Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Elin Jonel Cruz-Ramos, of 86 Gross St., Ephrata, and Maraida Feliciano, same address. Cruz-Ramos’ parents are Edwin Cruz and the late Gloria Ivette Ramos-Martinez. Feliciano’s parents are Francisco Rivera and Rosa I. Caraballo.

Pedro Negron Ortiz, of 3756 Old Philadelphia Pike, Gordonville, and Evelyn Rizo-Cubillo, same address. Ortiz’s parents are the late Dolores Negron Rodriguez and the late Isabel Ortiz Juanlupe. Rizo-Cubillo’s parents are Victor Rizo-Alvarez and Lisbeth Cubillo Cobillo-Zuniga.

Nicholas Glen Martin, of 58 N. Reamstown Road, Stevens, and Cora Jacqueline Bartsch, of 1275 Newport Road, Penryn. Martin’s parents are Glen K. and Terry A. Martin. Bartsch’s parents are Glenn L. Bartsch and Jacqueline F. Uibel-Bartsch.

Damon Hill McCloskey-Bogansky, of 530 Kensington Road, and Allyssa Rae Phipps, same address. McCloskey-Bogansky’s parents are Bernard D. Bogansky and Trisha Lynn Nichols. Phipps’ parents are Kenneth Franklin Phipps and Anasiata Michele Sterba.

Jeremy Shane Sargent, of 221 Ironstone Drive, Lititz, and Sarah Michelle Stefanowicz, same address. Sargent’s parents are Leonard Paul and Barbara Jane Sargent. Stefanowicz’s parents are Andrew J. and Michele Stefanowicz.

Charles M. Landis, of 935 Witmer Road, York, and Cindi Louie Hooley, of 2006 Landis Valley Road. Landis’ parents are the late Charles Edward Landis and the late Pansy Ellen Landis. Hooley’s parents are Kenneth Eugene and Donna Louise Zimmerman.

Aaron Michael Blair, of 216 E. Clay St., and Megan Erin Petit, same address. Blair’s parents are Lance W. Thomas and Katie Blair. Petit’s parents are Eugene Erwin and Rebecca Lynn Petit.

Zachary David Kline, of 302 Mount Olive Lane, Ephrata, and Kimberly Elizabeth Sealock, same address. Kline’s parents are David Morris Kline and Ginger Ann Short. Sealock’s parents are Scott Dan Sealock and Kristin Lynn Bricker.

Daniel Brian Murphy Jr., of 403 S. Fifth St., Oxford, and Heather Rose Ciarmitaro, same address. Murphy’s parents are Daniel Brian Sr. and Jennifer Lynn Murphy. Ciarmitaro’s parents are Fred and Trina Lynn Ciarmitaro.

Jaime Scott Arndt, of 110 Froelich Ave., Mountville, and Elyzabeth R. Landis, same address. Arndt’s parents are Donald Arvin Arndt and Kim Dianne Hiemenz. Landis’ parents are Joanie Francis Leuck and the late Norman Leroy Janik.

Justin Dykes Nardone, of 408 N. Market St., and Emily Elizabeth Verner, same address. Nardone’s parents are Alex T. Nardone and the late Catherine A. Nardone. Verner’s parents are Keith and Mary B. Verner.

Joseph W. Lively Jr., of 1254 Central Ave., Columbia, and Michael John Urban Jr., same address. Lively’s parents are the late Joseph William Lively Sr. and the late Helen Marie Lively. Urban’s parents are the late Michael John Urban Sr. and the late Arlene Frances Urban.

Shannon Mackenzie Wise, of 1624A Lancaster Ave., Columbia, and Lisa Ann Wolf, same address. Wise’s parents are Allan J. Wise and Rosa M. Brown. Wolf’s parents are Hugh R. Wolf and Ann-Marie Fetter.

Seth M. Rice, of 1021 St. Joseph St., and Elisabeth Ann Watson, same address. Rice’s parents are Kenenth Lee and Cheryl Ann Rice. Watson’s parents are Richard Earl Sr. and Lisa Maria Watson.

Christophe Quenee, of 2732 Willow Streek Pike N, Willow Street, and Ashby Elise Jones, same address. Quenee’s parents are Micheline Quenee and the late Henri Quenee. Jones’ parents are the late H. Sidney Eighmey and the late Marilynn Eighmey.

