Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Zachary Stevenson Baker, of 23 E. Main St., Ephrata, and Sequoyah Lea Pruitt, of 214 Church Ave., Ephrata. Baker’s parents are Steven Allen and Annette Carol Baker. Pruitt’s parents are Clifford Dale and Melinda Joyce Pruitt.

Daniel Craig Ober, of 229 N. Cedar St., Lititz, and Elizabeth Anne Louise Davies, same address. Ober’s parents are Michael Paul and Kelly Janine Ober. Davies’ parents are Carl Brynmor Davies and Louise Messam.

Darryl Walter Tluczek, of 127 Ridings Way, and Dawn S. Rissmiller, same address. Tluczek’s parents are Donna Marie Tluczek and the late Walter Joseph Tluczek. Rissmiller’s parents are Jean Lillian Gruen and the late Richard Kurt Schmidt.

Dan J. Ludwig, of 2109 Main St., Lititz, and Nicole Baskin Marshall, same address. Ludwig’s parents are the late Donald B. Ludwig and the late Vera E. Ludwig. Marshall’s parents are Joseph D. and Madeline P. Baskin.

Adam Christopher Chapis, of 18 Branstock Court, Lititz, and Lauren Tieu Pham, same address. Chapis’ parents are John Anthony and Catherine Anne Chapis. Pham’s parents are Thuan V. and Stephanie Anne Pham.

Kevin James McQuaig, of 123 N. Liberty St., Lititz, and Sarah Elizabeth Horst, same address. McQuaig’s parents are William G. and Laura A. McQuaig. Horst’s parents are Gary D. and Jan M. Horst.

Matthew Joseph Cerracchio, of 408 Bentley Ridge Blvd, and Kirsten Leigh Walton, same address. Cerracchio’s parents are Byron Louis and Edith Natalie Cerracchio. Walton’s parents are Kenneth James and Kimberly Ann Walton.

Joshua Victor McLellan Solesbee, of 117 Meadow Valley Road, Ephrata, and Elizabeth C. Hertzog, same address. Solesbee’s parents are Ronnie Lee Solsbee and Pam K. Mull. Hertzog’s parents are Raymond George Sr. and Judith Elaine Lapp.

Zarko Milanovic, of 433 Longmeadow Road, and Snezana Plavsic, same address. Milanovic’s parents are Sretko and Rosa Milanovic. Plavsic’s parents are Vladimir Jelen and Milanka Knezevic.

Nathan Stephen Allen, of 209 Pearl St., and Emily L. Files, same address. Allen’s parents are Stephen T. Allen and Shelly M. McLaughlin. Files’ parents are Scott T. Files and Lynn E. Addie.

Richard Steven Kreiser, of 113 W. Market St., Marietta, and Lindsay Joelle Snyder, same address. Kreiser’s parents are Steven R. and Karen L. Kreiser. Snyder’s parents are Kenneth L. Jr. and Ginger L. Snyder.

Robert Lee Carlson, of 26 Buttonwood Drive, Lititz, and Julie Lynn Ludwig, same address. Carlson’s parents are George E. and Tracy L. Carlson. Ludwig’s parents are Kevin S. and Cheryl A. Ludwig.

Joseph A. DeJesus, of 228 Maple St., Columbia, and Rebecca L. Fulton, same address. DeJesus’ parents are Juan A. DeJesus and Sandra D. Coble. Fulton’s parents are Edward P. and Cheryl L. Fulton.

Matthew Joseph Lorditch, of 40 Conrad Lane, Lititz, and Mindy Renee Good, same address. Lorditch’s parents are Jaqueline Withnosky and the late Bernard Xavier Lorditch II. Good’s parents are Brenda Joyce Graul and the late Ronald Graul.

Ryan Anthony Slater, of 149 Nicole St., Marietta, and Lindsay Marie Waldron, same address. Slater’s parents are Robert Allen Slater and Elizabeth Granger. Waldron’s parents are Michaele Tage and Rachele Niechcielski Waldron.

Kameron Lee Durante, of 405 Fairview St., Terre Hill, and Angela Catharine Raysor, of 922 North Fifth St., Denver. Durante’s parents are James and Tawana Kay Durante. Raysor’s parents are Eric Burnell and Lisa Anne Raysor.

Michael Stephen Niederer, of 11 Cambridge Village, and Alexandra Grace McCaw, same address. Niederer’s parents are Kenneth Leigh and Michele Niederer. McCaw’s parents are Glenn Franklin and Rebecca Kaye McCaw.

Jesse D. Clark, of 505 N. Lime St., Apt. 2, and Megan Elizabeth Whitney, same address. Clark’s parents are Scott Charles and Margaret Lynn Clark. Whitney’s parents are Robert Norman and Tracy Lynn Whitney.

Nathaniel Edward Leboon, of 551 Greenland Drive, and Rebecca Kathryn Stewart, same address. Leboon’s parents are Daniel E. Leboon and Barbara L. Holtzapple. Stewart’s parents are Richard P. and Jennifer K. Stewart.

Jason R. Funk, of 3430 Anchor Road, Washington, and Alexandra Paige Ames, of 2063 Stone Mill Road. Funk’s parents are Richard Allen and Joyce Elaine Funk. Ames’ parents are Gerald Arthur and Katherine Rhoda Ames.

