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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Carlos William Evans, of 3 Pantley Court, Apt. E, Middle River, Md., and Brianha Rose Harris, same address. Evans’ parents are Charles Williams and Katherine Melissa Evans. Harris’ parents are Steven Jerome and Theresa Elizabeth Harris.

Kyle James Casey, of 25 Ruby St., and Cierra Kathleen Strowksy, of 4078 Old Orchard Road, York. Casey’s parents are Richard James and Linda Marie Casey. Strowsky’s parents are John George and Mary Elizabeth Strowsky.

Japheth Warren Beiler, of 15 Weaver Ave., New Holland, and Samantha Renea Zimmerman, of 205 W. Main St., Leola. Beiler’s parents are Philip and Linda Beiler. Zimmerman’s parents are David Martin and Ella Mae Zimmerman.

Michael Patrick Rush, of 1903 Friends Lane, and Allison Patricia Hartman, of 137 E. Clay St., Apt. 1. Rush’s parents are Patrick Francis and Stacy King Rush. Hartman’s parents are David Watson and Lisa Dobrosky.

Joseph Carnell Noel, of 78 Baron Drive, and Ebony Latoya Wright-Noel, same address.

Andrew Nathaniel Rickenbach, of 30 Park Ave., Apt. 2, Ephrata, and Evyona Deana Carroll, of 164 Butternut Court, Reading. Rickenbach’s parents are Andrew Joe and Trisha Kay Rickenbach. Carroll’s parents are Thomas Dean Carroll and Eva Corina Mae Palmer.

Christopher Keith Maxwell, of 1562 Slate Hill Road, Peach Bottom, and Kandace Rocheal Ibach, same address. Maxwell’s parents are Don and Shirley Maxwell. Ibach’s parents are Jeff Scott and Grace Ann Ibach.

Jesse Lee Kreider, of 9 S. Race St., P.O. Box 762, Richland, and Krystle Marie Tinker, same address. Kreider’s parents are David and Rebecca Kreider. Tinker’s parents are Timothy Pfaffenrath and Debra Hampson.

Gardell Devon Rohrer, of 147 N. Shirk Road, New Holland, and Martha Thiessen Rempel, same address. Rohrer’s parents are Ronald and Sherri Rohrer. Rempel’s parents are Gerhard and Maria Rempel.

John David Gantz, of 6441 Cherry St., East Petersburg, and Emily Larue Newman, same address. Gantz’s parents are John Joseph and Judith C. Gantz. Newman’s parents are Christopher and Lorne Newman.

John Allen Zunner, of 2204 Seitz Drive, and Jennifer Gonzalez, same address. Zunner’s parents are Robert William and Linda Louise Zunner. Gonzalez’s parents are Enrique Gonzalez  Maria Virgen Rivera DeJesus.

Mathew Sesele, of 222 W. Mifflin St., and Neema Kizai, same address.

Guillermo Dosal Galindo, of 538 E. Orange St., and Caridad Calinick-Aguero, same address. 

Daniel Shervin, of 101 Bluegrass Circle, Landisville, and Elizabeth Sutherland, same address. Shervin’s parents are Daniel and Mary Patricia Shervin. Sutherland’s parents are Jeffery Martin and Roberta Jean Layton.

Ali Ibrahim Eltanbouly, of 103 Darlington Circle, Lincoln University, and Breanna Potts, same address. Potts’ parents are Gerald and Jennifer Potts.

Robert Benjamin Dippner, of 9 Leacock Road, Paradise, and Janell Marie Dickel, of 5225 Sunset Lane, Gap. Dippner’s parents are Darell Lee Dippner and Tracy Lynn Wettig. Dickel’s parents are John Leanord and Joann Marie Dickel.

Andrew Haefner, of 407 W. Marion St., Lititz and Ashley Svencer, same address. Haefner’s parents are Francis and Lisa Haefner. Svencer’s mother is Kimberly Hughes.

Colin Jay Kaiser, of 146 Esther Drive, and Katherine Deaver, of 719 Raintree Road, Columbia. Kaiser’s parents are Joseph M. and Madeline Kaiser. Deaver’s parents are Bruce L. and Tracy L. Deaver.

