Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Ty D. Shappell, of 423 Marlene Way, Leola, and Jessie Freese Santini, same address. Shappell’s parents are Daryl E. Shappell and Barbara A. Mengle. Santini’s parents are Susan KD Kubovsak and the late Everett C. Freese.

Henry S. Beiler, of 113 Greentree Road, A, Quarryville, and Naomi Stoltzfus Swarey, of 2761 N. Cherry Lane, Ronks. Beiler’s parents are Emanuel K. and Emma Z. Beiler. Swarey’s parents are Gideon S. and Sylvia L.Swarey.

Robert W. Simpson, of 144 Grant St., Ephrata, and Wendy Lee Johnson, same address. Simpson’s parents are Charlotte Simpson and the late William W. Simpson. Johnson’s parents are John M. and Rhoda A. Groff.

Jacob Seth Kreider, of 1090 Hossler Road, Manheim, and Sylvia Rose Weaver, of 1944 Kramer Mill Road, Denver. Kreider’s parents are Jerry D. and Iva Lynn Kreider. Weaver’s parents are Brenden M. and Ann L. Weaver.

Daniel Lee Stoltzfus, of 127 Meadowcreek Road, New Holland, and Catherine Beth Stoltzfus, of 225 Centerville Road, Gordonville. Daniel Stoltzfus’ parents are Jacob S. and Ruth A. Stoltzfus. Catherine Stoltzfus’ parents are Leroy P. and Sadie M. Stoltzfus.

Kenneth Michael Droege, of 59 S. Sixth St., Columbia, and Katelin J. Hess, same address. Droege’s parents are Eric P. and Kimberly A. Droege. Hess’ parents are James E. Jr. and Madeline F. Hess.

Kenneth Roy Arthur, of 1829 Windsong Lane, and Cheryl Anne Peck, same address. Arthur’s parents are the late Kenneth R. Arthur and the late Margaret L. Arthur. Peck’s parents are the late Floyd G. Peck and the late Mary F. Jennison.

Sean Conrad Wheeler, of 107 Chelsea Loop, and Diane Rota, same address. Wheeler’s parents are Donald A. and Janet A. Wheeler. Rota’s parents are Rachel Mertz and the late John C. Mertz.

Shawn Tyler Simpson, of 130 Brutus Road, Jordan, N.Y., and Lachrishia Margaret Diffenderfer, of 64 N. Colebrook Road, Manheim. Simpson’s parents are William Carl and Dawn Lynn Simpson. Diffenderfer’s parents are Chad Byron and Jennifer L. Diffenderfer.

Morgan Chad Newswanger, of 21 E. Trout Run Road, Ephrata, and Carisa Ann Sensenig, of 350 W. Church Road, Ephrata. Newswanger’s parents are Brian and Darlene Newswanger. Sensenig’s parents are Derwin James and Wendy Sue Sensenig.

Timothy Arthur Brendler, of 3304 Stone Bridge Drive, Flower Mound, Texas, and Michael Quay Groff, same address. Brendler’s parents are the late Clifford Jay Brendler and the late Deborah Ann Brendler. Groff's parents are Jeffrey Lee and Martha Ellen Groff.

John Freeman Stoltzfus Jr., of 5993 King Road, Narvon, and Rose Anne King, of 80 Brethren Church Road, Leola. Stoltzfus’ parents are John Freeman Sr. and Ruth Stoltzfus. King’s parents are Amos Henry and Mary King.

Steven I. Zweifach, of 24 Shybrook Court, Elizabethtown, and Eileen Marie Kropf, same address. Zweifach’s parents are the late Herman L. Zweifach and the late Anne Zweifach. Kropf’s parents are the late Earl W. Donley and the late Jeanne Marie Donley.

Philip A. Mitchell, of 30 Bucknell Ave., and Shannon Joy Metzler, same address. Mitchell’s parents are James T. and Linda Sue Mitchell. Metzler’s parents are Donald H. Metzler and the late Sara J. Metzler.

Braden Dale Elliott, of 1992 Shady Oak Drive, Mount Joy, and Kari Elizabeth Lutz, same address. Elliott’s parents are Timothy R. and Kelly A. Elliot. Lutz’s parents are Daniel R. and April J. Lutz.

John H. Lee, of 101 Topland Drive, and Uyen Kim Vu, same address. Lee’s parents are Il Ung Lee and Han Ki Sim. Vu’s parents are Tam and Thanh Vu.

Grant Tobias Pearsall, of 112 S. 10th St., Akron, and Toni-Ann Elizabeth Vidal, same address. Pearsall’s parents are Thomas Richard and Joanne Elizabeth Pearsall. Vidal’s parents are Alejandro Pratts Mario Vidal and Robin Elizbeth Weidman.

Maurizo Montico, of 20 W. James St., and Alina Queralta Gonzalez, of 803 Pequea Ave., Gap. Montico’s parents are the late Luciano Montico and the late Paolo De Marco. Gonzalez’s parents are Juan Queralta Flores and Rosa Maria Gonzalez.

Eric Tate Hockenberry, of 3068 Aster Lane, Lititz, and Uyen T. Tran, same address. Hockenberry’s parents are Robert Junior and Sandra Jane Hockenberry. Tran’s parents are the late Nghia Van Tran and the late Trung Thi Tao.

Mahlon K. Lapp, of 154 Barr Road, New Providence, and Rachel K. Beiler, of 76 S. Maple Ave., Leola. Lapp’s parents are Samuel I. and Ruth Z. Lapp. Beiler’s parents are Aaron E. and Elsie L. Beiler.

