Marriage Licenses

The following have applied for marriage licenses in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Stephen Wayne King, of 1336 Beaver Dam Road, Honey Brook, and Rebecca Sue Beiler, of 185 Snake Lane, Kinzers. King’s parents are Isaac S. and Nancy J. King. Beiler’s parents are Melvin D. and Anna M. Beiler.

Carlos Edgardo Vazquez, of 10 Bucknell Ave., and Nathaly Joan Lallave-Pancorbo, same address. Vazquez’s parents are Israel Vazquez and Abigail Galarza. Lallave-Pancorbo’s parents are Luis D. Lallave and Maritza I. Pancorbo.

Bryan K. Peirson, of 5 E. Pennsy Road, New Providence, and Ashley Eileen Tressler, of 115 Meadow Valley Road, Ephrata. Peirson’s parents are Mark V. Peirson Sr. and the late Theresa D. Eldreth. Tressler’s parents are Paul E. Sr. and Linda G. Tressler.

Fernando Rosado Jr., of 14 Forest Hill Road, Leola, and Jennifer Jane Jarvis, same address. Rosado’s parents are Fernando Rosado and the late Angela Rosado. Jarvis’ parents are Paul G. and Deborah J. Jarvis.

Jose Daniel Colon, of 1716 Judie Lane, and Sheryl Leeanne Golicher, same address. Colon’s parents are Reyes Pena and the late Jose M. Colon. Golicher’s parents are Scott R. and Sara E. Golicher.

Bradley Aaron Hoover, of 190 Rose Hill Road, Ephrata, and Yalonda Rose Weaver, of 180 Fire House Road, Shippensburg. Hoover’s parents are Aaron J. and Delores A. Hoover. Weaver’s parents are Timothy A. and Janet M. Weaver.

Michael John Spackman, of 34 S. Ninth St., Columbia, and Jordan Marie Brooks, same address. Spackman’s parents are Elmer Arthur and Cindy Anne Zink. Brooks’ parents are Glen Melvin Brooks Jr. and Melissa Sue Stauffer.

Christ Ray Petersheim, of 102A New Holland Road, Gordonville, and Mary Sue Lapp, of 3763 Yost Road, Gordonville. Petersheim’s parents are Daniel F. and Martha M. Petershein. Lapp’s parents are Mervin E. and Priscilla M. Lapp.

Vincent Andrew Russo, of 1001B Old Joppa Road, Joppa, Md., and Kelsea Mariah Blazek, same address. Russo’s parents are Ronald J. Russo and Jo Ann Newbill. Blazek’s parents are Joseph S. Blazek and Denise M. Carlino.

Richard G. Stepanchak, of 1284 Drager Road, Columbia, and Sharon Louise Renninger, of 122 W. Front St., Marietta. Stepanchak’s parents are Patricia E. Stepanchak and the late Russell Stepanchak. Renninger’s parents are Shirley A. Reynolds and the late James M. Reynolds.

Constance E. Bamberger, of 330 E. Main St., Newmanstown, and Lorrie L. Raihl, same address. Bamberger’s parents are the late Franklin E. Bamberger and the late Dorothy E. Bamberger. Raihl’s parents are Gail L. Kiscadden and the late Daniel L. Raihl.

Michael Angelo Collazo Alomar, of 12488 Kloss Drive, and Jennifer Arroyo Burgos, same address. Collazo Alomar’s parents are Miguel A. Collazo and Gloria I. Alomar. Arroyo Burgos’ parents are Jose Arroyo and Maria I. Burgos.

Christopher Anthony Cashin, of 45 N. Kinzer Ave., New Holland, and Courtany Melissa Kaluzny, same address. Cashin’s parents are Steven Edmund Sr. and Deborah Ann Cashin. Kaluzny’s parents are Ronald John and Lori Lynne Kaluzny.

Ryan Michael Nemith, of 4115 Holly Drive, Columbia, and Lauren N. Bradley, same address. Nemith’s parents are Steven Michael and Deborah Sue Nemith. Bradley’s parents are James Michael and Karen Michele Bradley.

Joshua Paul Trimmer, of 452 N. State St., Ephrata, and Karen M. Burnish, same address. Trimmer’s parents are Albert Nelson and Barbara Elaine Trimmer. Burnish’s parents are Roxanne Marie Weidenhammer and the late John Paul Canceliere Sr.

