Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Bryant K. Hanson, of 835 Marion St., and Ida Ashford, same address. Hanson’s parents are Robin Waddy and Brenda Hanson. Ashford’s parents are Joyce Harris and the late Ernest Hill.

David William Armstrong Blair, of 6554 Georgia Highway 56, Millen, Ga., and Elizabeth Esh Kauffman, of 535 Beaver St. Blair’s parents are Raymond W. and Sandra Lee Blair. Kauffman’s parents are Wilmer Lapp and Barbara Lapp Kauffman.

Eric J. Narkiewicz, of 522 W. Lemon St., and Lauren K. Brubaker, same address. Narkiewicz’s parents are Joseph Leon and Elizabeth Ann Narkiewicz. Brubaker’s parents are John Richard and Kathleen Joan Brubaker.

Jake Fil Thorsen, of 307 Pearl St., and Susannah Siobhan Bartlett, same address. Thorsen’s parents are Peter Thor and Lisa Ann Thorsen. Bartlett’s parents are Anthony William and Linda Caroline Bartlett.

Leslie R. Goshert, of 1912 N. Reading Road, Stevens, and Shanna Deann Hainley, of 24 Barnhill Road, Denver. Goshert’s parents are the late Leroy L. Goshert and the late Velma Mae Goshert. Hainley’s parents are John B. and Nancy Ann Grebill.

Steven Mark Esh, of 226 Vintage Road, Paradise, and Linda Dienner Stoltzfus, of 3528B Scenic Road, Gordonville. Esh’s parents are Abner S. and Lovina S. Esh. Stoltzfus’ parents are Andrew K. and Ruth M. Stoltzfus.

Alex F. Carrion Rodriguez, of 300 Howard Ave., and Elizabeth E. Rodriguez, same address. Carrion Rodriguez’s parents are Fermin Carrion and Amanda Rodriguez. Rodriguez’s parents are Gladys Ortiz and the late Ernesto Rodriguez.

Christopher R. Williams, of 480 Longmeadow Road, and Aubre Noelle Blouch, same address. Williams’ parents are Larry R. Williams and the late Brenda M. Williams. Blouch’s parent are Allen C. Blouch and Brenda L. Glasford.

Elmer K. King Jr., of 3184 Irishtown Road, Gordonville, and Sadie Z. Esh, of 2703 Stumptown Road, Bird-in- Hand. King’s parents are Elmer K. Sr. and Malinda S. King. Esh’s parents are John B. and Rachel Z, Esh.

Addisu J. Guddisa, of 1913 Oregon Pike, Apt. D9, and Ayantu Negash Beyene, same address. Guddisa’s parents are Jifar Guddisa Hunde and Direbe Adere Gamechu. Beyene’ parents are Negash Beyene Dadi and Yebalwork Zawde Gelalcha.

Chad G. Rottmund, of 565 Friendship Ave., and Sotheara Keat, same address. Rottmund’s parents are Michael James Rottmund and Pamela Lee Ruffhead. Keat’s parents are Saron and Sonteary Tan Keat.

Jacob Stoltzfus Beiler, of 84 S. Groffdale Road, Leola, and Marian K. Esh, of 238 Railroad Ave., Bird-in-Hand. Beiler’s parents are Jacob B. and Fannie L. Beiler. Esh’s parents are Stephen S. and Elizabeth E. Esh.

Hector A. Morales, of 920 Planes St., Columbia, and Ayana Imani Mann-Pereira, same address. Morales’ parents are Jose Morales and Aida Perez. Mann-Pereira’s parents are Carliss Leon Pereira and Sonya Jane Mann-McFarlane.

Lowell L. Landis, of 1099 Fruitville Pike, Lititz, and Linda J. Kane, same address. Landis’ parents are the late Dale L. Landis and the late Helen M. Landis. Kane’s parents are the late Austin Buchter and the late Genevieve Buchter.

