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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Khoa Anh Tran, of 11903 Parklawn Place, Rockville, Md., and Emily Jean Anderson, of 5346 Southview Drive, New Holland. Tran’s parents are Bay Van Tran and Be Hai Du. Anderson’s parents are Peter and Kimberly Anderson.

Robert C. Doyle, of 633 George St., and Stephanie J. Sanchez, same address. Doyle’s parents are James George Doyle Jr. and Dorothy Catherine. Sanchez’s parents are Luis Pedro Sanchez and Olga Iris Arroyo.

Brandon Jeffrey Martin, of 436 W. Fourth St., Quarryville, and Courtney Renee Moore, same address. Martin’s parents are Jeffrey Alan and Angela Marie Martin. Moore’s parents are John Walter and Kimberly Jane Moore.

Caleb Moses King, of 123 Beacon Hill Road, Ronks, and Lydia H. Stoltzfus, of 354 N. Railroad Ave., New Holland. King’s parents are Abram Leslie and Miriam M. King. Stoltzfus’ parents are Michael L. and Linda Barbara Stoltzfus.

Luis A. Bonilla, of 201 Heatherwood Drive, Ephrata, and Charleen C. Rodriguez-Rodriguez, same address. Bonilla’s parents are Leopold and Hadee Bonilla. Rodriguez-Rodriguez’s parents are Charles and Eva Rodriguez.

Wesley Zeiset, of 111 Water St., New Holland, and Debra Lynn Groff, of 333 E. Jackson St., New Holland. Zeiset’s parents are Edwin Wenger Zeiset and Mary Ann Bower. Groff’s parents are Dean Lamar and Darlene Fay Groff.

Joshua David Retallack Haas, of 480 Meadowlark Lane, Manheim, and Brittany Rose Schneider, same address. Haas’ parents are David Alan and Virginia Haas. Schneider’s parents are Glenn Schneider and Maria Elizabeth Samarco.

Matthew Richard Wear, of 670 Crestgate Place, Millersville, and Sarah Emily Wetzel, of 18 Creekside Drive, Millersville. Wear’s parents are Charles Cliff and Marion Lucy Wear. Wetzel’s parents are Sally Ann Wetzel and the late Leslie Roy Wetzel.

Sean Michael Wallace, of 219 Stonehouse Bend, Willow Street, and Katharine Charlotte Jennings, same address. Wallace’s parents are Michael and June Angela Wallace. Jennings’ parents are Charles Jennings and Louise Ansell Speicher.

Jacob Glenn Rohrer, of 4678 Ridge Road, Elizabethtown, and Hannah Elisabeth Good, of 539 South Hanover St., Elizabethtown. Rohrer’s parents are Jay Elvin and June Lorraine Rohrer. Good’s parents are Toby Lee and Patrice Ruth Good.

Amit Motiani, of 425 N. Prince St., and Lisa M. Kauffman, of 1060 N. Charlotte St. Motiani’s parents are Gopal and Veena Motiani. Kauffman’s parents are Lewis Clark Jr. and Debra Ann Kauffman.

Joseph Russell Woelfing, of 22 Main St., Landisville, and Shaina Jeannette Yates, same address. Woelfing’s parents are Joseph George and Susan Lynn Woelfing. Yates’ parents are Matthew Robert Yates and Cynthia Ann Hogg.

Philip D. Gerace, of 362 Blue Bell Drive, Mountville, and Nicole Marie Adelizzi, same address. Gerace’s parents are VIncent Philip Gerace and Jeanine Kemp. Adelizzi’s parents are Matthew and Victoria Ann Adelizzi.

Stephen James Lantz, of 851 Newport Ave., Gap, and Korina K. Snader, of 306 E. New St. Lantz’s parents are James Lee and Carol Jean Lantz. Snader’s parents are Titus Lamar and Sherry Ann Snader.