Lloyd E. King, of 431 Strasburg Pike, and Barbie Ann King, of 700 Strasburg Pike. Lloyd King’s parents are Eli S. and Nancy E. King. Barbie King’s parents are Daniel R. Jr. and Verna S. King.

Aaron Joseph Frederick, of 293 Canterbury Drive, West Chester, and Brianna Erin Smith, same address. Frederick’s parents are Carl Joseph and Beverly Frederick. Smith’s parents are Stephen Dean and Nancy Louise Smith.

Zachary E. Graham, of 211 N. Mulberry St., and Elaine Mackenzie Walters, same address. Graham’s parents are Kevin Finne and Robin Lin Markley. Walters’ parents are John Needham and Margaret Theresa Walters.

John S. Stoltzfus, of 408 Pequea Valley Road, Kinzers, and Marian L. Lantz, of 906 Churchtown Road, Narvon. Stoltzfus’ parents are Daniel F. Jr. and Rebecca K . Stoltzfus. Lantz’s parents are Benjamin S. and Linda S. Lantz.

Stephen F. Smucker, of 48 Haiti Road, Quarryville, and Rebecca Esh Petersheim, of 179 Old Dan Road, Christiana. Smucker’s parents are Jonas K. and Mary F. Smucker. Petersheim’s parents are Emanuel L. and Naomi L. Petersheim.

Derek Chad Schojack, of 709 Palmer Circle, Lititz, and Jessica Cirulli, same address. Schojack’s parents are Dale Joseph Schojack and Carole Stefanowicz. Cirulli’s parents are Joseph Anthony Cirulli and Christina Marie Hofmann.

Ephraim S. Fisher, 178 Springvale Road, Quarryville, and Ruth K. Stoltzfus, of 3206 W. Newport Road, Ronks. Fisher’s parents are Levi M. and Naomi F. Fisher. Stoltzfus’ parents are Jonathan K. and Annie K. Stoltzfus.

Daryl A. Gochnauer, of 3481 Echo Valley Road, Manheim, and Natalie Rose Healy, of 2289 Furnace Hill Pike, Newmanstown. Gochnauer’s parents are Donald R. and Ruby E. Gochnauer. Healy’s parents are Ryan C. and Kristina M. Healy.

Juston Gabriel Wall, of 493 N. Oak St., Lititz, and Kristen Sandra Groff, same address. Wall’s parents are Brian Keith Wall and the late Denna Yvonne Donnelly. Groff’s parents are Carl Douglas and Lisa Marie Groff.

Joshua L Martin, of 108 Meadia Ave., and Leah A. Skrabak, of 2064 Gap Newport Pike, Cochranville. Martin’s parents are Timothy Luke Martin and Kimberly Sue Casonato. Skrabak’s parents are John Thomas and Jennifer Leigh Skrabak.

Duane Merle Nauman, of 242 W. Ferdinand St., Manheim, and Linda Marrone, same address. Nauman’s parents are the late Abner Baker Nauman and the late Eleanor Grace Nauman. Marrone’s parents are the late James Joseph Cassells and the late Barbara Cassells.

David Ernest Ostrander, of 402 Orchard Lane, Manheim, and Norman Fredrick Drescher, same address. Ostrander’s parents are the late Rexford Ostrander and the late Clara B. Ostrander. Dresher’s parents are the late Norman W. Drescher and the late Esther Drescher.

Jacob Edgar Knight, of 18 Stoneridge Circle, Ephrata, and Amy Lynn Lupold, of 1367 Reading Road, Denver. Knight’s parents are Eric and Sara Jean Knight. Lupold’s parents are Troy Lee Lupold and Ann Marie Read.

Levi K. King, of 137 Hollow Road, Quarryville, and Linda S. Esh, same address. King’s parents are David S. and Lydia Z. King. Esh’s parents are Christian L. and Anna K. Esh.

Loren Martin Newswanger, of 313 Gristmill Road, New Holland, and Marianna Nolt Shirk, of 1640 Ligalaw Road, East Earl. Newswanger’s parents are Reuben S. and Martha B. Newswanger. Shirk’s parents are Luke B. and Susie B. Shirk.

Brenton Myers Ricketts, of 3807 Porter St., NW, Washington D.C., and Elana Maria Pino-Garronbone, same address. Ricketts’ parents are Barry M. and Lisa L. Ricketts. Pino-Garronbone’s parents are Edward A. Garronbone and Phyllis Pino.

Samuel S. Beiler Jr., of 590 Lime Quarry Road, Gap, and Sara Kathryn Glick, of 38 Belmont Road, Paradise. Beiler’s parents are Samuel S. Sr. and Linda A. Beiler. Glick’s parents are Ben S. and Katie L. Glick.

Michael D. Dodson, of 1118 Crest Lane, and Amanda Grace Wright, same address. Dodson’s parents are Michael D. and Patricia A. Dodson. Wright’s parents are Ernest A. V. and Karen L. Wright.

Mark Frances Seidenburg, of 200 Landon Way, and Joyce Ann Goodhart, same address. Seidenburg’s parents are the late Frederick H. Seidenburg and the late Margaret M. Seidenburg. Goodhart’s parents are Betty Sue Weaver and the late Willis G. Weaver.

Christian F. Stoltzfus Jr., of 18 Morrison Mill Road, Kirkwood, and Mary L. Zook, of 2279 White Oak Road, Strasburg. Stoltzfus’ parents are Christia F. and Annie K. Stoltzfus. Zook’s parents are Jesse M. and Fannie L. Zook.

Abner G. Miller, of 533 Spring Hill Road, Rising Sun, Md., and Sadie Z. King, of 183 N. Ronks Road, Ronks. Miller’s parent are Elam L. and Anna S. Miller. King’s parents are Benjamin F. and Annie S. King.