Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

David L. Wyland, of 3601 Horizon Drive, and Barbara A. Stockton, same address. Wyland’s parents are the late Richard Wyland and the late Dorothy Wyland. Stockton’s parents are the late Albert Stockton and the late Anna Marie Stockton.

Bryon Thomas Smith, of 125 Moorland Court, Lititz, and Amy Lee Carter, same address. Smith’s father is Thomas David Smith. Carter’s parents are David Carter and Susan Lee Tucker.

Karl B. Stockton, of 320 Commons Drive Apt. 388, Parkesburg, and Mary Jane Funk, same address. Stockton’s mother is Kerrie Lynn Stockton. Funk’s parents are James Joseph and Nancy Jane Funk.

Corey M. Hess, of 1 Candlewyck Court, Willow Street, and Ashley Lynn Sager, of 2211 S. Market St., Elizabethtown. Hess’ parents are Randall Gehron and the late Marsha Hess. Sager’s parents are William C. Sager and the late Sue A. Markley.

Nicholas Allen Whiting, of 534 Hershey Mill Road, Mountville, and Leah Suzanne Bartch, of 415 Vine St., Wrightsville. Whiting’s parents are Richard Allen and Debbie Ann Whiting. Bartch’s parents are Dennis George and Bobbi Jo Bartch.

Katherine Marie Maldonado, of 837 W. Main St., Apt. C, Ephrata, and Lindsey Nicole Schneider, same address. Maldonado’s parents are Jesus Antonio Maldonado and Lisandra Martinez. Schneider’s parents are Patrick James and Margaret Mary Schneider.

Ethan Andrew Feiler, of 119 E. Chestnut St., and Tess Marie Miller, same address. Feiler’s parents are Mark Stephen and Beth Ann Feiler. Miller’s parents are Matthew Ross and Frances Anne Miller.

Brent Lee Kramer, of 13 Countryside Lane, Lititz, and Holly R. Hutto, same address. Kramer’s parents are Richard S. Jr. and Vivian L. Kramer. Hutto’s parents are Larry J. and Susan M. Richardson.

Richard W. Bacon, of 38 Countryside Lane, Leola, and Nancy L. Groff, of 73 Brookfield Drive, Ephrata. Bacon’s parents are the late Arnold M. Bacon and the late Lorna D. Bacon. Groff’s parents are the late Tyler J. Rakes and the late Edith I. Retallack.

Delmar L. Kendig, of 125 Hurst Drive, Ephrata, and Sarah Marie McDougle, same address. Kendig’s parents are Deborah Lynn Binder and the late Leon Lee Binder Sr. McDougle’s parents are Perry Wilberger and Marcy Jo McDougle.

Luke Alan Mohr, of 343 Carol Lynn Drive A, Willow Street, and Victoria Rose Clevenstine, of 682 Hoffmeier Road, Gap. Mohr’s parents are Mark S. and Donna H. Mohr. Clevenstine’s parents are George L. and Jane L. Clevenstine.

Kyle Gerard Reilly, of 324 Sable Drive, Marietta, and Lauren Elizabeth Christ, same address. Reilly’s parents are Sharon M. Reilly and the late Gerard Reilly. Christ’s parents are Barry L. and Linda K. Christ.

Charles Adrian Lund, of 1005 Lloyds Road, Oxford, and Krista L. Grasty, same address. Lund’s parents are Marilyn J. Moses and the late Charles B. Lund. Grasty’s parents are William F. Guhl and the late Carol J. Guhl.

Kevin Patrick McNally, of 115 S. Spring Circle, and Katelyn Elizabeth Howard, same address. McNally’s parents are Mark Stephen and Nancy Buckley McNally. Howard’s parents are John Joseph and Susan Margaret Howard.

Miguel Antonio Cepeda-Martinez, of 768 Nancy Lane, and Savina Morfe-Urena, same address. Cepeda-Martinez’s parents are the late Felix A. Cepeda and the late Francisca A. Martinez. Morfe-Urena’s parents are Juan P. Morfe and Florinda M. Urena.

Jon-Paul Prudente, of 56 Ridge View Drive, Leola, and Kayleigh Maureen Marinac, same address. Prudente’s parents are Ronald G. and Bernadette A. Prudente. Marinac’s parents are Daniel R. and Mary C. Marinac.

James R. Lefever, of 2052 Broad St., East Petersburg, and Laura Lynn Mueller, same address. Lefever’s parents are Katheryn J. Lefever and the late Titus H. Lefever. Mueller’s parents are Judith A. Osborne and the late Frederick J. Osborne.

