Marriage Licenses

The following have applied for marriage licenses in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Cory Dean Martin, of 230 Ridge Ave., Ephrata, and Tori Bryell Rutt, of 25 W. Farmersville Road, Ephrata. Martin’s parents are Edgar Martin and Tina Marie Martin. Rutt’s parents are Larry Eugene and Beverly Ann Rutt.

Taylor Douglas Kline, of 133 Reese Ave., and Brittany Ann Bechtold, same address. Kline’s parents are Douglas E. and Lisa M. Kline. Bechtold’s parents are Jeffrey S. and Tamara A. Bechtold.

Jesse Dean Burkholder, of 1741 Prospect Road, Washington Boro,, and Karissa Diane Herr, of 1003 Kirkwood Pike, Quarryville. Burkholder’s parents are John Mark and Joyce Elaine Burkholder. Herr’s parents are Dwight Lamar and Sharon Gale Herr.

Donald Milton Fenninger, of 745 S. Fourth St., Denver, and Beverly A. Fenninger, same address. Donald Fenninger’s parents are the late Milton A. Fenninger and the late Evelyn A. Fenninger. Beverly Fenninger’s parents are Alice P. Keiffer and the late Martin P. Kieffer.

Tory Lee Poole, of 1245 E. Orange St., and Tonia C. Copeland, same address. Poole’s parents are Pearl Mae Stevens and the late Ernest Williams. Copeland’s parents are the late St. Claire William Copeland Sr. and the late Rochelle Yvonne Strong.

Alexander James Arcuri, of 733 Brisbain Lane, Enola, and Mackenzie Red Christiana, of 1 Pine Ridge Drive, Enola. Arcuri’s parents are James Dominic Jr. and Susan Eileen Arcuri. Christiana’s parents are Michael and Alexandra Michelle Christiana.

Patrick Dominic Edwards, of 501 McCormick Road, Brackney, and Haley Nicole Perry, of 1413 Martin St., East Earl. Edwards’ parents are David J. Edwards and Tracy L. Nagle. Perry’s parents are Richard A. and Dorothy C. Perry.

Ryan M. Martin, of 326 E. Roseville Road, and Bailey A. Tshudy, same address. Martin’s parents are Robert J. and Kathleen M. Martin. Tshudy’s parents are Craig A. and Mary Ann Tshudy.

Travis Lee Diem, of 1498 Briertown Road, East Earl, and Kirsten Marie Ebersol, same address. Diem’s parents are Clifford P. and Teresa K. Diem. Ebersol’s parents are Michael Eugene Ebersol and Amy B. Blessing.

Willy Alberto Hartling-Leger, of 208 Foal Court, and Edda Ivelisse Oliver-Ortiz, same address. Hartling-Leger’s parents are Willy A. Hartling-Fiorentino and Jacqueline Leger. Oliver-Ortiz’s parents are Edwin T. and Marta E. Ortiz.

Daniel Jay Nelson, of 150 Front St., Akron, and Trisha Anne Herr, same address. Nelson’s parents are Jack S. and Dawn M. Nelson. Herr’s parents are Duane D. and Wendy S. Herr.

Donaldo Aulio Morales-Perez, of 248 S. Railroad Ave., New Holland, and Ashlyn Camille Miller, same address. Morales-Perez’s parents are Leonardo J. and Marina Morales. Miller’s parents are Perry J. and Dorcas I. Miller.

Jack Matthew Cella, of 49 Little Fawn Circle, Medford, N.J., and Jennifer Rene Fairbanks, of 46 Sweetfern Court, Marlton, N.J. Cella’s parents are Vince Jr. and Elizabeth Cella.

Darren James Ream, of 90 Stanley Ave., Landisville, and Michelle Jane Duke, same address. Ream’s parents are Jeffrey L. and Sally A. Ream. Duke’s parents are Jay W. and Leslie A. Duke.

Abdul Moiz Shafqat Rana, of 436 Mahogany Lane, and Shah Sarika Maliha, of 201 Woodlawn Drive, Landsale. Rana’s parents are Shafqat Q. and Ayesha A. Rana. Maliha’s parents are Mohammed S. Mahmood and Mazeda Pervin.

