Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Aaron J. Gallo, of 135 Church St., Apt. 17, Maytown, and Tarraney A. Edye, same address. Gallo’s parents are Kenneth R. and Tina Gallo. Edye’s parents are John Edye and Sharon Kinkaid.

Matthew Justin Moore, of 2472 Leaman Road, Ronks, and Lauren Nicole Marsh, of 1228 Dell Road, Norristown. Moore’s parents are Ronald Herman and Geraldine Moore. Marsh’s parents are Raleigh Brian Mapes and Colette Finore.

Austin Cory Smith, of 4 Laurie Lane, Lititz, and Katherine Anne Miller, same address. Smith’s parents are Kenny and Cynthia Smith. Miller’s parents are Kevin Bryan and Nora Miller.

Kevin Eugene Smith, of 2623 Chapel Road, and Alicia Jean Carson, same address.

Dustyn Lamar Doyle, of 1647 Ridgedale Drive, and Haley Kathleen Dobart, same address. Doyle’s parents are David Lamar and Lori Ann Doyle. Dobart’s parents are Robert August and Lois Carol Dobart.

Nathaniel Niel Soto, of 967 Green Terr, and Rossibel Jimenez, same address. Soto’s parents are Gamalier and Donna Soto. Jimenez’s parents are Ramon Emilio Pina and Maria Isabel Jimenez.

Joshua Walter Fritz, of 316 S. 10th St., Akron, and Lindsay Marie Bergenstock, same address. Fritz’s parents are Jeffrey Walter and Connie Mae Fritz. Bergenstock’s parents are Robert Roy and Cynthia Louise Bergenstock.

Clifford H. Still, of 293 Greenland Drive, and Jandy Lynn Rivera, of 1324 S. Duke St. Still’s parents are Albert Still and Jeanette Borden. Rivera’s parents are Mark Richard and Terri Lynn Ammerman.

Christopher James Lee, of 2153 Old Philadelphia Pike, and Ashlee Nicole Roark, same address. Lee’s parents are Terrill Lynn and Carrie Elizabeth Lee. Roark’s parents are Robert Dane Shaw and Christi Delane Mastrippolito.

Bryce Riley Schaffer, no address provided, and Kaylee Lin Kleffel, no address provided. Schaffer’s parents are Rodney Schaffer and Lisa Wahl. Kleffel’s parents are Kenneth Lee and Christina Rose Kleffel.

Kevhorn Anderson, of 1596 Columbus Place, Rahway, N.J., and Lindsey Gonzalez, of 276 Hamlin Road, North Brunswick Township, N.J. Anderson’s parents are Thomas Anderson and Ann Marie Christie. Gonzalez’s parents are Luis and Luz Gonzalez.

Alek Phillip Norton Mason, of 1892 Church Road, Hummelstown, and Jasmine Kaylie Brelje, same address. Mason’s parents are Ty Norton Mason and Dianne Brubacher. Brelje’s parents are Barton Allen and Beth Ann Brelje.

Derrick Mitchell Deleon, of 2645B Lititz Pike, and Anna Elizabeth Anderson, of 670 Lititz Road, Manheim. Deleon’s parents are Edward Deleon and Deborah Keefer. Anderson’s parents are Daniel E. and Kathleen M. Anderson.

Edward Scott Zimmerman, of 261 Paradise Lane, Ronks, and Rebecca Lynn Zook, same address.

Joseph Ropbert Buglio, no address provided, and Cassie Ann Fox, no address provided.

Justin Patrick Mannino, of 132 Nicholas Road, and Christina Denise Dombach, same address. Mannino’s parents are Anthony Mannino and Kim Louise Barnett. Dombach’s parents are Jeffrey L. and Denise Ann Dombach.

Grant Leamon Lawson, P.O. Box 1001 No. B, Due West, S.C., and Jessica Grace Becker, same address. Lawson’s parents are Leamon Burl and Susan Marie Lawson. Becker’s parents are Robert and Danielle Becker.

