Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Craig L. Heistand, of 690 Milton Grove Road N, Elizabethtown, and Kristin M. Shearer, same address. Heistand’s parents are Lester J. and Elizabeth Heistand. Shearer’s parents are Michael S. Brandt and Sonya L. Brandt.

Tyler John Keibler, of 1 Warwick Road, Lititz, and Corryn Nicole Wolgemuth, of 1677 Gish Road, Manheim.

Lawrence George Hagen, of 447 N. Walnut St., West Chester, and Camryn Elisabeth Stover, same address. Hagen’s parents are Lawrence and Christina Hagen. Stover’s parents are Doug Stover and Connie Klingseisen.

Jack Ryan Lightbody, of 307 N. Cherry Alley, Elizabethtown, and Jenna Marie Hottenstein, of 3266 Maytown Road, Marietta. Lightbody’s parents are Keith John and Ann Marie Lightbody. Hottenstein’s parents are James Matthew and Julianne Lee Hottenstein.

James Lee Becker, of 608 Hearthstone Lane, Mount Joy, and Elizabeth Atherton Bridgman, same address.

William Reynolds Speakman, of 2905 Spring Valley Road, and Caitlin Jane Mannix, same address. Speakman’s parents are William Reynolds Speakman and Joyce Marie Krisanda. Mannix’s parents are Neal William and Joanne Terese Mannix.

Anthony Junior Torres Ledesma, of 1123 Wabank Road, and Cynthia Ariaslie Ortiz-Olmeda, of 523 St. Joseph St.

Cayden Lynn Stover, of 111 S. Liberty St., Apt. 3, Centerville, and Kayla Marie Schneider, of 341 Center Road, Quarryville. Stover’s parents are Andrew Lynn and Sherrie Lynn Stover. Schneider’s parents are Joel Michael and Christine Marie Schneider.

Jeffrey David Williams, of 828 Rabens Ave., Manville, and Andrea Paola Murillo Peralta, same address. Williams’ parents are Joseph Daniel and Donna Lee Williams. Murillo Peralta’s parents are Victor Hugo Murillo Montero and Kattya Maria Murillo.

Jesus Alejandro Ovalles-Acevedo, of 414 S. Prince St., and Hilda Diaz-Bermudez, same address. Ovalles-Acevedo’s parents are Juan R. Ovalles-Ramirez and Ana M. Acevedo. Diaz-Bermudez’s parents are Jose L. Hernandez-Diaz and Hilda Diaz-Bermudez.

Kyle Scott Burkholder, of 2462 Camp Road, Manheim, and Alyssa Marie Edris, same address.

Zachary Alsedek, of 2190 Crestbrook Road, Medford, and Tiffany Rivera, same address. Alsedek’s mother is Janell Cullen. Rivera’s parents are Santos Rivera and Doris Martinez.

Justin Michael Metz, of 433 Creekside Lane, Lititz, and Kendra Ellen Fitz, of 512 E. Spruce St., New Holland. Metz’s parents are Michael and Denise Metz. Fitz’s parents are Richard and Janet Fitz.

Cori Tyler Wilcox, of 125 E. Lemon St., Apt. 5, and Mariah Raychele Conrad, same address.

Nathaniel Allen Groom, of 19 Circle Road, Millersville, and Madeline Rose Bailey, same address. Groom’s parents are William Richard Groom and Janet Lynn Henry-Isaac. Bailey’s parents are Jeffrey Alan Bailey and Ann Marie Gardner.

Christopher Todd Clark, of 585 Mulberry St., Elizabethtown, and Sydney Renee Sottasante, of 1353 Maytown Road, Elizabethtown. Clark’s parents are Phillip Paris and Beverly Jean Clark. Sottasante’s parents are Joseph Anthony Sottasante and Melissa Renee Herrmann.

Anthony Lee Hirsch, of 712 Harvestview North, Mount Joy, and Hannah Victoria Webb, same address. Hirsch’s parents are Anthony Leonard and Ann-Marie Hirsch. Webb’s parents are Jeffrey Eugene and Nancy Marie Webb.

