Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Anthony Michael Dorris, of 289 Mindy Drive, Harrisburg, and Lauren Rose Gerula, same address. Dorris’ parents are Michael Joseph and Christina Dorris. Gerula’s parents are Peter Anthony and Maria Rose Gerula.

Daniel B. Huddell, of 82 Princeton St., Medford, Mass., and Kayla Ann Drew, same address. Huddell’s parents are Gary Blake and Jean Euga Huddell. Drew’s parents are Sean Michael and Barbara Ann Drew.

Michael Walter Murrey, of 26 East Ross St., and Anissa Lynnette Servance, same address. Murrey’s parents are William Penington and the late Amanda L. Murrey. Servance’s mother is Della M. Canty.

Jason Anthony Sostre, of 124 Washington Ave., Ephrata, and Kelly Marie Rowe, same address. Sostre’s parents are Julio Sostre and Carmen Torres. Rowe’s parents are Gary George Rowe and Drenda Marie Copenhaver.

David Jon Kenyon, of 245 E. Chestnut St., and Elizabeth Page Steele, same address. Kenyon’s parents are Thomas J. Kenyon Jr. and Elizabeth Ellen Crawford. Steele’s parents are David Logan and Mary Page Steele.

Michael Leigh Moore, of 737 Eden Road, and Sharon B. Gibble, same address. Moore’s parents are Lois Ann Moore and the late Maurice Leo Moore. Gibble’s parents are Alva E. and Beverly A. Baker.

Jeremy David Simmons, of 791 Stoney Battery Road, Landisville, and Amanda Kay Smith, same address. Simmons’ parents are David Lee Simmons and Karen Louise Foudin. Smith’s parents are Henry James Jr. and Mary Ann Smith.

Zackaryah George Elias Fouse, of 1852 Zeager Road, Elizabethtown, and Wynter Gem Weiss, same address. Fouse’s parents are Gregrey Brian and Kathleen Anne Fouse. Weiss’ parents are Albert Benjamin Weiss and Tami Farrell.

Blake Austin Strausbaugh, of 2724 Shumaker Road, Manheim, and Cassandra Lynn Rambler, of 134 N. Main St., Manheim. Strausbaugh’s parents are Matthew Allen and Kristine Strausbaugh. Rambler’s parents are Stephen Lynn Rambler and Karen Fay Zimmerman.

Jacob Michael McConnell III, of 509 Ridgeview Road S, Elizabethtown, and Alexis Nicholle Gipe, same address. McConnell’s parents are Jacob Michael Jr. and Melissa Jo McConnell. Gipe’s parents are Westley Martin and Denise M. Gipe.

Travis Andrew Horst, of 1202 Fernside St., Redwood City, Calif., and Rosa Young Ahn, of 688 Brentwood Drive, San Jose, Calif. Horst’s parents are Lance Vaughn and Marsha Kay Horst. Ahn’s parents are Howard Gil and Johanna AE Ahn.

Carter Allen Combs, of 2318 Poplar St., Narvon, and Michaela Nicole Miller, of 1233 Chestnut St., Narvon. Combs’ parents are Robert Wayne and Kimberly Ann Combs. Miller’s parents are Stephanie Lynn Kline and the late Craig Alan Miller Jr.

Gerald Lewis Green II, of 152 Knollwood Road, Millersville, and Andra Riela Marosok, of 230 Boomerang Drive, Ephrata. Green’s parents are Gerald Lewis and Renee Marie Green. Marosok’s parents are Randall David and Gertrude Laudati Marosok.

Frank Dominick Violante, of 2385 Spring Valley Road, and Jessica Elizabeth Stamm, same address. Violante’s parents are Debra Ann Violante-Philippa and the late Frank Thomas Violante. Stamm’s parents are Karl Melvin and Margaret Nicholls Stamm.

