Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Omar A. Donaldson, of 132 N. Reservoir St., and Iris N. Ramos, same address. Donaldson’s parents are the late James Andrew Donaldson and the late Ferdena Donaldson. Ramos’ parents are Justo Ramos and Iris Wilda Roman.

Ethan Patrick Farrell, of 389 N. Barbara St., Mount Joy, and Hannah Marie Peck, same address. Farrell’s parents are Brian Patrick and Susan Falvo Farrell. Peck’s parents are Rhonda May Peck and the late Gordon Lee Peck.

Robert William Koudelka Jr., of 1313 Bunny View Drive, Lititz, and Zoe Elaine Bennett, same address. Koudelka’s parents are Robert William and Cathy Ann Koudelka. Bennett’s parents are Joseph Brigham and Natalie Cooper Bennett.

Richard James Dom, of 74 N. Penn St., Manheim, and Melissa Lee Waltman, same address. Dom’s parents are Barry B. Dom and Darlene Frances Hehnly. Waltman’s parents are Karl W. and Bonnie Jean Boog.

Michael A. Woodard Jr., of 230 Quaking Aspen Lane, Marietta, and Brianne Lynn Comp, same address. Woodard’s parents are Michael A. Woodard Sr. and Barbara Vassor. Comp’s parents are Bryan James Comp and the late Mary Ann Herman.

Tyler James Martin, of 616 N. Jefferson St., and Lydia Noel Condoluci, same address. Martin’s parents are Robert James and Janice Irene Martin. Condoluci’s parents are Ralph Perry and Amy Elizabeth Condoluci.

Angel Lard Centeno-Acevedo,of 131 Pinetown Road, Leola, and Sarah Deanna Moore, of 16 Forest Hill Road, Leola. Centeno-Acevedo’s parents are Miguel Angel Centeno-Santiago and Xamayta Graver. Moore’s parents are Robert Brian and Jennifer Ann Moore.

Daniel Bruce Blair, of 121 Bayberry Drive, and Helen V. Gagliardino-Walsh, same address. Blair’s parents are the late Branch P. Blair and the late Marion N. Blair. Gagliardino-Walsh’s parents are the late Sabatino Anthony Gagliardino and the late Rose Marie Gagliardino.

Renee J. Skethway, of 15 Apple Lane, Mountville, and Phyllis D. Mann, same address. Skethway’s parents are Gisela R. Bradburn and the late William Lester Skethway. Mann’s parents are the late Luther Eugene Seaks and the late Betty Kathryn Seaks.

Andrew James Charles, of 1420 Glen Moore Circle, and Caitlin G. Mumma, same address. Charles’ parents are James Carl and Sharon Louise Charles. Mumma’s parents are James Carson and Cynthia Mary Mumma.

Eli Brubaker Kilmer, of 291 W. Maple Grove Road, Denver, and Miriam B. Kulp, of 12 Broadwing Drive, Denver. Kilmer’s parents are the late Martin Kilmer and the late Mary Kilmer. Kulp’s parents are the Paul G. Eberly and the late Emma S. Eberly.

Cory David Harsh, of 133 Sprecher Road, Willow Street, and Hanna Marie Wilson, same address. Harsh’s parents are Derric Martin and Jennifer Lynn Harsh. Wilson’s parents are Heath Aaron Wilson and Christina May Annand.

Darryl Lee Eckert, of 5907 Elizabethtown Road, Manheim, and Sherri Lynn Pickel, same address. Eckert’s mother is the late Ruth M. Gutshall. Pickel’s parents are Raymond Carl Pickel and Dixie Burke.

Henry Javier Garzon Cardona, of 1905 Swatara St., Harrisburg, and Blanca Iris Gonzalez-Rivera, of 1537 Fruitville Pike. Garzon Cardona’s parents are Henry Garzon and the late Ana Helen Cardona. Gonzalez-Rivera’s parents are Blanca Iris Rivera and the late Mario Gonzalez.

Eric Witwer, of 1311 Oaklyn Drive, Narvon, and Kimberly Sue Smith, same address. Witwer’s parents are Teresa Pratt and the late Arthur Lee Witwer. Smith’s parents are James William and Sandra Mae Sculley.

