Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Richard W. Barge, of 145 S. Ronks Road, Ronks, and Kathleen Elaine Via, of 27 Clover Ave., Strasburg. Barge’s parents are the late Raymond Ranck Barge and the late Elma Barge. Via’s parents are the late David M. Via Jr. and the late Janet K. Via.

Benjamin John Peifer, of 10 Welsh Drive, and Karisa Irene Nord, same address. Peifer’s parents are Linda I. Peifer and the late Robert A. Peifer. Nord’s parents are Larry M. and Brenda Kay Nord.

Christopher Ryan Stief, of 1107 Crestwyck Circle, Mount Joy, and Thato Onalenna Molale, same address. Stief’s parents are Francis Stief Jr. and the late Katherine Ann Gombeda. Molale’s parents are Molaodi Keteng and Sister Tapologo Molale.

Jean Baptiste LeClair, of 3405 Foster Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y., and Miguette Saint Elme, of 340 Ice Ave. LeClair’s parents are the late Jean Modesie Jean Baptiste and the late Mariella Destiny. Elme’s parents are the late Lavo Saint Elme and the late Marie Roulia Barthelemy.

Zachary James Senft, of 127 Tumblestone Drive, Mount Joy, and Jessica Nicole Jaskot, same address. Senft’s parents are Beth Ann Senft and the late Benton A. Senft. Jaskot’s parents are Richard Thomas and Deborah Ann Drum.

Justin Marshall Little, of 429 Buck Road, Quarryville, and Xiang Li, of 101 N. College Ave., Annville. Little’s parents are Joseph Scott and Ramona Rose Little. Li’s parents are Yong Li and Yan Liu.

Jonathan Alton McBean, of 7712 Duncannon Lane, Hanover, Md, and Leah Nicole Wilson, same address. McBean’s parents are Norris Vernard and Janice Marie McBean. Wilson’s parents are the late Robert Leon Wilson and the late Brenda Barbara Wilson.

Dennis Michael Royer, of 39 E. Walnut St., Ephrata, and Carol Ann Jacobs, same address. Royer’s parents are the late Robert Samuel Royer and the late Ethel Royer. Jacobs’ parents are the late Samuel Jacobs and the late Elizabeth Leed Jacobs.

Kevin George Bordner, of 430 S. Fourth St., Denver, and Rachel Elizabeth Smith, same address. Bordner’s parents are Timothy G. Bordner and Debra Saksek. Smith’s parents are Steven Robert Smith Sr. and Francine Sharon Beckett.

Bradly Russell Smay, of 685 Mudlick Road, Julian, and Victoria Valentina Teleguz, of 31 Hertzog Drive, Leola. Smay’s parents are Douglas A. and Kelly J. Smay. Teleguz’s parents are Fladmir and Elizabeth Teleguz.

Brandon Joseph Felus, of 436 S. Pearl St., and Chelsea Marie Naglic, same address. Felus’ parents are Joseph Stanley and Beth Ann Felus. Naglic’s parents are Michael Jude and Tonya Lynn Naglic.

Christian Thomas Beachy, of 352 W. Main St., New Holland, and Amanda Marie Shrack, same address. Beachy’s parents are Timothy J. and Doris Beachy. Shrack’s parents are Edward and Judy Shrack.

Andrew J. Spencer, of 121 Harter St., Marietta, and Jennifer Pasternak Youmans, same address. Spencer’s parents are Janet Burrows Spencer and the late Jeffrey Alan Spencer. Youmans’ parents are Jeffrey Jay and Julie Lynn Youmans.

Joel Wesley Steele, of 355 Rozet Ave., and Maria Elise Viscosi, of 1729 Windsor Ave. Steele’s parents are N. Bradley and Beth Ann Steele. Viscosi’s parents are Robert Claude Viscosi and Jeanette Elizabeth Bernardo.

Nicholas M. Hertzler, of 34 Linden St., Leola, and Ashley Lauren Miller, same address. Hertlzer’s parents are Marc Richard and Judy Renee Hertzler. Miller’s parents are Timothy Paul Miller and the late Luann Miller.

Anthony Frederick Tierno, of 5936 Lehigh Lane, Bath, and Elizabeth Johanna Dombach, of 9 Dublin Drive, Millersville. Tierno’s parents are Frederick William and Jane Terese Tierno. Dombach’s parents are Kevin Richard and Nancy Louise Dombach.

Jared Michael Esh, of 700 Prospect Road, Columbia, and Katie Renee Keen, same address. Esh’s parents are Douglas Eugene Esh and Stacey Good. Keen’s parents are William Wesley Keen and Jerilyn Ann Katherman.

