Marriage Licenses

The following have applied for marriage licenses in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Troy Everett Miller, of 222 Snyder Road, Ephrata, and Nicky Mae Kepple, of 550 Swamp Bridge Road, Denver. Miller’s parents are Ervin J. and Erma K. Miller. Kepple’s parents are Kevin L. and Tracy M. Kepple.

Paul R. Terry II, of 1644 Kauffman Road, Landisville, and Sarah A. Adams, same address. Terry’s parents are Paul R. Terry Sr. and Lynell L. Rash. Adams’ parents are Bonnie J. Adams and the late Floyd B. Adams.

Jeremy Wyeth Geist, of 136 E. Liberty St., and Carolynn Elizabeth Nowak, same address. Geist’s parents are James R. Geist and Gail R. Bower-Geist. Nowak’s parents are Marshall L. and Patricia A. Nowak.

Noriel Luna Delgado, of 453 N. Queen St., and Stephanie Lyn Ros Albert, same address. Delgado’s parents are Julio L. Luna and Sylvia Delgado. Ros Albert’s parents are Ricardo G. Ros Danger and the late Janice M. Albert.

Everardo Isaac Hernandez Garcia, of 2300 Coventry Road, and Jennifer Mariely Lima Vasquez, same address. Hernandez Garcia’s parents are Isaias Hernandez and Arcadia Garcia Martinez. Lima Vasquez’s parents are Edwin Lima and Mirna Vasquez.

Phan Van Than, of 725 E. Fulton St., and Hieu T. To, of 702 N. Plum St., Apt. 2. Than’s parents are the late Houng Van Than and the late Diem Thi Nguyen. To’s parents are Quyen Van To and Anh Kim Nguyen.

Jose Rene Rivera-Cotto, of 432 Avenue G. Apt. 2, Columbia, and Madeline Burgos-Martinez, same address. Rivera-Cotto’s parents are the late Guillermo Rivera and the late Virginia Rivera. Burgos-Martinez’s parents are Jose Antonio Burgos and Petra Maria Martinez.

Thomas Elliott Culton, of Box 67, Silver Spring, and Alicia Nicole Anderson, of 3683 Marietta Ave. Culton’s parents are Kenneth H. Culton and the late Nancy B. Fackler. Anderson’s parents are Kerri J. Anderson and the late Lawrence L. Gomez.

Jonathan Martin Brubaker, of 335 Panorama Drive, Denver, and Anna Jane Weaver, of 65 E. Summit Drive, Stevens. Brubaker’s parents are Samuel S. and Francis H. Brubaker. Weaver’s parents are Rueben L. and Alice M. Weaver.

Kenneth Robert Jacoby Jr., of 445 Greenfield St., Manchester, and Thao Thi Ngoc Bui, same address. Jacoby’s parents are Kenneth Robert Jacoby and Rose Marie Doherty. Bui’s parents are Xuan Van Bui and Phuong Thi Nguyen.

Connor Ryan Jaquay, of 11 Peaceful Lane, Ephrata, and Briana Marie Ferrell, of 125 S. Ridge Road, Reinholds. Jaquay’s parents are David W. and Diane M. Jaquay. Ferrell’s parents are Brian M. and Dotty A. Ferrell.

Jack R. Gunzenhauser Jr., of 1209 Franklin St., Columbia, and Joanne Kline Hulme, same address. Gunzenhauser’s parents are Esther Hackman and the late Jack R. Gunzenhauser Sr. Hulme’s parents are the late Frederick C. Kline and the late Virginia H. Kline.

Alexander Quinones, of 335 Hampden Drive, and Janitza H. Rivera, same address. Quinones’ parents are Luis R. Quinones and Sonia Rodriguez. Rivera’s parents are Angel M. and Elba H. Rivera.

Derrick Craig Becker, of 145 Conoy Ave., Elizabethtown, and Jillian E. Munafo, same address. Becker’s parents are John R. and Deborah K. Becker. Munafo’s parents are John P. and Linda A. Munafo.

Cody Nicholas Acey, of 245 Snyder Hollow Road, New Providence, and Brianna Renee Reifsnyder, of 5 School Drive, Leola. Acey’s parents are John Paul and Pamela Lynn Acey. Reifsnyder’s parents Eric Rios and Dawn Rene Reifsnyder.

Scott A. White, of 549 School Way Drive, Manheim, and Sandra Ann Aberts, same address. White’s parents are Gregory Alan White and Llenay Louise Richard. Aberts’ parents are James Larry and Lois Joan Aberts.

