Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Travis J. Dantinne, of 332 E. New St., and Kimberly Nicole Hummers, same address.

Andrew William Curran, of 541 Mount Eden Road, Kirkwood, and Kylie Anne Ganderton, same address. Curran’s parents are Peter and Patricia Curran. Ganderton’s parents are Roy Lyle and Cheryl Anne Ganderton.

Lucas Aaron Nesslerodt, 138 Eminence Drive, Apt. 412, Inwood, W.V., and Ashley Noelle Buchanan, same address. Nesslerodt’s parents are Michael Todd and Janet Anette Nesslerodt. Buchanan’s parents are Johnnie Ray and Helena Lee Buchanan.

Joshua Robert Schweers, of 115 Blythedale Road, Perryville, Md., and Jamie Lee Reynolds, of 523 Arch St., P.O. Box 573, Perryville, Md. Schweers’ parents are Alonzo Robert and Susan Little Schweers. Reynolds’ parents are Ivan Wallace and Debra Faye Reynolds.

Steven B. Smoker, of 1020 Susquehannock Drive, Holtwood, and Lydia Ann Lapp, of 271 Octorara Trail, Gap. Smoker’s parents are Mervin R. and Mary B. Smoker. Lapp’s parents are Benuel L. and Ruth S. Lapp.

Jacob Lawrence Salkovitz, of 59 Michigan Drive, Sinking Springs, and Justina Marie Ott, same address. Salkovitz’s parents are Alan Victor and Diana Lynn Salkovitz. Ott’s parents are William and Tabs Lynn Rightnour.

Kyle Patrick Smith, of 516 S. State St., Ephrata, and Alexis Lydia West, same address.

Stanley Hoover Reiff, of 257 Conestoga Creek Road, East Earl, and Clara Eberly Martin, of 1190 Oaklyn Drive, Narvon. Reiff’s parents are Clarence Martin and Susie Reiff. Martin’s parents are James Martin and Elva Zimmerman Martin.

Elmer L. Lapp, of 3550 Scenic Drive, Gordonville, and Malinda S. Huyard, of 129 Homestead Road, Honeybrook. Lapp’s parents are Elmer Stoltzfus and Edna Beiler Lapp. Huyard’s parents are David M. and Katie S. Huyard.

Trenton Robert Weiss, of 306 Wickshire Circle, Lititz, and Kristen Elizabeth Miller, same address. Weiss’ parents are Robert Earl Weiss and Amy Winslow-Weiss. Miller’s parents are Keith Joseph and Susan Marie Miller.

Ervin Lee Allyger, of 160 E. Eby Road, Leola, and Anna Joy Stoltzfus, of 250 Maple Ave., Bird-in-Hand. Allyger’s parents are David K. and Ruth P. Allyger. Stoltzfus’ parents are Christian A. and Barbara Ann Stoltzfus.

Christian Thomas Diaz, of 712 Beechwood Drive, Deptford, N.J., and Kelsey Leigh Morgen, same address. Diaz’s mother is Maribel Guzman. Morgen’s parents are Michael Edward and Kelley Lynn Morgen.

Gerald Edward Miller, of 806 Kimmerlings Road, Lebanon, and Kasey Elaine Thomas, of 382 Old Mine Road, Paradise. Miller’s parents are Edward and Sharon Miller. Thomas’ parents are Kelly T. and Dawn Marie Thomas.

John K. Stoltzfus, of 51 Swift Road, Quarryville, and Rebecca S. King, of 65 Jackson Road, Christiana. Stoltzfus’ parents are Christ E. and Sadie E. Stoltzfus. King’s parents are Jonas S. and Fannie S. King.

Zachary Walker Hawk, of 709 Folly Hill Road, Kennett Square, and Carrie Ann Johnston, same address. Hawk’s parents are Jack Lynn Hawk and Jane Fox Deckman. Johnston’s parents are Paul Andrew and Tracie Lynn Johnston.

Melvin S. Petersheim, 1728 Mount Joy Road, Manheim, and Elizabeth S. Lapp, of 3405 Old Philadelphia Pike, Ronks. Petersheim’s parents are Moses King and Priscilla Petersheim. Lapp’s parents are Daniel F. and Barbara F. Lapp.

Samuel S. Petersheim, of 310 Conestoga Creek Road, East Earl, and Martha S. Glick, of 3066 Irishtown Road, Ronks. Petersheim’s parents are Isaac F. and Fannie S. Petersheim. Glick’s parents are Joseph B. and Sylvia G. Glick.

Matthew Ryan Fisher, of 2602 Old Philadelphia Pike, Bird-in-Hand, and Anna Ruth King, of 109A E. Millport Road, Lititz. Fisher’s parents are Daniel J. and Marilyn Fisher. King’s parents are Henry and Lydia E. King.

Victor Manuel Santana, of 1806 Crestwyck Circle, Mount Joy, and Stephanie Lorena Sosa, same address. Santana’s parents are Victor Santana and Lydia Gonzalez. Sosa’s parents are Larrys Antonio and Brenda Carolina Sosa.

Thomas Charles Peiffer, of 2502 Chestnut View Drive, and Toni Alexandria Wright, same address.

Philip R. Taylor, of 1332 Blue Jay Drive, and Amber J. Solon, of 762 S. Hall St., Allentown. Taylor’s parents are Robert L. and Leilani A. Taylor. Solon’s parents are Richard J. and Heather J. Solon.

Steven Pearson, of 149 Melodic Drive, Newark, Del., and Sara Parchem, same address. Pearson’s parents are James Collin and Alisa Jan Pearson. Parchem’s parents are Gregory Allen and Christine Marie Parchem.

Vincent Phuc Huy Nguyen, of 640 Hedgewick Drive, and Thi Van Nguyen, of 424 Waupelani Drive, F-305, State College. Vincent Nguyen’s parents are John Cam Nguyen and Thu Minh Le. Thi Nguyen’s parents are Nhu Hung and Thi Hanh Nguyen.

Brent David Hutchinson, of 42 Fairview Ave., and Maria Fernando Cedeno Pasquel, same address.

Hunter Peck, of 5106B Ontario Drive, Brigantine, N.J., and Meghan Hoffman, same address. Peck’s parents are Christopher Peck and Lisa Mansueto. Hoffman’s mother is Anne Schwalm.

