Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Mark Anthony Bissoondyal, of 433 Banyan Circle Drive, and Kelly Sue Heisey, same address. Bissoondyal’s parents are Ramdass and Bibi Bissoondyal. Heisey’s parents are Brent Schmidt Derstine and Kathleen Elaine Fraiser.

Shane A. Szebin, of 966 Boyce Ave., and Jessica Ann Wise, same address. Szebin’s parents are John A. Szebin and Jeannie A. Slater. Wise’s parents are Donald E. and Kathy J. Strawder.

Jose R. Sanchez, of 335 N. Prince St., and Maria Jaquez Lopez, same address. Sanchez’s parents are the late Ramon Rodriguez and the late Blanca Sanchez. Jaquez Lopez’s parents are the late Narviso Jaquez and the late Amada Lopez Medino.

Samuel Troja, of 227 Cross Keys Drive, Strasburg, and Chelsea Rae Sheaffer, same address. Troja’s parents are Stefano Troja and Antonina Caruso. Sheaffer’s parents are Harry Hall and Linda Sue Sheaffer.

Kevin Jeffrey O’Donnell, of 331 E. Jackson St., New Holland, and Kaitlyn Nichole Starr, same address. O’Donnell’s parents are Jeff and Hanne Lore O’Donnell. Starr’s parents are Jeff and Kim Dawn Starr.

Robin Robert Rineer, of 1040 Clark St., and Robbi Lynn Murse, same address. Rineer’s parents are Dennis P. Sr. and Candice J. Rineer. Murse’s parents are Charles F. Pasker Sr. and Laura R. Murse-Gilmore.

Clayton E. Burns III, of 17 Julie Ave., Elizabethtown, and Julie Ann Maciejewski, same address. Burns’ parents are the late Clayton E. Burns Jr. and the late Rita L. Burns. Maciejewski’s parents are Oren Leroy Hornberger and the late Mary Margaret Guyette.

Elias A. Garcia-Goitia, of 614 N. Plum St., and Carmen Ivette Silva-Miranda, same address. Garcia-Goitia’s parents are Elias Garcia-Rodriguez and the late Gloria Goitia-Gomez. Silva-Miranda’s parents are the late Juan Silva and the late Maria Miranda.

Kyle Glen Siegrist, of 9 Creekview Lane, Strasburg, and Caitlin M. Turnowchyk, of 215 Church St. Siegrist’s parents are Jeff Eugene and Vaunda Marie Siegrist. Turnowchyk’s parents are Joseph and Carol Marie Turnowchyk.

Alvaro Vidal Gonzalez, of 32 S. Eighth St., Columbia, and Nicole Amanda Eckman, of 27 N. State St., Brownstown. Vidal Gonzalez’s parents are Constantino Maximo Vidal Sanchez and Saturnina Gonzalez Gomez. Eckman’s parents are Marvin Leroy and Dawn Renee Eckman.

Luis D. Morales-Ramos, of 25 Dauphin St., and Lizbeth Maysonet Romero, of 11 N. Mulberry St. Morales-Ramos’ parents are Nelson Luis Morales nd Wanda Margarita Ramos. Maysonet Romero’s parents are Elizabeth Romero and the late Eduardo Maysonet.

Walter E. Beaston, of 405 Alexandria Court, Marietta, and Tracy Keener, same address. Beaston’s parents are the late Walter H. Beaston and the late Mary Dolores Beaston. Keener’s parents are Nadine Carlotta Beaverson and the late Glenn Eugene Beaverson.

Zachary Reid Johnson, of 33 Water St., Medford, Mass., and Crystal Ranae Stoltzfus, of 283 Octorara Trail, Gap. Johnson’s parents are Judd Homer Johnson and the late Peggy Jane Johnson. Stoltzfus’ parents are Amos J. and Anna Marie Stoltzfus.

Jeremiah Seth Stump, of 48 Rehrersburg Road, Richland, and Leah Layne Barnard, of 285 Hess Road, Leola. Stump’s parents are Vernon Dean and Vera Nolt Stump. Barnard’s parents are Joseph Matthew and Sarah Jayne Barnard.

William J. Kidd, of 13 Plymouth Ave., and Tamisa Kay Jenkins, same address. Kidd’s mother is Rose Ann Baker. Jenkins’ parents are George Edward Stone and Denise Kay Evans.

John Charles Schmidtke, of 428 Greenedge Drive, and Sharon L. Fuhrmann, of 463 Oley Road, Fleetwood. Schmidtke’s parents are Carl O. and Margarit Schmidtke. Fuhrmann’s parents are Jeannete Frances Reistroffer and the late James Eugene Reistroffer.

Elpidio Antonio Rosario, of 137 Dickens Drive, and Maribel Delgado Mendez, same address. Rosario’s parents are Marino Santana-Paulino and Ana Valentina Ramos Rosario. Delgado Mendez’s parents are Felix Delgado Colon and Carmen Mendez Cruz.

Tom Bigman Sawyer, of 1706 Judie Lane, and Benita Baby Weah, same address. Sawyer’s parents are Terresa St. Hill and the late Roland Sayeh Sayeh. Weah’s parents are Victoria M. Salapeh and the late Kedrick Cooper Salapeh.

Jordan Dillon Barner, of 2700 S. Veitch St., Arlington, Va., and Amy Lynn Schulz, same address. Barner’s parents are Robert D. and Sheryl L. Barner. Schulz’s parents are David R. and Gail A. Schulz.

Noe David Sanchez, of 1229A St. Joseph St., and Marisol Figueroa-Torres, of 252 E. New St. Sanchez’s parents are Maria Nelly Garcia and the late Francisco Sanchez. Figueroa-Torres’ parents are Ada A. Torres-Gomez and the late Jose Antonio Figueroa.