Omar S. Kauffman, of 2524 S. Cherry Lane, Ronks, and Miriam Ann Stoltzfus, of 255 School Lane, Road, Gap. Kauffman’s parents are Henry S. and Eva Mae Kauffman. Stoltzfus’ parents are Daniel F. and Hannah Ruth Stoltzfus.

Brandon James Smoker, of 1463 Airport Road, Coatesville, and Rachel Ann Fisher, of 160 Furnace Road, Quarryville. Smoker’s parents are John David and Mary Smoker. Fisher’s parents are Levi James and Esther B. Fisher.

Joshua Paul Hopkins, of 4240 Crystal Court, 1C, Hampstead, Md., and Erin Kathleen Larcey, same address. Hopkins’ parents are David Pierce and Tawnya Michelle Hopkins. Larcey’s parents are David Robert and Michelle Mary Larcey.

Jeremy Edward Barr, of 912 Landis Ave., and Isabelle Ann Mailen, same address. Barr’s parents are Curtis Ray Barr and Teresa Lynn Miller. Mailen’s parents are Scott Aurther and Karen Ann Mailen.

Leroy Stoltzfus King, of 4714 White Oak Road, Paradise, and Anna Mary Lapp, of 1501 Mentzer Road. King’s parents are Christian E. and Mary Elizabeth King. Lapp’s parents are Isaac Jay and Elizabeth Z. Lapp.

Ivan Jay Kauffman, of 183 Shirktown Road, Narvon, and Lena Rose King, of 3888 Oregon Pike, Leola. Kauffman’s parents are Daniel and Barbie Kauffman. King’s parents are Alvin and Ruth King.

David Z. Fisher, of 520 Cains Road, Gap, and Sadie Ruth Esh, of 160 Clover Hill Road, Christiana. Fisher’s parents are Levi and Susan Fisher. Esh’s parents are Amos and Malinda Esh.

John F. Stoltzfus, of 2571 Main St., Morgantown, and Mary Ann Zook, of 675 Mount Vernon Road, Gap. Stoltzfus’ parents are Amos M. and Elizabeth A. Stoltzfus. Zook’s parents are Amos B. and Barbara A. Zook.

Kyle Francis Kovilaritch, of 102 Madison Drive, Apt. 204, Leola, and Diana Ferrara Dibiase, same address.

Daniel Fisher Fisher, of 434 Newport Road, Ronks, and Rebecca K. King, of 201 Kilmer Road, Manheim.

Christopher Lee Stoltzfus, of 2220 Forry Road, and Susie B. Beiler, same address. Stoltzfus’ parents are Jacob S. and Ruth M. Stoltzfus. Beiler’s parents are Christian B. and Barbara B. Beiler.

Levi Michael Fisher, of 409 S. Groffdale Road, Gordonville, and Anna Mae King, of 404 Glenbrook Road, Leola. Fisher’s parents are Levi M. Fisher and Anna K. Smucker. King’s parents are Melvin S. King and Dorothy Mae Stoltzfus.

Adam Thomas McQueen, of 131 Cambridge Road, Gap, and Ariana Gace March, same address. McQueen’s parents are Edward Samuel and Stacey Michelle McQueen. March’s parents are Marc Gregory March and Shannon Renee Martz.

Matthew Jay Stoltzfus, of 182 Blank Road, Narvon, and Sarah Lynne King, of 683 Temperance Hill Road, Lititz. Stoltzfus’ parents are Merv and Mary Stoltzfus. King’s parents are Sylvan and Ruth King.

Isaac Lee Blank, of 51981 Amish Road, Kinzers, and Katie Lynn Petersheim, of 1831 Airport Road, Coatesville. Blank’s parents are John David and Anna Z. Blank. Petersheim’s parents are Christ S. and Martha Fern Petersheim.

Jonathan Schulman, of 609 Jefferson St., Apt. 4A, Hoboken, N.J., and Amanda Aloisi, same address. Schulman’s parents are Steven and Josephine Schulman. Aloisi’s parents are Robert and Barbara Aloisi.

Benjamin J. Kauffman, of 520 Beaver Dam Road, Honey Brook, and Rachel L. Fisher, of 542 Mount Vernon Road, Gap. Kauffman’s parents are Levi and Esther Kauffman. Fisher’s parents are Jonathan and Sylvia Fisher.

