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The following have applied for marriage licenses in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Daniel L. McCaughan, of 64 E. Uwchlan Ave., Exton, and Elvira L. Mamani Arratia, same address. McCaughan’s parents are the late James A. McCaughan Sr. and the late Mary I. McCaughan. Mamani Arratia’s parents are Daniel Mamani and Francisca Arratia Ponce.

Joseph Samuel Prange, of 536 Conowingo Road, Quarryville, and Kayla Irene Mellinger, of 89 Marticville Road. Prange’s parents are Park L. and Cathy A. Prange. Mellinger’s parents are Dennis R. and Carol A. Mellinger.

Joel Ammon Myers, of 160 Greenville Road, Denver, and Katie Sue Martin, of 75 Wollups Hill Road, Denver. Myers’ parents are Rhoda I. Myers and the late James A. Myers. Martin’s parents are Donald E. and Dawn M. Martin.

Andrew John Davies, of 73 Wyndmere Way, Willow Street, and Michaela Anne Ploutz, of 42 Concord Drive, Leola. Davies’ parents are John C. and Lee Ann M. Davies. Ploutz’s parents are Michael S. and Patricia M. Ploutz.

Thomas Howard Eckman Jr., of 457 Plum St., Mount Joy, and Natasha Lynn Arndt, same address. Eckman’s parents are Thomas H. Eckman Sr. and Clara M. Ward. Arndt’s parents are Jacob R. Arndt and Sandra L. Young.

Philip O. Rudy, of 1198 Marie Ave., Ephrata, and Georgia L. Schmook, of 30 Market St., Lititz. Rudy’s parents are Ruth M. Rudy and the late Wilbur E. Rudy. Schmook’s parents are the late Fred Schmook and the late Phyllis M. Schmook.

Stephen Michael Baker, of 486 Godfrey St., Rehrersburg, and Emily Grace Homburger, of 5 Hickory Tree Place, Dillsburg. Baker’s parents are Ronald K. and Noreen A. Baker. Homburger’s parents are Paul A. and Gail D. Homburger.

Norman Sidney Davis II, of 135 Hershey Ave., and Nicole Marie Wiessner, same address. Davis’ parents are Norman S. Sr. and Marilyn J. Davis. Wiessner’s parents are Greg L. Wiessner and Helga M. Duncan.

Travis Lee Ryan, of 253 W. Beaver St., York, and Kearia Olivia Moore, same address. Ryan’s parents are Barry L. and Donna L. Ryan. Moore’s parents are Edward W. and Susan E. Moore.

Robert V. Colon III, of 1123 Olde Hickory Road, and Katherine L. Smaling, same address. Colon’s parents are Robert V. Jr. and Teresa E. Colon. Smaling’s parents are George W. and Beth C. Smaling.

Esther Lazara Arbolay, of 583 W. Main St., New Holland, and Bernice Ann Johnson, same address. Arbolay’s parents are Roquelina M. Arbolay and the late Armando Arbolay. Johnson’s parents are Claude R. Johnson and Laura L. Terry.

Warren James Pace, of 355 W. Chestnut St., and Elizabeth Clarie Sollecito, same address. Pace’s parents are James N. Pace and Gale M. Zorian. Sollecito’s parents are Thomas P. and Carolyn B. Sollecito.

Conrad Reed Charles, of 1137 Garber Road, Elizabethtown, and Miriam Irene Kauffman, of 57 Poplar St., Gordonville. Charles’ parents are Kevin G. and Sharon L. Charles. Kauffman’s parents are Samuel A. and Mattie I. Kauffman.

Timothy William Garcia, of 1113 Wabank Road, and Shatana Asia Rose, same address. Garcia’s parents are Brian E. and Emma M. Garcia. Rose’s parents are Robert E. Rose and the late Yvonne M. Wilson.

Nadine Elizabeth Brandt, of 246 S. Spruce St., Lititz, and John Joseph Himelright, same address. Brandt’s parents are Dean C. and Dorene E. Brandt. Himelright’s parents are Charles A. and Diane E. Himelright.

Taylor Shane Grebill, of 32 Blue Jay Drive, Stevens, and Courtney Lee Swift, same address. Grebill’s parents are John B. Grebill and Juanita L. Herber. Swift’s parents are Glenn R. Groff and Lisa A. Smith-Groff.

Nathaniel Lee Velez, of 255 E. New St., and Yamilette Lisa Galarza, same address. Velez’s parents are Edwin Velez and Maryluz Lopez. Galarza’s parents are Samuel Galarza and Maria M. Esteras.

