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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Matthew Jeffrey Stumpf, of 1001 Jay St., Lebanon, and Marie Gail Ogorek, same address. Stumpf’s parents are John and Kelly Stumpf. Ogorek’s parents are Casimir and Gail Ogorek.

Mark Donaldson, of 813 Crawford Lane, Delaware City, Del., and Sarah Ashley Marti, same address. Donaldson’s parents are Robert and Mary Donaldson. Marti’s parents are Herbert and Glynne Paige Marti.

Marco Allen Mendoza Badilla, of 4549 Ensenada St., Denver, and Angela Maria Castellanos Vega, of 238 Lincoln Ave., Apt. 3, Cliffside Park, N.J. Mendoza Badilla’s parents are Marco Antonio Mendoza Buenrostor and Anabel Badilla Gonzalez. Castellanos Vega’s parents are Luis Odillio Castellanos Castellanos and Maria del Carmen Vega Vega.

Carol Ann Lovale, of 534 N. Third St., Columbia, and Kayla Marie Bollinger, same address.

Gabriel Omar Osorio, of 955 Fah St., York, and Virgen Yury Gonzalez, same address. Osorio’s parents are Ruben Osorio and Anilia Rodriguez. Gonzalez’s parents are Jesus Gonzalez and Bertha Diaz.

Matthew Alan Stoltzfus, of 881 Peters Road, New Holland, and Rosa Lynn King, of 5227 Strasburg Road, Parkesburg. Stoltzfus’ parents are John S. and Miriam Stoltzfus. King’s parents are Mervin S. and Linda Mae King.

Craig Stephen Peters, of 2783 Steven Summit Drive, Columbia, and Thu Thuy Anh Vo, same address. Peters’ parents are Dale Ronald Peters and Linda Kay Groff. Vo’s parents are Thi Hong Lien Nugyen and

Thanh Ha Vo.

Orwin Grullon, of 10 Hill St., Apt. 10L, Newark, N.J, and Yaneli Reyes Ramos, same address. Grullon’s parents ar Octavio Grullon and Magaly Vargas. Reyes Ramos’ parents are Ascension Ramos de los Santos and Enmenengildo Reyes Almonte.

Douglas James Hallman, of 130 Baneberry Lane, Lititz, and Samantha Dawn Snyder, of 320 Pamela Lane, Lebanon. Hallman’s parents are James Alfred and Diana Lynn Hallman. Snyder’s parents are Terry Roy and Rosemarie Snyder.

Daniel Allan Gebhart, of 955 Hilldale Road, Holtwood, and Ashley Jane Ressler, same address. Gebhart’s parents are Kevin Paul Gebhart and Christal Marie Caldwell. Ressler’s parents are WIlliam Mark Ressler and Christina Marie Mylin.

Austin Grant Winters, of 166 Front St., Apt. 4, Lititz, and Janelle Angelyn Weaver, of 119 Meadow Valley Road, Apt. 5, Ephrata. Winters’ parents are Grant and Laurie Winters. Weaver’s parents are Gerald Lynn and Lynda Carol Weaver.

Ivan Luis Huertas, of 711 N. Marshall St., and Angelie Marie Santiago, same address. Huertas’ mother is Ivonne Huertas. Santiago’s parents are Alberto Luis Santiago and Iris M. Ortiz.

Joshua Randell Sears, of 571 Farmview Lane, Mount Joy, and Kristin Marie Ziegler, same address. Sears’ parents are Wesley Randell Sears and Cheryl Ann Boyer. Ziegler’s parents are Harold William and Susan Kay Ziegler.

Andrew Paul Weiss, of 180 Talon Drive, Ephrata, and Sarah Louise Jackson, same address. Weiss’ parents are James Robert Weiss and Francis Dee Patricia McGlynn. Jackson’s parents are Christopher and Jozefa Kristina Jackson.

Daniel Everett Linskens, of 10 Longridge Road, Ridgeway, S.C., and Emily Ruth Putiri, of 19 Chancellor Park Drive, Mays Landing, N.J. Linskens’ parents are Patrick John and Stephanie Carol Linskens. Putiri’s parnts are Ralph Charles and Joyce Ann Putiri.

Kristopher Serrano, of 25 Chickadee Circle, Leola, and Nittaya J. McFadden, same address. Serrano’s parents are Carlos Serrano and Sonya Purdy. McFadden’s parents are Derrick and Naya Brown.

Tyler Matthew Loyd, of 17 Pleasant View Drive, Strasburg, and Cassidy Lynn Baker, same address. Loyd’s parents are Samuel Bruce Loyd and Shari Lynn Van Art. Baker’s parents are Richard Charles and Tamara Hunter Baker.

Christopher Brandon Musser, of 435 N. Prince St., and Jillian Mae Jackson, same address. Musser’s parents are Dennis James and Kathi Lynn Musser. Jackson’s parents are Barry Mark and Karla Jo Strickler.