Orlando Perez-Rivera, of 62 Ashlea Gardens, New Holland, and Amyra Luz Figueroa, same address. Perez-Rivera’s parents are Orlando Perez Sierra and Johanna Rivera. Figueroa’s parents are Marcos and Titela C. Figueroa.

Harrison Wayne Brown, of 117 E. Susquehanna Ave., Townson, Md., and Brooke Henderson Dimmig, same address. Brown’s parents are Francis Wayne and Nancy Lynn Brown. Dimmig’s parents are David Bradford and Lori Ann Dimmig.

Patrick T. Lever, of 117 Knights Lane, and Lindsay Wiley, same address. Lever’s parents are Timothy Gehly and Susan Ann Lever. Wiley’s parents are Wayne Wesley and Roxann White.

Benjamin J. Labonte, of 705 Wyncroft Terrace, and Ernise Venant, same address. Labonte’s parents are Benjamin Labonte and the late Yclane Yolizia. Venant’s parents are Jean Miguel Venant and Vania Hyppolite.

Kyle Christian Hackney, of 1 Sandstone Court, Stevens, and Mackenzie Elizabeth Iddings, of 1156 Sheep Hill Road, New Holland. Hackney’s parents are Mark Stephen and Christina Marie Hackney. Iddings’ parents are Shawn Michael and Ivy Jo Iddings.

Benjamin Owen Hallman, of 111 Knollwood Drive, and Krystal Lynn Eidemiller, same address. Hallman’s parents are Robert Michael Hallman and Wendy Jo Albright. Eidemiller’s parents are Timothy Ray and Debra Lynn Eidemiller.

Liam Curran Anderson, of 2808 Old Orchard Road, and Ashley Marguerita Angel, same address. Anderson’s parents are Roger T. Anderson and Deirdre E. Curran. Angel’s parents are John L. and Sherry L. Angel.

David J. Schober Jr., of 644 Fremont St., and Tammy M. Bricker, same address. Schober’s parents are David J. Schober Sr. and the late Dolores Jean Emmerich. Bricker’s parents are Connie Rose Sheets and the late Clarence J. Eshbenshade.

Michael S. Lyons Jr., of 59 Crimson Lane, Elizabethtown, and Aida Maria Vargas, same address. Lyons’ parents are the late Ralph J. Lyons and the late Laura G. O’Shaughnessy. Vargas’ parents are George D. Mendoza and Carmen DeJesus.

Terry L. Martin, of 1367 Briertown Road, East Earl, and Wynetta L. Martin, same address. Terry Martin’s parents are Lorna A. Hartman and the late Larry D. Martin. Wynetta’s Martin parents are William J. and Ruth M. Spies.

Roger Charles Weaver, of 508 S. Pearl St., and Shirley Ann Peedin, same address. Weaver’s parents are the late Robert Charles Weaver and the late Charlotte Jane Weaver. Peedin’s parents are the late James Peedin and the late Dorothy May Yellets.

Jonathan Elliott Cawood, of 31358 Charlestown Road, and Emma Rose Rogers, same address. Cawood’s parents are William Daniel and Eileen Elizabeth Cawood. Rogers’ parents are Paul Allen and Kerri Lynn Rogers.

Eli Christian Thibodeau, of 901 Coronado Ave., Coroando, Calif., and Jennifer Brianne Shesko, of 5787 Kingsfield Drive, Narvon. Thibodeau’s parents are Marc Andre Thibodeau and Alicia Annette May. Shesko’s parents are John Michael and Rita Shesko.

Knoel Ross Kendall, of 309 Kentshire Drive, and Vivian Amy Wahyon, same address. Kendall’s parents are Ross Aaron and Theresa Anne Kendall. Wahyon’s parents are Victoria Porteah Pajibo and the late George Oderie Pajibo.

Brian Patrick O’Neil Jr., of 9217 Mission Oaks Blvd, Seminole, Fla., and Ashley Alexis Mauritz, of 674 Bentley Ridge Blvd. O’Neil’s parents are Brian Patrick and Melissa A. O’Neil. Mauritz’s parents are John Jay Mauritz and the late Jennifer Ann Mauritz.

