Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Bryan S. Pannebaker, 58 S. Main St., Manheim, and Melanie L. Kreider, same address. Pannebaker’s parents are Garry E. and Patricia A. Pannebaker. Kreider’s parents are Gary L. and Marcia A. Kreider.

Tony Renard Fleet, of 541 Oak Ridge Drive, Millersville, and Noemi Mendez, same address. Fleet’s parents are Bernard Phillip and Doris Fleet. Mendez’s parents are Luz Celenia Diaz and the late Luis Mendez.

Mark Anthony Carpenter, of 11 E. King St., Ephrata, and Rebekah Sue Farrington, of 166 Mortar Lane, Ephrata. Carpenter’s parents are Glenn S. and Pamela A. Carpenter. Farrington’s parents are Rory C. and Bonnie S. Farrington.

Austin Marino Rice, of 20 Ramsgate Lane, and Heather Lynn Loffredo, same address. Rice’s parents are Greg E. and Karen M. Rice Loffredo’s parents are Robert M. and Candy L. Loffredo.

Brent Daniel Stoltzfus, of 1323 Church St., Lititz, and Margaret Meabon Rosati, same address. Stoltzfus’ parents are Wayne K. and Joyce E. Stoltzfus. Rosati’s parents are Gerald B. Rosati and the late Louann Rosati.

Jordan Burkholder Zimmerman, of 471 Goods Road, Ephrata, and Rosene Marie Sensenig, of 355 Hammertown Road, Narvon. Zimmerman’s parents are Leonard W. and Edith H. Zimmerman. Sensenig’s parents are Warren Z. and Linda M. Sensenig.

Michael Eugene Boyer, of 1667 Susan Ave., and Stephanie Lynn Ziegler, same address. Boyer’s parents are Alice E. Boyer and the late Harry E. Boyer. Ziegler’s parents are Linda M. Ziegler and the late John R. Ziegler.

Davis Earl Edwards, of 4 Colonial Crest Drive, and Fabian Remona Malex, same address. Edwards’ parent are Harry Edwards and Mildred Williams. Malek’s parents are Anthony Robinson and Carmen J. Darby.

Dennis Ray Hossler, of 546 Bellaire Road, Elizabethtown, and Joan Elinore Hossler, same address. Dennis Hossler’s parents are Martha J. Hossler and the late Martha J. Hossler. Joan Hossler’s parents are Margaret M. Garber and the late Henry M. Garber.

Chester Edward Stonebraker, of 10 Farm Lane, Ephrata, and Christi Marie Mingle, same address. Stonebraker’s parents are James and Helen M. Stonebraker. Mingle’s parents are Herman M. Carper and Ruth A. Brower.

Thomas M. Taylor, of 562 W. Orange St., and Jayson M. Einsla, same address. Taylor’s parents are Gary J. Taylor and Tuc T. Thompson. Einsla’s parents are Judith A. Einsla-O’Brien and the late Thomas J. Bickelman.

Riyadh Nasar Majeed, of 204 Parklawn Court, and Tuqa Mohammed Hamdoon, same address. Majeed’s parents are Nassar Majeed Dahar and Sadqua Hussein Mzel. Hamdoon’s parents are Muhammed Handoon Hussein and Amal Shihab Ahmed.

Daniel John Christner, of 304 Rosedale Ave., Highspire, and Hayley Lynn Leonard, of 271 Acorn Circle, Lebanon. Christner’s parents are Thomas Lee and Laurie Ann Christner. Leonard’s parents are Steven Scott and Audrey Lynn Morinchin.

Randolph H. Brown, of 40 Deep Hollow Lane, and Tiffani Peoples, same address. Brown’s parents are Frances B. Lee and the late Howard C. Lee. Peoples’ parents are Samuel Pickens and Paula Smith.

Javier Acosta-Tamayo, of 707 Beaver St., and Yurima Perez-Moreno, same address. Acosta-Tamayo’s parents are Armondo Acosta and Alicia Tamayo. Perez-Moreno’s parents are Elia Moreno and the late Riyogerto Perez.

Brandon Ashley Riehl, of 2258 Seitz Drive, and Sarah Elizabeth Bechtel, same address. Riehl’s parents are Elam B. and Connie L. Riehl. Bechtel’s parents are Thomas J. and Susan G. Bechtel.

