Marriage Licenses

The following have applied for marriage licenses in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Glenn Douglas Rhinier, of 2057 Pennwick Road, and Leslie Susan Holzworth, same address. Rhinier’s parents are the late Robert E. Rhinier and the late Anna M. Rhinier. Holzworth’s parents are Patricia J. Schappell and the late Robert C. Schappell.

Charles J. Kreglewicz, of 501 Randolph Drive, Lititz, and Samuel I. Clark III, same address. Kreglewicz’s parents are the late Charles Kreglewicz and the late Elizabeth B. Kreglewicz. Clark’s parents are the late Samuel I. Clark Sr. and the late Lillian F. Clark.

Andrew M. Mellinger Jr., of 127 Herr Road, Ronks, and Katelyn Anne Clark, of 2466 Bluegrass Lane, Ronks. Mellinger’s parents are Andrew M. Sr. and Mary K. Mellinger. Clark’s parents are Donald G. Jr. and Lisa H. Clark.

William B. Cook, of 212 N. Concord St., and Anthony D. Crerand, same address. Cook’s parents are Colin R. Cook and the late Lucretia B. Cook. Crerand’s parents are Daniel L. and Mary S. Crerand.

Carlos A. Ralat, of 154 Carriage House Drive, Willow Street, and Lumarie Quinones-Torres, same address. Ralat’s parents are Rosa M. Rodriguez and the late Sixto Ralat. Quinones-Torres’ parents are Rafaela Torres and the late Rigobert Quinones.

Dylan Christopher-Richard Alexander, of 267 White Chapel Road, and Alexandra Renee Stauffer, same address. Alexander’s parents are Eric R. Alexander and the late Penny L. Alexander. Stauffer’s parents are Shane M. Stauffer and Heather E. Freed.

Scott Martin Zanar, of 321 N. Farm Drive, Lititz, and Elizabeth Marie Bauer, same address. Zanar’s parents are Bruce D. and Deborah A. Zanar. Bauer’s parents are James E. and Debra A. Bauer.

Amit Meshulam Avni, of 48 Harvest Meadows, and Eliav Hakmon, same address. Avni’s parents are Shumlik and Shira L. Avni. Hakmon’s parents are Moni and Annat Hakmon.

Michael Emery Darcangelo, of 22 S. Locust St., Marietta, and Kasey Colleen McMullen, same address. Darcangelo’s parents are Peter E. and Sharon E. Darcangelo. McMullen’s parents are Patrick J. and Kathleen M. McMullen.

Ralph D. Jackson, of 714 Pintail Lane, Elizabethtown, and Karen E. Mellinger, of 350 N. Donnerville Road, Mountville. Jackson’s parents are the late Donald R. Jackson and the late Gladys M. Jackson. Mellinger’s parents are the late Richard E. Murry and the late Joann A. Murry.

Nancy Gail Hines, of 47 Queen Road, Gordonville, and Kimberly Ann Wickard, same address. Hines’ parents are Charles W. Hines and the late Mary J. Hines. Wickard’s parents are George P. and Juanita M. Wickard.

Steven M. Wanner, of 6225 S. Ross Road, Honey Brook, and Kara D. Shoemaker, of 217 Pratts Dam Road, Coatesville. Wanner’s parents are Gary J. and Jeanne M. Wanner. Shoemaker’s parents are Kyma Dawn Lyons and the late Garrett Allen Shoemaker.

Donna S. Henry, of 101 Summers Drive, and Charlann E. Rainwater, same address. Henry’s parents are George R. Colby and the late Saundra L. Pierce. Rainwater’s parents are the late Charles B. Rowland and the late Vivian E. Rowland.

Patrick Kaberamanzi, of 667 Wyncroft Lane, and Letticia Kavugho Milonde, same address. Kaberamanzi’s parents are Gean Kaberamanzi and Uwera Mariam. Milonde’s parents are Kakule Bwenge and Christine Kalwahali.

Maksim M. Astakhov, of 1801 E. Kings Highway, Coatesville, and Vanessa L. Sinyagin, of 6 Linda Lane, Denver. Astakhov’s parents are Michael V. and Inna Astakhov. Sinyagin’s parents are Leonid S. and Ruth A. Sinyagin.

Shawn M. Reppert, of 120 1/2 Ferdinand St., Manheim, and Andrea L. Frey, of 119 Irene Ave., Ephrata. Reppert’s parents are Thomas E. and Bonita S. Reppert. Frey’s parents are David E. and Linda J. Frey.

Paul Anthony Fiorelli Jr., of 2280 Bob White Lane, and Gabrielle Petrancuri, same address. Fiorelli’s parents are Paul Anthony Sr. and Ingrid Lois Fiorelli. Petrancuri’s parents are Marc and Eileen Jane Petrancuri.

Charles Lee Brenner, of 431 Walnut St., Denver, and Melissa Jane Weiler, same address. Brenner’s parents are Fay M. Bock and the late Bert H. Brenner. Weiler’s parents are the late Walter R. Flory and the late Verna E. Flory.