Nathaniel Walter Hughes, of 29 Laurel Drive, Myerstown, and Amy Michelle Brown, of 6441 Jeanette Drive, East Petersburg. Hughes’ parents are Michael A. and Carla J. Hughes. Brown’s parents are Edward A. and Barbara E. Brown.

James Zimmerman Hoover, of 648 State Route 511, Ashland, Ohio, and Frances Sensenig Hoover, of 1723 Diamond Station Road, Ephrata. James Hoover’s parents are Alvin Z. and Etta H. Hoover. Frances Hoover’s parents are Mervin H. and Lucy M. Hoover.

Zachary Clay Lehman, of 330 Woodcrest Drive, and Emily A. Rubright, of 500 Landisville Road, Manheim. Lehman’s parents are Daniel C. and Kristina K. Lehman. Rubright’s parents are Michael B. and Katherine J. Rubright.

Joseph Ryan Musser, of 285 Blue Lake Road, Denver, and Janita Rose Martin, of 330 Sunnyside Road, Newmanstown. Musser’s parents are Joseph Banks Musser and Lorene Sensenig. Martin’s parents are Harold B. and Mary Jane Martin.

Richard F. McElroy Jr., of 315 Perry St., Columbia, and Bambi Lee Yalch, of 235 Blue Rock Road, Millersville. McElroy’s parents are Paula M. Fisher and the late Richard F. McElroy Sr. Yalch’s parents are Ronald L. Hogg and Donna L. Hinkle.

Melvin Lee Smucker, of 126 Tabor Road, New Holland, and Linda Sue Stoltzfus, of 402 N. Hollander Road, Gordonville. Smucker’s parents are David K. and Elizabeth K. Smucker. Stoltzfus’ parents are Eli S. and Martha B. Stoltzfus.

Aaron Corrdell Canestrare, of 631 W. Vine St., and Tanisa L. Ayala, same address. Canestrare’s parents are Manny Stroman and Jennifer P. Canestrare. Ayala’s parents are William Ayala and Lisa Vassor.

Eddie Borrero-Irizarry, of 548 Lafayette St., and Sol Maria Febres-Valentin, same address. Borrero-Irizarry’s parents are Jose Luis Borrero and Norma Iris Irizarry. Febres-Valentin’s parents are Laura Valentin and the late Manuel Febres.

Alvin S. Nolt, of 575 New Holland Road, New Holland, and Ada Mae Hoover, of 2588 Hammertown Road, Narvon. Nolt’s parents are Samuel O. and Verna B. Nolt. Hoover’s parents are Joseph S. and Esther M. Hoover.

Dean Andrew Peffley, of 737 Wallingford Road, Lititz, and Shannon Marie Cranford, same address. Peffley’s parents are Joe D. and Mary J. Peffley. Cranford’s parents are Michael A. Riley and Diane L. Smith.

Benjamin Jimenez IV, of 67 W. Frederick St., Millersville, and Candy Machelle Hewett, same address. Jimenez’s parents are Benjamin Jimenez III and Wanda Demetria Harris. Hewett’s parents are Mark Wayne and Teresa Lee Hewett.

Jeffrey Alexander Gamble, of 16 Pequea Manor Drive, Gordonville, and Gaia Lazzarini, same address. Gamble’s parents are John Lowery and Rebecca Ann Gamble. Lazzarini’s parents are Catia Panfilio and the late Paolo Lazzarini.

Michael Paul McMillen, of 24 Safe Harbor Village, Blue Ball, and Laura Ann Dickel, same address. McMillen’s mother is Cindy Lynn McMillen. Dickel’s parents are Robert Lee and Cheryl Ann Dickel.

Shaun Robert Jones, of 310 Schoeneck Road, Stevens, and Rebecca Mae Bingaman, same address. Jones’ mother is Cathy M. Jones. Bingaman’s parents are Robert A. and Donna M. Bingaman.

Lee Abraham Dussinger, of 310 Kilgannon Lane, and Amanda Rose Perreault, same address. Dussinger’s parents are David M. Dussinger and Naomi L. Levine. Perreault’s parents are Robert J. and Sharon L. Perreault.

David James Fisher, of 37 N. Soudersburg Road, Gordonville, and Lena Ruth Beiler, of 402 Cambridge Road, Narvon. Fisher’s parents are Ivan S. and Lydia H. Fisher. Beiler’s parents are Verna S. Beiler and the late Mervin L. Beiler.

Robert Michael Borcky Jr., of 943 Pleasant St., Oak Park, Ill., and Celeste Darian Rosencrance, same address. Borcky’s parents are Robert M. Sr. and Linda M. Borcky. Rosencrance’s parents are Daris W. and Cynthia M. Rosencrance.