Christopher Dende Wanyo, of 618 Brentwood Drive, Lititz, and Meredith Ashley Lefever, same address. Wanyo’s parents are Albert John and Debra Wanyo. Lefever’s parents are Jeffrey Dale and Nancy Mcauley Lefever.

Brent Matthew Martin, of 2184 W. Route 897, Denver, and Danae Beth Snader, of 501 Pleasant Valley Road, Denver. Martin’s parents are Matthew Ryan and Heather Renee Martin. Snader’s parents are Philip Lee and Laronda Snader.

Euan Ross Livington, of 4100 Crossings Blvd., Apt. D304, and Amanda Leigh Huss, same address. Livington’s parents are Ross George and Lorraine Sheila Livington. Huss’ parents are Robert Eugene and Judith Leigh Huss.

Jack Robert Drummond, of 112 Nectar Terrace, and Jenna Christine Mylin, of 29 Sprecher Road, Willow Street. Drummond’s parents are Robert Watchorn and Jodi Leckey Drummond. Mylin’s parents are Dennis Raymond and Sharon Lynn Mylin.

Dennis Richard Evans, of 1918 Lancaster Pike, Peach Bottom, and Linda Anne Barrett, same address.

Francisco Onelico Contreras Y Contreras, of 1621 Eden Road, and Penny Jo Nunnemacher, of 117 S. Walnut St., Apt. 7, Lititz. Contreras Y Contreras’ parents are Francisco and Maura Contreras. Nunnemacher’s parents are Donald Clinton Varner and Pamela Sue Schreiner.

Daniel Calvin Weaver, of 49 Parkside Ave., and Allison Dawn Wray, same address. Weaver’s parents are Gary Douglass Weaver and Charlotte Elisabeth Narcissa Weaver-Gelzer. Wray’s parents are Rodney Matthew and Candy Lynn Wray.

Isaiah Jose Stillman, of 11 Foxfield Lane, Elizabethtown, and Autumn Leigh Hample, same address. Stillman’s parents are Joseph Andrew Stillman and Paula Ann Hollingsworth. Hample’s parents are Carl Glenn Hample and Cynthia Marlene Sweigart.

Jacob Cahill, of 423 Hilton Drive, and Eva Fleischer, of 411 Locke Heights Road, Bangor. Cahill’s parents are Brian and Kristen Cahill. Fleischer’s parents are Gerald Charles and Michelle Lynn Fleischer.

Jairol Ramirez-Baez, of 610 Wyncroft Lane, Apt. 3, and Catherine Nicole Maldonado-Ortiz, same address. Ramirez-Baez’s parents are Desiderio Ramirez and Melva Baez de Ramirez. Maldonado-Ortiz’s parents are Larry Martin Maldonado Rodriguez and Carmen Milagros Ortiz Diaz.

Brittany Ivy Merollo, of 5 Yorktown Ave., West Chester, and Theresa Kathryn Houtz, same address. Merollo’s parents are Guy William and Jacklyn Holly Merollo. Houtz’s parents are Victor Joseph and Kathryn Ann Houtz.

Eric S. Adams, of 221 Meadow Lane, Quarryville, and Karen Lee Smith, same address. Adams’ parents are James Adams and Sarah Schott. Smith’s parents are Dick and Joan Deaver.

Michael Joseph Brignola, of 1000 Water St., Mount Joy, and Ciara Nicole Cook, same address. Brignola’s parents are Gary Edward and Karen Koch Brignola. Cook’s parents are Mark Philip and Jacqueline Joyce Cook.

Zachary Benjamin Seres, of 247 Liberty Corner Road, Far Hills, N.J., and Michelle Jennifer Bull, same address. Seres’ parents are Greg Benjamin and Jennifer Seres. Bull’s parents are Christopher Peter Bull and Judith Feder.

Jack Daniel Giampolo, of 4 N. Lime St., Unit 1, and Mary Marlene Atchley, same address. Giampolo’s parents are Jack Gerald and Nancy Jane Giampolo. Atchley’s parents are Lee Aaron and Susan Beth Atchley.