Justin D. Shaffer, of 426 N. Market St., Myerstown, and Katelynne Nicole Singleton, same address. Shaffer’s parents are Robert Wayne Shaffer and Tracy Mae Wolfe. Singleton’s parents are Charles Frank Singleton and Tara Marie Wood.

Phillip Lorenzo Higgins II, of 3811 Blackwater Road, Clinton, MD, and Mazine Z. Roca, of 381 N. 19th St., Belleville, NJ. Higgins’ parents are Phillip Lorenzo and April Renee Higgins. Roca’s parents are Josephine Berkel and the late Shawn Smith.

Jordan T. Higgins, of 1111 Donegal Springs Road, Mount Joy, and Kacey Jenna Musselman, of 1010 Truman Road, Norristown. Higgins’ parents are Sandra S. Higgins and the late Timothy E. Higgins. Musselman’s parents are Mark S. and Sandra Musselman.

Tyler James Loy, of 2558 Valley Drive, and Kelly Renee Sheaffer, same address. Loy’s parents are James Loy and Melissa Ann Lewis. Sheaffer’s parents are Joseph Harold and Donna Eileen Sheaffer.

Michael D. Smith, of 1010 River Road, Holtwood, and Heather A. Hunt, same address. Smith’s parents are Mary Jane Smith and the late Darryl Smith. Hunt’s parents are Larry Thomas and Karen Theresa Hunt.

Jeffrey Scott Sheaffer, of 306 Valley View Drive, New Holland, and Nicholle Marie Moyer, same address. Sheaffer’s parents are Roger Scott and Evelyn M. Sheaffer. Moyer’s parents are Robert Steven Moyer Jr. and Collette Marie Wagman.

Scott Morrison Bowman, of 428 Cherry Hill Road, Ronks, and Kayla Mae Wallace, of 16 Rockridge Road, Paradise. Bowman parents are David M. and Connie S. Bowman. Wallace’s parents are Kevin M. and Susan D. Wallace.

Tyler James Constein, of 5 Oak Road, Kirkwood, and Hannah Elizabeth Forwood, of 330 N. Mary St. Constein’s parents are James A. and Heather L. Constein. Forwood’s parents are John P. Forwood and Michelle A. McGinnis.

Luke Raymond Earle, of 110 Ironmaster Road, Lebanon, and Anita Concetta Witmer, of 402 Cardinal Road, Lititz. Earle’s parents are Keith R. and Mary F. Earle. Witmer’s parents are Brian T. and Connie R. Witmer.

Caleb Mark Bauman, of 1117 Hillcrest Road, Akron, and Miranda Elizabeth Getz, of 65 W. Newport Road, Lititz. Bauman’s parents are Troy E. and Jeseen D. Bauman. Getz’s parents are Dolly M. and Shawn D. Getz.

Daniel Mark Wilson, of 2583 Blacksmith Way, East Petersburg, and Maria Winona Priscilla Koeshartono, of 144 Emig St., York. Wilson’s parents are Mark William and Jennifer Ann Wilson. Koeshartono’s parents are Maria Angelica Jane Fraeotta and the late Ryo Hendri Koeshartono.

Chandler David Petersheim, of 30 Herr Road, New Providence, and Sarah Rebecca Lauer, of 5660 Lincoln Highway, York. Petersheim’s parents are David L. and Linda S. Petersheim. Lauer’s parents are David P. and Rebecca A. Lauer.

Kevin Douglas Winters, of 57 Foal Court, and Madeline Lucetta Spidel, same address. Winters’ parents are Dale Eugene and Kelly Lynn Winters. Spidel’s parents are Karl Donald Spidel and Debra Lynn Luther.

Aaron Michael Leveronne, of 357 Pitney Road, and Carly Marie Harshbarger, same address. Leveronne’s parents are Michael R. Leveronne and Amy L. Perry. Harshbarger’s parents are Benjamin J. and Teresa M. Harshbarger.

Christopher George Lapes, of 4093 Jasmine Place, Mount Joy, and Danielle Nicole Gionet, same address. Lapes’ parents are George Anthony and Connie Beth Lapes. Gionet’s parents are David Edward and Virginia Gionet.