Gerlius Cardosa Gonzalez, of 670 Maxey Road, Houston, Texas, and Mayelin Rodriguez-Grinan, of 721 Stevens Ave. Cardosa Gonzalez’s parents are Victoria Nancy Gonzalez and the late Modesto Labory Cardosa. Rodriguez-Grinan’s parents are Alipio Rodriguez and Eva Lidia Grinan.

Vincent Joseph Salla Jr., of 225 E. Lehigh St., Summit Hill, and Jenna Marie Keskemety, of 159 Beech Drive, Dover, Del. Salla’s parents are Vincent Joseph Sr. and Cindy Lou Salla. Keskemety’s parents are Brian Charles Keskemety and Janet Louise Westbrook.

Kyle S. Haddad-Ressel, of 3621 Orkney Road, Mountville, and Melissa D. Doulin, of 35 Willow Valley Drive. Haddad-Ressel’s parents are Jerry E. Ressel and Melissa A. Meshey. Doulin’s parents are Reid D. and Christina K. Coyle.

Paul S. Stark, of 6302 Miriam Circle, East Petersburg, and Vilay Sypasong, same address. Stark’s parents are the late Paul R. Stark and the late Mabel J. Stark. Sypasong’s parents are the late Chanhom Homdouanchay and the late Phoutha Homdouangchay.

Jacob Masser III, of 224 N. President Ave., and Terri M. Haubroe, same address. Maser’s parents are the late Jacob Maser Sr. and the late Anna Maser. Haubroe’s parents are the late Paul Ray Horst and the late Ellen Mae Horst.

Luis Daniel Pico Moreira, of 502 Donegal Springs Road, Mount Joy, and Linda L. Loor, same address. Pico Moreira’s parents are Joe Pico and Zoila Moreira. Loor’s parents are Lorena Rosemary Loor and the late Tito Walter Loor.

Luis Uriel Almaguer Ortiz, no address given, and Roselinn Colon-Zayas, of 525 S. Plum St. Almaguer Ortiz’s parents are Arturo Almaguer Martinez and Maria Lorena Ortiz Veloz. Colon-Zayas’ parents are Manuel Colon-Santiago and Sonia Noemi-Zayas-Rodriguez.

Louis Patrick Capp, of 106 Bengar Drive, Scranton, and Michelle C. Lewis, same address. Capp’s parents are the late Michael Capp and the late Jennie Capp. Lewis’ parents are Lillian Joy Judge and the late Douglas Edward Judge.

Mason Tyler Thomas, of 156 E. Main St., Mountville, and Jaeden Sarah Rose Steel, same address. Thomas’ parents are Bradley Martin and Amy Dawn Thomas. Steel’s parents are Andrew James Mackie and Jennifer Steel.

Daryl Zimmerman Hurst, of 6494 Old Turnpike Road, Mifflinburg, and Martha Martin Wise, of 8514 Elizabethtown Road, Elizabethtown. Hurst’s parents are Ray G. and Elizabeth S. Hurst. Wise’s parents are Glenn R. and Nancy Z. Wise.

Benigno Baez-Muniz, of 912 Grofftown Road, and Margarita Gonzalez, same address. Baez-Muniz’s parents are Benigno Baez-Santos and Carmen Nuniz-Pacheco. Gonzalez’s parents are Inez Maria Melendez and the late Ramon Gonzalez.

Brandon Charles Camp, of 70 Morning Glory Lane, Manheim, and Lexi Rae Whitman, same address. Camp’s parents are Scott and Jeanette Eileen Fischer. Whitman’s parents are Keith Allen and Patti Annette Whitman.

Corey Allen Kirkner, of 240 E. Main St., New Holland, and Kimberly Ann Leto, same address. Kirkner’s parents are Barry Eugene Kirkner and Melissa Jean Pullano. Leto’s parents are David Scott Leto and Angela Marie Carbaugh.

Alexander Lee Yoder, of 85 River Corner Road, Conestoga, and Cheri A. Potiseck, same address. Yoder’s parents are Loretta Doris Yoder and the laTe John L. Yoder. Potiseck’s parents are the late James E. Potiseck and the late Diane M. Potiseck.

Michael Shane Hanna, of 1325 Girl Scout Road, Denver, and Casey Jo Brewer, same address. Hanna’s parents are Emmett Shane Hanna and Lesly Dawn Martin. Brewer’s parents are James Craig and mary Kathryn Brewer.