Kelvin Zapata Peralta, of 722 Salix Court, Willow Street, and Yvelis Secundina Torres, same address. Zapata Peralta’s parents are Iluminada Peralta and the late Angel M. Zapata. Torres’ parents are Mariana L. Lopez-Torres and the late Francisco Torres.

Benjamin Kyle Smith, of 27295 Old Culdesac, Culdesac, Ill., and Sarah Martin Martin, of 1062 Valley View Road, New Holland. Smith’s parents are Kyle E. and Ann K. Smith. Martin’s parents are Adam H. and Naomi H. Martin.

Robert David Galovic, of 1307 Windleaf Drive, Reston, Va., and Rita Jean Stross, of 218 Kings Cross Circle, Lititz. Galovic’s parents are the late Robert Galovic and the late Margaret C. Galovic. Stross’ parents are John J. and Nancy J. Stross.

Cody Ryan Auker, of 533 Reinholds Road, Denver, and Katelyn Rose Witwer, of 736 Sunset Ave., Akron. Auker’s parents are Kenneth Paul and Joan Linette Auker. Witwer’s parents are Robert Edwin Jr. and Jennie Marie Witwer.

Jeremy Lee Hershey, of 139 N. Liberty St., Lititz, and Carolyn Beth Oberholtzer, of 2667 N. Colebrook Road, Manheim. Hershey’s parents are Barry L. and Marilyn M. Hershey. Oberholtzer’s parents are Kevin D. and Faithe B. Oberholtzer.

Robert A. Herbert, of 1600 Oak Lane, and Lori Anne Walton, same address. Herbert’s parents are John F. Herbert and the late Diane D. Herbert. Walton’s parents are Edward J. and Darlene A.Walton.

Matthew D. Rankin, of 125 Woods Ave., Conestoga, and Nancy L. McCoy, same address. Rankin’s parents are Raymond K. and Michelle L. Rankin. McCoy’s parents are the late Dickson Lugo and the late Carmen Lugo.

Jay P. Ridinger, of 401 S. School Lane, and Dakota Leigh Diem, of 77 Apricot Ave., Leola. Ridinger’s parents are John M. Ridinger and Christine Landis. Diem’s parents are Clifford P. III and Kimberly H. Diem.

Justin Lamar Kuhns, of 747 E. Orange St., and Stephanie Jo Kauffman, of 3108 Old Philadelphia Pike, Bird-in-Hand. Kuhns’ parents are Joseph L. and Rose A. Kuhns. Kauffman’s parents are Norman R. and Wanda C. Kauffman.

Bryan A. Turner-Bowers II, of 1240 S. Mount Joy St., Elizabethtown, and Erin E. Brady, of 316 S. Lime St. Turner-Bowers’ parents are Bryan A. Bowers and Sonja Y. Schmidt. Brady’s parents are David E. and Bonnie B. Brady.

Justin Douglas Jones, of 653 Lake St., and Jenna Marie Dougherty, of 658 First St. Jones’ parents are Dawn E. Burrell and the late James Edward Jones. Dougherty’s parents are James A. and Michaeleen Dougherty.

Walter Ray Weaver, of 290 Gouglersville Road, Reading, and Doretta B. Wantz, of 2010 Robin Drive, Manheim. Weaver’s parents are Charles Irvin Weaver Sr. and the late Etta Ruth Weaver. Wantz’s parents are Glenn Lamar Fahnestock and the late Ruth Ann Fahnestock.

Shannon L. Mays, of 1702 Judie Lane, and Gina A. Rivera, same address. Mays’ parents are Anna M. Obermeier and the late David P. Mays. Rivera’s parents are Victor M. Rivera and Regina M. Martin.

Benjamin Colby Retkowski, of 4636 Tennesee Ave., Chattanooga, Tenn., and Paige Louise Hansen, same address. Retkowski’s parents are Joe B. and Gwyn M. Retkowski. Hansen’s parents are John C. and Cory L. Hansen.

Trey Kenneth Draude, of 1317 Clayton Road, and Theresa C. Hallat, of 6 Hatton Place, Hilton, NY. Draude’s parents are Kenneth David Draude and Nancy Havcott Draude-Wisehaupt. Hallat’s parents are Bernard Francis and Catherine Jean Hallat.

Patrick W. Yeaglin, of 966 Wood St., Mount Joy, and Brigett Elizabeth McSharar, of 11 Schneider Ave., Highland Falls, N.Y. Yeaglin’s parents are William E. and Coral A. Yeaglin. McSharar’s parents are Dennis M. and Margaret L. McSharar.