Jordan Ross Garrett, of 119 Redstone Drive, Apt. 9, Denver, and Amanda Marie Penny, same address. Garrett’s parents are Ronald Williams and Kathleen Kelly Garrett. Penny’s parents are John Joseph and Linda Ann Penny.

Kenneth David Beebe, of 2525 Delaware Ave., Wilmington, Del., and Caitlin Alyce Davies, same address. Beebe’s parents are Thomas P. and Claudia S. Beebe. Davies’ parents are David A. and Judy L. Davies.

Thomas Jefferson Huber, of 322 E. Main St., Palmyra, and Jessica Lynn Barnhart, same address. Huber’s parents are James Matthew Huber and the late Rose Manie Huber. Barnhart’s parents are Brian David and Tina Marie Barnhart.

Kevin P. Kelly II, of 109 Dague Farm Drive, Coatesville, and Allison M. Doll, same address. Kelly’s parents are Kevin Patrick Sr. and Laura Kelly. Doll’s parents are Roger Allen and Janet Marie Doll.

Matthew Millen Monahan, of 345 Stacy Lee Drive, Westminister, Md., and Amber Danielle Duck, same address. Monahan’s parents are John Vincent and Susan Filler Monahan. Duck’s parents are Carlos Malone and Barbara Foley Duck.

Jeremy Robert Jones, of 400 Grove Ave., Elizabethtown, and Rebecca Lynn Kirkessner, same address. Jones’ parents are Phillip M. Jones and Angeline M. Ziegler. Kirkessner’s parents are John A. and Amy L. Kirkessner.

James M. Sheriff, of 1 W. Main St., Ephrata, and Megan Elyse Young, of 129 Valley View Drive, Ephrata. Sheriff’s parents are William J. Sheriff and the late Martha Sheriff. Young’s parents are John Paul and Keli S. Young.

Zachariah P. Dietrich, of 302 1/2 W. Lemon St., and Shauntell Rose Mitzel, same address. Dietrich’s parents are Billie J. Dietrich and the late Mel G. Dietrich. Mitzel’s parents are Scott W. Mitzel and Rhonda F. Shank.

Brandi Jo Ehrhart, of 2796 Harrisburg Pike, and Michelle J. Burkholder, same address. Ehrhart’s parents are Richard L. Ehrhart and Vicki L. Fenstermaker. Burkholder’s mother is Anna S. Burkholder.

Nicholas Brian Sham, of 404 Cardinal Road, Lititz, and Samantha Anne Deck, same address. Sham’s parents are Michael and Mary Sham. Deck’s parents are William E. and Anne C. Deck.

Gabriel Jeremiah Taylor, of 6 Sandstone Court, Lititz, and Holly Anne Lobbs, of 919 Perry Road, Lititz. Taylor’s parents are Jon A. and Leann Taylor. Lobb’s parents are Jeffrey C. and Debora A. Lobb.

James R. Groff, of 317 Newport Road, Unit 1, Leola, and Kaitlyn C. Sharp, same address. Groff’s parents are Gerald Francis Groff and Cynthia Yvonne Stewart. Sharp’s parents are Brian Lee and Bonita Lynn Sharp.

Gregory Thomas Brown, of 480 New Holland Ave., and Shannon K. Munley, same address. Brown’s parents are Thomas G. and Mary C. Brown. Munley’s parents are Patrick K. and Doreen M. Munley.

Trevor Scott Martin, of 265 Pleasant Valley Road, Ephrata, and Jennika Rose Zimmerman, of 620 S. Cocalico Road, Denver. Martin’s parents are Jerry S. and Carlene S. Martin. Zimmerman’s parents are Roy L. and Suzanne E. Zimmerman.

Sean Paul Keehner, of 17 School Court, Denver, and Laken Shelby McDonald, same address. Keehner’s parents are Gary Allen and Belinda Marie Keehner. McDonald’s parents are James William McDonald Jr. and Kathy Lynn Quell.

Jonathan James Brown, of 387 E. Jackson St., New Holland, and Rebekah Kathrine Moss, of 112 E. Harmony Road, West Grove. Brown’s parents are James L. Deforest and Cynthia K. Ruth. Moss’ parents are James L. and Linda J. Moss.

Isabel Aguilar-VIdal, of 563 N. State St., Ephrata, and Marcie L. Kilby, same address. Aguilar-Vidal’s parents are Reyes Martinez and the late Adela Sanchez. Kilby’s parents are Michael R. Kilby and Martha J. Drager.

Kevin Andrew Holton, of 199 Baumgardner Road, Willow Street, and Veronika Irene Wenger, same address. Holton’s parents are Daniel A. and Denise R. Holton. Wenger’s parents are Barry A. and Suzanne U. Wenger.

James Ku, of 261 Hampshire Road, Reading, and Rachelle Lois McCollum, of 66 Cedar St., Royersford. Ku’s parents are Feng T. Ku and the late Chia C. Ku. McCollum’s parents are Anita S. McCollum and the late Travis McCollum.

Joseph Edward McGrath, of 113 Ashley Drive, Lititz, and Kathleen Marie Browne, of 100 Winterberry Court, Lititz. McGrath’s parents are Stephen T. and Debra A. McGrath. Browne’s parents are Daniel F. and Eileen F. Browne.

Manuel Ramos Guzman, of 119 S. Rockford Road, Mountville, and Kathy E. Kacian, same address. Guzman’s parents are Regina E. Ramos and the late Manuel Guzman. Kacian’s parents are Carl Kacian and Debora A. Driggs.