Christopher James Ryan, of 420 Wickshire Circle, Lititz, and Denise H. Muller, same address. Ryan’s parents are Francis Xavier and Therese Decoursey Ryan. Muller’s parents are Bruce F. and Lynda M. Muller.

Julian Wayne Williams, of 107 Parklawn Court, and Elizabeth Anne Borz, same address. Williams’ parents are Gary Wayne and Jill Renee Williams. Borz’s parents are Carlos Alberto Valverde and Dawn Elizabeth Borz.

Daniel Victor Jones, of 3363 Baileys Crossroads Road, Atglen, and Sarah Mackenzie Wolfe, of 1147B Elizabeth St., Christiana. Jones’ parents are Mark and Donna Jones. Wolfe’s parents are Michael and Deborah Wolfe.

Antony Kristopher Torres, of 135 Pepperton Court, Lititz, and Marcella Ann Sorber, same address. Torres’ parents are Angel Manuel Torres Ortiz and Kathleen Melissa Lazowski. Sorber’s parents are Mark David and Mary Ann Sorber.

Kyle David Fisher, of 265 W. Walnut St., Marietta, and Meghan Ann Lewis, same address.

Johnny B. Esh, of 460A Strasburg Road, Paradise, and Sadie Lapp Fisher, of 3234 E. Gordon Road, Gordonville. Esh’s parents are Amos L. and Elizabeth K. Esh. Fisher’s parents are John Jacob and Elizabeth F. Fisher.

Andrew King Esh, of 3452 Harvest Drive, Gordonville, and Barbie Ann Stoltzfus, 973 Park Road, Honey Brook. Esh’s parents are Enos Esh and Sarah Beiler. Stoltzfus’ parents are Omar S. and Annie L. Stoltzfus.

Shawn Michael Monyer, of 34 W. Church St., Stevens, and Rachael Elizabeth Little, of 1932 W. Main St., Ephrata. Monyer’s parents are Richard Michael and Lisa Ann Monyer. Little’s parents are Shirey Arthur and Charlotte Little.

Patrick Lee Carr, of 267 Whitechappel Road, and Melanie Rose Lewis, same address. Carr’s parents are Leroy and Donna Marie Carr. Lewis’ parents are Ronald Clayton and Delores Marie Lewis.

Felix Jose Perez Gonzalez, of 554 W. Broad St., Apt. 1W, New Holland, and Maria Lucidia Zapata Arango, same address.

Cordell Mitchell Martin, of 675 Water St., Ephrata, and Rachelle Deann Weaver, of 68 Fairview Road, Lititz. Martin’s parents are Linford M. and Louise Joy Martin. Weaver’s parents are Dwane Martin and Colleen Marie Weaver.

Matthew Fisher Zook, of 431 Voganville Road, New Holland, and Lydia K. Fisher, of 207 E. Eby Road, Leola.

Landon Seth Fox, of 990 Peters Road, New Holland, and Jessica Ann Sensenig, of 442 Old Henry Path Road, New Enterprise.

Jacob Ryan Unger, of 101 Little Washington Road, Downington, and Kathryn Margaret Wert, same address. Unger’s parents are Paul Stephen and Ann Marie Unger. Wert’s parents are Timothy Dale and Amy Clara Wert.

Armando M. Beverly, of 623 N. State St., Ephrata, and Kaitlin Ashley Symonds, same address. Beverly’s parents are Michael Douglas and Claudia Patricia Beverly. Symonds’ parents are Jody and Laura Symonds.

Charles Thomas Van Buren, of 12 E. 22nd St., Apt. 8D, New York, N.Y., and Jean Hyo Jean Suh, same address. Van Buren’s parents are Charles Thomas and Helen Derenzo Van Buren. Suh’s parents are Sam Young and Ok Hee Suh.

Daniel R. Ringley, of 401 Fefever Ave., and Kimberley Johnsen Oswald, same address.

Glenn Michael Travis, of 343 Cedar Hollow, Manheim, and Elizabeth Anne Chandler, same address. Travis’ parents are Michael Laird and Tracy Jean Travis. Chandler’s parents are James Paul and Vicki Lynn Chandler.

Benjamin Luke Carney, of 107 Erin Court, Elkton, Md., and Jordyn Leigh Ewaka, same address. Carney’s parents are Craig and Betty Carney. Ewaka’s parents are Craig and Cynthnia Ewaka.

David M. Feliciano, of 1008 Providence Drive, Smyrna, Del., and Deanna M. Osorio, same address. Feliciano’s parents are Marcus A. Feliciano and Elizabeth M. Grier. Osorio’s parents are Javier Osorio and Mitzy M. Malabet-Osorio.

Reggie Martinez, of 343B Carol Lynn Drive, Willow Street, and Carmen A. Alicea Serrano, same address. Martinez’s mother is Ana Hernandez. Alicea Serrano’s parents are Hector Alicea and Maria Rivera.

Luiggi Emmanuel Polanco DeJesus, of 723 N. Temple Blvd., Temple, Md., and Hannah Corin Hoover, of 1006 Homeland Drive.

Alvin K. Beiler, of 290 S. Groffdale Road, Leola, and Linda Jane King, of 175 Stone Quarry, Leola. Beiler’s parents are Christ Beiler and Barbara King. King’s parents are Samuel E. and Katie K. King.

Benjamin King, of 136 S. Shirk Road, New Holland, and Mary Petersheim King, of 30 Buchmill Road, Lititz. Benjamin King’s parents are Ivan King and Lizzie Beiler. Mary King’s parents are Daniel S. King and Fannie K. Petersheim.

Max Thomas Leabhart, of 44 S. Linden St., Manheim, and Fiona Aislin Fackler, same address. Leabhart’s parents are Robert and Michele Leabhart. Fackler’s parents are Alan and Patricia Fackler.

Norman K. Beiler, of 5929 Meadville Road, Narvon, and Sally Elizabeth Stoltzfus, of 74A McIlvaine Road, Paradise. Beiler’s parents are Jacob and Mary Beiler. Stoltzfus’ parents are Samuel Stoltzfus and Anna Mae Stoltzfus.

David Mark Zook, of 5560 White Oak Road, Paradise, and Esther Z. Stoltzfus, of 6003 Limeville Road, Parkesburg. Zook’s parents are Christian M. and Anna Ruth Zook. Stoltzfus’ parents are Amos K. and Barbie G. Stoltzfus.