Sean N. Henchman, of 1773 Southport Drive, and Marcia Jean Anderson, same address. Henchman’s parents are Brian Richard Henchman and Carolyn Susie Ketner. Anderson’s parents are Damon Perry and Martha Jean Anderson.

Eliu Padilla-Ramos, of 933 Maple Ave., and Teresa Angelica Santiago Padilla, same address. Padilla-Ramos’ parents are Sara Ramos and the late Pedro Jose Padilla. Santiago Padilla’s parents are the late Anibal Santiago and the late Maria de los Angeles Padilla.

John Gilbert Hess, of 15 E. Jacob St., Marietta, and Alexys Marie Blauch, same address. Hess’ parents are Brian Lee Sr. and Linda Lee Hess. Blauch’s mother is Wendy J. Blauch.

James Cody Lauffer, of 16 Oriole Circle, Felton, and Natasha Lynn Jones, of 3000 Barndt Road, Telford. Lauffer’s parents are Michael J. and Peyton L. Lauffer. Jones’ parents are Douglas O. and Sharon E. Jones.

Benjamin A. Beats, of 233 E. Main St., Ephrata, and Kathryn Anne McKelvey, same address. Beats’ parents are Dennis Eugene and Nelleke Forrest Beats. McKelvey’s parents are Mark and Karen Gail McKelvey.

Ramabhai S. Patel, of 2036 Pine Drive, and Sangitaben Govindhai Darji, same address. Patel’s parents are the late Shankerlal Narayndas Patel and the late Ichhaben Shankerlal Patel. Darji’s parents are Govindbhai K. and Niruben G. Darji.

Luis Antonio Lopez, of 488 Greenland Drive, and Danielle Nicole Edwards, same address. Lopez’s parents are Luis Lopez and Frisel Batiz. Edwards’ parents are Ronald A. and Robin A. Edwards.

Enrique Ojeda Mancilla, of 220 S. Barbara St., Mount Joy, and Melody Nichole Merchant, same address. Mancilla’s parents are Inocent Ojeda and Juana Gomes. Merchant’s parents are Daniel L. and Angela L. Merchant.

Kyle Michael Kramer, of 23 Hill Top Road, Lititz, and Dana Mitchell Payne, same address. Kramer’s parents are Michael Joseph Kramer IV and Amy Cherie Guhl. Payne’s parents are Douglas Mitchell and Karla Jean Payne.

Kimberly Marie Kelly, of 1306 Martin St., East Earl, and Faith Sara Goodwin, same address. Kelly’s parents are the late Herbert Frederick Kelly and the late Barbara Anne Nicosia. Goodwin’s parents are George Walker Goodwin and the late Marilyn Bertha Goodwin.

Reuben A. Putt, of 53 Bradford Drive, Leola, and Loida Rebecca Castillo Mena, same address. Putt’s parents are Ronald L. and Martha G. Putt. Castillo Mena’s parents are Abraham Castillo Diaz and Morena Guadalupe Mena de Castillo.

Kevin Borishkevich, of 33 E. Park St., Elizabethtown, and Riley Lyn Sharp, same address. Borishkevich’s parents are Leonid and Nadezhda Borishkevich. Sharp’s parents are Timothy Wayne Sharp and Amber Jean Weatherill.

Abrimael Rodriguez Cardona, of 351 N. George St., Millersville, and Janice Crespo Cuadrado, same address. Rodriguez Cardona’s parents are Ceferino Rodriguez and Monserrate Cardona. Crespo Cuadrado’s parents are Tomasa Cuadrado and the late Rafael Crespo.

Aaron G. Beiler, of 303 Jackson Road,Quarryville, and Mary P. Zook, of 1070 Osceola Drive, Drumore. Beiler’s parents are Amos Stoltzfoos and Mary B. Beiler. Zook’s parents are Ephraim E. and Annie S. Zook.

Luis Felipe Nunez Lopez, of 731 S. Plum St., and Maribel Rodriguez Perez, same address. Nunez Lopez’s parents are Felipe Nunez Perez and Luz M. Lopez Estrada. Rodriguez Perez’s parents are Miguel Rodriguez and Margarita Perez Nunez.