Adam James Williams, of 249 Sparrow Lane, Ephrata, and Kathryn Anne Gochnauer, of 798 Hempfield Hill Road, Columbia. Williams’ parents are Paul E. and Carol M. Williams. Gochnauer’s parents are Richard L. and Loren M. Gochnauer.

Gavin Duane Rea, of 7 W. Orange St., Lititz, and Amanda Nicole Shoenberger, same address. Rea’s parents are Carrie J. Rea and the late Duane E. Rea. Shoenberger’s parents are William M. and Brenda L. Shoenberger.

Marlin Lee Fisher, of 426 Twin Elm Road, Strasburg, and Jasmine Alina Martin, of 3601A Pequea Lane, Gordonville. Fisher’s parents are Mervin L. and Anna M. Fisher. Martin’s parents are Lucinda J. Martin and the late Dean R. Martin.

John David Gravely, of 215 Heather Wood Drive, Ephrata, and Lorrissa Irene-Marie Reis, same address. Gravely’s parents are Dennis S. Gravely and the late Betty J. Gravely. Reis’ parents are Scott M. Reis and Darlene R. Frederick.

Marshall Colby Horst, of 336 W. Main St., New Holland, and Paige Elizabeth Hostetter, of 140 Haysville Road, Oxford. Horst’s parents are Jeffery Scott and Julia Steffy Horst. Hostetter’s parents are John Jay and Judy Lynn Hostetter,

Joshua William Harrison, of 46 Fairview Drive, Hanover, and Chandra Lanay Calloway, of 6001 Woodbine Ave., Philadelphia. Harrison’s parents are Jerry Arthur Sr. and Beverly Ann Harrison. Calloway’s parents are Vincent Lawrence and Teresa Calloway.

Chad J. Pickel, of 130 Crestmore Ave., and Casey Jo McCarter, same address. Pickel’s parents are James M. and Ronda F. Pickel. McCarter’s parents are John R. and Donna L. McCarter.

Dylan William-Dennis Pierce, of 122 Cedar Hill Road, Peach Bottom, and Desiree Evelyn Rivera, same address. Pierce’s parents are Charles D. and Valerie E. Pierce. Rivera’s parents are Pablo Rivera and Julianna C. Spor.

Philip J. Burdzy-Klaus, of 2673 Kissel Hill Road, Lititz, and Jennifer Rae Walstrum, same address. Burdzy-Klaus’ parents are Edward L. Klaus and the late Joyce A. Burdzy-Klaus. Walstrum’s parents are David H. Walstrum and Ruth A. Stoltzfus.

Jacob Z. Riehl, of 3841 Yost Road, Gordonville, and Mamie Lantz Glick, of 195 Quarry Road, Leola. Riehl’s parents are Samuel S. and Rebecca L. Riehl. Glick’s parents are Elmer S. and Katie S. Glick.

Zachary Paul Shober, of 51 Buchland Road, Ephrata, and Adrienne Nicole Weidman, of 3688 River Road, Conestoga. Shober’s parents are Lyle G. and Kimberly J. Shober. Weidman’s parents are William B. and Bonnie B. Weidman.

Dion Olin Whitley, of 413 Hatteras Drive, Coatesville, and Tarshanda R. Harris, same address. Whitley’s parents are Alexander Whitley and Essie R. Reed. Harris’ parents are Wilbert Smith and Marianne Poole.

Edward Efren Esquilin, of 404 Malory St., and Mayra Espinosa, same address. Esquilin’s parents are the late Felix Esquilin and the late Juanita Esquilin. Espinosa’s parents are Augustin Espinosa and Maria M. Sanabria.

Adrian N. Woodman, of 2072 Sheaffer Road, Elizabethtown, and Poloma S. Gonsalves, same address. Woodman’s mother is Teresa Woodman. Gonsalves’ parents are Omawattie G. Charran and the late Yogashwer Gonsalves.

Dylan Lee Hoffer, of 195 Colebrook Road, Manheim, and Sarah Lyn Machowski, of 30 Highland Drive. Hoffer’s parents are Barry L. and Edna J. Hoffer. Machowski’s parents are Edward F. and Cynthia L. Machowski.

Jason Andrew Howarth, of 1330 Bryan Drive, and Johanna Rae Greiner, of 86 E. Hernley Road, Manheim. Howarth’s parents are Erwin G. and Isabel K. Howarth. Greiner’s parents are L. Nevin and Bonita R. Greiner.

Richard James Diaz, of 920 Plane St., Columbia, and Pham Muon Hong Phuoc Nguyen, same address. Diaz’s parents are the late Luis Diaz and the late Altita Diaz. Nguyen’s parents are Viet Cuong and Thitot Nguyen.