Christopher Borg, of 139 E. Liberty St., Lititz, and Kaitlyn Martin, of 47 Field Lane, Lititz. Borg’s parents are Steve and Elizabeth Borg. Martin’s parents are Dennis and Sandra Martin.

Hannah Marie Hall, of 45 Coachman Drive, Rising Sun, Md., and Saralynn Grace Davis, same address. Hall’s parents are Shawn Hall and Melissa May Murphy. Davis' parents are James Willard Davis and Amy Heebner.

Thomas Carretta, of 6 Pin Oak Drive, Denver, and Kristin Tafuri, same address. Carretta’s parents are Thomas and Edith Carretta. Tafuri’s parents are William Robert Tafuri and Barbara Jean Erickson.

Ryan Yaret Magagin, of 2016 Shady Oak Drive, Mount Joy, and Helen Ramirez Vazquez, same address. Magagin’s parents are James Magagin and Mirtelina Irizzary. Ramirez Vazquez’s parents are Leonardo Ramirez Lopez and Surama Esther Vazquez-Serrano.

Thomas Edward McDonald, of 431 S. Queen St., and Ana Liseth Calvo Mondragon, same address.

Jan-Michael James Whitman, of 7 Deanne Circle, Ephrata, and Elyse Morgan Himmelberger, same address. Whitman’s mother is Karen Hauck. Himmelberger’s parents are Eric W. Himmelberger and Andrea Beth Fonte.

John Franklin Garvin, of 306 Woody Brown Road, Rising Sun, Md., and Ashley Nicole Huey, same address. Garvin’s parents are John Franklin Garvin and Christine Michelle Smythe. Huey’s parents are Donald Eugene Huey and Bille Jo Vandyke.

Jared Anthony Maciejewski, of 17 Julie Ave., Elizabethtown, and Joel Ismael Martinez Valerio, same address. Maciejewski’s parents are John Anthony and Julie Ann Maciejewski. Martinez Valerio’s parents are Ysmael Martinez and Ana Lucia Valerio.

Andrew Richard Sutliff, of 291 Sugar Maple Square, Downingtown, and Kelsey Marie Mineo, same address. Sutliff’s parents are Richard and Lorraine Suitliff. Mineo’s parents are William and Denise Mineo.

Jeffrey George Pickel, of 1827 Woodland Ave.,and Emma Louise Peris, same address. Pickel’s parents are Jeffrey George and Ana Christine Pickel. Peris’ parents are David Stephen and Barbara Ann Peris.

Eric Tyler Sienkiewicz, of 23 S. Ann St., and Kelly Elizabeth Thomas, same address. 

Kenneth Amoo-Mitchual, of 117 Lakeside Crossing, Mount Joy, and Ethel A. Esianor-Mitchual, same address.

Jose Alfred Velez-Reyes, of 2 North River St., P.O. Box 670, Maytown, and Victoria Lin Valdez, same address. Velez-Reyes’ parents are Jose Ramon Velez and Ana Bette Reyes. Valdez’s parents are Donald Kevin Johnson and Maria Lin.

Luis Nathaniel Rodriguez, of 515 Beaver St., and Kimberly Katie Beach, same address. Rodriguez’s parents are Luis Felipe Rodriugez and Nelidyn Beltran. Beach’s parents are Thomas Anthony Beach and Tracy Lynn Jimenez.

Noah Kane Sturges, of 2227 Buck Rub Drive, Nottingham, and Taylor Jeanne Smith, of 6433 Powder Valley Road, Zionsville. Sturges’ parents are Carl Frederick and Deborah Jean Sturges. Smith’s parents are Michael Arthur and Susan Margaret Smith.

Joseph W. Dommel, of 222 Chelmsford Drive, and Jennifer Alden Barron, same address. Dommel’s parents are Joseph W. Dommel and Tammy Steinbaecher. Barron’s parents are Robert and Jeanne Barron.

Tristan Ryan Martin, of 377 Hill Road, and Kara Marie Martin, of 230 Ridge Ave., Ephrata. Tristan Martin’s parents are Matthew Wade and Darla Jane Martin. Kara Martin’s parents are Edgar Martin and Tina Marie Martin.

