Marriage Licenses

The following have applied for marriage licenses in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Charles E. Ratliff Jr., of 18 West View Drive, Akron, and Karen M. Robinson, of 20 Springcrest Drive, Akron. Ratliff’s parents are Charles E. Sr. and Cheryl B. Ratliff. Robinson’s parents are D. Eugene Graybill and the late Sharon M. Graybill.

Richard J. Moore, of 607 Melissa Lane, Mount Joy, and Nery Avelino De Leon, same address. Moore’s parents are Sandra J. Moore-Bair and the late Richard M. Moore. Avelino De Leon’s parents are Inocencio Avelino and the late Remigia De Leon.

Rogelio Perez-Juarez, of 353 Honey Locust Square, and Priscilla Perez, of 1402 Bentley Ridge Blvd. Perez-Juarez’s parents are Miguel Perez and Isabel Juarez. Perez’s parents are Cesar A. Perez and Huendy M. Flores.

Joseph Ralph Papandrea, of 564 Greenland Drive, and Jessica Lynn Greenly, same address. Papandrea’s parents are Salvator J. and Eva L. Papandrea. Greenly’s parents are Dale E. and Karen S. Greenly.

Peter Phan, of 2248 Spring Valley Road, and Bich Thi Ngoc Nguyen, same address. Phan’s parents are Lon Nguyen and the the late Bui Phan. Nguyen’s parents are Buol Van Nguyen and Thau Thi Huynh.

Luis Argelis Lopez-Gonzalez, of 6F Foal Court, and Michele Ann Mona, same address. Lopez-Gonzalez’s parents are Luis A. Lopez and Maria D. Gonzalez. Mona’s parents are Jorge and Esmeralda Mona.

Levi B. Petersheim, of 2690 Stumptown Road, Bird-in-Hand, and Rachel Glick Beiler, of 5207 Airport Road, Akron. Petersheim’s parents are Benuel K. and Betty Ann Petersheim. Beiler’s parents are Ephraim S. and Fannie Z. Beiler.

Daniel J. Stoltzfus, of 630 Whiteschool Road, Honey Brook, and Katie L. Kauffman, of 1760 Cainbridge Road, Honey Brook. Stoltzfus’ parents are Samuel F. and Ruth G. Stoltzfus. Kauffman’s parents are Amos S. and Elizabeth A, Kauffman.

Brent Bruce Brenner, of 1010 Holly Lane, Denver, and Kristina L. Sweigart, same address. Brenner’s parents are Charles L. and Fianna W. Brenner. Sweigart’s parents are Roy A. and Jean L. Sweigart.

Christopher S. Grubic, of 1027 Village Road, and Beth A. Holloway, same address. Grubic’s parents are Michael T. and Pamela S. Grubic. Holloway’s parents are James D. and Carol A. Holloway.

Samuel Mark Stoltzfus, of 1151 Landisville Road, Manheim, and Sadie Mae Zook, of 44 Harristown Road, Paradise. Stoltzfus’ parents are Levi E. and Linda J. Stoltzfus. Zook’s parents are Aaron G. and Salome K. Zook.

Ferdinand Montalvo Cruz, of 434 Beaver St., and Barbara Delia Morales-Garcia, same address. Montalvo Cruz’s parents are Hector D. Montalvo and Elizabeth Cruz. Morales-Garcia’s parents are Juana T. Garcia and the late Osvaldo A. Emanuelli.

Kevin Lyn Stoltzfus, of 127 California Road, Narvon, and Kaitlyn Marie King, of 206 Hill Road, New Holland. Stoltzfus’ parents are Jay I. and Ruth A. Stoltzfus. King’s parents are Mahlon J. and Elsie M. King.

Allister E. Nuique, of 204 Derbyshire Road, and Junne Geraldine Daisan Castanares, same address. Nuique’s parents are Alexander A. and Maria Alica E. Nuique. Castanares’ parents are Joslito D. and Jacqueline B. Castanares.

Terranee Karthak Lepcha, of 13 Hilltop Road, Lititz, and Ruth Anna Mershon, same address. Lepcha’s parents are Youel K. and Asha Lepcha. Mershon’s parents are Charles R. and Sarah H. Mershon.

Jacob Marc Vanderwal, of 141 Grant St., Ephrata, and Raeann Nicole Roseberry, same address. Vanderwal’s parents are Marc Gudson Vanderwal and Karen Leslie Allen. Roseberry’s parents are William and Tracy Lee Roseberry.

Aneury Hernandez-Reynoso, of 1524 Swarr Run Road, and Ana Luisa Perez Hernandez, same address. Hernandez-Reynoso’s parents are Eladio G. Hernandez and Maria Reynoso. Perez Hernandez’s parents are Luis F. Perez and the late Luisa E. Hernandez.

Henry K. Smoker, of 33 Oak Road, Kirkwood, and Mary Fisher King, of 1494 Kirkwood Pike, Kirkwood. Smoker’s parents are John L. and Annie B. Smoker. King’s parents are Elam K. and Rachel L. King.

Gregory J. Kaufhold Jr., of 349 Chestnut St., Columbia, and Sheri L. Albert, same address, Kaufhold’s parents are Gregory J. Kaufhold Sr. and the late Candace M. Kaufman. Albert’s parents are Dennis M. Rupp and the late Linda E. Rupp.

Patrick James Pallas, of 4076 Jasmine Place, Mount Joy, and Pamela D. Plank, same address. Pallas’ parents are the late Carl Fred Pallas and the late Patricia Mary Pallas. Plank’s parents are Barbara Jane Brooks and the late Donald Eugene Brooks.