Aaron Elmer Fisher, 89 Ponds Road, Ronks, and Suzanne Z. Beiler, 5665 Umbletown Road, Gap. Fisher’s parents are Gideon Fisher and Mary Stoltzfus. Beiler’s parents are Elam Beiler and Esther Zook.

Leon James Beiler, of 5097 Mine Road, Paradise, and Rebecca Sue Ebersol, of 5673 Buena Vista Road, Gap. Beiler’s parents are Reuben and Barbie Beiler. Ebersol’s parents are Daniel K. and Barbara S. Ebersol.

Alvin E. Huyard, of 16 McIlvaine Road, Paradise, and Ruth Mary Beiler, 5647 Umbletown Road, Gap. Huyard’s parents are Elam Huyard and Dorothy Esch. Beiler’s parents are Elmer K. Beiler and Maryann Stoltzfus.

Brandon Lee Jumbelick, of 236 S. Lime St., Quarryville, and Alyssa Danielle Sickels, same address. Jumbelick’s parents are Stephen Jumbelick and Robin Jumbelick-Thomson. Sickels’ parents are Daniel and Janice Sickels.

Samuel E. Stoltzfus, of 203 Rosedale Road, Christiana, and Katie Blank Fisher, 19 Reservoir Road, Strasburg. Stoltzfus’ parents are Sylvan J. and Rachel S. Stoltzfus. Fisher’s parents are Elmer Fisher and Melinda Blank.

Michael Timothy Schultze, of 701 E. Willow St., Apt. 5203, Elizabethtown, and Kimberley Elizabeth Graeff, same address. Schultze’s parents are Timothy Dugan and Mary Ellen Schultze. Graeff’s parents are Scott A. and Melissa Ann Graeff.

Maurice Dajon McNeil, of 6137 Main St., East Petersburg, and Kiana Rosado, same address. Rosado’s mother is Taina Ivette Gonzalez.

Eli S. King, of 997 Musser School Road, Gordonville, and Martha L. Fisher, of 3157 Old Philadelphia Pike, Bird-in-Hand. King’s parents are Daniel M. and Rebecca S. King. Fisher’s parents are Elam S. and Maryann G. Fisher.

Andrew E. Herschberger, of 37 Mount Pleasant Road, Paradise, and Barbie Ann Fisher, of 1129 Georgetown Road, Christiana. Herschberger’s parents are Samuel and Barbie Herschberger. Fisher’s parents are Leon and Sadie Fisher.

Chester S. Lapp, of 420 Weaver Road, Millersburg, and Lena Rose King, of 683 Temperance Hill Road, Lititz. Lapp’s parents are Elam and Naomi Lapp. King’s parents are Sylvan and Ruth King.

Curtis Eugene Fell, of 2379 River Road, Lot 30, Bainbridge, and Jessica Marie Klock, same address. Fell’s parents are Curtis Eugene Fell and Lori Jacobs. Klock’s parents are Richard Aul and Rosann Klock.

Sean Darrah, of 10 Lee Drive, Stevens, and Melissa Ann Mears, same address Darrah’s parents are William and Kendra Darrah. Mears’ parents are William Paul and Cynthia Ann Mears.

Dennis Jordan Keys, of 2109 Swarr Run Road, and Ileana Santiago, same address.

Beth Eloise Buchter, of 1284 Wheatland Ave., and Kathryn Ann Styer, same address. Buchter’s parents are Earl Hertzog Buchter and Ruth Lorraine Buchter. Styer’s parents are Donald Charles and Betty Lou Styer.

Haikel Nasser Bogale, of 2145 Georgetown Drive, and Nisha Ramesh Pawar, of 7311 Green Oak Terrace, Lanham, Md. Bogale’s parents are Nasser Bogale and Yetimwork Chaka. Pawar’s parents are Jyotsna Ramesh and Ramesh Ramchandra Pawar.

James Alan Sommerville, of 3205 Main St., Conestoga, and Casey A. Kennedy, same address. Sommerville’s parents are Alan John and Sharon Sommerville. Kennedy’s parents are Glenn Allen Kennedy and Sondra Shanahan.

Matthew Jason Rosing, of 449 Lancaster Pike, New Providence, and Tammy Lynn Rojas, same address.

Brandon Michael Ament, of 1027 Monticello Lane, and Melissa Elizabeth Waites, same address. Ament’s parents are Michael Ament and Misty Keen. Waites’ parents are Melvin Ray and Jean Elizabeth Waites.

David S. Ober, of 448 Fort Ross Ave., Lititz, and Robin G. Kline, same address. Ober’s parents are Ervin and Catherine Ober. Kline’s parents are Clarence and Mildred Strohm.

Richard Darryl Knowlton, of 506 W. Chestnut St., Apt. 1, and Laura Elizabeth Gaughan, same address. Knowlton’s parents are Richard Darryl and Susan Marie Fryberger. Gaughan’s parents are John Louis and Karen June Gaughan.

Todd Dallas Griffith, of 1202 Ironville Pike, Columbia, and Susan Marie Fryberger, same address. Griffith’s parents are Charles Albert Griffith and Sarah Jane McNoldy. Fryberger’s parents are Ronnie Lee Fryberger and Tammy Lynn Peace.

Jacob K. Stoltzfus, of 2440 White Oak Road, Strasburg, and Ruth Z. Esh, of 330 Red Lane, Bird-in-Hand. Stoltzfus’ parents are Amos F. Stoltzfus and Sarah Stoltzfus. Esh’s parents are Christian B. and Barbie Esh.

Isaac K. Esh, of 2703 Stumptown Road, Bird-in-Hand, and Mary Lapp Beiler, of 170 Loop Road, Quarryville. Esh’s parents are John B. and Rachel Z. Esh. Beiler’s parents are Omar K. and Sadie Beiler.

James B. Haston, of 4 Trail Drive, Hurricane, W.V., and Cheryl Ann Griffith, of 20206 Pennsylvania Ave., Saint Albans, W.V.

Nicholas Joseph Cliver, of 1291 Hillside Drive, and Lauren Marie Carone, same address. Cliver’s parents are William John and Renee Melissa Cliver. Carone’s parents are Charles James Fisher and Vicki Jane Peterson.