Randall A. White, of 113 E. New St., Mountville, and Laura Jean Martin, same address. White’s parents are Robert A.White and Judith Drace. Martin’s parents are Eugene Martin and Carole Benner.

Noah Hunter Good, of 475 Howard Ave., Ephrata, and Brianna Nicole Balmer, same address. Good’s parents are Sean Christopher and Lisa Marie Good. Balmer’s parents are Christopher Lee and Tonya Lynn Balmer.

Hunter Freeman, of 1010 Stillwell Drive, Unit 2106, Durham, N.C., and Mackenzie Chakara, of 2003 Old Rothsville Road, Lititz. Freeman’s parents are Joseph and Dayne Freeman. Chakara’s parents are Freeman and Beth Chakara. 

David Ray Zimmerman, of 711 E. Millport Road, Lititz, and Ann Palmer, same address. Zimmerman’s parents are Ivan Ray and Martha Jane Zimmerman. Palmer’s parents are Richard Benton and Linda Lee Haskins.

Andres Alejandro Suazo Wildt, of 4135 Millbrook Road, Mount Joy, and Jennae Marie Hepschmidt, same address. Suazo Wildt’s parents are Abrahim Suazo and Elsa Wildt. Hepschmidt’s parents are Kurt and Edda Lynn Hepschmidt.

Angel Rafael Torres, of 337 Creekside Lane, Lititz, and Akaymi Lee Ortiz, same address. Torres’ parents are Angel L. Santiago Serrano and Doris E. Torres Colon. Ortiz’s parents are Roberto Roque Hernandez and Mercedes Cruz Santiago.

Jose Parrilla, of 308 S. Reservoir St., and Jeraitza Sanchez, same address. Parrilla’s parents are Osvaldo Parrilla and Virgenima Velazquez. Sanchez’s parents are Gerardo Sanchez and Zulma Iris Pantojas.

Douglas W. Brubaker, of 1430 Rohrerstown Road, and Elizabeth A. Pituch, of 165 Moores Mill Mount Rose Road, Hopewell. Brubaker’s parents are Donald A. and Esther L. Brubaker. Pituch’s parents are Daniel J. Pituch and Patricia Stolz.

William H. Pennypacker-McCusker, of 801 Pine Hill Road, Lititz, and Anne Marie McCandless, same address.

Tyler Daniel Tenreiro, of 23 S. Market St., Apt. 201, Elizabethtown, and Megan Hope Sanjuan, same address. Tenreiro’s parents are Luis Tenreiro and Bernice Schmidt. Sanjuan’s parents are Nicholas Charles and Kelly Elizabeth Sanjuan.

Luis Daniel Rosado, of 20 Galen Hall Road, Reinholds, and Haileigh Ann Walmer, same address. Rosado’s parents are Luis Rosado and Amy Frey. Walmer’s parents are Nathan Walmer and Julie Mason.

Kyle Joseph Bixler, of 1230 Colebrook Road, Marietta, and Rachel Margaret Wood, of 2138 River Road, Bainbridge. Bixler’s parents are Michael Joseph and Marla Diane Bixler. Wood’s parents are Thomas Scott and Eileen Denise Wood.

Ethan Richard Stell, of 17 Hazel St., and Shannon Alyson McCoy, same address. Stell’s parents are Todd Richard and Mary Jane Stell. McCoy’s parents are Scott Alan and Sue Ann McCoy.

Steven Michael Allgyer, of 70 N. Soudersburg Road, Gordonville, and Annie Jo King, 3422A W. Newport Road, Ronks. Allgyer’s parents are Reuban Wayne and Elizabeth Ann Allgyer. King’s parents are David Arthur and Mary Ann King.

Daniel Franklin Lewis, of 1115 Marion St., Apt. 3, Reading, and Anna Kathleen Northup, same address. Lewis’ parents are Jonathan Jesse and Angela Grace Lewis. Northup’s parents are Robert Eugene and Donna May Northup.

Jacyn Harper Thompson, of 726 Farnum Road, Lititz, and Kimberly Marie Lamp, same address. Thompson’s parents are James Michael and Angela Thompson. Lamp’s parents are Roger Curtis and Paula Jane Lamp.