John Arlan King, of 625 Springville Road, New Holland, and Rebecca Arlene Stoltzfus, of 4156 Old Philadelphia Pike, Gordonville. King’s parents are Jonas F. and Linda L. King. Stoltzfus’ parent are Samuel I. Jr. and Verna M. Stoltzfus.

Nathan Williams Sprenkle, of 930 Cherokee Trail, Frederick, Md., and Emma Kate Bock, same address. Sprenkle’s parents are Neal E. and Sharon J. Sprenkle. Bock’s parents are Laurence S. and Lynda M. Bock.

Stanislav Levchuk, of 378 Welsh Drive, and Kaila Lisette Gonzalez, same address. Levchuk’s parents are Alexander Z. and Tatiana Levchuk. Gonzalez’s parents are Carlos J. Gonzalez and Ana I. Alvarado.

Ofir Luperon, of 2279 Oak Hollow Drive, Columbia, and D. Anerie D. Segura Morillo, same address. Luperon’s parents are Apolinar Santana Then and Mara Luperon de Mota. Segura Morillo’s parents are Santos Segura and Francisca Morillo.

Jacob Anthony Rios, of 738 Fairvew Ave., and Jaylani Eve Galarza, same address. Rios’ parents are Nelson and Edemira Rios. Galarza’s parents are Jaime and Nilsa Galarza.

Tyler Anthony Lambert, of 140 S. Spring Circle, and Caitlin Nicole Flemming, same address. Lambert’s parents are Anthony Scott and Sara Sue Lambert. Flemming’s parents are Peter Joseph and Carla Lee Flemming.

Omar S. Fisher, of 1564 Slate Hill Road, Peach Bottom, and Miriam Blank King, of 140 Cinder Road, New Providence. Fisher’s parents are Samuel K. and Priscilla F. Fisher. King’s parents are Stephen S. and Mary B. King.

Benedikt Valur Arnason, of 2042 Northbrook Drive, and Jaclyn Ashley Poucel, same address. Arnason’s parents are Arni Thor Halldorsson and Rannveig Lydia Benediktrsdottir. Poucel’s parents are John Alberto Poucel and Jill Ann Gaissert.

Paul B. Beiler, of 612 Lime Quarry Road, Gap, and Sadie Ruth Stoltzfus, of 6003 Limeville Road, Parkesburg. Beiler’s parents are John J. Sr. and Lena Z. Beiler. Stoltzfus’ parents are Amos K. and Barbie G. Stoltzfus.

Jesus Aquilera-Phipps, of 660 W. Vine St., and Kaymara Troche, same address. Aquilera-Phipps’ parents are Jesus Morales and the late Sherry L. Phipps. Troche’s parents are the late Alberto Troche and the late Anna I. Segarra.

Jack Richard Stauffer, of 5851 Lincoln Highway, Gap, and Brenda Lee Henry, same address. Stauffer’s parents are the late Harwin Leon Stauffer and the late Dorothy E. Stauffer. Henry’s parents are Robert Frederick and Leah Marie Woolard.

Steven Romero, of 547 Greenland Drive, and Allison D. Franco, same address. Romero’s parents are Elmer Romero and Miguelina Irizarry. Franco’s parents are Washington Benito Franco and Olinda de Pailr Chica.

Paul J. Myers, of 146 Howe St., East Brookfield, Mass., and Megyn Gabrielle Denning, of 128 Essex Drive, Longwood, Fla. Myers’ parents are Cory Gary and Sarah Joy Myers. Denning’s parents are Christopher Michael and Melanie Lynette Denning.

Jadin L. Martin, of 1189 W. Garden Road, Vineland, N.J., and Catherine Louise Wadel, of 1894A Prospect Road, Terre Hill. Martin’s parents are Nathan Nolt and Gloria Ann Martin. Wadel’s parents are Paul Eugene and Donna Lois Wadel.

Roger Leslie Harnish, of 489 Barnsley Road, Oxford, and Denise F. Martin, of 985 Girl Scout Road, Stevens. Harnish’s parents are John R. and Rhoda J. Harnish. Martin’s parents are Janet W. Martin and the late Melvin K. Martin.