Marriage Licenses

The following have applied for marriage licenses in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Matthew Dale Shissler Jr., of 785 Lancaster Pike, Quarryville, and Makayla Lee Pluck, of 107 Morrison Mill Road, Kirkwood. Shissler’s parents are Matthew Dale Shisser Sr. and Shannon Michelle Trout. Pluck’s parents are Kevin Michael Pluck and Jaime Nichole Neff.

Robert Lee Weaver, of 332 N. Fifth St., Denver, and Dawn Marie Zimmerman, of 311 Reinholds Road, Denver. Weaver’s parents are James G. and Elaine S. Weaver. Zimmerman’s parents are Wilmer D. and Anna M. Zimmerman.

Carl Wayne Pysher, of 225 Main St., Denver, and Sharon Stephens, same address. Pysher’s parents are Wayne L. and Shirley M. Pysher. Stephens’ parents are Gordon R. Stephens and the late Patricia Stephens.

Grant Michael Parmer, of 109 S. Main St., Manheim, and Melanie June Conant, of 3982 Marietta Ave., Columbia. Parmer’s parents are Michael S. and Kelly L. Parmer. Conant’s parents are Gloria J. Conant and the late Harvey H. Conant.

Robert David Rowe, of 1514 Sunset Ave., and Olivia Leigh Hershey, same address. Rowe’s parents are George Diller Rowe III and Kathe Elaine Weaver. Hershey’s parents are Matthew Kyle and Sheila Marie Hershey.

Steven M. Stoltzfus Jr., of 1059 Mondale Road, Bird-in-Hand, and Mary Jane Blank, of 222 Georgetown Road, Strasburg. Stoltzfus’ parents are Steven M. and Fannie F. Stoltzfus. Blank’s parents are Amos F. and Edna Ruth Blank.

Richard Wesley Hanley, of 265 Baker Road, Cochranville, and Sylvia E. Gracia, same address. Hanley’s parents are the late Fred L. Hanley and the late Patricia A. Hanley. Gracia’s parents are Angel R. and Aida L. Gracia.

Joseph David Graham, of 316 Coventry Lane, Lititz, and Heidi A. Witmer, of 245 Quaking Aspen Lane, Marietta. Graham’s parents are David T. and Mona J. Graham. Witmer’s parents are Harold F. Jr. and Nancy J. Witmer.

Jordan Karl Shelley, of 564 W. Lemon St., and Emily Paige Kelly, same address. Shelley’s parents are Dirk J. and Kathy L. Shelley. Kelly’s parents are Stephen P. Kelley and Nicole M. Preston.

Ozzy M. McCracken, of 460 Holly Ann Drive, Landisville, and Kylie Ann Logullo, same address. McCracken’s parents are Todd R. McCracken and Kimberly K. Kelchner. Logullo’s parents are Joseph J. Logullo and Anna M. Fisher.

Luis Angel Casiano Rodriguez, of 31 Baron Drive, and Natalia Torres-Zabala, same address. Casiano Rodriguez’s parents are Angel L. Casiano and Migdalia Rodriguez. Torres-Zabala’s parents are Santos M. Torres and Martha I. Zabala.

Zachariah B. Owens, of 12 Leaman Road, Paradise, and Nikki Lyn Schmidt, same address. Owens’ parents are Ronald Lee Owens and Robin Pauline Owens-Hammond. Schmidt’s parents are James Joseph Jr. and Jill Elizabeth Schmidt.

Christian Anthony Andrews, of 400 Rockhouse Run, Marietta, and Mariah Renee Bowman, of 148 Bank St., Landisville. Andrews’ parents are Michael Anthony Andrews and Lindy Rivera. Bowman’s parents are David Matthew Bowman and Maria Deangeles.

Jeffrey Lewis Stouch, of 2041 Meadow Road, Mount Joy, and Debra Jean Vanek, same address. Stouch’s parents are Lewis C. Stouch and the late Florence E. Briggs. Vanek’s parents are the late Conrad D. Volz and the late Alice R. Volz.

Ruben Obed Rodriguez, of 220 Stone Mill Road, and Maria Milagros Batista, same address. Rodriguez’s parents are Ruben Rodriguez and Ada Violeta Cruz. Batista’s parents are Iris Milagros Gonzalez and the late Abelardo Walter Vega.

Carlos R. Bolanos, of 25 Roselawn Ave., and Fanny S. Acosta-Bonilla, of 121 Sunrise Ave. Bolanos’ parents are Orlando and Olga C. Bolanos. Acosta-Bonilla’s parents are Paulino Acosta and Elena M. Bonilla.

Nathan Martin Auker, of 300 Green Park Road, Elliottsburg, and Kara Mikayla Martin, of 607 Holtzman Road, Reinholds. Auker’s parents are Martha A. Brubaker and the late Warren S. Auker. Martin’s parents are Gregory S. and Darleen J. Martin.