Joshua Omar Beam, of 134 Beam Road, Elverson, and Mykayla Ann Reisinger, of 504 Mockingbird Drive, Columbia. Beam’s parents are Nelson Ray and Marilyn Lois Beam. Reisinger’s parents are James David and Sharon Elizabeth Reisinger.

Ronald Joseph Brynarsky, of 103 Lincoln Ave., Ephrata, and Rebecca Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, same address. Brynarsky’s parents are Ronald Joseph Brynarsky and Betty Michelle Witthuhn. Fitzpatrick’s parents are James Weaver and Wendy Myers.

Matthew Shaun Burke, of 1751 Beacon St., Toms River, N.J., and Kelly Ann Walsh, same address. Burke’s parents are Robert Burke and Rebecca Ann Blaho. Walsh’s parents are Michael John Walsh and Lorriane Ann Weidmuller.

Leo Hunter Tollinger, of 79 Good Drive, New Providence, and Eden Marie Groff, of 166 Cherry Hill Road, Ronks. Tollinger’s parents are Leo and Denise Tollinger. Groff’s parents are Brian and Sherri Lynn Groff.

Gregory Michael Survin, of 638 George St., and Erin Elizabeth Hershey, same address. Survin’s parents are Robert and Terri Survin. Hershey’s parents are Ron and Roda Hershey.

Jonathan David Buerger, of 1660 Penn Ave., Apt. C4, Reading, and Alicia Laurece Mathieu, same address. Buerger’s parents are David George and Sonya Mary Buerger. Mathieu’s parents are Jeffry Paul and Sherry Lee Mathieu.

Timothy M. Hackman, of of 8H Colonial Crest Drive, and Yancel M. Morales, same address. Hackman’s parents are Merrill and Barbara Ann Hackman. Morales’ parents are Francisco Morales and Rosalina Carrasquillo-Rodriguez.

Bradley Lloyd Ziegler, of 302 Rolling Terrace, Leola, and Danelle Kay Nolt, of 124 Engle Lane, Manheim. Ziegler’s parents are Lloyd Lester and Theresa Crook Ziegler. Nolt’s parents are Dale Lamar and Janet Hurst Nolt.

Rodney C. Hertz, of 1821 Lindwood Ave., and Stacey D. Meyer, same address.

Jared Michael Ruhl, of 59 Ramsgate Lane, and Joanna Haylee Loewenstein, same address. Ruhl’s parents are Jonathan Keith and Mary Elizabeth Ruhl. Loewenstein’s parents are John Charles and Lauren Beth Loewenstein.

Cody Lee Henry, of 186 W. Main St., P.O. Box 398, Adamstown, and Kelly Lynn Hamilton, same address. Henry’s parents are Miller and Karen Fay. Hamilton’s parents are Michael Eugene and Debra Lee Hamilton.

Daniel Brandon Olan, of 222 Arch St., Ephrata, and Alexandra Marie Dorman, same address. Olan’s parents are Francis and Aleece Olan. Dorman’s parents are Robert James and Michelle Ann Dorman.

Bradlee Allen Wagner, of 632 N. Little Britain Road, Quarryville, and Emily Mae Duvall, of 210 Clearfield Road, New Providence. Wagner’s parents are Jeff Scott and Tracy Michele Wagner. Duvall’s parents are Bradford and Julie Duvall.

Cameron Joseph Workman, of 2099 New Danville Pike, B, and Erika Joan Fedder, same address. Workman’s parents are Nathan Joseph Workman and Louise Andrea Bodnor. Fedder’s parents are Alfred Burton Fedder and Leslie Lyn Seltzer.

Hector Luis Ramirez, of 3649 Horizon Drive, and Marissa Nikole Nace, same address. Ramirez’s parents are Hector Luis and Brunilda Ramirez. Nace’s parents are Jay Glenn and Candace Jo Nace.

Mitchell Steven Burkhart, of 1125 W. New St., and Emily Nicole Lagaza, same address. Burkhart’s parents are Troy Steven and Cynthia Lynn Burkhart. Lagaza’s parents are Brian Keith and Ann Kathleen Lagaza.

Michael Patrick McCloskey, of 92 Laurie Lane, Lititz, and Ashley Raye King, same address.

