Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Hans Pierrelouis, of 21 Knollwood Drive, and Valissa Denise Kelly, same address. Pierrelouis’ parents are Anne Marie Point Du Jour and the late Joseph Pierrelouis. Kelly’s parents are Wesley Leon and Odessa Spencer.

Samuel Rios Hernandez, of 810 W. Main St., Ephrata, and Grace Marie Rivera, same address. Hernandez’s parents are Carlos E. Rios Rivera and Doris Hernandez. Rivera’s parents are Jorge Rivera and Ivelissa Feliciano.

Jared Daniel Palestini, of 279 Heatherwood Drive, Ephrata, and Brittani Jacqueline Phelan, same address. Palestini’s parents are Harold W. Cox and Lisa D. Palestini. Phelan’s parents are Michael J. and Amy E. Phelan.

Scott Eric Quillen, of 5 Clemens Circle, and Kimberly Anne Donmoyer, same address. Quillen’s parents are Diane Elise Quillen and the late Louis Lee Quillen. Donmoyer’s parents are Kenneth Paul and Sandra Gay Larsen.

Eli D. Martin Jr., of 1073 Maple Grove Road, Mohnton, and Kerry L. Rapp, same address. Martin’s parents are Eli D. and Virginia Colleen Martin. Rapp’s parents are John D. Seifred and Deborah Louise Bagnoli.

John M. Beiler, of 3427 Compass Road, Gap, and Esther Lynn Fisher, same address. Beiler’s parents are Calvin D. and Verna M. Beiler. Fisher’s parents are Emmanel S. and Lydiann Fisher.

Randy Michael Ferree, of 481 Rockwood Drive, Elizabethtown, and Jessica Ann Kloiber, same address. Ferree’s parents are George Kenneth and Judy Carol Ferree. Kloiber’s parents are Henry Louis and Alecia Marie Kloiber.

Darin E. Martin, of 362 House Rock Road, Pequea, and Melisa Lynn Ditmer-DeHaven, same address. Martin’s parents are Larry Eugene and Ruthann M. Martin. Ditmer-DeHaven’s parents are Linda Edith Chrisman and the late Jon Charles Crommie.

Gabriel Burgos, of 147 N. Seventh St., Columbia, and Amber Devon Rodriguez, same address. Burgos’ parents are Alberto Burgos and Luz Enid Nieves-Quiles. Rodriguez’s parents are Andre Rodriguez and Sadie Devon Camacho.

Dakota D. Drury, of 1934 Oak Ridge Drive, Narvon, and Logan Marie Keziah, of 219 Cinder Road, New Providence. Drury’s parents are Kenneth Wayne Roth and Jodi Delaney. Keziah’s parents are Steve Keziah and Sara Marie Rodriguez.

David M. Louthian, of 39 Hartwicke Drive, Quarryville, and Angela Kelly Davis, same address. Louthian’s parents are James Basil Louthian and Debora Lynn Smith. Davis’ parents are Larry Alan and Mary Louise Gilbert.

Sean Patrick Quick, of 6 Brook Circle, Ephrata, and Penny Ann Pence, of 1309 Square Drive, Ambler. Quick’s parents are Jean Ann Quick-Horn and the late Austin George Quick. Pence’s parents are Ernie Wayne Pence and the late Rosalie Ann Pence.

Zachary Jon Reichert, of 127 S. Wyomissing Ave., Reading, and Estelle Marie Soulard, of 1330 Bryan Drive. Reichert’s parents are Carl Benjamin and Carol Lynn Reichert. Soulard’s parents are Wayne Allen Thomas and Christine Marie Soulard.

Ricardo Castro-Jimenez, of 1616 Chadwick Circle, and Hope Mendez, of 530 Kensington Road. Castro-Jimenez’s parents are Mary Carmen Jimenez Mendez and the late Daniel Castro Tobar. Mendez’s parents are Lula Mendez and the late Berten Martinez Mendez.