Matthew Eugene Lefever, of 8 Morning Glory Lane, Manheim, and Ashley Elizabeth Styer, same address. Lefever’s parents are Richard A. and Cheryl A. Lefever. Styer’s parents are Ronald D. Huyett and Kelly J. Bender.

Jason R. McGinn, of 121 Henley Lane, Mountville, and Jennifer Marie Hoopert, same address. McGinn’s parents are Kevin Sean McGinn and the late Mary Lynn Mazqurek. Hoopert’s parents are Michael Tacy and Jane Bernadette Soaper.

Levi James Kennedy Weaver, of 290 Bay Club Parkway, North East, Md., and Holly Ann Sturgill, of 722 Union Church Road, Elkton, Md. Weaver’s parents are Shawn P. Weaver and Martha P. Wilson. Sturgill’s parents are Scott R. and Reatha J. Sturgill.

Richard E. Thomas IV, of 40 Hillcrest Drive, Manheim, and Amanda Faye Chilcote, same address. Thomas’ parents are Doris June Alcala and the late Earl Richard Thomas. Chilcote’ parents are Kevin Ervin and Donna Ann Barnes.

Gerald Harvey Harrell Jr., of 220 Herr St., Lebanon, and Maanami Ayanna Owolafe, same address. Harrell’s parents are Gerald Harvey Harrell Sr. and the late Anna Pearl Wright. Owolafe’s parents are William Austin and Darlina Sykes.

Amit Singh Khumanthem, of 2831 Colony Drive, Norristown, and Kimberly A. Miles, of 81 E. Franklin St., Ephrata. Khumanthem’s parents are Asokumar Khumanthem and Memcha Rajkumari. Miles’ parents are Eugene C. and Pamela J. Miles.

Samuel Garrett Fultz, of 411 W. Sunset Ave., Ephrata, and Myah Elisabeth Riddick, of 699 Sue Drive, Lititz. Fultz’s parents are Kenneth D. Sr. and Marla K. Fultz. Riddick’s parents are Charles B. and Alicia B. Riddick.

Mervin J. Beiler, of 5697 Strasburg Road, Gap, and Candace Ruth Martin, of 261 Wabash Road, Ephrata. Beiler’s parents are Daniel Z. and Susie S. Beiler. Martin’s parents are Garry L. and Sarah S. Martin.

Timothy D. Coyle, of 4145 Nolt Road, Mount Joy, and Theresa Marie Thomas, same address. Coyle’s parents are Danna Louise Coyle and the late Jack Coyle. Thomas’ parents are William Henry and Rita Catherine Klunk.

Carlos Morales Colon, of 724 Manor St., and Estephany Marie Guzman Vera, of 1573 Passey Lane. Colon’s parents are Rosa M. Colon and the late Carlos Morales. Guzman Vera’s parents are Wilfredo Guzman Alicea and Concepcion Vera Bauza.

Christopher R. Roemele, of 301 Maywood Road, York, and Christina RJ Dilouie, of 214 W. Main St., Mount Joy. Roemele’s parents are the late Stefan C. Roemele and the late Lois V. Roemele. Dilouie’s parents are James M. and Annette B. Dilouie.

Chris Lamar Dull, of 1870 Lebanon Road, Manheim, and Theresa S. Hogentogler, of 441 N. Third St., Columbia. Dull’s parents are Lamar J. and Wanda A. Dull. Hogentogler’s parents are Jesse E. Murlatt and Margaret S. Young.

David Avicenna Matzilevich, of 308 Bentley Ridge Blvd, and Donna Sue Gatchell, same address. Matzilevich’s parents are the late Benjamin Matzilevich and the late Catherine Gibson Matzilevich. Gatchell’s parents are Vilma L. Shenberger and the late Desmond C. Shenberger.

James P. Chamness, of 2030 Shady Oak Drive, Mount Joy, and Serena Gloria Bolinger, same address. Chamness’ parents are Philip J. and Linda M. Chamness. Bolinger’s parents are James D. and Roxanne L. Bolinger.

Steven P. Markley Jr., of 75 Heather Circle, Nottingham, and Jaymie Lynn McLaughlin, same address. Markley’s parents are Steven P. Markley and Gloria J. Clapper. McLaughlin’s parents are Jay T. Greenley and Brenda J. Elston.