Andres Chavez Hernandez, of 738 S. Plum St., and Diomarys Valdez Ramirez, of 116 Lancaster Ave., Columbia.

Elmer Lee Stoltzfus, of 7649 N. Moscow Road, Parkesburg, and Barbara S. Blank, of 5846 Old Philadelphia Pike, Gap. Stoltzfus’ parents are Solomon J. and Elizabeth F. Stoltzfus. Blank’s parents are David A. and Susie S. Blank.

Matthew Robert Boyd, of 12 Manor St., Washington Boro, and Kristine Sarah Martin, same address. Boyd’s parents are Michael and Lisa Marie Weidner.

Caleb Elias MacIntire, of 834 Knoll Drive, Mount Joy, and Kristin Rose Muncaster, same address. MacIntire’s parents are Frank Edgar and Setti Devi MacIntire.

Brandon Matthew Walsh, of 930 Cold Spring Road, Apt. 11, Allentown, and Crisalyn Pevida Lepon, of Sitio Portugal, Barangay Libertad, Bogo City, Philippines. Walsh’s parents are Kevin Joseph and Karen Lynn Walsh. Lepon’s parents are Joaquin Arcillas and Edilberta Pevida Lepon.

Adam Lewis, of 160 St. Catherine Drive, Quarryville, and Sara Fromm, of 302 W. Fourth St., Quarryville. Lewis’ parents are Gregory and Carol Lewis. Fromm’s parents are Gary and Dawn Fromm.

Connor Reed Swank, of 20306 Youngstown Court, Apt. 2808, Hagerstown, Md., and Mackenzie Lorraine Lausch, same address. Swank’s parents are Kevin James and Caryn F. Swank. Lausch’s parents are John Michael and Sheri Lorraine Lausch.

Jordan Lee Burkholder, of 179 Supervisors Road, and Abigail Anne Adams, of 205 Bender Mill Road, Apt. A. Burkholder’s parents are Robert Lee and Sallie Jane Burkholder. Adams’ parents are William Thomas and Laurinda Gates Adams.

Elam E. Stoltzfus, of 3083 Old Philadelphia Pike, Bird-in-Hand, and Mamie G. Stoltzfus, of 77 Stoltzfus Lane, Leola. Elam Stoltzfus’ parents are Gideon and Mamie Stoltzfus. Mamie Stoltzfus’ parents are Jerry and Hannah Stoltzfus.

Kristopher John Baldt, of 854 Hidden Hollow Drive, Gap, and Kalyn Mackenzie Kerr, of 437 E. Strawberry St. Baldt’s parents are Kenenth John and Dawn Baldt. Kerr’s parents are Edward Joseph Kerr and Stacy Lynn Hart.

Brian Scott Clements, of 4509 SW Lilly St., Bentonville, Ark., and Lauren Marie Spanjich, same address. Clements’ parents are John Scott and Shirley Ann Clements. Spanjich’s parents are Scott John Spanjich and Dale Catherine Michel-Spanjich.

Dustin Gene Evans, of 511 Edgwood Lane, Peach Bottom, and Chloe Ann Hefflefinger, same address. Evans’ parents are Kevin Eugene Evans and Crystal Marie Davis. Hefflefinger’s parents are Dennis Bryan Hefflefinger and Alyssa Kate Gradwohl.

Peter Joseph Weidinger, of 347 Windgate Court, Millersville, and Afasen Maria Igyor, same address. Weidinger’s parents are Patrick Weidinger and Ann Riexinger. Igyor’s parents are Gerad Igyor and Theresa Katzer.

Marvin B. King, of 972 Valley Road, Quarryville, and Lydia Ann Smucker, of 1670 Georgetown Road, Christiana. King’s parents are Samuel S. and Barbara F. King. Smucker’s parents are John and Anna Smucker.

Jonathan Maxwell Turner, of 22413 Gaulker St., St. Clair Shores, MI, and Chelsea Lynn Hoffman, same address. Turner’s parents are John Carl and Mary Beth Turner. Hoffman’s parents are Garrett Anthony and Denice Hoffman.

Jeffrey Scott Geisel, of 1027 Dillersville Road, Suite 16, and Renan Rodrigues, of 27 11 24th St., New York, N.Y. Geisel’s parents are James S. Geisel and Judith A. Johnston. Rodrigues’ parents are Reginaldo Rodrigues and Rosemary Simone Bispo.

Caleb Daniel Horst, of 324 E. Ross St., and Danielle Colleen Baughman-Johnson, same address. Horst’s parents are Kenneth Leinbach and Myra Scott Horst. Baughman-Johnson’s parents are Daniel Joseph and Yvonne Colleen Johnson.

Bryan Keith Fellenbaum, of 2623 Ironville Pike, Columbia, and Sarah Marie Eberly, of 356 Meetinghouse Lane. Fellenbaum’s parents are Keith and Dawne Fellenbaum. Eberly’s parents are Dwayne Keith and Cheryl Fay Eberly.

Maximilliano Rodriguez, of 81424 Passey Lane, and Maria Zoed Torres-Altruz, same address. Rodriguez’s parents are Eligio Garcia Rodriguez and Maria Reyes. Torres-Altruz’s parents are Orlando Torres and Margarita Altruz.

Ethan Thomas Burns, of 25 Opal Drive, Lititz, and Tori Danielle Andrew, of P.O. Box 488, Terre Hill. Burns’ parents are Chris and Donna Burns. Andrew’s parents are Mark Kevin and Barbara Jean Andrew.

Jared Cameron Taylor, of 60 Aryshire Drive, Hanover, and Amanda Rose York, same address. Taylor’s parents are Larry Alan Taylor and Jennifer Mary Trees.

Kevin Russell Claridge, of 711 Main St., Delta, and Erin Katherine Arkins, same address. Claridge’s parents are Russell William and Judy Lynn Claridge. Arkins’ parents are Michael Louis Arkins and Jill Marie Arkins.

Samuel M. Beiler, of 135 Monterey Road, Bird-in-Hand, and Susie Stoltzfus Petersheim, of 260 W. Hernley Road, Manheim. Beiler’s parents are Aaron Beiler and Annie Miller. Petersheim’s parents are Melvin Petersheim and Annie Stoltzfus.