David Wilson King, of 85 Beattys Tollgate Road, Marietta, and Laura Elaine Noll, of 890 Pinkerton Road, Mount Joy. King’s parents are John Allen and Karen Louise King. Noll’s parents are James Kevin and Holly Eileen Noll.

Gaspar Mendez Jr., of 140-21 31st Road, Flushing, N.Y., and Kin Ping Tian, same address. Mendez’s parents are the late Gaspar Mendez Sr. and the late Carmen G. Mendez. Tian’s parents are the late Lang Chen Tian and the late Jin Shu Zhang.

Daniel Raidel Leal Perez, of 707 Beaver St., and Altagracia N. Garcia-Artiles, of 1600 Eshelman Mill Road, Willow Street. Leal Perez’s parents are Daniel Leal and Yurima Perez Moreno. Garcia-Artiles’ parents are Edgardo A. Garcia and the late Orquidea Artiles.

Joshua Lee Almodovar, of 128 S. Main St., Manheim, and Kimberly Lynn Heddinger, same address. Almodovar’s parents are Michael J. Mattice and Andrea L. Pabon. Heddinger’s parents are Paul M. Heddinger and Barbara A. Hartley.

David Joseph Lantz, of 2084A Smyrna Road, Reinholds, and Naomi Ruth Esh, of 5595 Limeville Road, Gap. Lantz’s parents Melvin J. and Ann Marie Lantz. Esh’s parents are Ivan B. and Sarah A. Esh.

Donald Eugene Roeder IV, of 2122 Rowell Road, Quantico, Va., and Hannah Grace Dengler, of 1610 Garden Station Road, Avondale. Roeder’s parents are Donald Eugene III and Alicia Anne Roeder. Dengler’s parents are Keith Alan and Joy Lenore Dengler.

Jereme Stewart McAlpin, of 1232 Mill St., Narvon, and April Leigh Mieczkowski, same address. McAlpin’s parents are Nancy Lee McAlpin and the late Patrick Stewart McAlpin. Mieczkowski’s parents are the late Charles Edward Oxenford Jr. and the late Marjorie Ann Oxenford.

Eric Steven Hihn, of 49 Creekview Drive, Paradise, and Aundrea Cheree Sangrey, same address. Hihn’s parents are Christopher Scott and Donna Ellen Hihn. Sangrey’s parents are Mark Phillip Sangrey and Lisa Cheree Weaver,

Chad Michael Schusko, of 231 Delp Road, and Amneris Joanne Sepulveda, same address. Schusko’s parents are Craig A. Schusko and Terry L. Albright. Sepulveda’s parents are Ramon Sepulveda and Olga A. Diaz.

Paul Robert Begley, of 12 Corie Court, Port Jefferson, N.Y., and Falen Marie Fricchione, same address. Begley’s parents are the late Robert J. Begley and the late Dorothy L. Begley. Fricchione’s parents are Mark A. and Cheryl A. Fricchione.

David J. Weiser, of 734 W. Sixth St., Lititz, and Jennifer E. Eshleman, same address. Weiser’s parents are Herta J. Weiser and the late Alvin E. Weiser. Eshleman’s parents are Janice M. McCreary and the late Gerald R. McCreary.

David Matthew Zook, of 6167 Division Highway, Narvon, and Rebecca Kathryn Stoltzfus, of 451 E. Eby Road, Leola. Zook’s parents are Daniel E. and Naomi P. Zook. Stoltzfus’ parents are Alvin F. and Mary E. Stoltzfus.

Timothy Paul Sadler, of 119 Countryside Lane, Marietta, and Vanessa Ivelisse Matos, of 2515 Pampas Drive, York. Sadler’s parents are Melvin F. Jr. and Judith A. Sadler. Matos’ parents are Milton L. Matos and Carmen E. Roman.

Patrick Ryan Kennedy, of 405 New Holland Ave., and Emmalee Star McGuigan, same address. Kennedy’s parents are Thomas P. and Mary E. Kennedy. McGuigan’s parents are Ricky L. McGuigan and Julie M. Zemba.

Allen H. McNeill, of 162 Irene Ave., Ephrata, and Pauli A. Busser, same address. McNeill’s parents are the late Charles W. McNeill and the late Jacqueline F. McNeill. Busser’s parents are the late Harry S. Brunner and the late Virginia F. Brunner.

Elias S. Stoltzfus, of 4039 E. Newport Road, Kinzers, and Jenny Lynn Hagans, same address. Stoltzfus’parents are Elizabeth K. Stoltzfus and the late Benjamin B. Stoltzfus. Hagans’ parents are John H. and Ruth A. Gregg.

Stephen Anthony Biddison, of 1029 Millwood Drive, Willow Street, and Kelly M. Metzler, same address. Biddison’s parents are Randy Joseph Biddison and Lisa Lynette Stermer. Metzler’s parents are Gerald Alan Metzler and Karen Kaye Fleming.

