Marriage Licenses

The following have applied for marriage licenses in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Eliseo Ramiro, of 33 Dauphin St., and Santa Juana Nival-DeGonzalez, same address. Ramiro’s parents are Miguel Ramiro and the late Teofila Carcamo. Nival-DeGonzalez’s mother is Rafaela Nival.

Victoria Marie Vargas, of 10 Diamond Spring Circle, Akron, and Analiz Gerena, same address. Vargas’ parents are Jose Vargas and Myrna Iris Constanzo. Gerena’s parents are Jose Hiran Gerena and Syndia Green.

Randy Tyler Custer, of 205 Miller Road, Apt. K, Akron, and Amanda Faith Clark, of 50 Peacock Drive. Custer’s parents are Ferlin Custer and Penny McClane. Clark’s parents are James and Sandra Clark.

Thomas R. Miller, of 508 Hummingbird Drive, Lititz, and Margaret M. Miller, same address. Thomas Miller’s parents are Muriel Miller and the late Franklyn John Miller. Margaret Miller’s parents are the late John Eugene McCarren and the late Gloria Ellen McCarren.

Joseph David Kniele, of 127 Red Oak Court, Honey Brook, and Aura Kelsi Tremellen, of 119 Shannon Drive. Kniele’s parents are Thomas N. and Gladys Kniele. Tremellen’s parents are Christopher D. Tremellen and Ann M. Reekie.

Christopher Picard, of 110 Arrowood Court, and Milmarys Mojica Lozada, of 2117 Swarr Run Road. Ricard’s parents are Luis Picard and Maria D. Alicea. Mojica Lozada’s parents are Milton Mojica and Mayra I. Lozada.

Matthew N. Shirk, of 4381 Division Highway, East Earl, and Monica L. Hanshaw, same address. Shirk’s parents are Luke B. and Suzie B. Shirk. Hanshaw’s parents are Julian M. and Janice K. Moody.

Christopher Sean Eitnier, of 1250 S. Mount Joy St., Elizabethtown, and Amanda Laurie Maher, same address. Eitnier’s parents are Carlton D. Eitnier and Gloria M. Gilpatrick. Maher’s parents are Anthony S. and Andrea L. Maher.

Bryan Jonathan Cicuto, of 111 Monument Drive, Elizabethtown, and Amanda Leigh Eckert, same address. Cicuto’s parents are Robert A. and Elizabeth J. Cicuto. Eckert’s parents are Charles R. and Joanne E. Eckert.

Kenneth Brian Brown, of 686 King Pen Road, Kirkwood, and Jessica L. Sheets, of 178 Cedar Hill Road, Peach Bottom. Brown’s mother is the late Roxanne Stanley. Sheets’ parents are Linda Sue Kleintop and the late Raymond Veryl Sheets.

Brian K. Haas, of 1354 Glenmore Circle, and Michele Donovan, same address. Haas’ parents are Gerald K. and Debra F. Haas. Donovan’s parents are Michael J. and Alice I. Defuso.

Lamartine Francois, of 936 Imperial Drive, and Guerdy Myrthil Maneus, same address. Francois’ parents are Rosenie Mont-Gerard and the late Ravilien Francois. Myrthil Maneus’ parents are Marcellus Myrthil and the late Yvionnie Borgella.

Bennie Roosevelt Eison, of 939 Olde Hickory Road, and Leanne Elizabeth Hertzler, of 957 Court Lane. Eison’s parents are the late Norman B. Eison and the late Margaret H. Eison. Hertzler’s parents are Gary L. and Elizabeth M. Ellis.

Gabriel German Isla Huaman, of 235 Ross St., and Yaceila Z. Semprit, of 464 S. Lime St. Huaman’s parents are German Isla and Hijde Boma. Semprit’s parents are Diana M. Rivera and the late Efrain Semprit.

Daniel Joshua Vann, of 2 Crimson Lane, Elizabethtown, and Taylor Alexandra Eldredge, same address. Vann’s parents are Dominic Aled and Louise Vann. Eldredge’s parents are John Taylor and Stacey Lynne Eldredge.

Brandon James Elrod, of 234 E. New St., and Monica Lea Miller, same address. Elrod’s parents are Tony Douglas Elrod and Melanie Renee Fiester. Miller’s parents are James Donald Miller Jr. and Bobbye Nell Churchwell.

Mario Ambrocio Hernandez, of 1728 Judie Lane, and Floriselda Santiz Gomez, same address. Hernandez’s parents are Francisco Ambrocio and Maria Hernandez. Santiz Gomez’s parents are Ricardo Santiz and Cristina Gomez.