Daniel Ortiz-Torres, of 654 Point View Ave., Ephrata, and Samantha Lee Fay, same address. Ortiz-Torres’ parents are the late Andres Ortiz-Franco and the late Miria Pineda. Fay’s parents are Jeffrey L. Lampin and Sandra L. Ringlein.

Cutter Recher, of 32 Cottage Ave., and Sara Marie Glick, same address. Recher’s parents are Robert J. Recher and Kelly McCullough. Glick’s parents are Paul S. Glick and Bonnie S. Tillotsoin.

Thomas Gus Kouros, of 1632 Clearview Ave., and Liliana Patricia Suaza Gomez, same address. Kouros’ parents are Gus S. Kouros and the late Sophia Kouros. Suaza Gomez’s parents are Sergio de Jesus Suaza Rios and Beatriz Samira Gomez.

Mahlon Daniel Stoltzfus Jr., of 888 Bellaire Road, Elizabethtown, and Ocean Rial Lobert, of 65 S. Ridge Crescrent SW, Reinholds. Stoltzfus’ parents are Mahlon Daniel and Katie Lapp Stoltzfus. Lobert’s parents are August J. Baker and Loresa Darlene Lobert.

Natalie Marie Rua, of 2464 Dominion Ave., Norfolk, Va., and Annastasia Katherine Masso, same address. Rua’s parents are Vincent Rua and Carol Anne Wolff. Masso’s parents are Faud George and Katherine Custer Masso.

Joseph Coffey Jr., of 110 Manheim Ave., and Kent Vargas Manon, same address. Coffey’s parents are Joseph Lee Coffey and Iris Torres Rios. Mannon’s parents are Sebastian Antonio Vargas and Fanny Maria Manon.

Zachery Aaron Warnock, of 320 Lancaster Pike, Oxford, and Rebecca Leigh Miller, of 234 W. State St., Quarryville. Warnock’s parents are John Andrew and Leanne Phyllis Warnock. Miller’s parents are William Joseph and Michelle Denise Miller.

Mardelton Lawayne Geigley, of 2287 Old Philadelphia Pike, and Jenny Sue Kauffman, of 3108 Old Philadelphia Pike, Bird-in- Hand. Geigley’s parents are Vernon Eugene and Jane Newswanger Geigley. Kauffman’s parents are Norman Roy and Wanda Cupp Kauffman.

Ronald L. Harris, of 32 Bridge Valley Road, Pequea, and Sandra Lee Salamh, of 85 Loop Road, Pequea. Harris’ parents are the late Donald L. Harris and the late Ethel E. Harris. Salamh’s parents are John Paul Stokes Jr. and Clara Marie Stokes.

Juan Agosto III, of 1933 Wilderness Road, and Rosemey Rodriguez-Rodriguez, same address. Agosto’s parents are Juan Jr. and Nancy Agosto. Rodriguez-Rodriguez’s parents are Candido and Andrea Rodriguez.

Raviteja Jakka, of 542 Bentley Ridge Blvd., and Emily Opalka, same address. Jakka’s parents are Rambabu and Ramadevi Jakka. Opalka’s parents are Robert Thomas and Margaret A. Opalka.

Derek Matthew Martin, of 380 Wood Corner Road, Lititz, and Susan Jane Sensenig, of 1385 Indiantown Road, Stevens. Martin’s parents are Timothy H. and Brenda R. Martin. Sensenig’s parents are Arnold R. and Jane Z. Sensenig.

Rawlyn Jay Martin, of 1113 Kauffman Road W, Greencastle, and Abigail Rose Martin, of 30 Pennsy Hill Road, Denver. Rawlyn Martin’s parents are Gerald Roy and Charlene Martin. Abigail Martin’s parents are Luke Ray and Laura Dianne Martin.

James C. Folker, of 34 Red Leaf Lane, and Donna Marie Folker, same address. James Folker’s parents are the late Charles Frederick Folker and the late Gladys Pauline Folker. Donna Folker’s parents are Ramona Decayo Gonzales and the late Salvatore Joseph Diguradia.

Karen Lynn Straub, of 338 E. Chestnut St., and Lauren Brooke Yeagle, same address. Straub’s parents are Barbara A. Straub and the late Rick D. Straub. Yeagle’s parents are Timothy D. and Karen M. Yeagle.

Benjamin Clark Eby, of 992 Lancaster Ave., New Holland, and Beth Anne Fox, of 226 Creps Road, Martinsburg. Eby’s parents are Mark Z. and Lucy Eby. Fox’s parents are Mervin Z. and Norma Elizabeth Fox.