Benjamin Scott Davis, of 823 Lancaster Drive, Bel Air, Md., and Carleen Susan Mazaika, same address. Davis’ parents are Scott and Mary Pat David. Mazaika’s parents are Robert Joseph and Sandra Lynn Mazaika.

Daniel S. Stoltzfus, of 113 Rosedale Road, Christiana, and Miriam Fisher Kauffman, of 1034 Prawls Hollow Road, Peach Bottom. Stoltzfus’ parents are Samuel K. and Katie Esh Stoltzfus.

Mosie Jay Beiler, of 6142 Limeville Road, Parkesburg, and Mary Etta Miller, of 891 Georgetown Road, Paradise. Beiler’s parents are Christian K. Beiler and Sadie Marie Zook. Miller’s parents are David J. Miller and Elizabeth K. Fisher.

Scott Alan Rouhier, of 2109 Lyndell Drive, and Rebecca Lynn Dileo, same address. Rouhier’s parents are Richard and Marilyn Rouhier. Dileo’s parents are Gordon Barry Wolfer and Nancy Chryst.

Seth Radell Wenger, of 3460 Harvest Road, Elizabethtown, and Mary Martin Hurst, of 151 Radio Road, Elizabethtown. Wenger’s parents are Reuben Wenger and Cynthia Martin. Hurst’s parents are N. Arlyn Hurst and Delores Martin.

Stephen Douglas Snyder, of 151 Radio Road, Elizabethtown, and Milinda Marie Good, same address. Snyder’s parents are Howard and Florence Snyder. Good’s parents are Michael Dart and Mary I. Bolich.

Alejandro F. Morales, of 144 E. Lemon St., Apt. 3, and Rachel V. Rusch, same address. Morales’ mother is Iliana Morales. Rusch’s parents are Stuart Z. and Linda A. Rusch.

Thomas Michael Cieslik, of 450 Conant Ave., Union, and Adriana Vicari, of 166-20 Cross Island Parkway, Whitestone, N.Y. Cieslik’s parents are Thomas William Cieslik and Susan Hammock. Vicari’s parents are Francesco and Guiseppina Vicari.

Harold Adonay Lopez-Tomayo, of 205 N. Barbara St., Apt. 6, Mount Joy, and Diannis Sosa Rosa, of 630 Wyncroft Lane, Apt. 7.

Amos K. Kauffman, of 2400 Compass Road, Honey Brook, and Martha Sue Miller, of 1045 W. Main St., New Holland.

Sergio Alicea, of 209 Oxford Drive, Lititz, and Rebekah L. Bernat, same address.

Michael S. Zook, of 5025 Amish Road, Kinzers, and Edna Ruth Glick, of 8142 Moscow Road, Parkesburg.

Christian David Garver, of 331 Woodcrest Drive, and Lillian Grace Hoke, of 448 Nevin St. Garver’s parents are Tyler David and Sheri Lee Garver. Hoke’s mother is Tammi Lynn Hoke.

Elam S. Smucker, of 332 E. Woods Drive, Lititz, and Verna Faith King, of 361 Keneagy Hill Road, Ronks.

Casey Brooke Yeakle, of 15 Ashlea Gardens, New Holland, and Hope Anne Miller, of 626 N. Franklin St.

Jenna Leigh Powell, of 307 Aspen St., Middletown, and David Barry Hickernall, same address. Powell’s parents are Kenneth C. and Tamara L. Powell. Hickernall’s parents are Kevin B. and Rose M. Hickernall.

Kerry Alan Dowling, of 1011 E. King St., York, and See Sook, of 545 Forry Road. Dowling’s parents are Tyrone Eugene Horton and Lynda Diane Dowling. Sook’s parents are Thonghbe and Sook Loy.

Joshua Lee King, of 3300 Kissel Hill Road, Lititz, and Katie Ann Stoltzfus, of 22 School Road, Leola.

Elmer F. Esh, of 815A N. Old Road, Strasburg, and Emma Glick Stoltzfoos, of 87 Buck Heights Road, Quarryville.

