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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Dustin Drew Geiss, of 410 Highland Drive, Mountville, and Amanda Lynn Nafe, same address. Geiss’ parents are Drew and Eileen Geiss. Nafe’s parents are Robert and Linda Nafe.

John Ross Bailey, of 3914 Spect Court, Alexandria, Va., and Kristin Elizabeth Orwig, same address. Bailey’s parents are John Thomas and June Demaria Bailey. Orwig’s parents are Robert Lee and Patricia Ann Orwig.

Jose Manuel Gomez Arellano, of 422 Mandarin Lane, Elizabethtown, and Elvia Teresa Gonzalez Espino, same address. Gomez Arellano’s parents are Leonel Gomez and Avelina Arellano. Gonzalez Espino’s parents are Santiago Gonzalez and Elvia Espino.

Nicholas Duran, of 488 Royer Drive, and Yazmin Rosado, of 884 W. End Ave., New York, N.Y. Duran’s parents are Alnulfo Garcia Duran and Maria de Los Angeles Camacho. Rosado’s parents are Ismael Rosado and Migdalia Nieves Morales.

Michael Ryan Coulter, of 417 E. Frederick St., Apt. 19, and Alyssa Marie Kane, same address. Coulter’s parents are Benton and Holly Coulter. Kane’s parents are Kathleen Kane and the late Michael Kane.

James Stuart-Daniel Hayward, of 2083 Creek Hill Road, and Allie Maye Blevins, of 102 Sprecher Road, Willow Street. Hayward’s parents are Robert and Barbara Hayward.

Justin Lerew Rigg, of 2025 Lucinda Lane, Narvon, and Dana Marie Rigg, of 195 Musser Road, Apt. 3, East Earl. Justin Rigg’s parents are Barry and Gloria Rigg. Dana Rigg’s parents are Glenn Brown and the late Christine Brown.

Brad Matthew Wenger, of 146 S. Esbenshade Road, Manheim, and Bethany Yvonne Zimmerman, of 23 Picnic Woods Road, Lititz. Wenger’s parents are Lee Martin and Elsa Laine Wenger. Zimmerman’s parents are Glenn Anthony and Luann H. Zimmerman.

Christopher J. Rehkugler, of 2441 Shenck Road, Manheim, and Wendy Diann Haines, same address. Rehkugler’s parents are Gerald Rehkugler and the late Susan Rehkugler. Haines’ parents are George Howett and Donna Barshinger.

Ruth Ellen Costanzo, of 212 S. West End Ave., and Marissa Jo Morris, same address. Costanzo’s parents are Clint Costanzo and Rachel Martin. Morris’ parents are Scott Morris and Krista Cuerton.

Zachary Taren Hoover, of 670 Netzley Drive, Denver, and Emily Elizabeth Reiff, of 450 Suncrest Road, Ephrata. Hoover’s parents are Jeff and Diane Hoover. Reiff’s parents are Randall and Diane Reiff.

Christopher James Miller, of 424 N. Plum St., Mount Joy, and Stephanie Amber Lapp, same address. Miller’s parents are James D. Miller and Mary Ellen Guyette. Lapp’s parents are Michael J. Lapp and Deborah A. Houser.

Anthony Lozada, of 7302 Isle Drive, Port Richey, Fla., and E. Beverly Ortiz, same address. Lozada’s parents are Miguel Angel Lozada and Doris Iris Figueroa. Ortiz’s parents are Noberto Ortiz and Doris Reyes.

Holden Anthony Chance, of 2839 Horseshoe Pike, Palmyra, and Marena Leigh McNemar, same address. Chance’s parents are Neal and Bonnie Chance. McNemar’s parents are William McNemar and Jeannetta Pope.

Alexander Scott Aument, of 65 Holland St., Landisville, and Amanda Raye Feltch, same address. Aument’s parents are Andrew and Dawn Aument. Feltch’s parents are Wayne and Jennifer Feltch.

Damian Diaz Claudio, of 13 Yardley Green, and Isabel Figueroa, same address. Claudio’s parents are Ziola Claudio and the late Isabel Diaz-Gonzalez. Figueroa’s parents are the late Manuel Figueroa and the late Ramona de Leon.

Donald G. Braun, of 802 N. Reservoir St., and Elisabeth Anne Christmas, of 804 N. Reservoir St. Braun’s parents are Betty Jane Brandt and the late William A. Brown. Christmas’ parents are the late Edward L. Christmas and the late Dolores T. Christmas.

Logan Steve Tobias, of 329 Valley Road, Etters, and Ariel Michele Lloyd, of 431 Creekside Lane, Lititz. Tobias’ parents are Randolf and Judi Tobias. Lloyd’s parents are Robert and Angela Lloyd.

Brian Robert Charles, of 260 E. Park St., Apt. 104, Elizabethtown, and Kelli Ann Hicks, same address. Charles’ parents are Richard and Susan Charles. Hicks’ parents are Charles Hicks and Michelle Fralich.

Howard Benjamin Noonan, of 1108 Reservior Road, New Holland, and Dana Ann Getz, same address. Noonan’s parents are Lenny Croto and the late Kathy Croto. Getz’s parents are Beverly Getz and the late Dean Oberly.

Lucas T. Emil, of 26 Taft Lane, Morristown, N.J., and Sara E. Reese, same address. Emil’s parents are Donna M. Going and the late Roger W. Emil. Reese’s parents are Timothy J. and Mary P. Reese.

William Harold Sawdey, of 243 Harvard Ave., and Jayne S. Doughterty, same address. Sawdey’s parents are the late William Sawdey and the late Pauline Sawdey. Dougherty’s parents are the late Leroy Reifsnyder and the late Jane Reifsnyder.

Carlos Ortiz Duque, of 36 Conrad Lane, Lititz, and Naryeli Ortiz Pineda, same address. Duque’s parents are Carlos Ortiz Blanco and the late Josefina Duque Santos. Pineda’s parents are Noe Ortiz and the late Elva Pineda.