Omar Jay Stoltzfus, of 60 Peach Lane, Ronks, and Marian Z. Smoker, of 3415 W. Pequea Lane, Gordonville. Stoltzfus’ parents are Simeon R. and Rachael K. Stoltzfus. Smoker’s parents are Jonas J. and Naomi B. Smoker.

Tanamera E. Trinidad, of 53 E. Main St., Reinholds, and Michelle D. Cassel, same address. Trinidad’s parents are Tito A. Trinidad Jr. and Patti J. Gray. Cassel’s parents are the late Henry M. Cassel Jr. and the late Dawn M. Hackman.

Jose Arturo Aleman Gomez, of 585 S. Penryn Road, Manheim, and Marisol Galindo Martinez, same address. Aleman Gomez’s parents are Aristeo Aleman Milan and the late Maria de Jesus Gomez Almedariz. Galindo Martinez’s parents are Modesto B. Galindo and Petra Martinez.

Christopher H. Feliciano, of 2004 William Penn Way, and Kristin Elizabeth Schmitt, same address. Feliciano’s parents are Fransico C. and Maria Feliciano. Schmitt’s parents are Robert C. Schmitt and the late Vickie L. Schmitt.

Jeffrey Christopher Ozaeta, of 145 N. Fourth St., Columbia, and Jordan Adrienne White, same address. Ozaeta’s parents are Carlos Ozaeta and Carmen A. Alonzo. White’s parents are Jeffrey l. Dorm and the late Paula Y. White.

Jesse Riehl King, of 6184 Meadville Road, Narvon, and Amanda E. Stoltzfus, of 2431 Conestoga Creek Road, Narvon. King’s parents are Daniel S. and Barbara S. King. Stoltzfus’ parents are Ammon P. and Sarah L. Stoltzfus.

Douglas Lynn Pfautz, of 521 Colonial Crescent Drive, Lititz, and Lynn F. Thomas, same address. Pfautz’s parents are Gerald R. and Rachel Pfautz. Thomas’ parents are Genevieve R. Dolan and the late William F. Thomas.

Isaias Enrique Aponte, of 275 Peach Bottom Road, Willow Street, and Briana NIcole Grimes, same address. Aponte’s parents are Efrain O. and Mary A. Rivera. Grimes’ parents are Nicole L. Glover and the late Douglas V. Grimes.

Jordan Owen Baughman, of 13472 Ridge Road, Stewartstown, and Teri Ashley Baetzel, same address. Baughman’s parents are Keith O. Baughman and the late Denise E. Baughman. Baetzel’s parents are Dawn R. Kolinger and the late Terry L. Baetzel.

Leon A. Robinson Sr., of 521 Cobblestone Lane, and Patricia R. Carl, same address. Robinson’s parents are Leon Albert Morant and Birdie Darethea Robinson. Carl’s parents are the late Edward Brooks and the late Carol Francess Tuner.

Vladislav D. Simeunovic, of 1527 Rothsville Road, Lititz, and Saveta Poliak, same address. Simeunovic’s parents are the late Dragomir Simeunovic and the late Vida Simec. Poliak’s parents are Slavojka Poliak and the late Jovo Poliak.

Dennis Lee Wright, of 25 Princess Ave., and Haja Durkuray, same address. Wright’s parents are the late James F. Wright and the late Cheryl E. Wright. Dukuray’s parents are the late Ali Dukuray and the late Umu Bayoh.

Michael Thomas Adcock, of 230 Old Delp Road, and Micheala Erin Newcomer, same address. Adcock’s parents are Michael Scott and Susan Gayle Adcock. Newcomer’s parents are Michael Eugene Newcomer and Wendi Sue Harris.

Mark Earle Ewell, of 620 Wentzel Road, East Earl, and Brittany Ann Bowbin, of 162 S. Pool Forge Road, Narvon. Ewell’s parents are Calvin E. and Diane M. Ewell. Bowbin’s parents are Robert J. Bowbin and Jacqueline L. Stump.

John Esh King, of 115 Short Road, Morgantown, and Mary Beth Stoltzfus, of 555 Old Philadelphia Pike, Gap. King’s parents are Eli G. and Elizabeth L. King. Stoltzfus’ parents are Samuel A. and Susan J. Stoltzfus.

Jason Christopher Andrews, of 125 Jubilee Road, Paradise, and Alicia A. Cox, same address. Andrews’ parents are Ronald Raymond and Kelley Lavern Andrews. Cox’s parents are David Bruce Cox Jr. and Pamila Ann Turek.

Lance Daniel Robert Jeffers, of 825 Columbia Ave., and Elle Sue Rivera, same address. Jeffers’ parents are Jon Jeffers and Heather L. Boone. Rivera’s parents are Fransico and Carolyn A. Rivera.