Thomas Rea Schatz, of 254 Buttonwood Drive, Elizabethtown, and Leigh Elizabeth Quinn, same address. Schatz’s parents are Gary Wayne and Raeann W. Schatz. Quinn’s parents are Kenneth Gordon Stoltzfus and Kate Elizabeth Quinn.

Jude Toth, of 30 Knollwood Road, Millersville, and Paige Sodano, same address. Toth’s parents are Anthony and Lee Toth. Sodano’s parents are Frank Vincent Sodano and Tana Karen Reiff.

Jose A. Santiago, of 55 Lamppost Lane, and Jane Louise Eckman, same address. Santiago’s parents are Carmello Santiago and Anna T. Cruz. Eckman’s parents are John Russel and Gladys Theresa Morrison.

Kevin William Pitts, of 99 Irene Ave., Ephrata, and Tiffany Lea Weldon, same address. Pitts’ parents are William Jesse Hines and Alfrieda Ann Pitts. Weldon’s parents are Raymond Edward and Barbara Mary Weldon.

Stephen Thomas Triolo, of 1519 Berkeley Ave., Beachwood, N.J., and Jenna Elizabeth Pasquariello, same address. Triolo’s parents are Charles and Maria Triolo. Pasquariello’s parents are Peter and Linda Pasquariello.

Alec Kade Sensenig, of 500 Creek Corner Drive, Apt. 12, Ephrata, and Twila Marie Ulishney, of 2816 Stumptown Road, Bird-in-Hand. Sensenig’s parents are Christopher Lynn Sensenig and Stacey Lynn McGallicher. Ulishney’s parents are George Thomas and Lisa Marie Ulishney.

Phillip Vincent Berta, of 270 Locust St., Unit 2, New Holland, and Diane Ruby Reed, same address. Berta’s parents are Frank Gabriel and Rosanne Louise Berta. Reed’s parents are Leotis Reed and Diane Lynn McDuffie.

Christopher Jones, of 309 Sassafras Terrace, Mount Joy, and Tangela Michelle Walters, same address.

Harrison Grant Myer, of 2174 N. Penryn Road, Manheim, and Abigail Jane Wagner, of 485 Kendig Drive, Manheim. Myer’s parents are Darvin Eugene and Kellie Ann Myer. Wagner’s parents are Michael Charles and Michelle Rae Wagner.

Say Ber Htoo, of 624 E. Fulton St., and Thay Kee Paw, same address.

Jonathan Montosa, of 837 Marjory Terrace, and Tiesha Caprice Gray, same address. Montosa’s parents are Gilberto Montosa and Anna Luz Hernandez. Gray’s parents are Kevin Gray and Candi Cotton.

Dega Gautam, of 1635 Judie Lane, Apt E, and Tila Maya Baral, same address. Gautam’s mother is Laxmun Gautam. Baral’s parents are Bishnu Kumari and Indra Bahadur Baral.

Varney Blamco, of 530 North St., and Etta Saydee Harris, same address. Blamco’s parents are Massa and Sencee Blamco. Harris’ parents are David W. Harris and Dorothy Kayee Saydee.

Robert Sean Bailey, of 49 Irene Ave., Ephrata, and Lalida Kasemwatanpanya, same address. Bailey’s parents are Robert Earl and Linda Ann Bailey. Kasemwatanpanya’s parents are Thongchai and Malee Kasemwatanpanya.

Dale Kauffman Fryberger, of 201 Heatherstone Way, and Margaret Darlene Fryberger, same address. Dale Fryberger’s parents are Eli King Fryberger and Dorothy Grace Kauffman. Margaret Fryberger’s parents are George Richendollar and Orabell Miller.

David Pham, of 5538 Lehigh Ave., Apt. 78, Orlando, Fla., and Jacqueline Vo, of 1718 Longview Drive. Pham’s parents are Tinh and Huong Pham. Vo’s parents are Hong and Loc Vo.

Giovanni Aponte, of 325 Nolt Ave., Willow Street, and Ivette Quinones-Madera, of 3002 Aster Lane, Lititz. 