Joseph Eugene Adams, of 200 Colonial Drive, Akron, and Emily Marie Okerlund, same address. Adams’ parents are Sandra V. Adams and the late Thomas R. Adams. Okerlund’s parents are Frederick D. Ruppert and the late Mary A. Zeimer.

Kyle Andrew Niemann, of 132 Conestoga Woods, and Sarah Nichole Sanchez, same address. Niemann’s parents are Paul A. and Tersea A. Niemann. Sanchez’s parents are Shane G. Sanchez and Michelle R. Lawson.

Corey A. Keller, of 34 Morning Glory Lane, Manheim, and Maria D. Rosado, same address. Keller’s mother is Joanne M. Heisey. Rosado’s parents are Edward W. Rosado and Maria V. Ortiz.

Joshua Torruellas, of 744 Rockland St., and Cassandra Lee Ravegum, of 241 W. Main St., New Holland. Torruellas’ parents are Halarion Torruellas and Doris Mercado. Ravegum’s parents are Scott A. and Lorraine M. Ravegum.

Manuel Elijio Cruz, of 435 Howard Ave., and Awilda Lopez Ramos, same address. Cruz’s parents are Roselio Llanos and Ana M. Cruz. Lopez Ramos’ parents are Julio R. Lopez and Ana L. Ramos.

Matthew R. Finch, of 13 S. Hess St., Quarryville, and Sarah E. Lundvall, same address. Finch’s parents are Jacqueline A. Diem and the late Roy B. Finch. Lundvall’s parents are James E. and Lisa E. Hall.

Ismael DeJesus Maldonado, of 528 Manor St., Columbia, and Chad A. Whitmyer, same address. DeJesus Maldonado’s parents are Pedro DeJesus and the late Santos Maldonao. Whitmyer’s parents are the late Doris J. Whitmyer and Vernon A. Whitmyer.

Armando Crispin-Rodriguez, of 80 W. Main St., Landisville, and Lacy E. Gilder, of 3804 Locust Grove, Columbia. Crispin-Rodriguez’s parents are Carlos Crispin and Esther Martinez. Gilder’s parents are Robert L. and Grace R. Gilder.

Christopher Michael Keeney, of 849 Erbs Quarry Road, Lititz, and Amy Joy Morsberger, of 56 Akron Road, Ephrata. Keeney’s parents are Delmas L. and Lois J. Keeney. Morsberger’s parents are Clyde G. and Linda A. Morsberger.

Theodore Anthony Tutson, of 242 Newkirk Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y., and Jillian Marie Pfennig, same address. Tutson’s parents are Valerie J. Tutson and the late Curtis A. Tutson. Pfennig’s parents are Wayne E. and Patricia A. Pfenning.

Nathan George Diehl, of 253 N. Marshall St., and Chelsea Mae Carter, same address. Diehl’s parents are Daniel L. Diehl and Janice E. Vanderlip. Carter’s parents are Chase F. and Kim M. Carter.

Ryan Alexander Gage, of 3610 Old Philadelphia Pike, Intercourse, and Laurel Abigail Ellsworth, of 423 Diem Woods Drive, New Holland. Gage’s parents are Chris L. and Holly B. Gage. Ellsworth’s parents are Douglas L. and Kimberly A. Ellsworth.

Jacob Glick Esh, of 732 Temperance Hill Road, Lititz, and Caroline Faye Stoltzfus, of 54 Hatville Road, Gordonville. Esh’s parents are Amos L. and Emma S. Esh. Stoltzfus’ parents are John S. and Sadie M. Stoltzfus.

David J. Smucker, of 178 Hammertown Road, Narvon, and Anna Esh Stoltzfus, of 5047 Old Philadelphia Pike, Kinzers. Smucker’s parents are John F. and Katie F. Smucker. Stoltzfus’ parents are Sylvan J. and Sylvia S. Stoltzfus.

Jordan Zackery Buzzard, of 3625 Holly Drive, Gordonville, and Rachel Callie Teti, of 4905 Division Highway, East Earl. Buzzard’s parents are Kevin C. and Beth A. Buzzard. Teti’s parents are Todd M. and Susan L. Teti.

Carmelo Ortiz Cisnerios, of 194 Linda Terrace, Ephrata, and Diana Cecilia Tapias, same address. Ortiz Cisneros’ parents are the late Virgilio Ortiz and the late Francisca Cisneros. Tapias’ parents are Nelida S. Arango and the late Luis H. Tapias.