Donald Aaron Sadler, of 896 Union Church Road, Elkton, Md., and Amy Renee Rohrer, same address. Sadler’s parents are Donald R. and Eleanor E. Sadler. Rohrer’s parents are Rodney W. Rohrer and Stephanie A. Caroselli.

Austin T. Miller, of 2789 Alden Drive, Fayetteville, N.C., and Megan N. Shultz, same address. Miller’s parents are Troy A. and Teresa A. Miller. Shultz’s parents are Gere A. and Tracey L. Shultz.

Alan Marcus Woestman, of 25 W. James St., and Sofia Ivette Vargas-Fernandez, same address. Woestman’s parents are Phill H. Woestman and Myrna J. Torres. Vargas-Fernandez’s parents are Miriam A. Fernandez and the late Renaldo Vargas.

Franklin E. Herr, of 227 Snyder Ave., Elizabethtown, and Christina L. Wolverton, same address. Herr’s parents are Ronald H. and Nancy J. Herr. Wolverton’s parents are Henry V. Smith and Ellen J. Rhoads.

Zachary Ronald Espey, of 3605 Turkeyfoot Road, Westminister, Md., and Kelsey Paige Keifer, same address. Espey’s parents are Charles J. Espey and Jean Marie Bouchard. Keifer’s parents are Kenneth M. Keifer and Theresa A. Tipton.

Gerard Joseph Albert, of 1649 Hilltop Approach, and Darlene Labezius-Driscoll, same address. Albert’s parents are the late Gerard A. Albert and the late Helen E. Albert. Labezius-Driscoll’s parents are the late Ralph C. Smelzt and the late Margaret R. Smelzt.

Donald Siegfried Thompson, of 274 Rivermoor Drive, Marietta, and Sarah Ann Mcomber, same address. Thompson’s parents are Louis E. Jr. and Audrey L. Thompson. Mcomber’s parents are Alan G. and Sharon L. Mcomber.

Jason Ray Brubacker, of 749 Glenwood Drive, Ephrata, and Kirsten Nicole Hoover, of 646 Millway Road, Lititz. Brubacker’s parents are Ralph M. and Susan M. Brubacker. Hoover’s parents are Aaron S. and Erla R. Hoover.

Chad M. Burger, of 702 Turnpike Road, Elizabethtown, and Darian E. Bowers, same address. Burger’s parents are Lonni L. and Debra A. Burger. Bowers’ parents are Valerie S. Harnish and the late Eugene M. Bowers.

Christopher P. O’Donnell, of 142 W. High St., Maytown, and Mary J. Banaszak, of 931 S. Market St., Elizabethtown. O’Donnell’s parents are James W. O’Donnell and the late Diane L. O’Donnell. Banaszak’s parents are the late Harry D. Derr and the late Lucille A. Derr.

Adam Jeffrey Temple Jr., of 130 Warfel Road, Peach Bottom, and Destine Ranea Carson, same address. Temple’s parents are Adam J. Temple Sr. and Amanda M. Lincoln. Carson’s parents are Scott D. Carson and Jennifer L. Axe.

Michael Paul Rising, of 124 Nassau Road, and Brittany Elizabeth Ambrose, same address. Rising’s parents are Thomas W. Rising and Catherine A. Bravico. Ambrose’s parents are Shirley A. Swift and the late Charles M. Ambrose.

Steven Stoltzfus Kauffman, of 529 Woleber Road, Myerstown, and Kathryn Marie King, of 2146 Smyrna Road, Paradise. Kauffman’s parents are Marvin F. and Mary K. Kauffman. King’s parents are Lizzie A. King and the late Crist K. King.

Gilmar Leonel Castillo Perez, of 3058 Aster Lane, Lititz, and Sheela Santiago Torres, same address. Castillo Lopez’s parents are Natividad Castillo and Florinda Perez. Santiago Torres’ parents are Edgar Santiago and Ana Torres.

Michael Ryan Mumma, of 138 Old Hershey Road, Elizabethtown, and Kelly Michele Wagner, same address. Mumma’s parents are Thomas L. and Suzanne Mumma. Wagner’s parents are Michael S. and Jill B. Wagner.

Rafael Altruz-Rodriguez, of 407 N. Queen St., and Jane E. Kuehne, same address. Altruz-Rodriguez’s parents are the late Vicente Altruz and the late Maria Rodriguez. Kuehne’s parents are the late George Chubb and the late Adeline E. Chubb.