Nelson Luisa Agostini Vila, of 149 N. Hoover Ave., New Holland, and Kassandra Rivera, same address. Agostini Vila’s parents are Nelson Agostini Ramos and Yazmin Vila Balbosa. Rivera’s parents are Polo Santiago and Maraida Mary Cruz.

Jeffrey Wayne Ober, of 138 Owl Hill Road, Lititz, and Cheryl L. Templeton, same address. Ober’s parents are Wayne Smith Ober and Judith Ann Vanaluen. Templeton’s parents are the late Donald Calvin Coble and the late Doris Mae Coble.

Jesse Tylor Seibel, of 566 Esbenshade Road, Manheim, and Lois Ann Zimmerman Martin, of 390 Midway Road, Bethel. Seibel’s parents are Gerald S. and Christina Joy Seibel. Martin’s parents are Adam S. Jr. and Lois M. Martin.

Benjamin F. Beiler, of 12887 Sandy Mount Road, Orrstown, and Marilyn Sue Stoltzfus, of 3141 Old Philadelphia Pike, Bird-in-Hand. Beiler’s parents are David B. and Martha S. Beiler. Stoltzfus’ parents are Sylvan King and Lorrain Riehl Stoltzfus.

Donald Lee Tripple, of 860 Farmdale Road, Mount Joy, and Mayra DeJesus, same address. Tripple’s parents are the late Clyde Mainard Tripple and the late Sandra Louie Tripple. DeJesus’ parents are Maria Torres and the late Jose Cesar DeJesus.

Lamar Martin Hoover, of 145 Reading Road, East Earl, and Elizabeth Anne Hurst, of 5008 Walnut Lane, Mohnton. Hoover’s parents are Samuel Martin and Minerva Martin Hoover. Hurst’s parents are Melvin Ray and Linda Martin Hurst.

Jared Alejandro Odicio,of 1314 Treasure Lane, Stroudsburg, and Sara Rose Fiscus, of 54 Siddler Drive, Christiana. Odicio’s parents are Carlos Miguel and Marion Odicio. Fiscus’ parents are Joel Weston and Debra Stuber Fiscus.

Jared Ross Feister, of 270 Vintage Road, Paradise, and Faith Marie Motter, of 1321 Valley Road. Feister’s parents are Susan Lynne Feister and the late Joseph Ronald Feister. Motter’s parents are Douglas Virgil and Patricia Ann Motter.

Pedro O. Mercado, of 920 Plane St., Columbia, and Catherine Anne Lynch, same address. Mercado’s parents are Francisco Mercado and the late Luz Maldonado. Lynch’s parents are Annemarie Lynch and the late Patrick William Lynch.

Samuel Arlin Stoltzfus, of 92 Old Mill Road, Coatesville, and Sadie Lynn Stoltzfus, of 6148 Mast Road, Narvon. Samuel Stoltzfus’ parents are Steven L. and Rebecca Ann Stoltzfus. Sadie Stoltzfus’ parents are Stephen J. and Ruth L. Stoltzfus.

Ethan Alexander Ludwig, of 2740 Rothsville Road, Lititz, and Kylee Scheryl Smithson, of 16 West Willow Road, Willow Street. Ludwig’s parents are Corey David and Susan Ashley Ludwig. Smithson’s parents are John Thomas and Julia C. Smithson.

Yanna Khoun, of 59 Meadow Lane, Smoketown, and Putheary Chum, same address. Khoun’s parents are Houng-Kree Khoun and Sivonn Yi. Chum’s parents are Eng Chum and Senghort Lor.

Ivan Lamar Stoltzfus, of 621 Amish Road, Gap, and Rachel S. Beiler, of 251 Springville Road, Kinzers. Stoltzfus’ parents are John David and Fannie F. Stoltzfus. Beiler’s parents Benuel K. and Anna S. Beiler.