Joshua Christian Wagner, of 30 Rolling Hills Lane, Coatesville, and Jessica Patton Nafziger, of 358 S. Pool Forge Road, Narvon. Wagner’s parents are Herbert William Jr. and Tamara Faith Wagner. Nafzinger’s parents are Arthur David and Christina Lee Nafziger.

Elam Beiler Miller, of 2486 Bachman Road, and Sarah Z. Esh, of 2703 Stumptown Road, Bird-in-Hand. Miller’s parents are Ephraim King Jr. and Barbara S. Miller. Esh’s parents are John B. and Rachel Zook Esh.

Shane Matthew Cochran, of 17 Wyneberry Drive, Ephrata, and Megan Elizabeth Elder, same address. Cochran’s parents are Douglas Scott Cochran and Pamela Ann Musser. Elder’s parents are Troy Lynn and Jennifer Ann Elder.

Chris M. Firestine, of 139 S. Duke St., and Kate Dieffenbach Wall, same address. Firestine’s parents are Ernest Odell and Loretta Kay Firestine. Wall’s parents are Dennis Craig and Carol Joan Dieffenbach.

Samuel J. Fonzi, of 9095 Conestoga Blvd, Conestoga, and Kathleen M. Conlin, of 532 Abbeyville road. Fonzi’s parents are Mary Louise Fonzi and the late Samuel Fonzi. Conlin’s parents are Virginia S. Conlin and the late RIchard R. Conlin.

Sai Sravan Chowdawaram, of 2025 Erbor Vista Drive, Charlotte, N.C., and Jenna Marcene Derrick, of 72 McCormick Blvd, Newark, Del. Chowdawaram’s parents are Swaroopa Chowdawaram and the late Vishwanath Chowdawaram. Derrick’s parents are Gary Todd Derrick and Audrey Marcene Wiles.

Bradley Christopher Erb, of 300 W. View Drive, Akron, and Heather Ann Harris, of 9 Wheatland Drive, Myerstown. Erb’s parents are Stephen B. and Deborah L. Erb. Harris’ parents are Timothy L. and Cathy A. Harris.

John Robert Moslander, of 532 Rutledge Ave., and Amanda Marie Gries, of 1046 E. Cherry St., Palmyra. Moslander’s parents are John William and Dawn Norel Moslander. Gries’ parents are Kenneth William and Robin Leigh Gries.

Timothy J. Dalbey, of 322 New Holland Ave., and Kristyn Janelle Burkhardt, same address. Dalbey’s parents are Daniel and Margaret Dalbey. Burkhardt’s parents are Gregory Alan and Jennifer Ann Burkhardt.

Modesto Mejia Gomez, of 111 Pennsylvania Ave., Phoenixville, and Tera Ashlee Kuhns, same address. Mejia Gomez’s parents are Lucrecia de Jesus Gomez-Vasquez and the late Modesto Mejia Itzep. Kuhns’ parents are Steven Russell and Holly Christine Kuhns.

Eric Christopher Unruh, of 246 W. Maple Grove Road, Denver, and Katie Rose Kleinhans, of 205 Marion Ave., Kissimmee, Fla.. Unruh’s parents are Kent Allen and Sandra Kay Unruh.

Daniel Ervin Beiler, of 901 Miller Road, Strasburg, and Rosemary Joy Stoltzfus, of 812 May Post Office Road, Strasburg. Beiler’s parents are Jonas Ray and Lena Rose Beiler. Stoltzfus’ parents are John L. and Malinda Z. Stoltzfus.

Francisco Henry Buitrago, of 548 S. State St., Ephrata, and Maite Nancy Pazos Gomez, same address. Buitrago’s parents are Margarita Mariola Gomez and the late Joaquin Elias Buitrago. Pazos Gomez’s parents are Nancy del Carmen Gomez and the late Gabriel Baby Pazos.

Wayne A. Hogentogler, of 18 S. Walnut St., Mountville, and Susan A. Diener, same address. Hogentogler’s parents are Ira Kenneth and Janet Hogentogler. Diener’s parents are the late Robert Nelson Gochenaur and the late Carlene Gloria Gochenaur.