Craig William Flint, of 424 E. Ross St., and Lisa Murry Chea, same address.

Travis Wilson Mumma, of 218 Mount Olive Lane, Ephrata, and Louisa Ann Umberger, same address. Mumma’s parents are Wilson Tabares and Pamela Jo Mumma. Umberger’s parents are Brian Marlin and Bonita Ann Umberger.

Caleb John Roberts, of 2 Maple St., Apt. 3, Lititz, and Adeline Belle Moore, of 2375 Hancock Drive. Roberts’ parents are Scott James and Caroline Harriet Roberts. Moore’s parents are Brian James and Manda Rayle Moore.

Cory Dean Clites, of 6154 River Drive, York, and Katlyn Jane Lichty, of 105 Knight Lane. Clites’ parents are Robert William and Katy May Clites. Lichty’s mother is Jane M. Lichty.

Nicholas Vance Taylor, of 5321 Broadway Road, White Hall, Md., and Amber Delaney Cirrani, same address. Taylor’s parents are Donald Alton and Lisa Ann Taylor. Cirrani’s parents are Frederick Francis and Kimberly Cirrani.

Richard Rodriguez, of 334 Filbert St., and Yanira Rubi Hernandez Gallardo, same address.

Derrick Robert Lively, of 190 Stanley Ave., Landisville, and Jessica Rene Mann, same address. Lively’s parents are Robert Paul and Sue Ann Lively. Mann’s parents are Bruce Allen Misal and Josetta Louise Reese.

Keith Eric Floyd, of 240 S. State St., Ephrata, and Terrie Ann Stauffer, same address. Floyd’s parents are Carl Harry and Loretta Jean Floyd. Stauffer’s parents are Richard Scott and Ann Louise Gilpin.

Selvin Edgardo Lobo Castro, of 1018 Marshall Ave., and Roseanne Marie Brito-Rivera, same address.

Jose Manuel Escobar Lopez, of 29B Colonial Crest Drive, and Neisha Lee Guzman Astacio, of 637 Wyncoft Lane, Apt. 4. Escobar Lopez’s parents are Carlos Estuardo Escobar Y Escobar and Floridalma Lopez Soto. Guzman Astacio’s parents are Luis Alberto Guzman Nieves and Frances Maria Astacio Vega.

Omar Esh Swarey, of 2761 N. Cherry Lane, Ronks, and Sylvia S. Kauffman, of 335 Bell Road, Christiana. Swarey’s parents are Gideon S. and Sylvia L. Swarey. Kauffman’s parents are Amos S. and Anna K. Kauffman.

Abraham Lopez-Medina, of 865 S. Duke St., and Clisman Daniel Merlos Ruano, same address.

Jonas S. Glick, of 72 N. Groffdale Road, Leola, and Sadie Marie King, of 5926 Meadville Road, Narvon.

Danessa Janae Presbery, of 2080 Swarr Run Road, Building O, and Maria Magdalena Nogueras, same address. Presbery’s mother is Jennifer Ann Disla.

Ryan Lee Haney, of 209 Jarman Branch Drive, Centreville, and Courtney Marie Hessian, same address. Haney’s parents are Lawrence Walter and Linda Ann Haney. Hessian’s parents are Bryan Johns and Dolly Marie Hessian.

Evan James Ney, of 34 S. Charles St., Ephrata, and Nicole Marion Warwick, same address. Ney’s parents are Brian Max and Brenda Kay Ney. Warwick’s parents are Galen Ellsworth Ulmer and Cynthia Ann Warwick.

Azara Nathaniel Simmons, of 1000 Christopher Place, and Naftali Nici Avigayil Groff, of 810 E. Chestnut St., Apt. 2. Simmons’ parents are Joel Keith and Melissa Gail Simmons. Groff’s parents are Danny Michael and Yvonda Groff.

Zachary Christian Santos, of Morrisville, and Katia Denae Rubinstein, same address.