Zachary Joseph Zimmerman, of 7 Overlook Apartments, Elizabethtown, and Nicole Elizabeth Gramlich, of 701 E. Willow St., Apt. 5203, Elizabethtown. Zimmerman’s parents are Joseph and Lori Jo Zimmerman. Gramlich’s parents are Willliam Michael Gramlich and Evonne Rene Kopetchney.

Erick Jose Pinheiro de Viveiros Fonseca, of 346 New York Ave., Newark, N.J, and Elizabeth Sanchez, of 5049 F St., ground floor, Philadelphia.

Austin Lynn Beachy, of 185 Reading Road, East Earl, and Heidi Louise Kurtz, of 2933 Best Road, Morgantown. Beachy’s parents are Perry Lynn and Alma Beachy. Kurtz’s parents are Arlan Jay and Jane Louise Kurtz.

Richard Raffensperger, of 11 Lumber St., Mount Joy, and Denise Marie Uhl, of 64 Ironstone Drive, Elizabethtown. Raffensperger’s parents are Robert Raffensperger and Emmarene Sue Smith. Uhl’s parents are Arthur James Heiland and Anna Mae Zink.

Steven Todd Robison, of 33 Covington Court, Mount Joy, and Keren Elizabeth Wierzbicky, same address. Robison’s parents are Steven Todd and Lisa Marie Robison. Wierzbicky’s parents are Daniel Nolan and Sally Louise Balman.

Luis Felipe Narvaez-Santiago, of 1473 Passey Lane, J1, and Joseline Vera-Bauza, same address. Narvaez-Santiago’s parents are Luis Felipe Narvarez Ortega and Carmen Santiago Villanueva. Vera-Bauza’s parents are Jose Luis Vera Soto and Idaling Bauza Maldonado.

James Lee Weaver, of 240 Mohns Hill Road, Reinholds, and Melody Ruth Rudolph, of 3148 Rothsville Road, Ephrata. Weaver’s parents are Myron George and Rachel Lucille Weaver. Rudolph’s parents are Daniel Ray and Dawn Anita Rudolph.

John Gabriel Imhof, of 1614 Lampeter Road, and Rebecca Lynn Martin, of 440 Gridley Road. Imhof’s parents are John Frederick and Karen Janine Imhof. Martin’s parents are Roger Dean and Rhoda Jane Martin.

Dylan Brossman, of 11 Sassafras Circle, Lititz, and Hannah Grove, same address. Brossman’s parents are James and Denise Brossman. Grove’s parents are Kenneth and Laurie Grove.

Zachary Jordan Eckman, of 317 Crothers Road, Rising Sun, Md., and Catherine Grace Guethler, same address. Eckman’s parents are Ross David and Pamela Joy Eckman. Guethler’s parents are John Frederick and Julie Lee Guethler.

Jeremiah Rock Seal, of 2199 CR 3212, Jacksonville, Fla., and Tabitha Sue Holloman, same address. Seal’s parents are Rock Ken and Peggy Lee Seal. Holloman’s parents are Lester Phillip and Sherry Lynn Runge.

William David Martin, of 732 E. Chestnut St., and Crystal D. Quinones, same address. Martin’s parents are William Calvin Martin and Julia Ann Fetters. Quinones’ parents are Mario B. Quinones and Margerita Santana.

Michael David Voelker, of 372 Valley View Drive, New Holland, and Noelle Arlene Hurst, of 537 Stevens Road, Ephrata. Voelker’s parents are Anthony Edward and Kimberly Susan Voelker. Hurst’s parents are Shannon Lee and Charlotte Louise Hurst.

Jason Andrew Goodwin, of 240 E. Frederick St., Apt. 1, and Jessica Hanner, of 605 Greenhedge Drive. Goodwin’s parents are David Alan and Barbara Lynn Goodwin. Hanner’s parents are Jon and Joyce Hanner.

Deryk Adrian Morales, of 95 Springbook Court, and Kasey Elizabeth Burkhart, of 120 Good Road, Conestoga. Morales’ parents are Adrian and Melissa Morales. Burkhart’s parents are Kerry and Linda Burkhart.

Anthony E. Evans, of 26 Park Ridge Drive, Elizabethtown, and Shomara Brown, same address. Evans’ parents are Arnold E. Evans and Jennifer Wedderburn. Brown’s parents are Jose A. and Carmen M. Brown.

Timothy Lee Weaver, of 650 S. Kinzer Ave., New Holland, and Beverly Kay Robbins, of 2315A Old Philadelphia Pike. Weaver’s parents are Raymond W. and Mary Arlene Weaver. Robbins’ parents are Benjamin Francis and Lois Pearl James.

Jose V. Bonilla, of 102 N. Berne St., Schuykill Haven, and Erica M. Bortner, same address. Bortner’s parents are Mark E. and Tina M. Bortner.

Tierney Crystal Raeburn, of 945 Pennsy Road, Pequea, and Cheyenne Autumn Young, same address. Raeburn’s parents are Aaron Raeburn and Sarah Beth Couram. Young’s parents are Richard Allen and Darla Denise Young.