Cody Lee Zook, of 4179 Magnolia Drive, Mount Joy, and Julia Elizabeth Nikolaus, of 4307 Fairview Road, Columbia. Zook’s parents are George E. and Debra Lynne Zook. Nikolaus’ parents are Thomas Francis and Eileen Louise Nikoulaus.

Kyle Robert Crills, of 836 Oak St., Denver, and Jenna Elizabeth Dautrich, same address. Crills’ parents are Shawn Kevin and Nicole Renea Crills. Dautrich’s parents are Jacob William and Judy Lynn Dautrich.

Edmond Rostant Zamor, of Lot 185 Llandilo Housing Scheme, Phase 1, Savanna-La-Mar, Jamaica, and Tenesha Dillion, of Petersfield District, Petersfield P.O., Westmoreland, Jamaica.

Craig Douglas Steeves, of 59 Hawk Valley Lane, Denver, and Johnny Nathan Bigbie, same address. Steeves’ parents are Bruce Ansley and Virginia Esther Steeves. Bigbie’s parents are Johnny Mack and Charlotte Jane Bigbie.

George Smith, of 25 Marshall St., Ephrata, and Joy Glick, of 2125 W. Main St., Ephrata. Smith’s parents are Gus and Joyce Smith. Glick’s parents are John David and Jane Comeaux.

Waldemar Rivera Collazo, of 70 S. Groffdale Road, Leola, and Sugeily Morales Torres, same address.Rivera Collazo’s parents are Waldemar Rivera Cruz and Norma Elisa Collazo Perez. Morales Torres’ parents are Jose Angel Morales Torres and Olga Iris Torres Rodriguez.

Jacob Samuel Smith, of 137 Irene Ave., Ephrata, and Emily Elizabeth Oatman, of 2320 Longview Drive, Coatesville. Smith’s parents are Kevin William and Joanne Smith. Oatman’s parents are Charles Lester and Karen Louise Oatman.

Thomas Richard Schalow, of 267701 Yamanmoto-Dori, Kobe, and Chen-Ying Lin, same address.

Daniel Theodore Smith, of 5 Garland Lane, Ephrata, and Tara Lynn Groff, same address. Smith’s parents are Larry James and Sharon Lynn Smith. Groff’s parents are Peter Michael Hellinger and Jodi Ann Reddig.

Jeremy Lee Scott Swift, of 33 Denise Lane, Ephrata, and Alexia Nicole Heckathorn, same address.Swift’s parents are Thomas Lee Swift and Leslie Lee Bryant. Heckathorn’s parents are Todd Eric Heckathorn and Tracy Lynn Wooden.

Gregory Michael Bullock, of 254 Mount Hope School Road, Willow Street, and Allison Paige Nickel, same address. Bullock’s parents are Michael Allen and Dawn Elizabeth Bullock. Nickel’s parents are Carl Joseph and Barbara Ann Nickel.

Albert Walker Dolbow, of 45 W. New St., Unit 2, and Maria Pilar De Oleo-Rodriguez, same address. Dolbow’s parents are Albert Walker and Nellie Mae Dolbow. De Oleo-Rodriguez’s parents are Daniel and Heriberta De Oleo-Montero.

Luke David Slabach, of 166 Main St., New Providence, and Emma Grace Lukowski, of 231 N. Front St., Unit 222, Baltimore, Md. Slabach’s parents are Wendall James and Yvonne Janelle Slabach. Lukowski’s parents are Robert William and Wendy Lynn Lukowski.

Samuel Symczak Kelly, of 3655 Orkney Road, Apt. B, Mountville, and Sarah Beth Dublin, of 122 Mary Ambler Way, Ambler. Kelly’s parents are Samuel Jeffrey Kelly and Marianne Symczak Kelly. Dublin’s parents are Jay and Lilly Deborah Dublin.

John M. Brubaker, of 3672 Horizon Drive, and Jillian Marisa Niehenke, of 2400 Hartford Road, York. Brubaker’s parents are Ronald S. and Kimberly A. Brubaker. Niehenke’s parents are James Paul Winkelspecht and Tracy Jill Fenstermacher.