Terence E. Abernathy, of 233 Coral St., and Jessica Nichole Bachman, of 424 John St. Abernathy’s parents are Cornell Monroe and Kenetha Joe Abernathy. Bachman’s parents are Robert Elwood Bachman Jr. and Nancy Jean Elaabar.

Timothy Clayton Beamesderfer, of 200 N. Colebrook Road, Manheim, and Rachel Ann Spangler, same address. Beamesderfer’s parents are Llyod E. and Debra A. Beamesderfer. Spangler’s parents are the late Gregory L. Spangler and the late Judith A. Spangler.

Herbert M. Swisher, of 152 Darmouth Drive, and April L. Booth, same address. Swisher’s parents are Katherine Louise Dickinson and the late Herbert Martin Swisher Jr. Booth’s parents are Vearl Pickny and Alva Aquilla Booth.

Patrick James Morgan, of 58 Veterans Alley, Manheim, and Kandy Sue Blantz, same address. Morgan’s parents are Dennis J. and Donna A. Morgan. Blantz’s parents are the late Arlington R. Blantz Jr. and the late Leah A. Markley.

Elias B. Groff, of 2165 New Danville Pike, and Evelyn R. Mellinger, of 292 Bender Road, Millersville. Groff’s parents are the late Elias H. Groff and the late Elizabeth D. Groff. Mellinger’s parents are the late Amos H. Keeport and the late Verna I. Keeport.

Van Uk, of 503 Prospect St., and Nu Nu Om Thang, of 678 1/2 Columbia Ave. Uk’s parents are Dawi Khuma and Laothan Nguri. Om Thang’s parents are Soe A. and Rebek Om Thang.

Jeffrey Kyle Martin, of 205 Tower Road, New Holland, and Tonya Morgan Rutt, of 25 W. Farmersville Road, Ephrata. Martin’s parents are Wilmer Z. and Karen Louise Martin. Rutt’s parents are Larry Eugene and Beverly Ann Rutt.

George W. Fisher III, of 3939 Birchwood Lane, Columbia, and Katrina M. Maule, same address. Fisher’s parents are George W. Jr. and Susan W. Fisher. Maule’s parents are David L. and Marlene E. Vannoy.

Stephen Przyblyski, of 100 Pond Vista Lane, Manheim, and Katrina May Lindemuth, of 142 E. Lincoln Ave., Lititz. Przybylski’s parents are Carol A. Przybylski and the late Raymond M. Przybylski. Lindemuth’s parents are John G. and Debra L. Todd.

William H. Armold, of 1008 Anderson Ferry Road, Mount Joy, and Tammy Ann Duane, same address. Armold’s parents are Regina Ann Armold and the late Richard Eugene Armold. Duane’s parents are Gary Lee and Anna Ruth Duane.

Daniel Muniz Luciano, of 13 Hazel Ave., and Jennifer Marie Tejeda, same address. Muniz Luciano’s parents are Anna Maria Luciano and the late William Muniz. Tejeda’s parents are Juanita Gonzalez and the late Daniel Torres.

Jessie E. Fahr, of 19 Knollwood Drive, Akron, and Ellisha Alexandria Simmons, same address. Fahr’s parents are Craig Henry Fahr and Laura Marie Savoye. Simmons’ parents are Ronald Dale Simmons and Vicky Lou Graham.

Jerry Tyler Melnik, of 6 Garden Drive, Newmanstown, and Marina L. Sayvevskiy, of 80 S. Heck Road, Lititz. Melnik’s parents are Igor Luke and Natalia Daniel Melnik. Sayevskiy’s parents are Vladimir Stanislav and Anna Ivanovna Sayevskiy.

Nischay R. Mitta, of 24 Saddlehorn Drive, Cherry Hill, N.J., and Sneha Reddy Muchintala, same address. Mitta’s parents are Yugander and Saraswathi Mitta. Muchintala’s parents are Indira Reddy Muchintala and the late Bhasker Reddy Muchintala.

Thomas Marc Clark, of 68 Country Court, Landisville, and Michelle Alison Turnof, same address. Clark’s parents are Edward Leroy and Elizabeth L. Clark. Turnof’s parents are Michael Phillip and Carol Jean Turnof.

Garrett Martin Johnson, of 3366 Turnpike Road, Elizabethtown, and Lindsey A. Simons, same address. Johnson’s parents are Michael L. and Cynthia J. Johnson. Simons’ parents are Edward E. and Sonya A. Benner.

Luis Ernesto Green Colon, of 115 Laurel St., and Cynthia Burgos Acevedo, same address. Green Colon’s parents are Zenaida Colon Sanchez and the late Luis E. Green Rivera.