Davis Christopher Curry, of 71 S. Penn St., Manheim, and Hilary Michelle Mowrer, same address. Curry’s parents are David Peter and Janet Marie Curry. Mowrer’s parents are Richard White and Susan Lord.

Isaac K. Fisher, of 126 Magnolia Drive, Holtwood, and Fannie P. Stoltzfus, of 31 E. Eby Road, Leola. Fisher’s parents are Steven B. Fisher and Mattie K. Lapp. Stoltzfus’ parents are Christian E. Stoltzfus and Malinda F. Petersheim.

Austin Troy Freeman, of 1340 S. Cocalico Road, Denver, and Kira Morgan Dickson, of 65 Hollow Road, Reinholds. Freeman’s parents are Troy Freeman and Angie Esch. Dickson’s parents are Duane Dickson and Joy McCreary.

Steven Elam Lantz, of 767 W. Lexington Road, Lititz, and Lillian Marie Fisher, of 433 Twin Elm Road, Strasburg. Lantz’s parents are Amos Lantz and Sylvia Fisher. Fisher’s parents are Isaac Fisher and Salome Lantz.

Christian King Esh, of 3451 Beard Lane, Glen Rock, and Elizabeth E. Glick, of 828 Deiter Road, Strasburg. Esh’s parents are Christian Esh and Elizabeth Fisher. Glick’s parents are Samuel S. Glick and Sarah S. Lapp.

Amos S. Stoltzfus, of 345 E. Main St., Leola, and Linda S. King, of 796 Becker Road, Leola. Stoltzfus’ parents are Jonas F. Stoltzfus and Fannie E. Stoltzfus. King’s parents are Elam B. King and Susie S. Stoltzfus.

Alex Michael Hrischuk, of 2518 New Park Road, New Park, and Michaela Leslie Ferrari, same address. Hrischuk’s parents are Eugene Alex and Penelope Lesa Hrischuk. Ferrari’s parents are Dominic James and Diane Louise Ferrari.

Charles Casolare, of 1095 Girl Scout Road, Stevens, and Hannah Grace Ornelas, of 32 Main St., Akron. Casolare’s parents are Charles James and Janet Elaine Casolare. Ornelas’ parents are Victor and Maria Ornelas.

Oliver Macbeth Harre, of 24 Jones St., Apt. 207, Newark, N.J., and Sade Elizabeth Cox, same address. Harre’s parents are Michael Robert and Louise Jannette Harre. Cox’s parents are Delroy Anthony Cox and Winnette Marjorie Jackson.

Tyler Scott Weber, of 505 1/2 W. Market St., Marietta, and Monika Christine Eshleman, same address. Weber’s parents are Lewis Lee Weber and Dawn Coover. Eshleman’s parents are Robert and Christine Eshleman.

Gregory Joseph Turnowchyk, of 201 Pequea Blvd., Conestoga, and Meredith Kathleen Eshbach, of 63 Eastbrook Road, Ronks. Turnowchyk’s parents are Joseph and Carol Marie Turnowchyk. Eshbach’s parents are Dale Charles and Kathleen Margaret Eshbach.

Justin Allen Fresko, of 3317 River Road, Conestoga, and Kayla Nicole Bollinger, same address. Fresko’s parents are William Charles Fresko and Sherri Lynn Parish.

Alexander Raymond Gipe, of 229 S. Poplar St., Elizabethtown, and Madison Devon Dodge, same address. Gipe’s parents are Donald Alan and Tracy Lynn Gipe. Dodge’s parents are Timothy Stuart Dodge and Wendy Cazort.

Ivan Petersheim Zook, of 50 Sawmill Road, New Providence, and Emma M. Miller, of 2631 W. Eby Road, Bird-in-Hand. Zook’s parents are Ephraim Blank Zook and Annie Stoltzfus Petersheim. Miller’s parents are Elmer S. and Leah Mae Miller.

Brendon Thomas O’Shea, of 403 Stonebrook Drive, Palmyra, and Cassidy Rae Pinchorski, same address. O’Shea’s parents are Thomas and Tracey O’Shea. Pinchorski’s parents are Matthew and Elizabeth Pinchorski.

Norberto Collazo-Torres, of 1507 Butter Road, Apt. 8, and Maritza Santiago-Almestica, same address.

Joseph K. Stoltzfus, of 1435 Silver Spring Road, Drumore, and Kathryn Sue Stoltzfus, of 8151 N. Moscow Road, Parkesburg. Joseph Stoltzfus’ parents are Aaron and Lydia Stoltzfus. Kathryn Stoltzfus’ parents are James and Emma Stoltzfus.

Raymond Charles Lefever, of 100 Madge Drive, and Brittany Arlene Mohler, same address. Lefever’s parents are Raymond J. Lefever and Aurora A. Seally. Mohler’s parents are Edwin Allen and Diane Marie Mohler.

David Matthew Esh, of 6168 Beaver Dam Road, Narvon, and Marlene Faye Stoltzfus, of 436 N. Hollander Road, Gordonville. Esh’s parents are John L. Esh and Mary Ann Beiler. Stoltzfus’ parents are Jacob Ervin and Kathryn Jane Stoltzfus.

Elmer S. Zook, of 1718 White Oak Road, Strasburg, and Barbie S. King, of 219 Springville Road, Kinzers.

Baxter Craig Bevins, of 246 N. Arch St., and Julia Morgan-Agricoli, same address. Bevins’ parents are Errette Shemmel and Deborah Lynn Bevins. Morgan-Agricoli’s parents are Philip Nicholas Agricoli and Jennifer White Morgan.

Daniel Robert Kelly, of 42 Denny Circle, Newark, Del., and Caitlin Caroline Mazzoni, same address. Kelly’s parents are Thomas Joseph and Doris Marie Kelly. Mazzoni’s parents are Robert Ira Mazzoni and Kimberly Anne Stone.

Ryan Scott McMinn, of 200 Pleasant View Road, Hummelstown, and Katherine Marie Wright, same address. McMinn’s parents are Mike McMinn and Pamela Rux. Wright’s parents are Don McAlister and Katherine Marie Wright.

Isaiah E. Beiler, of 122 S. Belmont Road, Paradise, and Ruth Ann Allgyer, of 3138 Irishtown Road, Gordonville.

Melvin Petersheim King, of 30 Buch Mill Road, Lititz, and Esther K. Riehl, of 259 Mascot Road, Ronks.