Mark R. Dettrey, of 210 Erb Ave., Willow Street, and Wendy S. Herr, same address. Dettrey’s parents are Robert F. and Cheryn L. Dettrey. Herr’s parents are Benjamin J. and Dorothy M. Owens.

Rafael R. Dominguez-Feliciano, of 67 Fresh Meadow Drive, and Julia Lyn Bender, same address. Dominguez Feliciano’s parents are Rafael Dominguez and Norma Feliciano. Bender’s parents are Paul A. and Carol M. Ott.

Paul John Hoffner, of 108 Ironstone Drive, Lititz, and Katelyn Axe, of 60 N. Charlotte St., Manheim. Hoffner’s parents are Andrew P. and Cynthia D. Hoffner. Axe’s parents are Steven E. Axe and Debra J. Buchter.

Salvador Negron II, of 19 Nottingham Road, Nottingham, and Katherine Rebecca Thompson, same address. Negron’s parents are Salvador and Matilda Grace Negron. Thompson’s parents are Michael Lee and Kathryn Ann Thompson.

George T. Manos, of 22 Grandview Ave., and Madison Leigh Mahute, same address. Manos’ parents are Sophocles G. and Kimberly K. Manos. Mahute’s parents are Thomas E. and Jodie E. Mahute.

Angel M. Serrano, of 717 E. Fulton St., and Ruth Elizabeth Mora-Moreira, same address. Serrano’s parents are Miguel Angel Serrano and Carmen Lydia Rosario. Mora-Moriera’s parents are the late Gustavo Mora and the late Ena Moreira.

Austin Robert Lawless, of 977 Rettew Mill Road, Ephrata, and Kaitlyn Jane Mentzer, same address. Lawless’ parents are Robert E. Lawless and Cynthia D. Lawless. Mentzler’s parents are Gary L. Mentzer and Donna L. Hutcheson.

Charles Eugene Sanders, of 790 E. Hazel Ave., Marietta, and Cathy Delgado, same address. Sanders’ parents are the late Harold Sanders and the late Willie L. Jenkins. Delgado’s parents are the Ostell Henderson and the late Estella F. Henderson.

Timothy W. Hamilton, of 1 Pine St., York, and Carrie Ann Godin, same address. Hamilton’s parents are Joyce E. Hamilton and the late Terry W. Hamilton. Godin’s parents James Douglas and Dorothy Ann Godin.

Jayme Reed Fox, of 132 Horse Happy Road, Newmanstown, and Jolynn R. Oberholtzer, of 80 Farmland Road, Leola. Fox’s parents are Carl W. and Caroline L. Fox. Oberholtzer’s parents are Edward M. and Esther M. Oberholtzer.

Anthony Marquis Jones, of 213 E. King St., and Kristin Marie Callaway, same address. Jones’ parents are Marcus Gonzalez and Kelly L. Jones. Callaway’s parents are Marianne E. Callaway and the late Patrick S. Callaway.

Daniel Jason Alvira, of 1650 Eighth Ave., San Diego, Calif., and Meaghan Rose Marks, same address. Alvira’s parents are David M. and Cheryl C. Alvira. Marks’ parents are Peter V. Marks and the late Virginia R. Marks.

Michael Katchu, of 102 W. End Ave., Lititz, and Cheryl Krull Marsden, same address. Katchur’s parents are the late Michael Katchur and the late Dorothy A. Katchur. Marsden’s parents are the late Maynard J. Krull and the late Betty A. Krull.

Pedro A. Marin Alvarez, of 221 Dickens Drive, sand Velveth Alejandra Roman-Giron, same address. Marin Alvarez’s parents are Pedro Marin and Eloisa Alvarez. Roman-Giron’s parents are Emilio A. Roman and Berena J. Giron.

Brian Lee Petersheim, of 5925 Buena Vista Road, Gap, and Anna Mary Petersheim, of 5070 Old Philadelphia Pike, Kinzers. Brian Petersheim’s parents are Christian L. and Linda R. Petersheim. Anna Petershiem’s parents are the late John R. Petersheim and the late Barbara A. Petersheim.

Justin David Carpenter, of 1622 Peiffer Hill Road, and Angie Lynn Seymour, same address. Carpenter’s parents are Bruce W. and Jamie S. Carpenter. Seymour’s parents are James F. and Marjorie E. Seymour.