Matthew Christian Eason, of 648 Pusey Mill Road, Lincoln University, and Deanna Nicole Clemens, of 1687 Schwenksville Road, Schwenksville. Eason’s parents are Matthew G. and Donna L. Eason. Clemens’ parents are Bruce A. and Jennifer Kaye Clemens,

Frankie Steven Torres, of 734 Plane St., Columbia, and Christine Nicole Mendez, same address. Torres’ parents are Cesar Rolando Torres and and Diana Enid Rosario. Mendez’s parents are Antonio Mendez and Doris Nilsa Reyes.

Nicholas B. Schreck, of 16 S. Yale Ave., and Brittany Kristine Stevensn, same address. Schreck’s parents are Charles Victor and Geri Ann Shreck. Stevenson’s parents are Brian Keith Stevenson and Melissa Lu Horn.

John B. Powers, of 37 Ashlea Gardens, New Holland, and Gloria Sebugwawo Kayaga, of 13920 Castle Blvd, Silver Spring, Md. Powers’ parents are the late David Caroll Powers and the late Kathryn Ann Powers. Sebugwawo Kayaga’s parents are the late Joseph Sebugwawo Kizito and the late Roselin Jean Sebugwawo.

Davis A. Nicke Jr., of 49 Refton Road, Willow Street, and Margie A. Hall, same address. Nickle’s parents are David A. Sr. and Marie Nickle. Hall’s parents are David Amos and Rachel S. Smoker.

John Alan Lohin, of 739 Knoll Drive, Mount Joy, and Isabella Rose Chitty, same address. Lohin’s parents are Mark Lohin and Nancy White. Chitty’s parents are Andrew and Michele Lynn Chitty.

Eladio Jose Manzanillo, of 646 First St., and Myrna Vazquez, same address. Manzanillo’s parents are Carlita Manzanillo and the late Eladio Jose. Vazquez’s parents are Myrna Torres Fontanez and the late Alfonzo Vazquez.

Angelo Dominic Sepulveda, of 804 Cobblestone Lane, and Rachel Danielle Brundage, same address. Sepulveda’s parents are Poblio and Stephanie Lynn Sepulveda. Brundage’s parents are Keith Thomas Brundage and Ellyn Iris Brundage-Perry.

Saam Yousaf, of 1105 Sterling Place, and Marium Saleem, same address. Yousaf’s parents are Yousaf Albert and Clara Yousaf. Saleem’s parents are Shamim Saleem and the late Saleem Masih.

Joel Enrique Lugo-Rojas, of 131 Juniata St., and Maria Isabel Nieves-Vazquez, of 3267 Main St., Conestoga. Lugo-Rojas’ parents are Luis Lugo and Maura Rojas. Nieves-Vazquez’s parents are Carmen Vazquez and the late Margaro Nieves-Vazquez.

John C. Long III, of 315 Homecrest Drive, Willow Street, and Marilyn A. Amici, of 182 Charlottesville Drive S, Toms River, N.J. Long’s parents are the late John C. Long Jr. and the late Rose Frances Long. Amici’s parents are the late Roger A. Casem and the late Sarah Catherine Casem.

Anthony Tyler Fox, of 57 Mount Airy Road, New Providence, and Carina Marie Irizarry, of 1014 Willow Creek Drive, Mount Joy. Fox’s parents are Patricia Adele Allen and the late Ronald John Fox. Irizarry’s parents are Stephen Douglas and Jennifer Ann Stoll.

Wilson Pierre, of 116 Locust St., and Claudia Laforet, same address. Pierre’s parents are Lexi Das and the late Elise Francis. Laforet’s parents are Eroique Laforet and the late Lita Xavier Laforet.

Kyle Andrew Wiebner, of 1355 Furnace Hill Pike, Lititz, and Tiffany Lee Buzzard, same address Wiebner’s parents are Keith Allen Wiebner and Michelle Ann Decker. Buzzard’s parents are Ronald Lee Buzzard and Jacqueline Elizabeth Shay.

James William Derr, of 653 Paopua Loop, Kailua, Hawaii, and Kayla Marie Satterfield, same address. Derr’s parents are Dale Glenn and Susan Elizabeth Derr. Satterfield’s parents are James Curtis and Heidi Helen Williams.