Dylan Thomas Baylis, of 71 Stonecreek Court, Ephrata, and Zachary Vinceon Stump, same address. Baylis’ parents are Paul Joseph Baylis and Melissa Ann Ober. Stump’s parents are Marlin and Dawn Vinceon Stump.

Steven Jay Stoltzfus, of 236 Price Lane, Lykens, and Sylvia Esh, of 112 Maxwell Hill Road, Morgantown.

Brandon Kent Groff, of 5046 Newport Road, Kinzers, and Kirsten Janae Zeiset, of 991 Forest Hill Road, Stevens.

Andrew William Lippman, of 4095 Pine St., Philadelphia, and Ellen Wallace Botelho, same address. Lippman’s parents are Mark Joseph and Ilene Gay Lippman. Botelho’s parents are Tim and Paige Adrianne Pickering.

William H. Hine, of 421 College Manor Ave., Millersville, and Glenda S. Buswell, same address. Buswell’s parents are Fred and Lois Buswell.

Samuel Beiler King, of 384 Stormstown Road, Bird-in-Hand, and Sadie F. Stoltzfus, of 122 Mount Pleasant Road, Honey Brook. King’s parents are John Stoltzfus King and Lena Mae Beiler. Stoltzfus’ parents are Jonas G. Stoltzfus and Martha S. Fisher.

Paul Schaffers Roberts, of 3 Pennridge Ave., Mountville, and Sarah Kathleen Jacobs, same address. Roberts’ parents are John Edmund and Wilhelmina Schaffers Roberts. Jacobs’ parents are Kevin Joseph and Ann Theresa Jacobs.

Jonathan MacDonald Strausser, of 96 Ashley Drive, Marietta, and Destiny Faith Elaine Richardson, same address. Strausser’s parents are Blaine William Strausser and Laura Lynne Brockett-Strausser. Richardson’s parents are William Franklin Conger and Tonya Marie Hostetter.

Harley Gordon-Wallace Baum, of 856 N. Pennock St., Unit A, Philadelphia, and Amber Renee Dutcher, same address. Baum’s parents are Timothy Lewis and Nancy Alison Baum. Dutcher’s parents are Dave Thomas and Theresa Marie Dutcher.

Brendan Michael Dambro, of 22 Jason Drive, Oxford, and Brittany Michelle Bailey, same address. Dambro’s parents are Anthony Brice and Nancy Lynn Dambro. Bailey’s parents are James Rufus Bailey and Debra Lynn Monteith.

Anthony Reiff Hoover, of 2490 Rothsville Road, Lititz, and Rosalyn Joy Reiff, of 371 N. Hershey Road, Leola.

Christian Smucker King, of 2280 Horseshoe Road, Apt. 1, and Rosetta Jean Byler, of 16 Loop Road, Quarryville.

Isaiah James Kearsley, of 222 N. 11th St., Akron, and Julianne Louise Zimmerman, of 303 Dahlia Road. Kearsley’s parents are James William and Cathie Maria Kearsley. Zimmerman’s parents are Rodney Glen and Sharon Beth Zimmerman.

Anthony Lee Ruhl, of 246 Front St., Lititz, and Virginia Marie Enck, same address. Ruhl’s parents are Tracy Eugene and Glenna Joe Scarberry. Enck’s parents are William Paul Enck and Sandra Lee Brandt.

Mark Andrew Stoltzfus, of 6203 Division Highway, Narvon, and Susan Marie Blank, of 574 Gibbons Road, Bird-in-Hand.

Nancy Schmidt Brought, of 619 Springhouse Lane, Hummelstown, and Susan Kathleen Dussinger, same address.

Jean Carlos Boffil Delgado, of 2815 Terry Lane, and Yarizette Leon Matos, same address.

Emanuel K. Esh, of 788 Strasburg Road, Paradise, and Mary Beth Fisher, of 3217B Old Philadelphia Pike, Ronks.

Joshua Hernandez, of 1026 Olde Hickory Road, and Brandi Nicole Parry, same address. Hernandez’s mother is Sylvia Hernandez. Parry’s parents are Douglas Parry and Tammy Knisley.

Jose Maria De La Puente, of 2321 Middlegreen Court, and Guiliana Karolina Noboa, same address. Noboa’s parents Hector Geovanny Noboa and Emma Carolina Castaneda.

Argenis Martinez Mosquea, of 200 W. Olney Ave., Philadelphia, and Ericka Puello Santos, same address. Martinez Mosquea’s parents are William Martinez Vera and Candida Mosquea Monegro.

Andrew James Ross, of 103 Picadilly Hill Road, Quarryville, and Lacey Nicole Eldreth, same address. Ross’ parents are Harold Roy and Debroah Susan Ross. Eldreth’s parents are Danny and Sandy Eldreth.

Jarrid Meleta, of 297 Genesis Drive, Blandon, and Jolene Goss, of 8 Campside Circle, Conestoga. Meleta’s parents are Michael and Catherine Meleta. Goss’ parents are William and Regina Goss.

Aaron Moldoff, of 100 W. Kleine Lane, Apt. 503, Lititz, and Victoria Becker, same address. Moldoff’s parents are Robert and Arlene Moldoff. Becker’s parents are Carl and Tracy Becker.

Richard Sensenig Shirk, of 1021 Martindale Road, Ephrata, and Kaitlin Sue Good, of 319 E. Farmersville Road, Ephrata. Shirk’s parents are Clarence W. and Arlene B. Shirk. Good’s parents are Ron Good and Barbara Neudorf.

Mahlon B. King, of 340 Bellaire Road, Hershey, and Miriam K. King, of P.O. Box 39, Witmer.

Elijah Anselm Miller, of 144 N. Ronks Road, Apt. 321, Ronks, and Victora Isabella Scheuerman, of 323 Greenland Drive. Miller’s parents are Anthony Joseph and Wendy Sue Miller. Scheuerman’s parents are Anselm Dennis and Lori Jean Miller.

Marcus Lee Billman, of 26 Green St., and Ruth Mae Dawber, of P.O. Box 2821. Billman’s parents are Scott W. Billman and Angela L. Dove. Dawber’s parents are Tim and Alice Dawber.

Ervin King Smucker, of 244 Cinder Road, New Providence, and Emma S. King, of 796 Becker Road, Leola.