Charles Tyler Fatjo, of 2026 William Penn Way, and Breana Nicole Friday, same address. Fatjo’s parents are Charles Anthony Fatjo and Rachel Lynn Lindenmuth. Friday’s parents are Lindsay Darnell Friday and Brenda Sue Lorah.

Michael Andrew Kane, of 703 Hilton Drive, and Carolyn Marie Lord, same address. Kane’s parents are John Thomas and Roberta Rebecca Kane. Lord’s parents are Lindwood Lawrence and Joela Lord.

Fernando Guilherme Abu Jamra Salgado Rocha, of 709 Integrity Drive, Lititz, and Cynthia Regina Barcena Ramirez, same address. Abu Jamra Salgado Rocha’s parents are Elyseu Guilherme and Maria Edelweiss Abu Jamra Salgado Rocha. Barcena Ramirez’s parents are Raul Octavio Barcena Gonzalez and Ana Guillermina Ramirez de Barcena.

Marcos Gabriel Herrera Inostroza, of 417 Ginger Circle, York, and Lori Kay Wendling, of 108 Dawn St., Quarryville. Herrera Inostroza’s parents are Gabriel Alberto Herrera Lopez and Texia Sandra Inostroza Vasquez. Wendling’s parents are James Bryan and Linda Rae Wendling.

Kevin Ray Martin, of 84462 W. Highway 40, Craig, Colo., and Azalea Martha Burkholder, of 134 Valley View Drive, Ephrata.

Thomas Zachary Neufeld, of 8359 Colesville Road, No. 171, Silver Spring, Md., and Katherine Agnes Rodda, same address. Neufeld’s parents are David Neufeld and Donna Stoltzfus. Rodda’s mother is Maryann Rodda.

Gregory Scott Kauffman, of 160 Ridge Ave., Ephrata, and Wendy Renee Hoover, same address.

Scott P. Simmons, of 111 Westmore Way, and Danita J. Neiss, same address. Simmons’ parents are Ernie P. and Judy Carol Simmons. Neiss’ parents are Ervan S. and Joyce Katherine Stoltzfus.

Scott Wade Mattison, of 885 Farmdale Road, Mount Joy, and Sharon A. Lucabaugh, same address.

Bradford Kane Allen, of 273 Cedar Hollow, Manheim, and Renee Elizabeth Kerstetter, of 36 Market St., Lititz. Allen’s parents are Robert and Beverly Fell Allen. Kerstetter’s parents are Troy Wayne and Dorothea Ann Kestetter.

Derek James Harzinski, of 102 E. Second Ave., Parkesburg, and Kayla Renee Herr, same address. Harzinski’s parents are David Allen and Christine Anne Harzinski. Herr’s parents are Norman Lee and Julie Elaine Herr.

Steven Andrew Fyock, of 920 E. Fulton St., and Andrene Shasana Daley, same address. Fyock’s parents are Howard Eugene and Patricia Ann Fyock. Daley’s parents are Denvo Daley and Laura Service.

Carlton Wesley Christie, of 7814 SW 79th Drive, Gainesville, Fla., and Soraya Katherine Zarreii, same address. Christie’s parents are Wesley Christie and Jenise Rhoades. Zarreii’s parents are Mansour and Marilyn Zoe Zarreii.

Trey Depree Deleon, of 1527 Duff Land Drive, Landisville, and Amanda Nichole Wilson, same address. Deleon’s parents are Eluterio R. Deleon and Wendy L. Bays. Wilson’s parents are Kevin W. and Christine V. Wilson.

Zachary Ryan Zook, of 207 N. Harvest Road, Bird-in-Hand, and Stephanie Corinne Beiler, of 747 Sunset Ave., Akron. Zook’s parents are Omar J. and Priscilla Zook. Beiler’s parents are Jeffrey Lyn and Michelle Renee Beiler.

Nathan Lee Shertzer, of 4100 Crossings Blvd., Apt. D302, and Gail Elizabeth Patches, of 486 Houtztown Road, Myerstown. Shertzer’s parents are Wilbur Lee and Kristina Marie Shertzer. Patches’ parents are Clyde Luke and Jeanne Elizabeth Patches.