Stephen M. Walter, of 1135 Simmon Town Road, Gap, and Jolene Marie Jureya, same address. Walter’s parents are James Michael and Stephanie Alaine Walter. Juryea’s parents are Donald Hugh Powell Sr. and Joan Marie Beam.

David A. Montonya-Duron, of 216 Foal Court, and Kelly Deanna Ryan, of 538 N. Plum St. Montonya-Duron’s parents are Felipe Arturo Montonya and Ligia Sagarro Duron. Ryan’s parents are Henry Gerald and Jill Lynette Ryan.

David Frank Richards, of 148 River Bend Park, and Marisa Andrea Weaver, same address. Richards’ parents are Michael John Richards and Rosemarie Victoria Richard-Lapp. Weaver’s parents are Alice Dutly Weaver and the late Frank Leon Weaver.

Jacob M. Anderson, of 340 N. Mulberry St. and Brittany Nicole Miley, same address. Anderson’s parents are Michael Lee and Betty Lou Anderson. Miley’s parents are David Britton and Nicole Lynette Miley.

Dane A. Greineder, of 127 Knollwood Drive, and Megan Elizabeth Walsh, same address. Greineder’s parents are the late David Stephen Greineder and the late Leisa Kay Weaver. Walsh’s parents are Thomas Jeffrey Walsh and Sharon Marie Bashore.

James Reitz Jr., of 2037 Sanctuary Road, Manheim, and Liang Liyan, same address. Reitz’s parents are Nancy Rae Reitz and the late James F. Reitz. Liyan’s parents are Wenwu Liang and the late Huihua Liu.

Daniel Alexander Escobar, of 634 Euclid Ave., and Kochilt Del Campo, same address. Escobar’s mother is Maria Elena Escobar. Campo’s parents are Maria G. Alvarez and the late Baudelio Martin del Campo.

Philip H. Sonefelt, of 132 Cascade Court, Mountville, and Jessica Anne Yingling, same address. Sonefelt’s parents are John E. and Joni R. Sonefelt. Yingling’s parents are Larry C. Yingling Jr. and Kimberly A. Kershner.

Martin Arismendez Valle, of 30 Plum Tree Road, Levittown, and Yesenia Perez Flores, of 2928 Spring Valley Road. Arismendez Valle’s parents are Sabino Arismendez Jara and Alejandrina Valle Luna. Perez Flores’ parents are Cristina Flores Ortega and the late Eguardo Perez de la Rosa.

David W. Kilhefner, of 216 Marin Terrace, Ephrata, and Elizabeth A. Horning, of 28 Spruce St., Ephrata. Kilhefner’s parents are William Clarence and Cindy Ann Kilhefner. Horning’s parents are Reuben Metzler and Gail Lynn Horning.

Calton Mahadeo, of 415 Union St., Columbia, and Ngan T. Duong, of 1017 E. Walnut St. Mahadeo’s parents are the late Lalloo Mahadeo and the late Paramdaye Sookdeo. Duong’s parents are Vinh Trung Duong and Mai Bach Lam.

Miguel Alexander Ceballos Franco, of 948 Lehigh Ave., and Ruth Elisa Rodriguez Guzman, same address. Ceballos Franco’s parents are Guillermo Ceballos and Juana Antonia Franco. Rodriguez Guzman’s parents are Cornelio Rodriguez and Emiliana Guzman.

Pedro Luis Alvarez Polanco, of 227 W. Vine St., and Ruth Elizabeth Contrera Gil, same address. Alvarez Polanco’s parents are Pedro Alvarez and Maritza Antonia Polanco. Contrera Gil’s parents are Pelagia Gil and the late Eusebio Contrera.

Larry Randall Enochs, of 300 S. Sixth St., Wrightsville, and Tina M. Nuss, of 108 S. Fourth St., Columbia. Enochs’ parents are Margaretta Delaine Enochs and the late Harry Keith Enochs. Nuss’ parents are the late Robert Leroy Rittenhouse and the late Diane Joy Rittenhouse.