Kenneth Montanez, of 827 Orange St., and Glenda Pacheco, of 21 N. Broad St.

Gideon S. Fisher, of 265 N. Star Road, Ronks, and Ruthie K. Stoltzfus, of 111 Mount Pleasant Road, Christiana.

Aron Michael Ickes, of 777 E. Stella Lane, Apt. 109, Phoenix, Ariz., and Ashley Marie Estok, same address. Ickes’ parents are Michael Keith and Judy Arlean Ickes. Estok’s parents are John Andrew and Elaine Ann Estok.

John Vincent Salvino, of 827 Columbia Ave., and Emily Renee Savill, same address. Salvino’s parents are Joseph Michael and Susan Salvino. Savill’s parents are Robert and Beatrice Savill.

Wilmer F. King, of 217 Media Road, Oxford, and Barbara B. Beiler, 2800 Butter Road, Lititz.

Stephen Anthony Kramer, of 1765 Temple Ave., and Sarah Elizabeth Mahoney, same address. Kramer’s parents are Stephen Anthony Kramer and Sarah Elizabeth Velez. Mahoney’s parents are John and Cindy Louise Mahoney.

John K. King, of 879 Eshelman Mill Road, and Martha G. Fisher, of 31 N. Ronks Road, Ronks. King’s parents are Stevie G. King and Susie L. Kauffman. Fisher’s parents are Samuel J. Fisher and Rachel K. Glick.

James Edward Switzenberg, of 117 N. Second St., Wrightsville, and Erika L. Herold, of 1005 River Road, Quarryville. Switzenberg’s parents are John Carl and Delores Elaine Switzenberg. Herold’s parents are Walter Lee and Theresa Mary Herold.

Scott Stephen Douglass, of 275 Ridge Ave., Ephrata, and Bethany Kristine Fuhrman, of of 245 N. Marshall St. Douglass’ parents are Stephen Royal Douglass and Cheryl Douglass. Fuhrman’s parents are Steven Douglas and Diane Arlene Fuhrman.

Eli Madison Huyard, of 121 Springville Road, Kinzers, and Mariah Delene Beachy, of 711 E Orange St. Huyard’s parents are Galen Ray and Caroline Louise Huyard. Beachy’s parents are Mark Elvin and Regina Hope Beachy.

Adam Christopher Smith, of 322 1/2 W. Lemon St., and Caitlin Jean Jacobus, same address. Smith’s parents are David Paul and Susan Elaine Smith. Jacobus’ parents are Langford E. and Vickie Jacobus.

Bryan Guerrero, of 321 W. Martin Lane, Norwood, and Meghan L. Hansen, of 121 N. Norwinden Drive, Springfield.

Joel Daniel Cooper, of 37 Tysons Ford Road, Newark, Del., and Samantha Elaine Page, same address. Cooper’s parents are Jeffery Daniel and Cheryl Ann Cooper. Page’s parents are Robert Brinton and Marie Elaine Page.

Young Lee Oh, of 735 Vallery Road, Melrose Park, and Byonghan Lee, of 7055 Terminal Square, Upper Darby. Oh’s parents are Paul B. Oh and He U. Chung.

Phillip Scott Blanchard, of 333 N. Pine St., and Melitza R. Matute Figueroa, same address.

Rendell Jonathan Weaver, of 695 Water St., Ephrata, and Claryn Elise Groff, of 904 Orchard Road, Manheim. Weaver’s parents are Ronald and Rosene Weaver. Groff’s parents are Michael and Kimberly Groff.

Dylan Thomas Ravel, of 4 Townsend Court, and Brenda E. Hoover, same address. Ravel’s father is Thomas Ravel. Hoover’s parents are Boise Penrose and Elisabeth Hoover.

Charles Henry Ransford, of 1796 White Oak Road, Strasburg, and Kayla Marie Force, of 91 Lancaster Estates, Mount Joy. Ransford’s parents are Charles Henry and Shari Lynn Ransford. Force’s parents are Glenn Burleigh and Dawn Ellen Force.

Elijah Bryan Stayathome, 369 Colonial Crest Drive, and Helen Faith Vega, same address. Stayathome’s parents are Bryan Stayathome and Jezina Rodriguez. Vega’s parents are Victor Vega and Helen Santiago.

Roy Anthony Ranous, of 584 W. Main St., Mount Joy, and Emily Claire Barr, same address. Ranous’ parents are Roy Jeffrey Ranous and Amy Waterous. Barr’s parents are Paul Richard Barr and Joan Marie Herr.

Lewis S. Weaver, of 33 N. Hershey Ave., Leola, and Analoe Faburada Batac, same address.

Mitchell Roy Mellinger, of 207 Lakeside Crossing, Mount Joy, and Caitlyn Marie Reese, of 1985 Shady Oak Drive, Mount Joy. Mellinger’s parents are James Paul and Joann M. Mellinger. Reese’s parents are Jeffrey Allen and Dawn Michelle Reese.

John Wendell Beiler, of 75 Locust St., Leola, and Marion Faye Zook, of 5065 Old Philadelphia Pike, Kinzers.

Michael William Cohen, of 11 Country Club Blvd., Wilingboro, N.J., and Lauren Marie Wilson, same address. Cohen’s parents are Steven and Kathleen Cohen. Wilson’s parents are Timothy ans Susan Wilson.

Ariel Roberto Feliz Ruiz, of 328 Euclid Ave., and Kaitlyn Diana Guzman, of 1455 Monroe St., Reading. Feliz Ruiz’s mother is Lidia Ruiz Cuevas. Guzman’s mother is Angelica Alvarado.

Eric Matthew Hiester, of 48 Tobias Lane, Bernville, and Lauren Christine Brooks, 318 Post Oak Road. Hiester’s parents are Brian Hiester and Jeanette Mengel. Brooks’ parents are Craig and Helen Shaubach.

Joshua Lee Craig, of 3701 Redberry Way, Nottingham, and Laura Elizabeth Keating, same address. Craig’s parents are Johnathon Leroy Craig and Samantha Floyd. Keating’s parents are Brian Patrick Keating and Brandy Lynn Webster.

Michael Peter Shanahan, of 84 Battens Circle, Leola, and Lorina Vang, same address.

