Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Timothy Scot Schuette, of 261 N. Red School Road, Morgantown, and Lynda Joy Wisniewski, same address. Schuette’s parents are Barbara Joan Schuette and the late Richard Charles Schuette. Wisniewski’s parents are the late Raymond Hugo Friedman and the late Estella Friedman.

Stuart Richard Miller, of 356 N. Queen St., and Andrea Terasa Hostetter, same address. Miller’s parents are Jeffrey Allen and Lisa Beth Miller. Hostetter’s parents are Todd Michael and Elena Marie Hostetter.

Steven Louis Harvey, of 222 W. Howard St., Red Lion, and Rebecca Claire Tassone, same address. Harvey’s parents are Richard Joseph and Joann Harvey. Tassone’s parents are Anthony Domenic and Laura Bartholomew Tassone.

David Matthew Miller, of 2608 Chestnut Road, Elizabethtown, and Brenda Anne Styer, same address. Miller’s parents are Mervin Edward and Florence Ann Miller. Styer’s parents are Joyce Lena Styer and the late John Warren Styer.

Robert Siam, of 311 N. Broad St., and Dawt Chin Sung, same address. Siam’s parents are Tei Uk and Tilal Thluai. Sung’s parents are Ju Lian Shwe and Mah Te.

Jeremy D. Stillman, of 141 Hill Road, New Holland, and Zhe An Stoltzfus, of 901 Danesfield Lane. Stillman’s parents are Edward Atwood and Linda S. Stillman. Stoltzfus’ parents are Nelson and Ming Koo An.

Steven Paul Armstrong, of 483 Prescot St., and Kelly Jean Drexler, same address. Armstrong’s parents are Alfred Hamby and Patricia Jean Armstrong. Drexler’s parents are Leigh Ann Alpert and the late Dean Michael Pollice.

Patrick J. Gallagher, of 43 S. Locust St., Lititz, and Megan Elizabeth Snyder, same address. Gallagher’s parents are Janet Lee Gallagher and the late Joseph James Gallagher. Snyder’s parents are Douglas Alan and Dawn Ellen Synder.

John P. Scunziano, of 594 Greenfield Road, and Jaclyn Marie Burnham, same address. Scunziano’s parents are the late John P. Scunziano and the late Barbara Ann Scunziano. Burnham’s parents are Richard George and Rosemarie Burnham.

Grady W. Bentzel, of 202 Wyckford Drive, Perkasie, and Alicia L. Morgano, same address. Bentzel’s parents are Daniel S. and Nancy A. Bentzel. Morgano’s parents are Christopher Joseph and Jean Morgano.

Lee W. Schweich III, of 560 Greenland Drive, and Kaitlyn Elizabeth Valan, same address. Schweich’s parents are Lee W. Schweich Jr. and Ellen Harter. Valan’s parents are John Michael and Melinda Valan.

Oswald Ducena, of 517 W. James St., and Denise Desrosiers, same address. Ducena’s parents are Rousseau Ducena and Dumancia Alecxis. Desrosiers’ parents are Siliane Desrosiers and the late Lincoln Alezande.

David A. Gast, of 329 Partridge Drive, Lititz, and Heather C. Jones, same address. Gast’s parents are Jeffrey Arnold and Debra Ann Gast. Jones’ parents are Robert Daniel Jones and Amber Susan Albright.

Michael S. Fisher, of 1441 Village Road, Strasburg, and Naomi Ruth Zook, of 178 S. New Holland Road, Gordonville. Fisher’s parents are Amos C. Jr. and Fanny Ruth Fisher. Zook’s parents ar Emanuel D. and Mary S. Zook.

Lyle W. Garber, of 122 Jackson St., and Ricarda Marie Dehl, same address. Garber’s parents are the late William Lyle Garber and the late Arlene Regina Garber. Dehl’s parents are the late Heinrich Frederich Kistner and the late Karola Alice Barbara Dehl.

Aaron Wilmer Lucas, of 657 Locust St., Columbia, and Donna Marie Moyer, same address. Lucas’ parents are the late Walter Wilmer Lucas and the late Kay Elizabeth Lucas. Moyer’s parents are the late Albert Joseph Maltese and the late Carolyn Martha Maltese.

William R. Applegate Jr., of 931 Sherry Lane, and Jennifer E. Ferrara, same address. Applegate’s parents are William R. Sr. and Barbara Anne Applegate. Ferrara’s parents are Mario and Rosalie E. Rullo.

Andrew C. Mayfield, of 1095 Blairton Court, Manheim, and Megan J. Sybel, same address. Mayfield’s parents are Robert W. and Diane T. Mayfield. Sybel’s parents are Douglas Lee Fulmer and Amy Louise Hackman.

Howard Alan Winey, of 495 Airport Road, New Holland, and Janet Elaine Lapp, of 14 Circle Rock Drive, Ephrata. Winey’s parents are the late Wade Leroy Winey and the late Helen Nettie Winey. Lapp’s parents are the late Mervin Witmer Landis and the late Anna Miriam Landis.

Mahlon James King, of 3501 White Oak Road, Reinholds, and Rhoda L. Stoltzfus, of 505 Roadcap Road, Millersburg. King’s parents are Daniel R. and and Esther Mae King. Stoltzfus’ parents are Amos M. and Linda Jean Stoltzfus.

Clint Ryan Hinkle, of 618 School Lane, Mount Joy, and Brigitte Kristy Kenker, same address. Hinkle’s parents are Rick Ray and Mary Elizabeth Hinkle. Lenker’s parents are James Elwood and Kristen Mary Gunderman.