Adam Duerr Karl, of 406 S. Geneva St.,. Ithaca, N.Y., and Juana Munoz Ucros, same address. Karl’s parents are James J. and Carolyn D. Karl. Ucros’ parents are Monica Ucros and the late Santiago Munoz.

Herbert Moss Crystle II, of 236 N. Charlotte St., and Jennifer Miller, of 24 Kristin Circle, Downingtown. Crystle’s parents are Marjorie Louise Crystle and the late Charles Deans Crystle Sr. Miller’s parents are Clark McSparren Jr. and the late Ethelmae McSparren.

Alex Wesley Berwager, of 3122 Lincoln Highway East, Paradise, and Katarina Lucille Yaiser, same address. Berwager’s parents are Barry Earnest and Patricia Marie Berwager. Yaiser’s parents are Christian Albert and Antje Carol Yaiser.

Mugahed Hamed, of 103 S. Rockford Road, Mountville, and Genesis Ruth Garcia-Rosa, same address. Hamed’s parents are Hamid and Noel Hamid. Garcia-Rosa’s parents are Myra I. Rivera-Rosa and the late William Garcia.

Sammie Johnson Sr., of 2558 Lititz Pike, and Morine E. Notice, of 1716 Bussing Ave., Bronx, N.Y. Johnson’s parents are Willie L. Johnson Sr. and the late Trudie Johnson. Notice’s parents are the late Alvin Scott and the late Alma T. Davis.

Joseph Robert Mattey, of 813 Housman Place, and Marjorie Hughes Carkhuff, of 300 Willow Valley Lakes Drive, Willow Street. Mattey’s parents are the late Andrew C. Mattey and the late Margaret D. Mattey. Carkhuff’s parents are the late Clyde M. Hughes and the late Margaret L. Hughes.

Eunice M. Zeigler, of 255 Jonna Drive, Beavertown, and Jennifer J. Wentz, same address. Zeigler’s parents are the late Lester Smee Zeigler and the late Ferne Elizabeth Zeigler.

Leonard Martin Zimmerman, of 4139 Division Highway, East Earl, and Shante Antoinette Weaver, of 792 E. Main St., Ephrata. Zimmerman’s parents are Marlin and Rachel Zimmerman. Weaver’s parents are Elton Burkholder and Seleda Michelle Weaver.

Bradford C. Sovitski, of 931 Freeport Road, Creighton, and Marydelle Legaspi, of 92 Hamilton Ave., Yonkers, N.Y. Sovitski’s parents are Sharilyn A. Sovitski and the late Joseph J. Sovitski. Legaspi’s parents are Catalino P. and Feligia T. Legaspi.

Gurpreet Singh Chhabra, of 95 Morgan St., Stamford, Conn., and Mary Ellen Casey, of 8804 63rd Drive, Rego Park, N.Y. Singh Chhabra’s parents are Avtar Singh Chhabra and Mahinder Pal Kaur. Casey’s parents are Jon Michael and Sue Katherine Casey.

Nevin Roy Nolt, of 337 N. Maple Ave., Leola, and Lynelle Martin Weaver, of 1543 Union Grove Road, East Earl. Nolt’s parents are Isaac H. and Eva N. Nolt. Weaver’s parents are John Lauren and Anna H. Weaver.

Kurvin S. Burkholder, of 493 White Oak Road, New Holland, and Anna Mae N. Hoover, of 681 N. Railroad Ave., New Holland. Burkholder’s parents are Edwin S. and Anita Z. Burkholder. Hoover’s parents are Henry R. and Anna S. Hoover.

Nelson Hoover Reiff, of 141 Spring Grove Road, East Earl, and Lucille Hoover Zeiset, of 132 Spring Grove Road, East Earl. Reiff’s parents are Titus M. and Ada Z. Reiff. Zeiset’s parents are Paul D. and Ellen Z. Zeiset.

Marvin Horning Zimmerman, of 1060 Weaverland Road, East Earl, and Lucille Marie Newswanger, of 240 Gehman Road, Narvon. Zimmerman’s parents are Roy L. and Suetta H. Zimmerman. Newswanger’s parents are Elvin and Margaret A. Newswanger.

Anthony David Johns, of 25 Beech St., Newport, N.H., and Courtney Kendal Fox, same address. Johns’ parents are Dennis M. and Susan T. Johns. Fox’s parents are Francis S. and Suzanne G. Fox.