Eric Thomas Kennedy, of 210 S. Mill Road, Apt. 207, Kennett Square, and Sarah Elizabeth Sharp, of 20 Bullock Road, Chadds Ford. Kennedy’s parents are Philip Carman and Sandra Jean Kennedy. Sharp’s parents are Gary Wayne and Mara Lea Sharp.

Nicholas J. Sorenson, of 484 Estelle Drive, and Skylar Rae Weber, same address.

Ryan Todd Schneider, of 234 N. Chestnut St., Elizabethtown, and Stephanie Irene Saylor, same address. Schneider’s parents are Gregory David and Cynthia Robin Schneider. Saylor’s parents are Andrew Lee and Lois A. Saylor.

Tyler Andre Miller, of 378 Deerfield Drive, Mount Joy, and Caitlyn Nicole Cassel, of 547 E. Hernley Road, Manheim.

Michael Wayne Mosley, 54 N. Cedar St., Apt. 6, Lititz, and Leonette Henry, same address. Mosley’s parents are Stephen Bruce and Deborah Lynn Mosley. Henry’s parents are Eddie Shaw and Marie Rawlinson.

John William Lugo, of 901 High St., Steelton, and Maria De Los Angeles Alicea-Robles, 1232 Saint Joseph St.

 Miguel Luis Cancel, of 321 S. State St., Talmage, and Lillian Anna McGonigle, same address.

Ian Dane Griffith, of 113 N. Liberty St., Lititz, and Marina Joanne Anderson, same address. Griffith’s parents are Thomas Todd Griffith and Valerie Seven. Anderson’s parents are Eric and Heidi Anderson.

Angel Adolfo Tiul Caal, of 514 Pershing Ave., and Jessica Estremera Vargars, of 16 Travelo Drive.

Frandi Mendosa, of 170 W. Raymond St., Philadelphia, and Julissa Maria Ventura Jimenez, same address.

Andrew David Monath, of 215 Tidewater Drive, Havre De Grace, and Skylar Brooke Taraborelli, of 571 Hall Court, Havre De Grace. Monath’s parents are Gary Wayne and Deborah Lynn Monath. Taraborelli’s parents are Peter Paul Taraborelli and Donna Jean Thomas.

Domonique Nicole Sylvester, of 260 Stone Mill Road, Apt. C66, and Ashley Marie Sanes, same address.

Kenneth Leroy McGinnis, of 15 Jubilee Park, Peach Bottom, and Hannah Lillian Mae Morse, of 252 S. Lime St., Quarryville. McGinnis’ parents are Kenneth Leroy and Patricia Mae McGinnis. Morse’s parents are Norman Arthur and Christina Marie Morse.

Gregory Stefphan Hake, of 1077 Donegal Springs Road, Mount Joy, and Taylor Joy Martin, same address. Hake’s parents are Gregory Scott Hake and Stacy Klinedinst. Martin’s parents are Michael Martin and Darla Huddle.

Carlos Acosta Morales, of 629 S. Queen St., and Isabel Ortiz-Orellano, same address.

Derek Reiff Oberholtzer, of 80 Farmland Road, Leola, and Bethany Joy Nolt, of 1980 Beartown Lane, Narvon.

Patrick Thomas Cusmano, of 1655 Cambridge Road, Honey Brook, and Mikaela Rose Zimmerman, of of 230 Hill Road, New Holland. Cusmano’s parents are Thomas and Linda Cusmano. Zimmerman’s parents are Richard and Kathryn Zimmerman.

Rolando Rojas Aguas, of 29 Nolt Ave., Willow Street, and Brooklyn Raine Riley, same address. Rojas Aguas’ parents are Rolando Rojas Romero and Antonia Aguas Tomay. Riley’s parents are James Stoner and April Riley.

Fred L. Eash, of 18031 Nutmeg Ave., Bloomfield, and Beth Anne Groff, of 1179 Dry Tavern Road, Denver.

Raymond Joseph Cassidy, of 246 Oak St., Pottstown, and Angela Nicole Waltman, same address. Cassidy’s parents are Raymond Joseph and Cheryl Lynn Cassidy. Waltman’s parents are David Michael Waltman and Deanne Marie Diarchangelo.

Wesley Keith Cutler, of 110 Maplewood Lane, Marietta, and Desiree Lynn Breneman, same address. Cutler’s parents are Ronald Warren and Denise Ann Cutler. Breneman’s parents are Kenneth Leroy Breneman and Teresa Ann Stover.

Christopher A. Roth, of 162 Church St., Mountville, and Ashley Susan Kochel, same address.

 Alan Stanley Young, of 1026 W. Cliveden St., Philadelphia, and Rachel Marie Clayton, same address. Young’s parents are John Young and Rhonda Vaccaro-Young. Clayton’s parents are Jeff and Susan Elaine Clayton.

Son T. Nguyen, of 2038 S. 21st St., Philadelphia, and Truc Vo Thanh Nguyen, same address. Son Nguyen’s parents are Lam Nguyen and Nga Huynh. Truc Nguyen’s parents are Vinh Nguyen and Thuy Yo.

Vanel Francois, of 743 S. Lime St., and Sabruna Thomas, same address.

Shannon Wylie Zurcher, of 1700 Furman Drive, Florence, and Heidi Marie Handley, of 194 Stonehouse Lane, Columbia. Zurcher’s parents are Jeffrey Ray Zurcher and Robin Ann Freeman. Handley’s mother is Linda Lee Hess.

Logan Nelson, of 613 Hamaker Road, Manheim, and Mercy Boxleitner, of 1613 Wheatland Ave. Nelson’s parents are Ian Scott and Kirsten Marie Nelson. Boxleitner’s parents are Jon Arthur and Heather Ann Boxleitner.

Kems Darly Sylvain, of 11500 N. Dale Mabry Highway No. 1301, Tampa, Fla., and Tamarah Yael Gonzalez, of 56 Hayloft Road, Denver. Sylvain’s mother is Darlene Sylvain. Gonzalez’s parents are Miguel Gonzalez and Yeny Valbenito.

Ryan Andrew Albright, of 7505 Vernon Road, Elkins Park, and Emmanuella Jean-Ulysse Williams, same address. Albright’s parents are Leroy Rodney and Susan Lorraine Albright. Williams’ parents are Adrien Jean-Ulysse and Raphaelle Edwige Louis.