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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Andrew Scott Kamm, of 924 Forest Road, and Nanette Suzanne Grubb, same address. Kamm’s parents are the late George Kamm and the late Pauline Kamm. Grubb’s parents are the late Clair Grubb and the late Shirley Sheetz.

Stewart Allen Martin, of 1615 Girl Scout Road, Denver, and Joanna Nicole Nimon, same address. Martin’s parents are John and Amy Martin. Nimon’s parents are James and Lydia Nimon.

Eric Waylon Wright, of 202 Lippitt Road, Honey Brook, and Nichole Lynn Weaver, same address. Wright’s parents are Lawrence Eric and Dawn Wright. Weaver’s parents mother is Susan Miller.

Christopher W. Adams, of 5902 Michele Drive, Narvon, and Lesley Ann Adams, same address. Christopher Adams’ parents are William and Sharon Adams. Lesley Adams’ parents are the late Raymond Parris and the late Shirley Parris.

Monica Leura Shatzer, of 933 Campus Road, Elizabethtown, and Stephanie Marie Diaz, same address. Shatzer’s parents are Matthew and Betty Shatzer. Diaz’s parents are George Diaz and Tricia Whipkey.

Dontell Je’Von Robinson, of 155 S. Poplar St., Apt. 119, Elizabethtown, and Kiersten Marie Hatch, same address. Robinson’s parents are Darryl and Sheila Robinson. Hatch’s parents are Kelvin and Anita Hatch.

Dylan Paul Engle, of 502 Mandarin Lane, Elizabethtown, and Angela Rose Vertucci, of 23 Hunter Drive, Elizabethtown. Engle’s parents are Kevin and Amy Engle. Vertucci’s parents are Michael and Beth Vertucci.

Rony G. DeJesus-Diaz, of 522 Misty Drive, Apt. 7, and Elina Mercedes Fernandez, of 811 Manor St. DeJesus-Diaz’s parents are Gabriel DeJesus and Deolina Altagracia. Fernandez’s parents are Miguel Fernandez and Nidia Flores.

Andrew Scott Wilson, of 322 Charlies Court, Felton, Del., and Melissa Ann Berman, same address. Wilson’s parents are Paul and Sherry Wilson. Berman’s parents are George Berman and Lisa Ripnak.

Walter Michalak Jr., of3812 Sylvan Drive, York, and Mary E. Lenhert, same address. Michalak’s parents are Walker Sr. and Betty Michalak. Lenhert’s parents are the late Hugh Joseph Gallagher Jr. and the late Anna Marie Gallagher.

Luke Jeffrey Ragsdale, of 104 Ridge Lane, Gap, and Katey Ann Ebaugh, of 37 Pinnacle Road West, Holtwood. Ragsdale’s parents are Jeffrey and Tammy Ragsdale. Ebaugh’s parents are Mark and Barb Ebaugh.

Matthew Charles Close, of 1767 Kirkwood Pike, Kirkwood, and Angela Sage Fiorentino, same address. Close’s parents are Gregg A. Close and Jamie L. Haynes. Fiorentino’s parents are George F. Jr. and Lori D. Fiorentino.

Drew Steven Eshleman, of 313 Elm Road, Lititz, and Anna Gabrielle Burkhart, of 512 W. High St., Manheim. Eshleman’s parents are Steve and Gina Eshleman. Burkhart’s parents are Daniel and Gina Burkhart.

Mark Christopher Richoux, of 2062 Bossler Road, Elizabethtown, and Joanna Leigh Witmer, of 313 Oakridge Drive, Mountville. Richoux’s parents are William and Janice Richoux. Witmer’s parents are Brian and Jintana Witmer.

Joshua David Cruz, of 357 Dickens Drive, and Elijah Elsa Martinez, same address. Cruz’s parents are Reinaldo Cruz and Candida Ruiz. Martinez’s parents are Levit and Kim D. Martinez.

Paul K. Mullin, of 223 Strawberry St., Leola, and Shelley Lynne Angerman, same address. Mullin’s parents are the late Donald Mullin and the late Anita Mullin. Angerman’s parents are George Angerman and the late Linda Weir.

Shanyn Dean Landis, of 790 Ridge Ave., Ephrata, and Karissa Dawn Martin, 22 Pinewood Ave., Ephrata. Landis’ parents are Gary and Sharon Landis. Martin’s parents are Clyde and Alice Martin.

Mark Anthony Enoch, of 826 Janet Ave., and Brittany Nicole Oreszko, same address. Enoch’s parents are John Enoch and the late Christine Enoch. Oreszko’s parents are Stephanie Slavin and the late Jason Lesperance.

Korry Lee Hildebrand, of 485 Royer Drive, and Karyn Janelle Weidman, same address. Hildebrand’s parents are Mark Hildebrand and Janice Humphrey. Weidman’s parents areJeffrey and Pamela Weidman.

Samuel I. Miller, of 28 Dogwood Lane, Mountville, and Rachel Leid Nolt, of 2571 Lititz Pike. Miller’s parents are the late Irvin Miller and the late Mabel Miller. Nolt’s parents are Harvey and Lydia Nolt.

Steven William Dinkel, of 342 New Market Court, Wayne, and Michelle L. Hartl, same address. Dinkel’s parents are Harry and Kathleen Dinkel. Hartl’s parents are Richard and Elaine Hartl.

Nathan Lee Vonderheide, of 761 Patriot Drive, and Beckah Rose Shenk, of 2135 Main St., Lititz. Vonderheide’s parents are Molly Shaeffer and the late Miles Shaeffer. Shenk’s parents are Kevin and Christine Shenk.

Peter Christopher Costabile, of 8 Hickory Lane, Oxford, Conn., and Leah Shea Nixon, same address. Costabile’s parents are Peter and Catherine Costabile. Nixon’s parents are Wade and Patti Nixon.

Keenan Earl Stare, of 805 Belvidere Road, Phillipsburg, NJ, and Andrew M. Veres, same address. Stare’s parents are Ronald II and Rendy Stare. Veres’ parents are Matthew Sr. and Joann Veres.

Yihuan Liu, of 237 Lakeside Crossing, Mount Joy, and Wei Zhang, same address. Liu’s parents are Han Liu and Rimei Xia. Zhang’s parents are Min Zhang and Dongyun Jing.

William Sean Dillon Marple, of 141 Fellows Ave., Syracuse, N.Y., and Athena Larissa Mandros, same address. Marple’s parents are Russell Marple and Rosemary Dillon. Mandros’ parents are Vasilios and Janice Mandros.

John Allen Biles, of 305 Thomas Armor Drive, Windsor, and Erin N. Brubaker, same address. Biles’ parents are Sandra Biles and the late Howard Biles. Brubaker’s parents are Joseph and Melanie Brubaker.

Tyler Allen Shiner, of 844 Baffy Ave., Landisville, and Kristen Elizabeth Marshall, of 1301 Hyde Park Drive. Shiner’s parents ae Jeffrey and Susan Shiner. Marshall’s parents are Steven and Linda Marshall.

Richard C. Shirley, of 980 Stone Hill Road, Conestoga, and Edna M. Bachman, same address. Shirley’s parents are the late Charles Shirley and the late Marilyn Shirley. Bachman’s parents are the late Earl Bachman and the late Esther Bachman.

Peter Van Meer, of 395 Creek Road, Denver, and Christina Josephine Mayes, same address. Van Meer’s parents are Jac Van Meer and Ria Van Meer de Ron. Mayes’ parents are Lawrence W. Mayes and Theresa A. Few.