Lee Warren Samuelson, of 35 Walden Drive, Lebanon, and Tatyana Belousov, of 315 Louise Ave.

Jason Frisco Wilson, of 714 Columbia Ave., Apt. 3, and Laura Louise Waldron, same address. Wilson’s parents are James Everitt and Tamara Lynn Wilson. Waldron’s parents are Kevin Arthur and Sandy Joy Waldron.

Francis Mark Roscioli, of 1050 Runaway Drive, Pennsburg, and Kathleen G. Shober, of 100 N. Reamstown Road, Stevens.

Steven Paul Roth, of 459 E. High St., Elizabethtown, and Michelle D. Houseal, same address. Roth’s parents are John Roth and Nancy L. Campbell. Houseal’s parents are Terry Lee Stokes and Kay Elaine Shultz.

Jason Robert Bingaman, of 79 Laurie Lane, Lititz, and Meghan Lynn Carr, same address. Bingaman’s parents are Robert Daniel and Sharon Patricia Bingaman. Carr’s parents are Benjamin William and Maureen Francis Carr.

Evan James King, of 102 Country Meadows Drive, and Kyra Marie Eberly, of 55 Valley View Drive, Lebanon. King’s parents are Jon Stanley and Linda Steen King. Eberly’s parents are Joseph and Cariann Eberly.

Justin Bradford Null, of 102 Wycliffe Drive, Apt. E, Willow Street, and Kayla Marena Lefever, same address. Null’s parents are Kristain Bradford Philoon and Deedee Carol Ann Null. Lefever’s parents are Robert Allen Lefever and Marion Albert May.

Maxwell James Obuobisa, of 227 Weldon Alley, Mount Joy, and Belinda Mensah, of 5446 Woodland Blvd., Oxon Hill, Md. Obuobisa’s parents are Benjamin Obuobisa and Esther Ohenewa. Mensah’s parents are Eric Tettefio and Mary Mate-Kole.

Jonathan Lee Blank, of 330 Blanks Lane, Ickesburg, and Marlena Beth Beiler, of 241 Redwell Road, New Holland. Blank’s parents are Leroy F. and Elsie S. Blank. Beiler’s parents are Allen B. and Barbara Rose Beiler.

Corey Michael Wallace, of 237 W. State St., Quarryville, and Krystyna Ashleigh Barker, same address. Wallace’s parents are Rick Paul Wallace and Jennifer Lynn Wimer. Barker’s parents are Christopher and Sara Barker.

Miles Patrick Gerz, of 23 Janet Ave., Strasburg, and Rafaela Florencio de Almeida Bastos, of Rua Dos Navegantes 1607 Apt. 102, Recife, Brazil. Gerz’s parents are Daniel Patrick and Bonnie Lynn Gerz. De Almeida Bastos’ parents are Alexandre Jose de Barros E Silva de Almeida Bastos.

Justin Albert Robert Althouse, of 260 McCall Road, Delta, and Lindsey Elizabeth Bender, same address. Althouse’s parents are Robert Drew and Marta Susan Althouse. Bender’s parents are Douglas Scott Bender and Debbie Elizabeth Breneman.

Alfredo De Jesus Cabrera Ubri, of 502 N. Lime St., Apt. 2, and Astrid Yesenia Garcia Verbena, of 732 Lyons Ave., Apt. 205, Irvington, N.J. Cabrera Ubri’s parents are Alfredo De Jesus Cabrera Moscat and Mercedes Arabelly Urbi Made. Garcia Verbena’s parents are Edwin Aroldo Garcia Ramirez and Estela Janeth Verbena.

Timothy Daniel Stoner, of 506 Front St., Lititz, and Sarah H. Al Zubaydi, of 328 Hilltop Drive, Leola.

 James M. Smith, no address provided, and Rhonda L. Morales, of 230 W. Colebrook St., Manheim. Smith’s parents are Harry T. and Doria A. Smith. Morales’ parents are David Kautz and Carol Sumner.

