jones, of 377 Swamp Pike, Schwenksville. Zimmerman’s parents are Levi W. and Ella Zimmerman. Jones’ parents are Paul and Frances Ehst.

Skyler Michael Becker, of 1769 Milton Grove Road, Mount Joy, and Tiffany Amber Morrow, of 1886 Mount Gretna Road, Elizabethtown. Becker’s parents are William and Rebecca Becker. Morrow’s parents are Nicolas Morrow and Glenda Showmaker.

Aaron J. Karim, of 231 E. Market St., Marietta, and Mary Katherine O’Brien, same address. Karim’s parents are Bill and Rosemarie Theresa Karim. O’Brien’s parents are James Vincent and Patricia Franklin O’Brien.

Darrion Mariah Turner, of 387 Cobblestone Lane, and Asia Elizabeth Rodriguez, same address. Turner’s parents are Jaime Lee and Tyrone Tyson Bomberger. Rodriguez’s parents are Gilberto David Rodriguez and Patricia Lynn May.

Joshua F. Kurtz, of 819 Columbia Ave., No. 2, and Samantha I. Duhaney, same address.

Jayme Christopher Bronson, of 2323 Race St., Apt. 1122, Philadelphia, and Annelise Marie Gress, same address. Bronson’s parents are Todd Christopher Williams and Tracy Marie Wolfe. Gress’ parents are Robert Eugene Gress and Catharina Maria O’Quinn.

Ramon Robert Rios, of 6803 Emlen St., A3I, Philadelphia, and Mary Margaret Ludwig, same address. Rios’ parents are Ramon and Pamela Ruth Rios. Ludwig’s parents are Gregory Paul and Jane Carolyn Ludwig.

Victor Manuel Edwards, of 222 Middlebury Court, Manheim, and Lori Faye Devine, of 132 Merchant Ave., Apt. F, Mount Joy. Edwards’ parents are Thomas William and Aracelli Crespo Edwards. Devine’s parents are Richard Lee and Sandy Faye Devine.

Keith Joseph Lueke, of 118 Bayberry Drive, and Molly Paige Miller, same address. Lueke’s parents are William Pierce and Kim Noeth Lueke. Miller’s parents are Brad Philip and Karyn Ann Miller.

Adam J. Gallek, of 6 Safe Harbor Village, Conestoga, and Jamie M. Herr, same address. Gallek’s parents are Robert and Debra Gallek. Herr’s parents are Donald and Donna Goodhart.

Dean Victor Evanoff, of 1013 Donegal Springs Road, Mount Joy, and Courtney Michelle Caldwell, same address. Evanoff’s parents are Bradley Dean Evanoff and Vicki Marie Hesser. Caldwell’s parents are Harold David Caldwell and Tammy Sue Wimer.

Anoop B. Shah, of 1060 N. Charlotte St., Unit 211, and Heena Manhar Patel, same address. Shah’s parents are Bharat Shantilal and Kalpana Shah. Patel’s parents are Kokila Manharbhai and Manharbhai Nathubhai Patel.

Pablo Antonio, of 175 Meadow Court, New Cumberland, and Diana B. Hernandez, of 2 Rainbow Circle, Elizabethtown. Antonio’s parents are Francisco Cruz and Maria Luisa Perez. Hernandez’s parents are Hugo F. Hernandez and Blanca Herrera.

John Lucas Salter, of 1903 Friends Lane, and Ashley Nicole Lansdowne, same address. Salter’s parents are John Lumberton and Susan Barton. Lansdowne’s parents are David Spencer and Lynn Marie Lansdowne.

Corbin Daniel Hurst, of 528 Greenland Drive, and Vanessa Anne Blank, same address. Hurst’s parents are Daniel and Lori Hurst. Blank’s parents are Randal Steven and Darlene Joy Blank.

Jon Kyle Martin, of 91 Keller Ave., and Shannon Nicole Graybill, of 430 Stevens Road, Stevens. Martin’s parents are Keith Alan and Joanne P. Martin. Graybill’s parents are Steve H. and Diane Lynn Graybill.

Brandon Michael Litten, of 5909 Timothy Drive, Narvon, and Tylyn Marie Ernfield, same address. Litten’s parents are Bradley Gene Litten and Annette Jane Dunlap. Ernfield’s parents are Scott John Ernfield and Billi Jo Kern.

Allen Wayne Riehl, of 236 Weavertown Road, Bird in Hand, and Arie Elizabeth Stoltzfus, of 321 Churchtown Road, Narvon. Riehl’s parents are John G. and Lydia Jane Riehl. Stoltzfus’ parents are Samuel Jay and Rosanna K. Stoltzfus.

Samuel A. Yoder, of 5555 N. 525 W, Shipshewana, Ind., and Mary E. Yoder, of 1534 Division Highway, Ephrata. Samuel Yoder’s parents are Benjamin C. and Annie S. Yoder. Mary Yoder’s parents are Eli A. and Fannie L. Yoder.