Ignacio Escobar Lugo, of 622 McGrann Blvd, and Adrianna Ramirez-Figueroa, same address. Lugo’s parents are Manuel Escobar and Pera Lugo Tapia. Ramirez-Figueroa’s mother is Deysi Ramirez Figueroa.

Austin Robert Clark, of 16 Clearview Road, Willow Street, and Lillian June Hockenbrocht, of 1252 New Danville Pike. Clark’s parents are Jamie David and Laura Beth Clark. Hockenbrocht’s parents are Curtis Russel and Shelly Jane Hockenbrocht.

Matthew Stephen Bower, of 2520 Book Flower Lane, Strasburg, and Michael Gabriel Chiodo, same address. Bower’s parents are Stephen Wayne and Jeanne Louise Bower. Chiodo’s parents are Michael Anthony and Karen Lynn Chiodo.

Gustavo Adolfo Cabrera-Castro, of 36 N. Marshall St., and Lilian Aydee Rincon Amezquita, of 9 Dante Blvd. Cabrera-Castro’s parents are Benjamin Cabrera and Gema Castro. Rincon Amezquita’s parents are Hilda Amezquita and the late Luis Rincon.

Cory Michael Conrad, of 519 Benyou Lane, New Cumberland, and Kristina Ann Smith, same address. Conrad’s parents are Lori Ann Shrader and the late Bryan Francis Conrad. Smith’s parents are Larry Thomas and Gayle Kline Smith.

Kyaw San Lin, of 338 Delp Road, and Nan Mu Ka Naw, same address. Lin’s parents are the late Myat Win and the late Tun May. Naw’s parents are Mg Kyi Win and Naw Boe Pley.

Abraham Steban Moreno, of 445 Union School Road, Oxford, and Kyley Elizabeth Houston, of 3003 Snake Lane, Churchville, Md. Moreno’s parents are Abraham and Maria Moreno. Houston’s parents are James Albert Houston and Brandy Marie Grimes.

Daniel Martinez, of 2057 Willow Street Pike, and Elizabeth Rivera, same address. Martinez’s parents are the late Jaime Martinez and the late Basilisa DeJesus. Rivera’s parents are Evangelia Flores Diaz and the late Vincente Rivera Olmeda.

George Kmeck, of 2109 Broadway, New York, N.Y., and Sharon J. Bolton, of 16 Rumford Court, Havertown. Kmeck’s parents are Helen Kmeck and the late George John Kmeck. Bolton’s parents are Evelyn Esther Bolton and the late Robert Joseph Bolton.

Tyler Steven Fox, of 5857 Michele Drive, Narvon, and Karissa Brooke Zimmerman, of 620 S. Cocalico Road, Denver. Fox’s parents are Steven H. and Geraldine B. Fox. Zimmerman’s parents are Roy L. and Suzanne E. Zimmerman.

Luis D. Rosario-Ortiz, of 122 Longfellow Drive, and Yanira Davila, of 107 Highland Glen St., Lebanon. Rosario-Ortiz’s parents are Iris Maria Ortiz and the late Luz M. Rosario. Davila’s parents are Fernando Luis Davila and Ramona Figueroa.

Clifford Scott Sweigart II, of 1933 Ridge Road, Elizabethtown, and Rachel Ann Horst, of 6 Oldman Court. Sweigart’s parents are Clifford Scott and Beverly A. Sweigart. Horst’s parents are Robert Lee and Julia Ann Horst.

Mihai Gratian Dalea, of 416 Cardinal Road, Lititz, and Claudia Andrada Iova, of 39 Brasovului, Romania. Dalea’s parents are Atanase and Tatiana Dalea. Iova’s parents are Gheorghe and Marjoara Oros.

Mazen Mohamed Hesham Ismail Hassanin, of 306 Parklawn Court, and Chantel M. Jenks, of 229 E. Orange St. Hassanin’s parents are Mohamed Hesham Amer and Aziza Mohamed Ahmed Aly. Jenks’ parents are Charles and Marlena Jenks.

