Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse: 

Frank John Hee III, of 1055 Tom Paine Drive, and Jennifer Anne Evans, same address. Hee’s parents are the late Frances John Hee and the late Sondra L. Hee. Evans’ parents are Robert K. and Peggy B. Barr.

Preston Duane Stauffer, of 400 S. Main St., Manheim, and Courtney Patricia Koelsch, same address. Stauffer’s parents are Lavon D. and Moye W. Stauffer. Kolesch’s parents are James B. and Lisa D. Koelsch.

Jannis Kuepper, of 238 E. Marion St., and Lauren M. Aument, same address. Kuepper’s parents are Jens Friebe and Annette K. Kuepper. Aument’s parents are David M.and Carol B. Aument.

Jose Antonio Rivera Torres, of 2179 River Road, Bainbridge, and Glorybel Eseras Velazquez, same address. Rivera Torres’ parents are Pedro Rivera Pagan and Francisca Torres. Esteras Velazquez’s parents are Edward Esteras and Estebania Velazquez.

Merikelson Merilus, of 800 Estelle Drive, and Christina Desmormes, same address. Merilus’ parents are Faskel Merilus and the late Monise Duperval. Desormes’ parents are Jean Desormes and the late Ermith Sado.

Daniel Fuentes Castro, of 165 Foal Court, and Hannah Christine Holbritter, same address. Castro’s parents are Jose I. Fuentes and Evelia Castro. Holbritter’s parents are James P. and Paulette C. Holbritter.

Richard James Nowatnick, of 47 Summerlyn Drive, Ephrata, and Cornelia A. Haws, same address. Nowatnick’s parents are Paul Richard and Cynthia Lauren Nowatnick. Haws’ parents are Raymond Duane and Karen Anne Haws.

Benuel F. King, of 351 Gridley Road, and Kathryn King Miller, of 3363 E. Gordon Road, Gordonville. King’s parents are Leroy F. and Lillian K. King. Miller’s parents are Menno B. and Ruth S. Miller.

Jonathan Eduardo Cruz Lamas, of 365 S. Queen St., and Alondra Isabel Giron, same address. Cruz Lamas’ parents are Eduardo O. Cruz and Alicia M. Lamas. Giron’s parents are Ceasareo and Amalia E. Giron.

Ronald Daniel Reynolds, of 500 East Newport Road, Lititz, and Emma Therese Lawson, of 31 Briarwod Lane, Ephrata. Reynolds’ parents are Daniel J. and Patricia M. Reynolds. Lawson’s parents are James and Helen A. Lawson.

Nathanael Jacob Woodcraft, of 125 Chestnut St., Lititz, and Sherri Beth Weaver, same address. Woodcraft’s parents are Bradley M. and Elaine B. Woodcraft. Weaver’s parents are Mervin R. and Shirley A. Weaver.

Joseph Michael Kennedy, of 5244 Denlinger Road, Gap, and Briena Elyse Healy, same address. Kennedy’s parents are Christopher D. Kennedy and Susan B. Crecco. Healy’s parents are Stephen F. Jr. and Cynthia M. Healy.

Cameron Ray Hurst, of 102 Church Ave., Ephrata, and Rebekah Elaine Brown, same address. Hurst’s parents are Duane R. and Carol S. Hurst. Brown’s parents are Ira L. III and Sheryl K. Brown.

Christopher William Finerty, of 1475 Putnam Drive, and Chelsea Ann Huerta, of 739 Robin Road. Finerty’s parents are Kenneth S. and Ginamarie Finerty. Huerta’s parents are Douglas Jacob Hiepler and Kathy Marie Kissinger.

Jose Arturo Almaguer Ortiz, of 205 N. Broad St., and Ivelissa Burgos, same address. Almaguer Ortiz’s parents are Arturo Almaguer Martinez and Maria Ortiz Belloz. Burgos’ parents are Antonio Burgo and Delilah Mercado.

Irvin Hoover Sauder, of 148 Goods Road, New Holland, and Esther Zimmerman Sauder, same address. Irvin Sauder’s parents are Ivan R. and Ella H. Sauder. Esther Sauder’s parents are Kenneth Z. and Lena M. Sauder.

Stephen H. Leid, of 419 E. Church St., Stevens, and Karen Zimmerman Shirk, same address. Leid’s parents are Titus B. and Mabel M. Leid. Shirk’s parents are Harlan N. and Susan O. Shirk.

Marvin S. Reiff, of 200 Schaffers School Road, Ephrata, and Melissa M. Martin, of 1246 Sheep Hill Road, East Earl. Reiff’s parents are Wilmer N. and Luella S. Reiff. Martin’s parents are Ervin H. and Eva M. Martin.

Daniel F. King, of 100 Sproul Road, Christiana, and Hannah Stoltzfus Miller, of 240 Forest Hill Road, Leola. King’s parents are Christ F. and Sylvia E. King. Miller’s parents are Isaiah G. and Lena L. Miller.

Benuel B. Allgyer, of 336 S. Bonshall Road, Coatesville, and Mary Elizbeth Glick, of 299 Millwood Road, Gap. Allgyer’s parents are Joseph S. and Barbara K. Allgyer. Glick’s parents are Elmer S. and Ada Z. Glick.

Michael S. Lapp, of 420 Weaver Road, Millersburg, and Dorothy Lynn Beiler, of 736 Deiter Road, Strasburg. Lapp’s parents are Elam D. and Naomi S. Lapp. Beiler’s parents are Eli S. and Linda S. Beiler.

Ivan S. Allyger, of 63 Witmer Road, and Rachel Ann Beiler, same address. Allyger’s parents are David J. and Mamie K. Allyger. Beiler’s parents are Elias S. and Linda F. Beiler.

John Miller Esh, of 503A Strasburg Road, Paradise, and Mary E. Stoltzfus, of 79 Windy Top Road, Christiana. Esh’s parents are Samuel L. and Elizabeth B. Esh. Stoltzfus’ parents are Jonas B. and Sara L. Stoltzfus.