Brady Thomas Conroy, of 2 Miller St., Strasburg, and Trinity Shay Stouff, of 12 Hollow Woods Drive, Pequea. Conroy’s parents are Brian Thomas and Hope “Noel” Conroy. Stouff’s parents are Charles Edward and Shaynee Sue Stouff.

Eli P. Lapp, of 338 Highland Road, Atglen, and Ruth Z. Beiler, of 469 Prospect Road, Manheim.

Benjamin Thomas Emrick, of 2007 Sheaffer Road, Elizabethtown, and Chelsea Manon Winters, of 1040 Schwanger Road, Elizabethtown. Emrick’s parents are John Robert and Leslie Diane Emrick. Winters’ parents are Bruce Harvey and Sandra Kay Winters.

Abner E. Stoltzfus, of 844 Georgetown Road, Paradise, and Elizabeth Blank Glick, of 414 Eden Road, Quarryville.

Randy Trevor McCoy, of 808 Rock Road, Pine Grove, and Sierra Rose Rothenhoefer, of 431 E.Clay St., Apt. 1. McCoy’s parents are Jonathon Andrew and Vanessa Lynn McCoy. Rothenhoefer’s parents are Jon Rothenhoefer and Melissa Fisher.

Cody Stryker, of 7 Stonehouse Bend, Willow Street, and Asleigh Christine Cloud, same address. Stryker’s parents are Clint and Jody Stryker. Cloud’s parents are Thomas Cloud and Alice Vaca.

Joshua Nolt Leinbach, of 2127 Johnson Mill Road, Lewisburg, and Miriam Blank Glick, of 46A Geist Road. Leinbach’s parents are Harvey Burkholder Leinbach and Louella Ringler Nolt. Glick’s parents are Amos King and Freida Smucker Glick.

Joan Manuel Nunez Rojas, of 874 Church St., and Isis Paola Montero Canario, same address.

Matthew Aaron Biss Feliciano, of 1607 Buttercup Road, and Valerie Michelle Bowman, same address. Feliciano’s mother is Tammy Annette Horton. Bowman’s parents are James Michael and Judith Renee Bowman.

William Jacob Weachter, of 200 Creek Corner Drive, Apt. 21, Ephrata, and Kelly Marie Hunt, same address. Weachter’s parents are James Michael and Tracy Anne Weachter. Hunt’s parents are Barry Lyn and Lori Lynn Hunt.

Daniel Frederick Martin, of 900 Boxwood, Hampstead, Md., and Mary Catherine Sweeney, same address. Martin’s parents are James Vincent and Alison Nicoll Martin. Sweeney’s parents are Patrick Timothy Martin and Suzanne Marie Schauman.

Torrie Landis Gochnauer, of 11 Baron Drive, and Amber Victoria Romano, same address. Gochnauer’s mother is Deborah Lee Aulisio. Romano’s parents are Gerald Francis and Laura Jean Romano.

Jeffrey David Righter, of 723 Columbia Ave., and Amber Jean Strazzo, same address. Righter’s parents are Mark and Jacqueline Righter. Strazzo’s parents are Joseph and Carol Strazzo.

Donald Gochnauer, of 123 W. Kendig Road, Willow Street, and Thelma Juanita McGinnis, of 150 Scroggy Road, Oxford.

Tyshawn Michael Greggs, of 46 Prince St., Millersville, and Elisa Margarita Pagan, same address.

Orlando Gadiel Rivera Rivera, of 8 W. Roseville Road, and Evelyn Liz Alfaro Sevillano, same address.

Ryan D. Carr, of 135 Goldenfield Drive, and BethMarie Lugo-Torres, same address. Carr’s parents are Mark D. and Fran C. Carr. Lugo-Torres’ parents are Manuel and Freddyswinda Lugo.

Benuel S. Stoltzfus, of 40B Pequea Valley Road, Kinzers, and Sadie S. Stoltzfus, of 621 White Horse Road, Gap. Benuel Stoltzfus’ parents are Daniel F. and Rebecca K. Stoltzfus. Sadie Stoltzfus’ parents are Alvin J. and Pricilla L. Stoltzfus.

Joshua Allen Zook, of 355 Haiti Road, Quarryville, and Lydia Z. Beiler, of 3981 E. Newport Road, Gordonville.