Harold Robert Greer, of 73 Knollwood Drive, and Marie Ann Greer, same address. Harold Greer’s parents are the late Harold Greer and the late Ruth McBride. Marie Greer’s parents are Mary Pickford and the late Michael Charles Dwyer.

Nicholas Christopher Barlieb, of 111 N. Cedar St., Lititz, and Stephanie Elaine Smith, same address. Barlieb’s parents are Christopher David and Rebecca Elizabeth Barlieb. Smith’s parents are Wayne Chester and Kimberly Ann Smith.

Alfred Nyargie Omwancha, of 716 Bentley Ridge Blvd, and Kanani M. Tolla, same address. Omwancha’s parents are James Nyarige and Alice Nyanduko Omwancha. Tolla’s parents are Mulunesh Macha Amante and the late Medekssa Qumburi Tolla.

Adam K. Fry, of 103 Red Oak Road, and Davida Lynne Scott, same address. Fry’s parents are Eric William McCracken and Donna Lee Fry. Scott’s parents are Linda Sue Justice and the late David Jenkins Scott.

Matthew Robert Zalar, of 129 Georgetown Green, Charlottesville, Va, and Audrey Mae McBride, of 17 Tower Drive, Elizabethtown. Zalar’s parents are Anthony Joseph and Cynthia Joy Zalar. McBride’s parents are Adam Meredith and Brenda Louise McBride.

Jeffrey L. Johnson, of 152 E. Roseville Road, and Dianne M. Kulp, same address. Johnson’s parents are the late Charles Clinton Johnson and the late Jean Ellen Johnson. Kulp’s parents are Ronald Gerald and Susanne Fay Klos.

Dylan Scott Newnam, of 3 Eagle Drive, New Providence, and Tori Ann Myers, same address. Newnam’s parents are Joseph Raymond and Lisa Ann Newnam. Myers’ parents are Robert Eshleman and Shirley Ann Myers.

Damian Allen Bergen, of 17 S. Hess St., Quarryville, and Michaela May McWilliams, same address. Bergen’s parents are Ronald Allen Bergen and Kristin Heather Steinnagel. McWilliams’ parents are Michael T. and Ashlee McWilliams.

Amit Kumar Sarkar, of 1102 N. Barrett Lane, Newark, Del, and Shamra Lynn Guthrie, of 722 N. Queen St. Sarkar’s parents are Arun and Ira Sarkar. Guthrie’s parents are Mark William and Cynthia Lynn Guthrie.

Richard L. Stuck Jr., of 471 Frogtown Road, Pequea, and Erika S. Landis, same address. Stuck’s parents are the late Richard L. Stuck and the late Laura M. Stuck. Landis’ parents are Terry L. and Mary A. Landis.

Renee A. Rohrer, of 6000 Geneva Drive, East Petersburg, and Amanda Renee Diehl, same address. Rohrer’s parents are Patti Ann Rohrer and the late Paul Huber Rohrer. Diehl’s parents are Douglas Jay Diehl and Tammy Kay Bennett.

Fernando Hernandez Garcia, of 4067 Woodcrest Lane, Columbia, and Jesenia Marie Sierra, same address. Hernandez Garcia’s parents are Pablo Hernandez and Flora Garcia. Sierra’s parents are Horacio Sierra and the late Maritza Vargas.

Bradley Dean Evanoff, of 2137 River Road, Bainbridge, and Dawn M. Slack, same address. Evanoff’s parents are the late Leonard Evanoff and the late Mary Elizabeth Evanoff. Slack’s parents are John Andrew and Marlene Carol Stehman.

Joshua J. Lefever, of 3919 Greystone Drive, Columbia, and Kelsey Lynn Tucker, same address. Lefever’s parents are James Lefever and Dori Ann Wainwright. Tucker’s parents are Scott David and Roseanne Tucker.