Nicholas William Bednar, of 155 S. Poplar St., Elizabethtown, and Helena Blanca Apostolou, same address. Bednar’s parents are Frederick William and Angela Kaye Bednar. Apostolou’s parents are Steven and Cecilia Apostolou.

Robert Anthony Gill, of 56 W. Slokom Ave., Christiana, and Jennifer M. Fisher, same address. Gill’s parents are Robert Scot Gill and Jenny Lynn Stoltzfus. Fisher’s parents are Glenn A. and Kathleen M. Fisher.

Shannon S. Weaver, of 132 Pinetown Road, Leola, and Ginger Kay Gardner, same address. Weaver’s parents are Floyd M. and Joyce Elaine Weaver. Gardner’s parents are David West and Paulette Louise Shifley.

Yan V, Akulov, of 1162 Hammon Ave., Ephrata, and Karina Ilash, of 7 Fasnacht Drive, Denver. Akulov’s parents are Vitaly and Alla Akulov. Ilash’s parents are Yuriy and Natalia Ilash.

Corey Roger Eshelman, of 1909 Sterling Place, and Charlotte Isabelle Vacca, of 440 Buch Avenue. Eshelman’s parents are Robert and Joanne Eshelman. Vacca’s parents are Karen Vacca and the late Peter Vacca.

Jeffery Richard Green, of 180 Gregg Circle, Ephrata, and Taylor Anne Hunsecker, of 275 S. Eighth St., Columbia. Green’s parents are Ronald Claud Green Jr. and Christine Louise Lutz. Hunsecker’s parents are Jeffrey Lynn and Kerry Marlin Hunsecker.

Keith Evan Vaughn Evangelisti, of 625 Brook Circle, Wrightsville, and Genesis Nahir Gonzalez-Rosado, of 526 Sterling Place. Evangelisti’s parents are Robert John Gronski and Annette Marie Evangelisti. Gonzalez-Rosado’s parents are Cesar Gonzalez Martinez and Nancy J. Rosado.

Andrew E. White, of 322 Atkins Ave., and Chelsea L. Bensel, same address. White’s parents are Dale Eugene and Deborah Ann White. Bensel’s parents are Howard Edward II and Wendy Sue Bensel.

Michael Robert Heiner, of 127 N. Reservoir St., and Justine N. Phillips, of 11447 Ferris Road, Cato, N.Y. Heiner’s parents are Robert Steven and Cindy Ann Heiner. Phillips’ parents are Joseph Anthony Sr. and Julie Lynn Phillips.

Michael Jay Esh, of 631 Springville Road, New Holland, and Rebecca Lalhlimzing, address not given. Esh’s parents are Amos R. and Sarah Marie Esh. Lalhlimzing’s parents are Zote and Thiemnu Lalhngatlien.

Gregory Bryan Scaffe, of 40 Nolts Lane, Leola, and Emerald Eileen Peters, same address. Scaffe’s parents are Norman Bryan Scaffe and Vickie Lynn Rineer. Peters’ parents are James Michael and Sherry Lee Conniff.

Matthew Jonathan Mowen, of 366 Teaberry Drive, Greencastle, and Olivia Lin Crawford, Box 173, Bainbridge. Mowen’s parents are Daniel Clinton and Christina Darlene Mowen. Crawford’s parents are Stacy Alan and Lisa Ann Crawford.

Earl W. Sheaffer Jr., of 1447 Pinkerton Road, Mount Joy, and Judith L. Peter, of 124 Hershey Mill Road, Mountville. Sheaffer’s parents are the late Earl William Sheaffer and the late Lucy M. Sheaffer. Peifer’s parents are the late Frank B. Downing Jr. and the late Mildred E. Downing.

Luke Tyler Brahl, of 1968 William Penn Way, and Lauren Rebecca Lynne Eyler, of 35 Churchill Drive, Red Lion. Brahl’s parents are Gerald Luke and Laurie Jean Brahl. Eyler’s parents are Todd Jay and Judith Lynne Eyler.