Logan Anthony Torrey, of 205 Cameltown Hill Road, Danville, and Emily Noelle Morgan, of 5765 Pembroke Lane, Sunderland. Morgan’s parents are Michael Don and Deborah Lynn Morgan. Torrey’s parents are David Michael and Susan Elizabeth Torrey.

Jose Daniel Ortiz-Mangual, of 1009 Willow Street Pike, Apt. 2, and Arelys Miranda, same address. Ortiz-Mangual’s parents are Eugenio Ortiz Figueroa and Luz Mangual-DeJesus. Miranda’s parents are Seferino Miranda Rivera and Idalis Burgos Quiles.

Richard Alexis Rosario-Torres, of 25 N. Broad St., and Sasha Marie Barbosa, same address. Rosario-Torres’ parents are Leonides Rosario Torres and Glendaliz Rosario Torres. Barbosa’s parents are Tony Emmanual Barbosa and Wanda Enid Torres.

Drew William Anderson, of 601 E. Main St., Apt. 1, Ephrata, and Bethany Nicole Rudy, of 2216 Old Philadelphia Pike. Anderson’s parents are Peter and Deborah Anderson. Rudy’s parents are Daniel Lee and Elizabeth Ann Rudy.

Jonathan Jacob Smokowicz, of 538 E. Ross St., and Kathryn Marie Gentille, same address. Smokowicz’s parents are Andrew Frank Smokowicz and Deidre May Popielarski. Gentille’s parents are Mark and Mary Gentille.

Frederick Harry McElwee, of 2845 Southwick Drive, and Jocelyn Sarah Stoudt, same address. McElwee’s parents are Frederick Harry and Nanette Marie McElwee. Stoudt’s parents are John Allen and Cheryl Lynne Stoudt.

Brenden Richard Mearig, of 17 Heron Road, Lititz, and Amanda Marie Hammerstone, same address. Mearing’s parents are Neil Andrew and Wendy Sue Mearig. Hammerstone’s parents are Steven Craig Hammerstone and Deborah Kathleen Enck.

Jacob Israel Farnham, of 221 E. Orange St., Apt. 6, and Jesse Renne Bates, same address. Farnham’s parents are Mike and Adele Farnham. Bates’ parents are James Charles and Joyce Francis Farnham.

Brandon Scott Arnold, of 1190 Ridge Ave., Apt. 7B, Columbia, and Katelyn Nicole Macbeth, same address. Arnold’s parents are Wilbur and Irene Arnold. Macbeth’s parents are Scott Douglas and Brenda Jo Macbeth.

Anthony Priore, of 475 Netzley Drive, Denver, and Holly Ann Press, same address. Priore’s parents are Leo Anthony and Maryellen Priore. Press’ parents are Geoffrey Scott and Janette Newton Press.

James Murray, of 1022 Janet Ave., and Joanne Therese Mannix, same address. Murray’s parents are James and Eula Mae Murray. Mannix’s parents are John and Jane Murray-O’Meara Valma.

Daniel Allen Hessler, of 357 Cranberry Road, East Stroudsburg, and Renae Lynn Parks, same address. Hessler’s parents are William Randall and Rebecca Faithe Hessler. Parks’ parents are Rodney Alexander and Barbara Myrtle Parks.

Tyler Andrew Good, of 32 Tenby Way, Apt. A, and Alyssa Nicole Potosnak, same address. Good’s parent are Timothy Andrew and Lori Jane Hood. Potosnak’s parents are Stephen Jerome and Julia Ann Potosnak. Good’s parents are Timothy Andrew and Lori Anne Good.

Matthew McLaine Willis, of 278 Broad St., Landisville, and Anne Marie Mullhausen, same address. Willis’ parents are Roger and Cynthia Willis. Mulhausen’s parents are John Joseph and Teresa Marie Mulhausen.

Mitchell Stephen Burns, of 755 Summit Drive, Apt. 331, and Kylee Ann Bair, same address. Burns’ parents are Stephen Shawn and Donna Marie Burns. Bair’s parents are Todd Ellis and Debra Ann Bair.

Samuel Alan Loch, of 560 Gralan Drive, and Valerie Rachel Ruhl, of 2416 Willow Glen Drive. Loch’s parents are Alan Joseph and Sheila Isabel Loch. Ruhl’s parents are Harold Michael and Alba Maria Ruhl.

Michael David Urban, of 364 N. Broad St., Apt. 3, Lititz, and Bryanna Marie Dissinger, same address. Urban’s parents are Brian and Cindy Urban. Dissinger’s parents are Bryon James and Andrea Sue Dissinger.

Andrew Lee Messersmith, of 147 Locust Grove Lane, Stuarts Draft, Va., and Maureen Wanjiku Waweru, of 905 St. Joseph Drive, Upper Darby. Messersmith’s parents are Alan Kent and Miriam Marie Messersmith. Waweru’s parents are Rwamba Waweru Karanja and Emma Wangecki Kariuki.

Randall A. Frizado, of 242 Cool Creek Way, and Gretchen E. Woodward, same address. Frizado’s parents are Guy Motta Frizado and Wanda Kay Arnold. Woodward's parents are Clement Oscar and Elizabeth Ann Lichty.