Timothy George Thompson, of 741 Manor St., and Britteny Amber Hall, same address. Thompson’s parents are Carl and Roslyn R. Thompson. Hall’s parents are Arlee Polite and Tameka L. Brooks.

Trevor Allen Gates, of 1637 Judie Lane, and Danita Leann Horne, same address. Gates’ parents are Ronald Gates and Joanne E. Mallory. Horne’s parents are Edward L. Bonsall and Denise D. Guthrie.

David N. Cooper, of 634 E. Farmersville Road, New Holland, and Rebekah A. Lathan, of 7451 Pleasant View Drive, Lisbon, Ohio. Cooper’s parents are David A. and Cherie M. Cooper. Lathan’s parents are Aaron C. and Teresa M. Lathan.

Saul Silva, of 505 Twinleaf Garden, Lititz, and Nichole A. Fisher, same address. Silva’s parents are Juanita N. Perez and the late Solomon Silva. Fisher’s parents are Edward H. Fisher Jr. and Kathleen A. Kurtz.

Randell Stanley Green, of 13 Autum Way, Willow Street, and Diana Wanjiru Michuki, of 1569A Main St., Goodville. Green’s parents are Randell M. Green and Cheryl Ben. Michuki’s parents are Michael W. and Mary W. Michuki.

Richard Alan Wilson, of 225 Charlan Blvd, Mount Joy, and Sandra Lynn Delgado, of 101 Eagles Nest Court. Wilson’s parents are Raymond C. Wilson and the late Sally A. Wilson. Delgado’s parents are Marvin R. Wengert and the late Phyllis Y. Wengert.

Ivan Fontanez, of 207 Rockford Road, Mountville, and Linda A. Dewitt, of 862 Indian Springs Drive. Fontanez’s parents are Benjamin Fontanez and Luz E. Garcia. Dewitt’s parents are the late Richard Predmore and the late Mary E. Welling.

Pursiano Jaime Rodriguez, of 216 Dauphin St., and Melisa Lorenzo Correa, same address. Rodriguez’s parents are Martin Jaime and Francisca Rodriguez. Correa’s parents are Martin Lorenzo and Demetria Correa Frias.

Justin Ryan Alemany, of 502 W. Chestnut St., and Jaileen Joan Santiago, same address. Alemany’s parents are Richard M. Alemany and Margarita Aponte. Santiago’s parents are Roberto Santiago and Samayra Collazo.

Edgar Estuardo Navarijo Cordova, of 1338 Martin Ave., Ephrata, and Daniella Joy Boehmer, same address. Navarijo Cordova’s parents are Edgar W. Navarijo and Rosa M. Kilkan. Boehmer’s parents are Kevin G. and Wilma J. Boehmer.

Guarionex Parra-Vegas, of 851 N. Queen St., and Bellaniris Jacquelin Peralta Duran, same address. Parra-Vargas’ parents are the late Martin T. Parra and the late Esperanza Vargas. Peralta Duran’s parents are Silveria Duran Sanchez and the late Luis Peralta.

Gordon Leonard Dell Jr., of 802 Karen Drive, Warrenton, Va., and Julia Ann Peterson, of 73 Transverse Ave., Middle River, Md. Dell’s parents are the late Gordon L. Dell Sr. and the late Joan M. Swope. Peterson’s parents are Marion C. Peterson and the late Raymond E. Peterson.

William S. Fenninger, of 40 S. Water St., and Patricia Neal, same address. Fenninger’s parents are William R. Fenninger and the late Peggy L. Stutzman. Neal’s mother is the late Sabreen H. Mateen.

Gerald F. Dunlap III, of 360 Valley View Drive, New Holland, and Annette Illes, same address. Dunlap’s parents are Gerald F. II and Patricia M. Dunlap. Illes’ parents are Benjamin W. Fenninger and Cheryl H. Martin.

Justin Brent Sensenig, of 200 Oppenheimer Road, Bedford, and Carleen Burkholder, of 1372 Red Run Road, Stevens. Sensenig’s parents are Earl R. and Eileen G. Sensenig. Burkholder’s parents are Wilmer J. and Almeta Burkholder.

Ronald Martin Ringler, of 490 Sportsman Road, Denver, and Brittany Jo Zimmerman, of 2156 Mount Joy Road, Manheim. Ringler’s parents are Irwin M. and Verna M. Ringler. Zimmerman’s parents are Joseph M. and Brenda S. Zimmerman.

Sean M. Griffith, of 244 Fieldcrest Lane, Ephrata, and Chavonne E. Wilson, of 806 Arbor Lane, Verona. Griffith’s parents are Cynthia S. Griffith and the late John K. Griffith. Wilson’s parents are Clifford E. Wilson and Rhonda R. Powell.

Alexander Haines Beecher, of 1211 S. Conkling St., Baltimore, Md, and Samantha Lee Parker, of 724 Saint Asaph St., Alexandria, Va.. Beecher’s parents are David L. Beecher and Beth H. Midgett. Parker’s parents are Karl J. and Denise A. Parker.