Aaron Rydell Breckbill, of 35 Hopkins Mill Road, New Providence, and Kathryn Kayun Dando, of 21 Worthington Drive, West Grove. Breckbill’s parents are Henry Mervin and Wendy Dawn Breckbill. Dando’s parents are Robert Stanley and Mary Ellen Dando.

Matthew Thomas O‘Neil, of 19 Baldwin Drive, and Alyssa Marie Cunningham, of 309 Woodcrest Drive. O’Neil’s parents are Craig David and Susan Elizabeth O’Neil. Cunningham’s parents are Mark Amos and Marialice Hershey Cunningham.

John F. Stoltzfus, of 821 Landisville Road, Manheim, and Barbara G. Stoltzfus, of 201 Memorial Road, Lititz.

Earnest Albert Lucitte, of 212 Drum Ave., Pasadena, and Stephanie Ann Kehoe, same address.

Cypress Capri Marty, of 20 Rosewood Drive, and Jayla Rae Doan, same address. Marty’s parents are Alturo Marty and Kelsey Rae Acker. Doan’s parents are Phong Tran and Bobbi Leigh Doan.

Per-Erik Theodore Ahlseen, of 46 Mount Pleasant Road, Paradise, and Kelly Ann Wallace, of 355 Sunlite Circle.

Joseph William Sonner, of 103 Fulton St., Akron, and Riley Jennifer Manion, of 305 E. Orange St., Apt. 4. Sonner’s parents are Terrence and Marie Sonner. Manion’s parents are Ronald Manion and Carolyn Clancy.

Franklin Quentin Snyder, of 1792 Campus Road, Elizabethtown, and Marissa Marie McIntyre, same address. Snyder’s parents are Jay Eugene and Victoria Jane Snyder. McIntyre’s parents are David Chester and Dawn Marie McIntyre.

Kenneth Herman Sheetz, of 143 E. Clay St., and Susan M. Foster, of 4 N. High St., Mount Joy.

Juan Pablo Urbaez Cuevas, of 336 S. Queen St., Apt. 2, and Silvia Valencia Fernandez, same address.

Victor Manuel Martinez Morales, of 113 S. Hess St., Quarryville, and Clara Victoria Jimenez Ramirez, same address.

Tyler Wackley, of 57 Perseverance Lane, Ephrata, and Jade Elizabeth Wuttke, same address. Wackley’s parents are Kevin and Carol Wackley. Wuttke’s parents are Timothy and Heather Wuttke.

William Benjamin Graybill, of 17 Parkview Drive, Reinholds, and Courtney Lyn Lorah, same address. Graybill’s parents are Dwight Daniel and Angela Rose Graybill. Lorah’s parents are Earl Roger and Shelly Lynn Lorah.

Ismael Lopez, of 732 Saint Joseph St., and Virginia D. Rivera, same address.

Daniel Levi Huyard, of 465 N. Railroad Ave., New Holland, and Linda K. King, of 219 Locust St., Leola.

Alvin Lee Lantz, of 261 Wolfrock Road, Paradise, and Caroline S. Zook, of 275 Chubb Road, Elizabethville. Lantz’s parents are Amos and Anna Mae Lantz. Zook’s parents are Isaac and Anna F. Zook.

Benjamin Edward Smith, of 337 E. Ross St., and Claire Noel Merti, same address. Smith’s parents are Barry Francis and Karen Marie Smith. Merti’s parents are Albert Richard and Robin Lynn Merti.

Benjamin Daniel Grogan, of 573 W. Market St., Marietta, and Catherine Anna Karl, of 17 Zanella Drive, Emmitsburg, Md.

John Allen Stoltzfus, of 88B S. Harvest Road, Ronks, and Sylvia Faye Esh, of 5321 Old Philadelphia Pike, Kinzers. Stoltzfus’ parents are Jonathan A. and Miriam Mae Stoltzfus. Esh’s parents are Crist K. and Malinda M. Esh.