Scott M. Bowman, of 98 Stone Hill Road, Conestoga, and Jodi Lynn Sweigart, same address. Bowman’s parents are Donald Ray and Virginia Marie Bowman. Sweigart’s parents are Kay Lenore Weit and the late James Leroy Sweigart.

Brandon Allen Weiler, of 233 Kilgannon Lane, and Christina Nichole Ensinger, same address. Weiler’s parents are Timothy Allen and Sharon Kay Weiler. Ensinger’s parents are Charles Wayne and Cynthia Jean Ensinger.

Michael Javier Perez Cruz, of 207 Aaron Lane, and Yarinelis Marie Vega Rivera, same address. Perez Cruz’s parents are Jaime Antonio Perez Rivera and Odalis Cruz Diaz. Vega Rivera’s parents are Jorge Ricardo Vega Flores and Melissa Rivera Valentin.

Isaac Thomas Herr, of 438 Beaver Valley Pike, Willow Street, and Megan Elizabeth Garber, of 3403 Memorial Ave., Lynchburg, Va. Herr’s parents are James Clyde and Linda Jean Herr. Garber’s parents are John Leslie and Kate Elynn Garber.

Austin Lee Swett, of 208 Fallowfield Drive, Leola, and Katlyn Anna O’Donnell, same address. Swett’s parents are Ryen Lee and Amy Christine Swett. O’Donnell’s parents are Sean Francis and Kristina Marie O’Donnell.

Zachary Daniel Hummel, of 355 N. Ronks Road, Bird-in- Hand, and Ellen Marie Lapp, of 5636 Old Philadelphia Pike, Gap. Hummel’s parents are Brian Bernard Hummel and Teresa Joanne Glick. Lapp’s parents are Michael Omar and Karen Joy Lapp.

Adorian Lazar, of 220 E. 28th Division Highway, Lititz, and Courtney Lynn Vonronn, same address. Lazar’s parents are David and Aurelia Lazar. Vonronn’s parents are Raymond and Debra Ann Vonronn.

James Henry Wetzel, of 112 N. Hill Road, Terre Hill, and Julie Erin Freed, of 1531 Lincoln Heights Ave., Ephrata. Wetzel’s parents are Robert Daniel Wetzel and the late Bettye Lou Wetzel. Freed’s parents are Thomas Paul and Susan Jane Freed.

Job Onyango Okoth, of 109 Meadow Valley Road, Apt. 8, Ephrata, and Caitlin J. Styan, same address. Okoth’s parents are Roberts Okoth Angiro and Pamela Nyawade Okoth. Styan’s parents are Brent M. Styan and Jennifer Miller.

Christopher S. Combs, of 120 Winter Hill Road, Lititz, and Melissa M. Whitlock, of 549 Woodview Drive, Lititz. Combs’ parents are Daniel Ortence and Darlene Carol Combs. Whitlock’s parents are Larry Wayne and Patricia Mae Whitlock.

Joshua Ryan Hershey, of 23 S. Main St., Manheim, and McKena Mary Katherine Dunne, same address. Hershey’s parents are Lois Jean Hershey and the late Dwight Edward Hershey. Dunn’s parents are Eric Alan and Susan Holly Dunn.

William Harris Aisenberg, of 1 S. Wolfe St., Baltimore, Md., and Laura Kathleen Cohen, same address. Aisenberg’s parents are Steven Bennett and Marlene Joy Aisenberg. Cohen’s parents are Howard Seth Cohen and Mary Ann Newcomb.

Nathan Edward Charles, of 918 Olde Hickory Road, and Leah Elizabeth Yarnell, of 155 E. Main St., Ephrata. Charles’ parents are Mervin and Laurel F. Charles. Yarnell’s parents are Robert Scott and Cheryl Lynn Yarnell.

Cameron James Kneisley, of 1027 Allison Circle, Drumore, and Taylor Lynn Meeder, same address. Kneisley’s parents are Mark Kneisley and the late Heather Noelle Kneisley. Meeder’s parents are JulieLynn Meeder and the late Kenneth Brian Meeder.

David Ryan King, of 248 Patts Dam Road, Coatesville, and Jessica Lynn Ford, same address. King’s parents are Kevin and Wendy King. Ford’s parents are Gabriel John and Kelly Ford.

Timofey Vadymovich Golubov, of 6307 W. Thorpe Road, Spokane, Wash., and Julianna V. Arimov, of 1725 Kinderhook Road, Columbia. Golubov’s parents are Vadym and Irina E. Golubova. Akimov’s parents are Vladimir I. and Tatjana M. Akimov.

John Matthew Blank, of 568 Gibbons Road, Bird-in-Hand, and Lillian K. Fisher, of 780 Mount Zion Road, Narvon. Blank’s parents are Samuel S. and Ada Ruth Blank. Fisher’s parents are John L. and Sally Ann Fisher.

Leroy Martin Hoover, of 889 Maple Grove Road, Mohnton, and Faith Marie Hurst, same address. Hoover’s parents are Samuel M. and Minerva Martin Hoover. Hurst’s parents are Eugene Lamra and Lafaye Martin Hurst.

Ronald Andrew Szurgot III, of 405 S. Miller St., Reading, and Lora Brasser, same address. Szurgot’s parents are Ronald Andrew II and Jean Szurgot. Brasser’s parents are Arie and J. Jean Brasser.

Christopher Nathan Cohan, of 3744 Main St., Conestoga, and Casey Nicole Miller, same address. Cohan’s parents are Judy Ann Cohan and the late Ray Nelson Wiley. Miller’s parents are Laura Miller and the late David Elmer Miller.