Thomas Lamar Garman Jr., of 3243 Elmae Drive, and Colleen M. Anderson, same address. Garman’s parents are Thomas L. and Judy G. Garman. Anderson’s parents are Lorinda R. Anderson and the late Arnold G. Anderson.

Timothy Michael Mercandetti, of 1119 Olde Hickory Road, and Christina Lampo, same address. Mercandetti’s parents are Ruth Mary Mercandetti and the late Richard Aldo Mercandetti. Lampo’s parents are Joseph G. and Donna Marie Lampo.

Pedro A. Perez-Cruz, of 802 First St., and Iris Milagros Serrano-Aquino, same address. Perez-Cruz’s parents are the late Pedro Perez Berrios and the late Wilda Cruz Matos. Serrano-Aquino’s parents are Altagracia Nunez and the late Joaquin Serrano.

Wesley Adam Landsem, of 207 E. Chestnust St., and Lauren Elizabeth Fisher, same address. Landsem’s parents are Philip John and Martha Alice Landsem. Fisher’s parents are Michael Vernon and Deborah Sue Fisher.

Terance Phillip Lockley, of 324 E. King St., and Jasmine Nereida Ovando, same address. Lockley’s parents are Alan T. Word and Cynthia N. Lockley. Ovando’s parents are Dalihla Rodriguez and the late Jose A. Castillo.

Alex Kiernan Kuhn, of 3 Lenker Ave., Selinsgrove, and Christine Debra Bowman, of 398 Mount Eden Road, Kirkwood. Kuhn’s parents are James Alex Kuhn and Janet Alberico. Bowman’s parents are Patrick Lawrence and Elizabeth Marie Bowman.

Andrew Michael Wierzbicky, of 729 Robin Road, and Jacquelynn Anne Spaulding, same address. Wierzbicky’s parents are Theodore Anthony and Rosalinda Josephine Wierzbicky. Spaulding’s parents are Richard Wayne and Elizabeth Duff Spaulding.

Thomas W. Cahill Sr., of 1738A W. Main St., Ephrata, and Beverly Joan Montowski, of 981 Rettew Mill Road, Ephrata. Cahill’s parents are the late William James Cahill and the late Marjorie Virginia Kelly. Montowski’s parents are the late Harry Franklin Marsh and the late Ethel Mae Marsh.

Anthony Desanto, of 1609 Trailwater St., Ruskin, Fla., and Jennifer Michelle Good, same address. Desanto’s parents are Richard Joseph and Irene Teresa Desanto. Good’s parents are Mark Andrew and Michelle Renee Good.

Joshua Alexander Walton, of 65 Chickadee Circle, Leola, and Haley Paige Swavely Rollman, of 1910 Barton Drive. Walton’s parents are Jamie Fay Walton and Juliana Katherine Bleacher. Rollman’s parents are Justin Lee Rollman and Kristina Ann Swavely.

S. Martin Witman, of 75 Airport Road, Marietta, and Janice J. Gantz, of 506 Bernhard Ave., Mount Joy. Witman’s parents are the late Amos M. Witman and the late Ellen Sipling Witman. Gantz’s parents are the late Christ Stern Risser and the late Elsie Oberholtzer Risser.

Jorge A. Mora-Gonzalez, of 527 Walnut St., Columbia, and Delanie Raine Loughran, same address. Mora-Gonzalez’s parents are Armando Mora and Olga Lucia Gonzalez. Loughran’s parents are Mark Allen and Denise Marie Loughran.

Brian M. Boyd, of 1020 Maple Ave., and Emily Jane Kimmich, same address. Boyd’s parents are William Martin and Eileen Marie Boyd. Kimmich’s parents are Ellis Charles II and Elizabeth Ann Kimmich.

Marlin J. Hurst, of 1943 Division Highway, Ephrata, and Barbara Jo Riehl, same address. Hurst’s parents are Lloyd W. and Mabel Z. Hurst. Riehl’s parents are Ronald E Riehl and the late Susan L. Baxter.

