Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Christophe B. Bergeron, of 30 Golfview Drive, Apt. 5, Newark, Del., and Hannah Clair Sipe, of 6 Vanderbilt Drive, Brownstown. Bergeron’s parents are Mario Bergeron and Christine Bureau. Sipe’s parents are Eric Alan and Teri Sue Sipe.

Donnell James Butler, of 630 W. Walnut St., and Meghan Elizabeth Kelly, same address. Butler’s parents are James Butler and Gail Miranda Robinson. Kelly’s parents are Michael Kelly and Joan Butler.

David Townsend Slaght, of 17 Civic Center Drive, Apt. 10, East Brunswick, N.J., and Laura Elizabeth Hink, of 403 Owl Hill Road, Lititz. Slaght’s parents are Dale Vernon and Joan Adele Slaght. Hink’s parents are Paul Leslie Hink and Kimberly Kay Gleason-Hink.

Michael Anthony Troupe, of 746 Stonewood Drive, Gap, and Heather Lynn Miller, same address. Troupe’s parents are Elwood Carl Troupe and Therese Marie Good. Miller’s parents are Darron Karl and Beth Ann Howard.

Troy Lynn Metzger, of 133 E. Harrisburg Ave., Elizabethtown, and Michael William Reesor, same address. Metzger’s parents are Paul Joseph and Melodina Metzger. Reesor’s parents are Perry Lee and Linda Susan Reesor.

Jordan Gable Zook, of 2010 Temple Ave., and Amber Lynn Stryker, same address. Zook’s parents are David Terry and Shelly Zook. Stryker’s parents are Clint David and Jody Lynn Stryker.

Nathan Mark Johnson, of 337 N. Broad St., and Hannah N. Esh, of 5335 Southview Drive, New Holland. Johnson’s parents are Vincent Charles and Kim Susan Johnson. Esh’s parents are John B. and Janet Arlene Esh.

Tyler Michael Mosser, of 900 Horning Road, and Hannah Marie Gombossy, of 137 N. Pine St. Mosser’s parents are Randall Kevin Mosser and Kay Louise Shyver. Gombossy’s parents are Joseph Gombossy and Gina Gay Severude.

Juan Francisco Morales Contreras, of 1404 Carlton Drive, and Austria D. Allen, same address. Morales Contreras’ parents are Rafael Morales Lopez and Esperansa Contreras Salasar. Allen’s parents are Nicolaus Guzman and Isabel Perez.

Cody James Groff, of 49 N. Kinzer Road, Apt. 1, and Eirene Ruth Hoover, of 5204 Newport Road, Gap. Groff’s parents are John Robert and Laurie Groff. Hoover’s parents are Fred William and Melissa Faith Hoover.

Michael Ward Hilliard, of 405 Orchard Lane, Manheim, and Erika Lori Ardillo, same address. Hilliard’s parents are Ward Allen and Bernadette Hilliard. Ardillo’s parents are Thomas Ardillo and Joan Fish.

Joseph Nesmith, of 343 W. King St., Apt. 2, and Chanda L. Stallworth, same address. Nesmith’s mother is Sharon Nesmith. Stallworth’s parents are Ervin Warren and Antonya Palmer.

Stephen Robert Tarloski, of 26 Regency Drive, Christiana, and Coty Amber Black, same address. Tarloski’s parents are Robert Charles Tarloski and Susan Carol Schreck. Black’s parents are Brent Jesse Black and Dawn Renee Mickel.

Joe Skyler Mazzur, of 242 Marietta Ave., Mount Joy, and Maya Eryn Hershey, same address. Mazzur’s parents are Andrew Mazzur and Richelle Wagner. Hershey’s parents are James Frederick and Maureen Ann Hershey.

Kyle Nolan Brubaker, of 146 Honeysuckle Drive, Marietta, and Julia Tighe Howey, same address. Brubaker’s parents are Jay Neal and Beverly Kay Brubaker. Howey’s parents are Gary Andrew and Karen Tighe Howey.

Keith Edward Yancoskie, of 545 Sawmill Road, East Earl, and Dana Marie Merklinger, same address. Yancoskie’s parents are Timothy Robert and Marianne Elizabeth Yancoskie. Merklinger’s parents are Henry Frederick Merklinger and Karen Lynn Sweigart.

Christopher Anthony Nigon, of 3 Maryann Court, Columbia, and Meghan Ann Dietzel, same address. Nigon’s parents are Christopher Scott and Jeanne M. Nigon. Dietz’s parents are Gary Rogers and Nancy Ellen Dietz.

Jacob Charles Stephens, of 2490 Hopewell Road, Elverson, and Kendel Lyn Jackson, of 77 Park Ave., Apt. 7, Ephrata. Stephens’ parents are Mark Richard and Melodee Dill Stephens. Jackson’s parents are Thomas Nathan and Dawn Victoria Jackson.

William S. White, of 351 Dickens Drive, and Adelina Yasmin Villarroel-Matos, same address. White’s parents are William S. White and Donna S. Wesley. Villarroel-Matos’ parents are Luis Alberto Villarroel and Mary Eugenia Matos.

Dan Van Ly, of 163 College Ave., Mountville, and Kim Tang Ly, same address. Dan Van Ly’s parents are Nam Ly and Muoi Huynh. Kim Tang Ly’s parents are Sum Moc Tang and Thuyen Ton.

Ryan F. Bracken, of 35 Maytown Ave., Elizabethtown, and Kamda Leigh Stewart, same address.

Justin Dwayne Hartley, of 54 Allen Road, Ephrata, and Lindy Gail Shipman, same address. Hartley’s parents are Dwayne Gregory Hartley and Kelly Jean Wilson. Shipman’s parents are Arthur Shipman and Lois Weidner.

Steven David Zohn, of 531 Dickinson St., Philadelphia, and Ellen Elizabeth Exner, same address. Zohn’s parents are Harry and Judith Ann Zohn. Exner’s parents are William Edward Jane Madora Exner.

Joshua Peter Loser, of 208 StrawberRy St., Leola, and Kristie Marie Tirado, PO Box 122, Smoketown. Loser’s parents are Peter John and Laura Jane Loser. Tirado’s parents are Edwin Tirado de Alba and Brenda Lisi Ortiz Tirado.

Shane Christopher Ehrhart, of 602 Cinder Road, New Providence, and Alicia Renee Hertzler, same address. Ehrhart’s parents are John Arthur and Christiana Ehrhart. Hertzler’s parents are Michael Joseph and Shari Anne Hertzler.

Joshua Michael Mack, of 354 Point to Point Road, Bel Air, Md., and Hannah Malynn Moore, same address. Mack’s parents are Stanley Michael and Beth Mack. Moore’s parents are Barry Lee Moore and Shelby Ann Schlinkman.