Cody Matthew Bennett, of 2 Park Lane, and Jamie Lynn Witmer, same address. Bennett’s parents are Bruce Douglas and Karen Elaine Bennett. Witmer’s parents are Jeffrey Craig and Mary Lou Witmer.

Juan Olavarria, of 250 W. King St., and Yeini Yulissa Perez, same address. Olavarria’s parents are Zacarias Olavarria and Ada Luz Velez. Perez’s parents are Hector Hemilio Perez and Norma Alvarez.

Shane Aaron Turnispeed, of 2405 Kickapoo Drive, Lafayette, Ind., and Jenna Lynn Rosenberry, of 203 Montefiore St., Lafayette, Ind. Turnispeed’s parents are Timothy Dean and Lauran Patricia Turnispeed. Rosenberry’s parents are Dennis Eugene and Linda Lou Rosenberry.

Richard Lynch Diaz, of 263 Little Creek Road, and Loretta Jane Delaney, same address. Diaz’s parents are Norbret Philip and Ruth Mae Danz. Delaney’s parents are George Daniel and Martha Delaney.

Deshaun Willard Smith, of 220 Foal Court, and Nigeria Annette Fisher-Hines, of 209 Linville Drive, Mountville. Smith’s mother is Raina Kay Smith. Fisher-Hines’ mother is Shavonna Annette Warren.

Steven William Wolff, of 120 Elizabeth St., Christiana, and Diana Lynn Vanderslice, same address. Wolff’s parents are William H. Wolff and Cathy H. Hitchens. Vanderslice’s parents are Donald William Vanderslice and Sarah Louise Ferst.

Anthony Torres-Mateo, of 468 Manor St., Columbia, and Christa SD Costley, of 1715 Swarr Run Road, Apt. K105. Torres-Mateo’s mother is Iris D. Torres. Costley’s parents are Brian A. Costley and Joyce E. Carroll,

Julio Angel Valentin, of 111 Linville Drive, Mountville, and Hicella Rodriguez, same address. Valentin’s mother is Ana Gloria Valentin. Rodriguez’s parents are Mario Rodriguez and Herminia Gonzalez.

Keerthana Mohandoss, of 1109 Harvest Lane, Phoenixville and Swamy Venkatesh Jagilinki, same address. Mohandoss' parents are Jayanthi Ananthan and Subramani Mohandoss. Jagilinki's parents are Bhavani and Thirupathi Rao Jagilinki.

Ethan Michael Yoder, of 720 Centerville Road, Lancaster and Micaela Carrie Eckert, of 306 E Hanna Ave., Apt. A, Tampa, Fla. Yoder's parents are Chester Eugene and Sandra Jean Yoder. Eckert's parents are Bruce Eckert and Michelle Watkins.

Samuel S. Petersheim, of 117 Christiana Pike, Christiana, and Ruth E. Stoltzfus, of 397 Lynwood Road, Bird-in- Hand. Petersheim's parents are Samuel S. Petersheim and Barbara B. King. Stoltzfus’ parents are Reuben C and Mary F. Stoltzfus.

Bradley James Frisbie, of 578 Stevens Road, Ephrata, and Rachel Silva Moraes, of 5400 Coraci Blvd, Apt. 1201, Port Orange, Fla. Frisbie's parents are James Bradley and Marcia Renee Frisbie. Silva Moraes’ parents are Andre Wurth Moraes and Roseli Teresinha da Silva Moraes.

Quyen Hein Quan, of 310 Bareview Drive, Leola, and Van Thi Ngoc Huynh, same addres. Huynh's parents are A Van Huynh and Yen Kim Dieu.

Karlen Oberholtzer, of 31 S. Third St., Akron, and Kalynn Rochelle Burkholder, of 640 Yellow Hill Road, Narvon.

Laura Mae Hornberger, of 1242 Main St., Akron and Marty Lee Hicks, same address. Hornberger's parents are Becky Lane and Jay Lamar Hornberger. Hicks' parents are Jane Danielle and Craig Shawn Hicks.

Joseph Lewis, of 16 Hellers Church Road, Apt. D., Leola, and Jada Lowery,same address. Lowery's parents are Donna Park and Jonathan Lowery. Lewis’ parents are Jamie Casswell and Michael Lewis.

Ole Alexander Noerve Eidsvik, of 40 Eshelman Road, and Kathryn Chelsea Peart, same address. Eidsvik's parents are Anne Foldal Noerve and Ole Henrik Eidsvik. Peart's parents are Pamela Jane Koch and Raymond Edward Peart.

Joshua David Gordner, of 222 Reading Road, East Earl, and Leah Renee Esbenshade, same address. Gordner's parents are Harley Lamer and Melody Ann Gordner. Esbenshade's parents are Melinda Louise Esbenshade and Scott Allen Esbenshade.

Kenneth Michael Vance, of 2678 Rolling Green Place, Macungie and Shwu-yn Chang, of 12 Pennridge Ave., Mountville. Vance's parents are Dempsey and Ruby Thelma Vance. Chang's parents are Li-shin and Lai-chuen Chang.