Carl Paul Weaver Jr., of 601 Hollander Road, New Holland, and Kimberly Sue Joyce, of 994 Hill St., Manheim. Weaver’s parents are Carl Paul Sr. and Connie Lynn Weaver. Joyce’s parents are Raymond J. and Xandra K. Rowe.

Andrew Darnell Bailey, of 502 Misty Drive, and Anna Marie Kennedy, same address. Bailey’s parents are the late Marion Phillips and the late Dorothy M. Bailey. Kennedy’s parents are Esther N. Rietler and the late Jesus M. Rosado.

Miguel Agustin Marquez, of 38 Breeze Way, and Katy Nurisnarda Almanzar Baez, same address. Marquez’s parents are Juana D. Lopez and the late Miguel S. Marquez. Almanzar Baez’s parents are Ramon D. Almanzar and the late Juana E. Baez.

Teodoro Marcelino Tecua, of 123 Linville Drive, Mountville, and Lindsey Altagarcia Cruz, same address. Marcelino Tecua’s parents are Esteban Marcelino and Justina Tecua. Altagarcia Cruz’s parents are Roselio Llanos and Ana M. Molina.

Aaron Mitchell Nolt, of 695 Indian Run Road, Ephrata, and Bethany Joy Horst, of 690 Clearview Road, Ephrata. Nolt’s parents are Aaron Jr. and Elva Jane Nolt. Horst’s parents are Walter Hoover and Elva Zimmerman Horst.

Desmond Alexander Clawges, of 737 E. Fulton St., and Yaideliz Marie Cancel Soto, same address. Clawges’ parents are Eliot N. Maldonado and Tonya L. Hall. Cancel Soto’s parents are Eduardo Cancel and Irene Soto.

Henry Davis, of 140 E. Cottage Ave., Millersville, and Michelle L. Ressel, same address. Davis’ parents are Mary S. David and the late Earl M. Davis. Ressel’s parents are the late John A. Tshudy and the late Maryanne Tshudy.

Coamez L. Rodriguez, of 121 Chester St., and Heather Lynn Weik, same address. Rodriguez’s parents are Luis A. Rodriguez and Maria I. Rosado. Weik’s parents are the late Lester Weik and the late Kimberly J. Unangst.

Daniel John Kenneson, of 1301 Blue Jay Drive, and Leah B. Tenenbaum, same address. Kenneson’s parents are Donna L. Kenneson and the late John K. Kenneson. Tenenbaum’s parents are Elliot L. and Diane F. Tenenbaum.

Padraic Logan Martin, of 85 Lower Hillside Road, Stevens, and Abigail Sue Hostetter, of 165 Brunners Grove Road, Reinholds. Martin’s parents are Bernell Martin and Karen Marie Martin. Hostetter’s parents are Anthony Lee and Rachelle Lyn Hostetter.

Michael Scott Lowe, of 913 Rabbit Hill Road, Lititz, and Heidi E. Lehman, of 5625 Bossler Road, Elizabethtown. Lowe’s parents are Robert N. and Mary E. Lowe. Lehman’s parents are the late David A. Kinne and the late Beatrice R. Kinne.

Bhavishan Kumar, of 35 Manor Ave., Millersville, and Pearl Mary Paniagua,. of 628 E. King St. Kumar’s parents are Jaspal Kumar and Giano Devi. Paniagua’s parents are Peter Sr. and Maria R. Paniagua.

Miguel Angel Acosta Britez, of 300 Stonemill Road, and Ashley Nicole Sutton, same address. Acosta Britez’s parents are German Acosta Alfonso and Elvira Britez de Acosta. Sutton’s parents are Evan A. and Johanna Sutton.

Andrew James Groff, of 48 N. Kinzers Road, Kinzers, and Shawntel Alexis Rutter, of 540 Spring Hollow Drive, New Holland. Groff’s parents are Brian L. and Tammy S. Groff. Rutter’s parents are Troy W. and Connie S. Rutter.

Anthony Philip Randisi, of 2631 Columbia Ave., and Amanda Marie Speth Galebach, of 1560 Robert Road. Randisi’s parents are Phil Randisi and Patricia Dieffenbach. Speth Galebach’s mother is Kimberly A. Speth.

Jacob Aaron Huber, of 424 E. North St., Carlisle, and Natalie G. Kennedy, of 601 Route 530, Manchester Township, N.J. Huber’s parents are John D. and Lisa A. Huber. Kennedy’s parents are James K. and Tamra J. Kennedy.