Larry Donald Woods, of 182 Church St., Apt. B, Mountville, and Krista Kay Sebelist, same address. Woods’ parents are Larry Donald Woods and Bonita Louis Couture. Sebelist’s parents are Troy David Faus and Pearl Marie Resh.

Gustavo Adolfo Castillo Carderon, of 526 ½ S. Lime St., and Natalie Yarie Santiago Rivera, of 1715 Swarr Run Road, Apt. K207.

Daniel Sean Glick, of 2346 Hobson Road, and Morgann Leigh Petersheim, of 4610 Horseshoe Pike, P.O. Box 64, Honey Brook. Glick’s parents are Dale Lamar and Carol Jean Glick. Petersheim’s parents are Mervin and Juanita Petersheim.

Micah Benjamin Sneller, of 53 Knollwood Drive, and Alexis Idalouise Stefani, same address. Sneller’s parents are Jonathon Andrew and Londa Fiol Sneller. Stefani’s parents are Steven Michael and Lynda Pelham Stefani.

David Wayne Gordon, of 3484 Blue Rock Road, and Michelle Marie Brown, same address. Gordon’s parents are Larry Felix and Jennifer Inez Gordon. Brown’s mother is Pamela Lee Miller.

Tommy Patterson, of 16 Ramsgate Lane, and Autumn Marie Daye-Patterson, same address. Patterson’s parents are Tommy Lecharles Patterson and Tonja Reni Johnson-Monroe. Daye-Patterson’s parents are John Taborn and Crystal Gayle Daye.

John Carter Luce, of 2010 N. Fremont St., Apt. 2, Chicago, Ill., and Erin Elizabeth Fleming, same address. Luce’s parents are John C. and Margaret A. Luce. Fleming’s parents are David F. Fleming and Mary Anne C. Rubisch.

Adrian De’Patrick Joy, of 121 Meadow Road, Lehigh Acres, and Kendra Belle Zemeski, of 12 Misty Meadows, Reinholds. Joy’s parents are Derek Adrian and Catrina Marie Pastoriza. Zemeski’s parents are Kyle Nathan and Kimberly Ann Zemeski.

Linwood M. Smith, of 1102 Woodridge Road, Coatesville, and Crystal L. Mercado, of 101 Jennings Drive, Apt. 1. Smith’s parents are Linwood M. and Sylvia C. Smith. Mercado’s parents are Junior Adorno and Maribel Misty Mercado.

Eric Scott Dissinger, of 931 Old Elizabethtown Road, Elizabethtown, and Sadira Jade Royer, same address. Dissinger’s parents are Ashley Dissinger and Laura Hess. Royer’s mother is Kerry Jeffries.

Brett William Kenyon, of 205 Swarthmore Drive, Lititz, and Nicole Suzanne Lamoreaux, same address. Kenyon’s parents are David Lewis and Mary Katherine Kenyon. Lamoureaux’s parents are Carl Stanley Albright and Suzanne Martha Krushinsky.

Ricky Wayne Berry, of 39 Evans Drive, Quarryville, and Sandra Lynn Kemper, same address. Berry’s parents are Lester Wayne Berry and Cindy Sue McCann. Kemper’s parents are Kevin Daniel Kemper and Anne Louise Kepler.

Donald Eugene Forsythe, of 360 Walnut St., Columbia, and Hope Marie Eberly, of 41 S. Poplar St., Apt. 212, Elizabethtown. Forsythe’s parents are Donald Eugene Forsythe and Tammy Marie Hall. Eberly’s parents are Karl Edward Russell and Ramona Eberly.

Michael John Bires, of 303 Grandview Drive, Manheim, and Jessica D. Kauffman, same address. Bires’ parents are Michael John and Holly Elizabeth Bires. Kauffman’s parents are Ben Eugene and Robin Marie Kauffman.

Benjamin James Zettlemoyer, of 217 Wickshire Circle, Lititz, and Carolyn Kae Bates, of 5 S. Walnut St., Apt. 2, Lititz. Zettlemoyer’s parents are Timothy and Patricia Elizabeth Zettlemoyer. Bates’ parents are Steven Paul Moser and Deborah Ann Robbins.

Asbedingel Aynekulu, of 16 S. 12th St., Apt. A, Akron, and Saba Heramo, same address.