Ryan Matthew Schmidt, of 14 Rebecca Drive, Denver, and Allison Catherine Grumbling, same address. Schmidt’s parents are Carlton E. and Kim M. Schmidt. Grumbling’s parents are Terry L. Grumbling and Lisa M. Rodenbaugh.

Jeffrey Scott Brown, and Amy Joy Weber, of 195 Deer Road, Robesonia. Brown’s parents are Ronald W. and Martha H. Brown. Weber’s parents are David L. and Cynthia A. Weber.

Carmine Arthur Natale, of 18 Vista Lane, Manheim, and Amy L. Hicks, same address. Natale’s parents are Carmine A. and Cindy A. Natale. Hicks’ parents are Charles H. and Deborah A. Lauthers.

Cameron Scott Hawthorne, of 1171 Lexington Road, Manheim, and Mariana Alejandra Ortiz Gazca, of 529 Hamilton Road. Hawthorne’s parents are Ronald A. and Gail L. Hawthorne. Ortiz Gazca’s parents are Javier Ortiz and Matilde A. Gazca.

Calvin Stubbins, of 715 Oxford Road, and Julie Ann Lewis-Veselsky, same address. Stubbins’ parents are Emma L. Stubbins and the late Milton Stubbins. Lewis-Veselsky’s parents are James P. Lewis and Dorothy M. Morse.

Alan Francisco Chachapoya-Delavega, of 2403 New Holland Pike, and Karen Mariela Millan, of 127 Country Run Drive, Coatesville. Chachapoya-Delavega’s parents are Wilson F. Chachapoya and Maria D.C. Delavega. Millan’s parents are Gelasio and Maria D. C. Millan.

Kenneth Lloyd Smith Jr., of 1897 Landisville Road, Manheim, and Rachel Marie Nauman, same address. Smith’s parents are Kenneth L. Sr. and Margaret E. Smith. Nauman’s parents are Kirby R. and Kathy L. Nauman.

Sara Marie Henise, of 1016 Edgemoore Court, and Wendy Arthur, same address. Henise’s parents are Leon E. Jr. and Gloria J. Henise. Arthur’s parents are Norma Patrick and the late James C. Patrick.

John Thomas Bohnert, of 201 Townhouse, Hershey, and Heather Rochelle Hoke, same address. Bohnert’s parents are Thomas A. and Janet L. Bohnert. Hoke’s parents are Mark M. Hoke and Angela M. Weatherholtz.

Douglas S. Good, of 5335 Old Strasburg Road, Kinzers, and Jennah D. Jones, same address. Good’s parents are Ervin H. Good and the late Erla S. Good. Jones’ parents are James D. and Pamela A. Jones.

Terry L. Whitesell Jr., of 940 Maytown Road, Elizabethtown, and Bethany L. Bollendorf, same address. Whitesell’s parents are Terry L. Sr. and Anita C. Whitesell. Bollendorf’s parents are Cheryl J. Bollendorf and the late Russell J. Bollendorf.

Russell R. Wilson III, of 1 Martha Drive, Box 34, Maytown, and Pamela J. Wilson, same address. Russell Wilson’s parents are Russell R. Wilson II and the late Debra M. Ruth. Wilson’s parents are Dotty J. Linard and the late Paul S. Linard.

Jasson Paul Johnson, of 925 Glorry Lane, Narvon, and Kelly Grace Yoder, same address. Johnson’s parents are Martha B. Johnson and the late Mark P. Johnson. Yoder’s parents are William J. Yoder and the late Doris E. Yoder.

Rodimiro Valdez Contreras, of 2271 Oak Hollow Drive, Columbia, and Maria D. Ortiz, same address. Valdez Contreras’ parents are Arnoldo Valdez Contraras and Elsa M. Contrera Esquivel. Ortiz’s parents are Maria Lopez Rodriguez and the late Visitacion Ortiz Hernandez.

Brian D. Fahy, of 8 Water St., Alloway, N.J., and Cassandra R. Francis, same address. Fahy’s parents are Mariam M. Fahy and the late John J. Fahy. Francis’ parents are Norman C. Francis and Antoinette M. Whitney.

Benjamin Edward Fellows, of 1232 Creek Road, Lititz, and Marissa Leigh Hilsher, same address. Fellows’ parents are Jeffrey E. Fellows and the late Patricia R. Fellows. Hilsher’s parents are Barry B. and Sheila E. Hilsher.

Joel E. Schock, of 2653 Northfield Drive, East Petersburg, and Wendy F. Corrigan, of 1458 N. Penryn St., Manheim. Schock’s parents are Darrell R. and Linda A. Schock. Corrigan’s parents are George J. Shenberger and Pamela J. Minnich.