Jason B. Huck, of 80 Main St., Landisville, and Kari Winey, same address. Huck’s parents are Charles Edward and Vicki Jo Huck. Winey’s parents are Francis Eugene and Tammy Lynn Herman.

Jeffrey Bret Hartman, of 118 Baneberry Ave., Lititz, and Katelyn Michele Trostle, same address. Hartman’s parents are Jeffrey Robert and Susan Clair Hartman. Trostle’s parents are Andrew Neal and Michele Lynn Trostle.

Brandon Kent Weaver, of 208 Union Road, Lebanon, and Hannah Marie Airulla, of 4404 Deanna Drive, Perkins, Okla.. Weaver’s parents are Bruce Lamar and Brenda Jane Weaver. Airulla’s parents are Lynn Philip and Davina Marie Airulla.

Jesse Manuel Oyola, of 2149 Kentwood Drive, and Jasmine Renee Gilbert-Davis, same address. Oyola’s parents are Tonya and Janice Lorraine Oyola. Gilbert-Davis’ parents are Joseph Dixie Davis and Jennifer Renee Gilbert-Walker.

Matthew James Huggins, of 525 Dogwood Drive, York, and Faith Anne Lenahan, of 2440 Butter Road. Huggins’ parents are James Ozzie and Kandace Kay Huggins. Lenahan’s parents are Francis Edward and Sandra Sacher Lenahan.

Cory Rex Hoffman, of 2506 River Road, Bainbridge, and Kelly A. Hogan, same address. Hoffman’s parents are Claude Richard and Mary Jane Hoffman. Hogan’s parents are Thomas William Anderson and Cheryl Ann Brown.

Christopher L. Rivera, of 313 Ruby St., and Jasmin E. Chavez-Luna, same address. Rivera’s parents are Christopher and Mary Susanne Rivera. Chavez-Luna’s parents are Francisco Chavez and Priscilla Elizabeth Luna-Ament.

Dallas Francis Derr, of 510 Old Hickory Blvd, Nashville, Tenn., and Kailee Rose Morris, same address. Derr’s parents are Thomas Frances and Crystal Shade Derr. Morris’ parents are David Sean and Maryanne Morris.

David V. Burnett, of 1898 Springfield Lake Blvd, Akron, Ohio, and Emily R. Broomell, of 28622 Milton Ave., Warren, Mich. Burnett’s parents are Eric A. and Jane L. Burnett. Broomell’s parents are Charles S. and Cheryl L. Broomell.

Logan Nicholas Gleason, of 4058 Parkside Court, Mount Joy, and Meghan E. Brady, same address. Gleason’s parents are William Gregory and Lisa Ann Gleason. Brady’s parents are Patrick Scott and Judy Lynn Brady.

Zane Aaron Seitz, of 11 Garden Court, Marietta, and Kathryn Elizabeth Harris, of 562 Pointview Ave., Mount Joy. Seitz’s parents are Gregory Nelson and Lucinda Ruth Seitz. Harris’ parents are Charles Edward and Nancy Ellen Harris.

Jesse Adam Zimmerman, of 1405 Picket Drive, and Leana Brooke Stoltzfus, same address. Zimmerman’s parents are Mark H. and Cynthia Sue Zimmerman. Stoltzfus’ parents are John C. and Regina I. Stoltzfus.

Philip Alexander Sensenig, of 204 Church Road, Lititz, and Lindsay Jo Hackman, same address. Sensenig’s parents are Dennis Eugene Sensenig and Carrie Melissa Millar. Hackman’s parents are Robert Wayne and Kelly Jo Hackman.

Douglas E. Lewis, of 152 Strasburg Pike, Strasburg, and Michelle Ann Emerson, same address. Lewis’ parents are the late Lee Hale Lewis and the late Violet May Lewis. Emerson’s parents are Michael Scott and Sandra Catherine Graham.