Bennett Gregorio, of 3749 Country Lane, Gordonville, and Ambur Rae Donnell, same address. Gregorio’s parents are William E. and Patricia L. Gregorio. Donnell’s parents are Gina L. Donnell and the late Robert B. Donnell.

Kyle Francis Trunk, of 52 W. Lincoln Ave., Lititz, and Sarah Elizabeth Creme, same address. Trunk’s parents are Paul F. and Susan R. Trunk. Creme’s parents are Matthew J. and Diane R. Creme.

Alexander Shea Hinsey, of 838 Pintail Lane, Elizabethtown, and Kinsey Leelyn Havener, same address. Hinsey’s parents are Russell V. and Wendy L. Hinsey. Havener’s parents are Gregory R. Havener and Angela R. Goughnour.

Jeffrey Lee Pickell Jr., of 301 W. Lexington Road, Lititz, and Joelle Elizabeth Garman, same address. Pickell’s parents are Jeffrey L. Pickell Sr. and Carolyn Hart. Garman’s parents are Joel S. and Cheryl L. Garman.

Stephen Edward Humma, of 112 Lehman Ave., and Julia Louise Flynn, same address. Humma’s parents are Kenneth M. Humma and Allyson B. McCarron. Flynn’s parents are Thomas J. and Mary Ann Flynn.

Phillip Dalton Beiler, of 304 Parkview Drive, Manheim, and Jessica Lynn Ruoss, same address. Beiler’s parents are Stephen H.D. and Elaine L. Beiler. Ruoss’ parents are Lloyd Ruoss and the late Lori A. Benedict.

Michael Dwight Herr, of 1003 Kirkwood Pike, Quarryville, and Paige Suzanne Helm, of 1007 River Road, Quarryville. Herr’s parents are Dwight Lamar and Sharon Gale Herr. Helm’s parents are Melissa Ann Helm and the late Brian Keith Helm.

Dallas Terry Herr, of 375 Long Lane, and Sierra Rhannon Sancken, same address. Herr’s parents are the late Terry Lee Herr and the late Karen Lynn Sigman. Sancken’s parents are Kevin Michael and Jennifer Ann Sancken.

Dwight A. Engel, of 8204 Woodmont Circle, Macungie, and Ivy Delacruz, same address. Engel’s parents are Elvin R. Engel and the late Mary L. Engel. Delacruz’s parents are Shirley D. Delacruz and the late Silvestre S. Delacruz.

Derick Manuel Rivera Colon, of 913 W. Fairway Drive, and Itza Yoliani Rodriguez Rivera, of 2314 Coventry Road. Rivera Colon’s parents are Felix Manuel Rivera Rodriguez and Alba Nidia Colon Hernandez. Rodriguez Rivera’s parents are Rafael and Norma Rodriguez.

Stephen J. Lock, of 348 Greenview Drive, and Samantha Lynn Lewis, same address. Lock’s parents are Donald T. and Pierrette B. Lock. Lewis’ parents are Charles R. and Karen L. Simmons.

Anthony Joseph Darkes, of 142 S. Market Ave., Mount Joy, and Angela M. Wolgemuth, same address. Darkes’ parents are Daniel L. Darkes and Jayne S. Pierce. Wolgemuth’s parents are Ivan F. Jr. and Sharon L. Wolgemuth.

Zachary P. Germak, of 11 Silver Drive, Elizabethtown, and Linsey R. Stitt, same address. Germak’s parents are James A. and Linda L. Germak. Stitt’s parents are Woodrow J. III and Elaine C. Stitt.

Devin Gregory Gardill, of 3674 Main St., Conestoga, and Erin Whitney Abernethy, same address. Gardill’s parents are Jim M. and Lauren G. Gardill. Abernethy’s parents are Scott and Leanne C. Abernethy.

James Anthony Canavan, of 2021 W. Summerdale Ave., Chicago, Ill., and Tassia Katrina Reinhold, same address. Canavan’s parents are Theresa Marie Hoppie and the late Martin Michael Canavan. Reinhold’s parents are Wayne Madeira Reinhold and the late Kristin Lynn Reinhold.