Shakeen Tramine Manigault, 401 Eden Road, and Carolina Concepcion, same address. Manigault’s parents are Daryle Lamar Manigault and Victoria Lucinda Burton. Concepion’s parents are Apolinaria Garcia and the late Virgilio Concepcion.

Julio Alberto Perez Jr., of 114 Slackwater Road, Millersville, and April Lynn Herr, same address. Perez’s parents are Julio Alberto Perez Sr. and Lorraine S. Florian. Herr’s parents are Charles A. Jr. and Gail L. Stone.

Igor P. Demchenko, of 1931 Division Highway, Ephrata, and Liliya Menshikova, of 402 S. Ramona Road, Lebanon. Demchenko’s parents are Petr V. and Liliya M. Demchenko. Menshikova’s parents are Alexander A. and Lyudmila V. Menshikova.

Cody Russell Devoe, of 569 Wood Duck Drive, Manheim, and Jamie Sophia Wolfe, same address. Devoe’s parents are Wade H. and Lilli K. Devoe. Wolfe’s parents are William Wolfe and Pamela J. Daniels.

Joshua Eugene Easton, of 108 Country Place Drive, and Joy Annette Johnston, same address. Easton’s parent are John Richard and Susan Elaine Easton. Johnston’s parents are Judson Reed and Barbara Anne Price.

James Lester Sapone, of P.O. Box 2741, and Tara Lynn Keebler, same address. Sapone’s parents are the late Nicholas John Sapone Sr. and the late Patricia Ruth Sapone. Keebler’s parents are George E. and Margaret A. Keebler.

Andrew Philip Myers, of 3110 47th St., Astoria, N.Y., and Heather Marie Newcomer, of 249 Nauman Road, Ulysses. Myers’ parents are Philip and Diane Marie Myers. Newcomer’s parents are Norman Lynn and Susan Kay Newcomer.

Nicholas Charles Poehner, of 125 Maplewood Lane, Maytown, and Dana Jolyn Sweigart, same address. Poehner’s parents are Charles E. Jr. and Tina R. Poehner. Sweigart’s parents are Dale W. Sweigart and Nancy J. Nentwig.

Daniel Robert Musser, of 529 Pennsy Road, New Providence, and Rachel Lynne Werner, of 1759 Harrisburg Ave., Mount Joy. Musser’s parents are Joseph Neal and Susanna Weslie Musser. Werner’s parents are Henry Ray and Kristina Lynne Werner.

Adam Daniel Bofinger, of 1013 Shawstone Drive, and Lindsey Ann Freidly, same address. Bofinger’s parents are Daniel David and Janice Rankin Bofinger. Freidly’s parents are Neil Paul and Jo Anne Freidly.

Cody Ryan Shenk, of 3445 Meadow View Road, Manheim, and Heather Elizabeth Adams, of 242 Chestnutland Road, New Milford, Conn. Shenk’s parents are Roger Lee and Michele Shenk. Adams’ parents are Jeffrey Jay and Karen Anne Adams.

Joshua Cornelis Brussel, of 30 E. College Ave., Elizabethtown, and Stephanie Joy Ehko, of 250 Apple Drive, Greencastle. Brussel’s parents are Mark Robert and Gina Marie Brussel. Ehko’s parents are Jeffrey Alan and Valerie Ann Ehko.

Neil Martin Good Jr., of 145 Fetterville Road, East Earl, and Heidi Jo Nolt, of 478 Gault Road, Narvon. Good’s parents are Neil Martin Sr. and Betty Ann Good. Nolt’s parents are Mark Ray and Sharon Renee Nolt.

Bryan Joseph Hugues, of 138 E. Chestnut St., Ephrata, and Shannon Jane Ryan, same address. Hugues’ parents are Joseph Michael Hugues and Janice Ruth Carry. Ryan’s parents are Francis Joseph and Lisa Anne Ryan.

Matthew Ryan Hammaker, of 40 Rolling Hill Drive, Lititz, and Miranda Kathleen Kauffman, of 105 Elizabeth St., Christiana. Hammaker’s parents are Dennis Lee and Carol Christie Hammaker. Kauffman’s parents are Douglas John and Maxine Lynette Kauffman.