Evans Manyara Nduko, of 2356 Middlegreen Court, and Leah W. Munene, same address. Nduko’s parents are Mary Manyara and the late Johnson Nduko Ongeri. Munene’s parents are John and Sarah Wambui Mumene.

Jesse Allen Massacotte Jr., of 318 Duke St., Ephrata, and Cindy Michelle Morton, same address. Massacotte’s parents are Ramna Gay Hamilton and the Jesse Allen Masscote Jr. Morton’s parents are the late James Morton and the late Tresa Morton.

Julio Francisco Velez-Villon, of 86 Tia Circle, Mount Joy, and Joshia Gennesi Dalnoroa, same address. Velez-Villon’s parents are Francisco L. and Yolanda E. Velez. Dalnoroa’s mother is Rosa E. Medina.

Bradley E. Walters Jr., of 3751 Echo Valley Road, Mount Joy, and Kayla Marie Perez, same address. Walters’ parents are Barbara Elizabeth Abel and the late Bradley E. Walters Sr. Perez’s parents are Ivan Antonio and Stacy Lynn Perez.

Melquisedec Barry de la Cruz, of 631 S. Lime St., and Jessica Santana, same address. Barry de la Cruz’s parents are Adriano Hipolito Barry Silvestre and America de la Cruz de Barry. Santana’s parents are Bienvenido Carrion Santana and Petronila Dinorah Caba Ferreira.

Matthew Jerome Johnson, of 107 W. Monument St., Baltimore, Md., and Cassandra Marie Lawrence, same address. Johnson’s parents are Gary Lee Sr. and Barbara Ann Johnson. Lawrence’s parents are Carl Aaron and Janice Marie Lawrence.

Scott Allen Sensenig, of 2573 Sheaffer Road, Elizabethtown, and Angela Marie Dieter, same address. Sensenig’s parents are David Diem and Darlene Mummert. Dieter’s parents are Michael James and Donna Jean Dieter.

Phi Hung Nguyen, of 594 Stockdale Drive, and Jeannie Nguyen, same address. Phi Nguyen’s parents are the late Phuong Kim Nguyen and the late Than Thi Eulo. Jeannie Nguyen’s parents are Luu Van Bui and Mai Tuyet Tran.

Kenneth Mark Leid, of 8151 S. Derby Road, Sheridan, Wis., and Rosalie Grace Kreider, of 2248 Leabrook Road. Leid’s parents are Timothy F. and Julia F. Leid. Kreider’s parents are Kevin L. and Naomi J. Kreider.

Justin D. Dorff, of 364 N. Broad St., Lititz, and Tracey Lynn Walters, of 479 Hamilton Court, Manheim. Dorff’s parents are Robert Hettherington and Connie Hutchens Dorff. Walters’ parents are Robert Michael and Janice Eileen Walters.

Joshua Ervin Garnett, of 2419 Chestnut View Drive, and Reina Lena Hill, same address. Garnett’s parents are James Allen and Denise Staley Garnett. Hill’s parents are Quincy Monroe Hill and Cindy Marie Pabon.

Jose Ivan Ortiz Munoz, of 117 Harvard Ave., and Mai Nhia Pha, of 276 Highview Drive, Leola. Ortiz Munoz’s parents are Jose Luis Ortiz and Ada Ivelisse Munoz. Pha’s parents are Pha and Houa Pha.

Joseph Anthony Spagnuolo, of 135 McCarter Lane, Strasburg, and Arlene Marie Laverty, same address. Spagnuolo’s parents are the late Vincent Spagnuolo and the late Beatrice Spagnuolo. Laverty’s parents are Maria Lucy Laverty and the late Franklin Milton Laverty.

Brian F. Leathery, of 1608 Oak Lane, and Rhiana Zips Martzall, same address. Leathery’s parents are Kenneth Frederick and Shirley Kring Leathery. Martzall’s parents are Edward Frank and Rebecca Ann Zips.

Naga Venkata S. Chilukuri, of 1317 East St., New Britain, Conn., and Hemabindu Chintala, of 401 Eden Road. Chilukuri’s parents are Syamala Chilukuri and the late Sri Anjaneyulu Chilukuri. Chintala’s parents are Sarawathi Chintala and the late Dr. Venkatrao Chintala.

James Joseph Turner, of 8 Colonial Crest Drive, and Taylor Elizabeth Fling, same address. Turner’s parents are James V. Turner and Jolene Bentencourt. Fling’s parents are Robert J. Fling and Heather L. Gentile.

Zachary Jordan Zimmerman, of 333 Broad St., East Earl, and Ashlee Jade Hoover, of 186 W. Metzler Road, Ephrata. Zimmermans parents are Eli H. and Ellen M. Zimmerman. Hoover’s parents are John R. and Glenda J. Hoover.

Thomas Richard Erb, of 853 Millwood Road, Willow Street, and Vicki F. Armstrong, same address. Erb’s parents are the late Paul M. Erb and the late Florence M. Erb. Armstrong’s parents are Lewis Charles and Judy Ann Fryberger.

Yariel Oscar Rivera-Vazquez, of 834 Fruitville Pike, Manheim, and Jessika A. Santiago-Melendez, same address. Rivera-Vazquez’s parents are Oscar Rivera Sanchez and Patria Vazquez Mercado. Santiago-Melendez’s parents are Alejandro de la Cruz Santiago Ramos and Minerva Melendez Maldonado.