Michael Frederick Norelli, of 8 Brendan Drive, Reinholds, and Patience Nicole Murray, of 631 Main St., Apt. 2, Denver. Norelli’s parents are Michael Frederick and Marsha Ann Norelli. Murray’s parents are James Edward and Jill Mary Murray.

Aaron Michael Kiebler, of 103 Moglia Lane, Apollo, and Colleen Marie Hershey, of 824 Musser Road, Mount Joy. Kiebler’s parents are Daniel and Marifrances Kiebler. Hershey’s parents are Brent and Lisa Hershey.

Caleb Marcus Kline, of 166B Park Ave., Ephrata, and Deshae AlexisJ Potteiger, same address. Kline’s parents are Marcus Randal and Joan Elaine Kline. Potteiger’s parents are Dean Allen and Dorlinda Ann Potteiger.

Sergio J. Lemus, of 301 Locust St., Apt. 2, Columbia, and Madeline Morales, same address. Lemus’ parents are German S. and Maria I. Lemus. Morales’ parents are Christian Morales and Kathy M. DeJesus.

Justin Francis Kenel, of 330 E. Clay St., and Cathleen Laura Borgman, same address. Kenel’s parents are Gregory John and Julie Brooks Kenel. Borgman’s parents are Thomas Lars and Cynthia Denise Borgman.

Colby Bryant Rodenhauser, of 357 Meetinghouse Lane, and Karisa Renee McCauley, same address.

Alexander James Hurst, of 313 Lincoln Ave., Ephrata, and Alixandra Ann Jordan, of 325 Woodcrest Drive. Hurst’s parents are Deryl Miron and Miriam Lynn Hurst. Jordan’s parents are Richard Scott Jordan and Michele Marie Lovell.

Kevin Smith, of 413 Saint Joseph St., and Robin M. Thomas, same address. Smith’s parents are Dan and Deliah Smith. Thomas’ parents are Robert H. Thomas and Wilhemina L. Holland.

Tyler Scott Shivery, of 212 Wecaf Road, New Holland, and Melanie Autumn Davis, same address. Shivery’s parents are Robert Warren and Daenett Sue Shivery. Davis’ parents are Michael Allen Davis and Sandy Lynn Garver.

Adam S. Merced, of 22 N. Locust St., Lititz, and Heather E. Fassnacht, of 44 Arrowhead Drive, Ephrata.

Christopher Michael Bjoro, of 6105 Starburn Path, Columbia, and Jennifer Leigh Rothenberg, same address. Bjoro’s parents are Michael Edwin and Tracy Ellen Bjoro. Rothenberg’s parents are Christopher A. Rothenberg and Patricia Sweetman.

Caleb Aaron Yoder, of 1061 Iron Bridge Road, Mount Joy, and Lauren Amber Fox, of 216 Charlan Blvd., Mount Joy. Yoder’s parents are Jeffrey Scott and Kristine Fay Yoder. Fox’s parents are Steven Elwood Fox and Debra Sue Fox-Rowley.

Kendall Alan Wanner, of 6 Shupp Lane, Denver, and Dawn Joanne Zimmerman, of 4033 Windfall Road, Granville Summit. Wanner’s parents are Kenneth Lee and Karen Weber Wanner. Zimmerman’s parents are Leroy S. and Edna N. Zimmerman.

Quentin Cordel Weaver, of 335 Dover St., Manheim, and Kaitlyn Michelle Nornhold, of 436 Beagle Road, Myerstown. Weaver’s parents are Dean Lloye and Shelby Jean Weaver. Nornhold’s parents are Ralph Victor Nornhold and Tara Lynn Zimmerman.

Joshua David Hess, of 1420 Bossler Road, Elizabethtown, and Amanda Grace Hertzog, of 30 Draper Circle, Lititz. Hess’ parents are Lavelle Marlene Hess and Timothy Metzler. Hertzog’s parents are Terry Scott and Christine Marie Hertzog.

Josiah Kanagy, of 2063 Millstream Road, and Alexys Palmer, of 711 E. Millport Road, Lititz. Kanagy’s parents are Robert and Audrey Kanagy. Palmer’s parents are Charles Palmer and Ann Zimmerman.