Robert Henry Cybulski III, of 22510 Dover Hill, Farmington, Mich., and Sarah Marie Davis, of 2648 Creek Hill Road. Cybulski’s parents are Robert Henry Jr. and Suzanne Marie Cybulski. Davis’ parents are Paul Michael Davis and Mary Jean Cronin.

Randal Ray Herr, of 105 Meadow Valley Road, Ephrata, and Caixia Lou, same address. Herr’s parents are Warren Ray Herr and the late Patsy Ann Ulrich. Lou’s parents are Wang Xiufen and the lae Yukun Lou.

Edwin C. Read, of 110 Delp Road, and Judith Sue Mattson, of 245 Old Post Lane, Strasburg. Read’s parents are Shirley P. Read and the late Edwin C. Read. Mattson’s parents are the late James Simkins Mattson and the late Marjorie Estelle Mattson.

Jose Dixon Lopez, of 314 S. Ann St., and Soledad Esteves-Homs, same address. Lopez’s parents are Clara Luz Lopez-Cortez and the late Joe B. Garcia. Esteves-Homs’ parents are Santa Homs and the late Luis Raul Esteves.

Andrew Charles Hirthler, of 5760 Kingsfield Drive, Narvon, and Haley Lee Conklin, of 125 N. Summit Ave, Quarryville. Hirthler’s parents are Michael K. and Kathleen A. Hirthler. Conklin’s parents are David A. and Jodi L. Conklin.

Patrick Paul Gergely, of 33 Crescent Drive, Manheim, and Margaret Mary Malloy, of 411 Danbury Drive, Lititz. Gergely’s parents are the late Stephen L. Gergely and the late Mary Ann Gergely. Malloy’s parents are the late Joseph P. Durning and the late Doris G. Durning.

Ricardo Cadinelli Ferrari Muller, of 131 E. Grant St., and Mariana Badaro Goncelles, same address. Cadinelli Ferrari Muller’s parents are Luis Fernando Ferrari Muller and Suely Cadinelli Ferreeira. Badaro Goncelles’ parents are Everton and Muroio Goncelles and Maria Sonia Salgado Ivahy Badaro Goncalles.

David Kabera Ngige, of 567 N. Queen St., and Rosemary Wanjiru Wambui, same address. Ngige’s parents are Jene Wambui Ngigi and the late John Ngigi Mwena. Wambui’s mother is Zipporah Wambui Elikanah.

Jeremy Lee Hilsher, of 4291 Fairview Drive, Columbia, and Amanda Jo Hoover, of 10 Stafford Drive, Palmyra. Hilsher’s parents are Jay Robert and Rachel Ann Hilsher. Hoover’s parents are Scott Alan Hoover and Barbara Louise V.

Colton David Demberger, of 243 Kilgannon Lane, and Allison Kathleen Patone, same address. Demberger’s parents are Robert Scott Demberger and Bethann Savage. Pantone’s parents are John Anthony and Kathleen Elizabeth Pantone.

Anton Rissler Runkles, of 4401 Terrace Drive, Millersville, and Taylore Lee Kerns, same address. Runkles’ parents are Dane Henry and Erica Lisa Runkles. Kerns’ parents are David Michael Kerns and Sheila Lee Parham.

Pascual Rodriguez-Cintron, of 190 E. Fulton St., Ephrata, and Claudia Helena Diaz-Jaramillo, same address. Rodriguez-Cintron’s parents are the late David Rodriguez-Lugo and the late Maria Francisca Cintron. Diaz-Jaramillo’s parents are William DeJjesus Diaz-Acevedo and Luz Mary Jaramillo-De Diaz.

Michael C. Blochberger, of 26 Janet Ave., Strasburg, and Melody A. Jacobs, of 1144 Sheep Hill Road, New Holland. Blochberger’s parents are Ann Patricia Blochberger and the late Charles Henry Blochberger. Jacobs’ parents are Samuel Burkholder and Patricia Elizabeth Sollenberger.