Dennis Martin Jones, of 20 Sweetwater Drive, Conestoga, and Suzanne M. Yoder, same address. Jones’ parents are Joan H. Jones and the late William D. Jones. Yoder’s parents are the late James E. Yoder and the late Margaret R. Yoder.

Miguel Garcia-Sanchez, of 57 Baron Drive, and Martha Ramos Saldana, same address. Garcia-Sanchez’s parents are Everado Garcia and the late Sabina Sanchez. Ramos Saldana’s parents are Maximino Ramos and Estefania Saldana.

George Lee Risser, of 224 Division Street, Bainbridge, and Patti Joy Hardy, same address. Risser’s parents are Doris J. Anspach and the late Kenneth B. Risser. Hardy’s parents are the late James W. Hardy Jr. and the late Valerie J. Good.

Steven Tyler Hart, of 2297 Oak Hollow Drive, Columbia, and Kelly A. Sowatsky, same address. Hart’s parents are Steven W. and Leslie K. Hart. Sowatsky’s parents are Brian D. and Jacqueline A. Sowatsky.

Harvey Shirk Zimmerman, of 2062 Kramer Mill Road, Stevens, and Emily Ruth Martin, of 548 Overlys Grove Road, New Holland. Zimmerman’s parents are Lester Zimmerman and Etta Burkholder Zimmerman. Martin’s parents are Emma Sue Martin and the late David Martin Martin.

Kevin D. Barrows, of 1390 Fieldstone Drive, Mount Joy, and Jessica Lynn Clouser, same address. Barrows’ parents are Donald Lester Jr. and Shelby Morene Barrows. Clouser’s parents are Timothy Ben and Sabrina Elizabeth Clouser.

Michael James Brewer, of 134 Sherman St., and Joy Anastasia Yoder, of 110 S. Fourth St., Halifax. Brewer’s parents are Carl M. and Lisa G. Brewer. Yoder’s parents are Paul D. and Janet H. Yoder.

Jonathan Howard Noble, of 12809 Flack St., Silver Spring, Md., and Kaitlin Michelle Hines, of 600 Rainbow Drive, Mountain View, Calif. Noble’s parents are David J. and Loraine S. Noble. Hines’ parents are Robert F. and Christine H. Hines.

Jonathan Yates Cook, of 307 S. Commerce St., Centreville, Md., and Kathleen Elizabeth Reid, same address. Cook’s parents are Richard Burton and Elizabeth Yates. Reid’s parents are Francis Ray and Ann Grosh Reid.

Jonathan Bernard, of 326 Euclid Ave., and Julianna M. Miller, same address. Bernard’s parents are Enrique Bernard-Marrero and Janette Bernard. Miller’s parents are Michael Scott and Donna Darlene Miller.

Cody Alan Stubbs, of 4029 Old Orchard Road, York, and Emily Ann Schoettler, same address, Stubbs’ parents are Alan D. and Jacqueline A. Stubbs. Schoettler’s parents are Peter W. and Carolyn P. Scheottler.

Miguel Alexander Leon-Ramos, of 836 Union St., and Taina Lopez, of 710 Rockland St. Leon-Ramos’ parents are Miguel A. Leon and Liduvina Ramos. Lopez’s parent are Adrian Lopez and Saria Y. Maldonado.

Demitrius L. Kershaw, of 211 Spencer Ave., Leola, and Alyssa Neliss Maldonado, same address. Kershaw’s parents are Jennifer Jeter and the late Willie Preston Kershaw. Maldonado’s parents are Elliot Ness Maldonado and Giovanna A. Knouff.

Adam William Roth, of 114 Goldenridge Drive, Levittown, and Devon Alexis Tucker, same address. Roth’s parents are Dorothy G. Roth and the late Martin Roth. Tucker’s parents are Marc B. and Hope S. Tucker.

Edward P. Fulton, of 228 Maple St., Columbia, and Leticia Sue Starner, same address. Fulton’s parents are Cynthia L. Fulton and the late John P. Fulton. Starner’s parents are Kenneth E. and Donna L. Starner.

Caleb Andrew Kenderdine, of 127 S. Broad st., Lititz, and Danielle Nicole Wells, of 234 W. Main St., New Holland. Kenderdine’s parents are John T. Kenderdine and the late Barbara M. Schultz. Wells’ parents are Daniel R. Wells and Lisa J. Hornberger.

Corey Fisher, of 401 St. Joseph St., and Yuriko Denisse Greo, same address. Fisher’s parents are Andre T. and Margaret White. Greo’s parents are Ezquiel Greo and Sonia Aviles.