Thomas Joel Bechtel, of 114 Cambridge Court, Palmyra, and Hannah Kathryn Woodward, same address. Bechtel’s parents are Joel Arthur and Tracey Lynn Bechtel. Woodward’s parents are Jeffrey Paul and Milissa Krause Woodward.

Joshlyn Eugene Sensenig, of 1234 Hilltop Road, Myerstown, and Abigail Rose Nolt, of 1783 Division Highway, Ephrata.

John E. King, of 33 Corner Ketch Road, Paradise, and Nancy Mae Stoltzfus, of 157 Snake Lane, Kinzers.

Colin James Miller, of 775 Carl St., York, and Naomi Gabriela Avila Giron, same address.

Emmanuel Albert Kennedy, of 426 S. Ann St., and Naomi Marie Craig, of 32 W. Strawberry St.

Lazaro Leo Salazar, of 520 W. Vine St., Apt. 1, and Blanca Haydee Feliciano De Hoyos, same address.

Wyatt Michael Goodyear, of 64 Billy Goss Loop, North East, Md., and Taylor Lynn Creswell, same address. Goodyear’s parents are Michael Paul and Monica Eileen Goodyear. Creswell’s parents are Richard Elwood Creswell and Diane Margaret Sarro.

Phillip Purwandika Horning, of 3148 Rothsville Road, Ephrata, and Hosanna Dawn Rudolph, same address. Horning’s parents are Neil and Estu Horning. Rudolph’s parents are Daniel and Dawn Rudolph.

Robert L. Jones, of 20 E. Sunset Ave., Ephrata, and Alyssa J. Horning, same address. Jones’ parents are Jack Jones and Terri Weitzel. Horning’s parents are John and Joanna Horning.

Jeffrey Michael Pace, of 5 Frogtown Road, Paradise, and Ashley Nicole Shellenberger, same address. Pace’s parents are Lawrence Hugh and Marie Blanche pace. Shellenberger’s parents are John Charles Shellenberger and Tammy Layne Lowry.

Esteban Zapata Salazar, of 102 Madison Drive, Apt. 201, Leola, and Carolina Zuleta Builes, same address. Zapata Salazar’s parents are Luis Octavio Zapata Alvarez and Flor Angela Salazar Paniagua. Zuleta Builes’ parents are John Jairo Zuleta Salazar and Rosa Hermilda Builes Maya.

Cody Lee Brown, of 598 Greenfield Road, and Morgan Tate Maiolini, same address. Brown’s parents are Daniel and Jennifer Hassler. Maiolini’s parents are Robert Philip and Irene Winifred Maiolini.

Kori Douglas Meshaw, 120 Nevin St., and Claire Elizabeth Conwell, same address. Meshaw’s parents are Douglas Waynewright and Susan Marie Meshaw. Conwell’s parents are Blaise Joseph and Hoag Conwell.

Jadin Wayne Campbell, of 4806 NW County Road 661A, Arcadia, Fla., and Lori Etta Weaver, of 670 W. Girl Scout Road, Stevens.

Richard Jacob Ellinger, of 650 Aspen Lane, Lebanon, and Kaitlyn Jean Johnson, same address. Ellinger’s parents are Richard and Kelly Ellinger. Johnson’s parents are John Adam and Kristi Jean Johnson.

William J. Snyder, of 10 N. Bausman Drive, and Alisa Maria Jones, same address. Snyder’s parents are David and Geri Snyder. Jones’ parents are Prearre Jones and Lydia Arguelles.

Jose Antonio Ortiz, of 332 Walnut St., Apt. 2, Columbia, and Crystal Lynn Wakefield, same address.

Robert L. Pfannebecker, of 8 Jackson Drive, Elizabethtown, and Nancy Elaine Fornoff, same address.

Zachary David Crockett, of 2662 Lincoln Highway East, Ronks, and Allyson Taylor Suess, same address. Crockett’s parents are David Crockett and Maria Lankitus. Suess’ parents are Kevin and Tina Suess.

Donovan Alexander Houston, of 6003 Werztown Road, Narvon, and Alazea Marie Johnson, same address. Houston’s parents are Bobby Gene and Nichole Gining Houston. Johnson’s parents are Arnell Edward Johnson and Alaina Michele Wilson.