Benuel Zook Lapp, of 189 Lambert Road, Narvon, and Hannah S. King, of 5606 Buena Vista Road, Gap. Lapp’s parents are Emanuel King and Rachel Joy Lapp. King’s parents are Elmer Esh and Sadie Ann King.

David Alan Leeking, of 230 N. Pine St., and Christina M. Donaldson, same address. Leeking’s parents are Dennis P. and Dianne L. Leeking. Donaldson’s parents are Kevin L. Donaldson and Geralyn M. Frascella.

Hector L. Torres-Guzman, of 1949 Millcreek Road, and Yashira Marti-Quinones, same address. Torres-Guzman’s parents are Teresita Guzman and the late Hector L. Torres. Marti-Quinones’ parents are Juan R. Marti and Lydia E. Quinones.

Wilken Joseph, of 333 S. Prince St., and Rebecca Kavira, same address. Joseph’s parents are Edner Joseph and Olamcia Mergile. Kavira’s parents are Kambale Remakley and Kahindo Florence.

Colby Lewis McMullen, of 15 Donegal St., Washington Boro, and Carey Elizabeth Sheils, same address. McMullen’s parents are Leslie L. McMullen and Kimberly M. Weit. Sheils’ parents are Neil F. and Christine K. Sheils.

James Elijah Ranck, of 767 Pequea Ave., Gap, and Mary E. Murphy, of 16 Buck Hill Road, Kinzers. Ranck’s parents are John J. and Brenda D. Ranck. Murphy’s mother is Claire J. Loretto.

Anthony James Mead, of 224 Mackin Ave., and Audrey S. Lilley, same address. Mead’s parents are James Arthur and Cynthia Ruth Mead. Lilley’s parents are Rod Marinus and Kimberly Ann Lilley.

Daniel Benjamin Nelson, of 130 E. Chestnut St., and Shalene Danielle Arnold, of 523 Cherry St., Sacramento. Nelson’s parents are John Jeffrey and Ruth Elizabeth Nelson. Arnold’s parents are Ray Hackman Jr. and Shelley Louise Arnold.

Orlando Montanez Jr., of 24 1/2 S. Eastland Drive, and Amanda L. Thomas, of 739 Hershey Ave. Montanez’s parents are Orlando Montanez Sr. and Elisa Quintana. Thomas’ parents are Lawrence A. Thomas and Tracy L. Shoff.

Eugene Freeman, of 2509 Alfred Drive, Lansdowne, and Wilhemina Josephine Smith, same address. Freeman’s parents are Lucy G. Collins and the late Stephen B. Freeman. Smith’s parents are the late Alfred G. Smith Sr. and the late Rebecca Decker.

Joshua Duane Bryan, of 63 Reagan Drive, Ephrata, and Ashley Margaret Kump, same address. Bryan’s parents are Harold Kagarise and Christina L. Bryan. Kump’s parents are William J. Kump and the late Sheila A. Kump.

Thomas Edward Billet, of 2031 Village Circle E, York, and Cindy Mae Leonard, same address. Billet’s parents are the late Wilson G. Billet and the late Eunice B. Billet. Leonard’s parents are the late Richard D. Eaton and the late Shirley I. Eaton.

Austin Paul Sensenig, of 384 Farmersville Road, New Holland, and Charlene Danae Long, of 486 Spring Grove Road, East Earl. Sensenig’s parents are Kenneth and Alma R. Sensenig. Long’s parents are Nevin R. and C. Joyce Long.

Donovan James Bryant, of 615 Shirley Drive, Aberdeen, Md., and Amber Lynn Frisby, same address. Bryant’s parents are James A. and Linda N. Bryant. Frisby’s parents are Darrin P. Frisby and Melanie M. Alexander.

Yamill Montanez-Aponte, of 2321 Fruitville Pike, and Jahaira Retamar, same address. Montanez Aponte’s parents are Maria E. Santos and the late Celeito C. Montanez. Retamar’s parents are Arnaldo Rodriguez and Sara Delgado.

Aaron A. Harnish, and Katherine Ann Lutz. Harnish’s parents are Anthony Richard and Karen Lynn Harnish. Lutz’s parents are Nora Stockmann Jens and the late Kurtis David Jens.

Cordell Ethan Ellis, of 5960 Geneva Drive, East Petersburg, and Alicia Denae Stoltzfus, of 5675 Lincoln Hills Drive, Gap. Ellis’ parents are Glenn Ellis and Vickie Lynn Rimert. Stoltzfus’ parents are Alphus David and Kimberly Ann Stoltzfus.

Daniel Allan King, of 897 Swan Road, Atglen, and Marilyn S. Beiler, of 907 Peters Road, New Holland. King’s parents are Sam U. and Lydia S. King. Beiler’s parents are Marvin Lee and Esther L. Beiler.

Omar W. Blank, of 424 Amish Road, Gap, and Susan Marie Stoltzfus, of 153 Maple St., Gordonville. Blank’s parents are Eli K. and Lizzie Allgyer Blank. Stoltzfus’ parents are Elmer G. and Rachel E. Stoltzfus.

Angelo Mario Walton, of 450 E. King St., and Francine Nicole Robles, same address. Walton’s parents are Felipe Lasanta and Angela Rosado. Robles’ parents are Joni L. Sacco and the late Francisco Robles.

Alexander Apostolou, of 3601 Woodhaven Court, Woodbrige, Va., and Breanna Leigh Smith, same address. Apostolou’s parents are Effie L. Apostolu and the late George L. Apostolu. Smith’s parents are Gene H. and Andrea M. Smith.

Paul M. Vega, of 6 W. Farms Square, Bronx, N.Y., and Jasmin Soto, of 40 Garden Court. Vega’s parents are Victor Vega and Helen Santiago. Soto’s parents are Juan B. Soto and Marilyn Acevedo.