Cesar Arjeny Beltran Robles, of 824 Garnet Ave., and Disnanyelis Lisbet Mota Espinosa, same address.

Dietrich David Strause, of 70 Fayerweather St., Cambridge, Mass., and Flora Grace Curzon, same address.

Dylan Davidson Drueding, of 138 Old Hershey Road, Elizabethtown, and Emily Renee Meler, same address. Drueding’s parents are Michael and Melissa Drueding. Meler’s parents are Cary John and Pamela Jill Meler.

Craig Jonathan Roberts, of 561 N. Shippen St., and Lillian Martha Twinning, same address. Roberts’ parents are John Charles and Carol Audrey Roberts. Twinning’s parents are Roland Clinton Twinning and Ida Carolyn Thompson.

Victor Luis-Zermeno Lira, of 1357 Spencer Ave., Apt. A, and Yurida Arely Villanueva-Gonzalez, same address. Lira’s parents are Eduardo Lira and Antonia Zermeno. Villanueva-Gonzalez’s parents are Carlos Noe Villanueva and Maria Elena Tevenal.

Erik Brandon Hefflefinger, of 4055 Nolt Road, Mount Joy, and Anna Marie Dierking, of 552 Greider Road, Mount Joy. Hefflefinger’s parents are Alan and Deb Hefflefinger. Dierking’s parents are William and Teena Dierking.

Paul Vincent Adair, of 327 Fox Hunt Drive, Nottingham, and Elvia Gisella Murcia Sanchez, same address. Adair’s parents are Paul Vincent and Patricia Anne Adair. Murcia Sanchez’s parents are Jose Isidro Murcia Sanchez and Rita Elvia Sanchez De Murcia.

Michael David Phillips, of 2847 Roosevelt Ave., York, and Robin M. Adams, of 500 Talon Drive, Mountville.

Daniel S. Stoltzfus, of 65 Peach Lane, Ronks, and Rebecca Lynn Stoltzfus, of 546 Cambridge Road, Narvon. Daniel Stoltzfus’ parents are David and Esther Stoltzfus. Rebecca Stoltzfus’ parents are Ivan Lee and Barbara Stoltzfus.

Jordan Scott Miller, of 13 Sandstone Court, Lititz, and Lauren Ruth Morgan, of 26 Park St., Akron. Miller’s parents are Jeffrey Scott and Kathleen Marie Miller. Morgan’s parents are Harold R. and Denise J. Morgan.

Jonathan Robert Stauffer, of 4446 Scenic Highway NE, Blackduck, Minn., and Janet Kay Myers, of 180 Green Acre Road, Unit A, Lititz. Stauffer’s parents are Robert Brubaker and Doris Ann Stauffer. Myers’ parents are Edward Niswander and Jane Louise Myers.

Samuel L. Fisher, of 31 Little Beaver Road, Strasburg, and Sarah L. Fisher, of 70 S. Ronks Road, Ronks.

Curvin Z. Zimmerman, of 726 Stonecrest Road, New Holland, and Elaine Marie Martin, of 471 Rose Hill Road, Ephrata.

Timothy Scott Sweigart, of 2 Locust Wood Drive, Reinholds, and Stephanie Rose Bujno, same address. Sweigart’s parents are Scott Eugene and Tammy Sweigart. Bujno’s parents are Stephen John and Tina Lynn Bujno.

Charles W. Milburn, of 170 S. Eighth St., Columbia, and Kathleen Laura Gannon, same address.

Charles Elmer Way, of 400 Creek Corner Drive, Ephrata, and Talitha K. Pass, same address. Way’s parents are Charles E. Way and Tina K. Murray. Pass’ parents are James and Pearlie Ann Pass.

Thomas Edward Kaizar, of 121 Pentail Drive, and Stephanie Catherine Cason, same address.

Juan Manuel Guadalupe Baez, of 205 Fishermans Lane, Wrightsville, and Vicmarie Nieves, same address. Guadalupe Baez’s mother is Gloria Baez. Nieves’ parents are Victor Rodriguez and Maria Acevedo.