Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Kyle Scott Kellenberger, of 236 Harvard Ave., and Erica Lynn Edmonds, same address. Kellenberger’s parents are Richard and Cheryl Kellenberger. Edmonds’ parents are Harold Edmonds and Barbara Good.

Benjamin Robert Horning, of 21 Townsend Court, and Jacquelyn Kathryn Carier, same address. Horning’s parents are Ray Charles and Roberta Louise Horning. Carier’s parents are Philippe Carier and Sheree Kohler.

Tucker David Fox, of 799 Fawn Hollow Road, Newmanstown, and Sierra Ashley Martin, of 324 Smokestown Road, Denver. Fox’s parents are Harold Weaver and Luane Hursh Fox. Martin’s parents are Randy Sensenig and Jody Lynn Martin.

Bronson Chad Mast, of 297 Cedar Hill Road, Peach Bottom, and Elaine Anne Kreider, of 381 N. Little Britain Road. Mast’s parents are Lawrence and Nora Mast. Kreider’s parents are Justin Welby and Rachel Anne Kreider.

Felipe Gallardo Vasallo, of 140 City Mill Road, and Tamara Castellano Delgado, of 509 S. Lime St.

Alexis Cruz Esquilin, of 646 Fremont St., and Eliz Janitza Nieves Perez, same address. Cruz Esquilin’s parents are Salvador Cruz Ayala and Aida Luz Esquilin Rodriguez. Nieves Perez’s parents are Pedro Nieves and Elizabeth Perez Garcias.

Douglas Timothy Masser, of 317 Nevin St., and Jennifer Ann Brooks, same address. Masser’s parents are Michael Dale and Molly Ann Masser. Brooks’ parents are Herbert McLean and Debra Ann Brooks.

Benjamin J. Kirchner, of 1325 Creek Road, Lititz, and Brittany Arlene Morgan, of 58 Robin Hill Drive, Lititz. Kirchner’s parents are Philip J. Kirchner and Monica S. Ortega. Morgan’s parents are Erik M. and Esther Arlene Morgan.

Dannel Jhovany Ocasio, of 725 E. Madison St., and Chasiry Lynn Robles, of 464 S. Christian St. Ocasio’s parents are Ulises Ocasio Carion and Sally Judith Rodriguez. Robles’ parents are Jose Luis Robles and Elizabeth Saez.

Dalton Matthew Heim, of 4121 Forrest Road, Mount Joy, and Maria Dolores Rojas-Cortes, of 329 Laurel St. Heim’s parents are Kent Gerald and Melissa Alice Heim. Rojas-Cortes’ parents are Jose Guadalupe and Lilia Rojas-Cortes.

Ryan Matthew Turney, of 25 Ocola Drive, Paradise, and Maria Rose Newswanger, of 698 New Holland Road, New Holland. Turney’s parents are Daniel Lee and Tamara Lea Turney. Newswanger’s parents are Jeffrey Lee and Louise Marie Newswanger.

Thomas Jay Hendrickson, of 48 Conrad Lane, Lititz, and Lydia Yvonne Wagner, same address. Hendrickson’s parents are Thomas Joseph and Geraldine Dorris Hendrickson. Wagner’s parents are Claire Jean and Carroll Richard Swift.

Sidi Mohamed Traore, of 226 W. Ninth St., Unit 301, Wilmington, Del., and Salimatou Soumare, of 5438 Hadfield St., Philadelphia. Traore’s parents are Becaye Traore and Hawa Diallo. Soumare’s parents are Aliou Soumare and Djenebou Marko.

Werclein Diaz Sanchez, of 544 E. King St., Apt. 1, and Ramona Ruiz-Fernandez, same address.

Ian Lee Dissinger, of 129 Hemlock Road, Ephrata, and Olivia Jane Steinman, of 1157 Edgemoor Court. Dissinger’s parents are Kevin Lee and Tammy Dian Dissinger. Steinman’s parents are David Neal and Jessica Kathleen Steinman.

Tyler Scott Keebler, of 6350 Sundra Drive, East Petersburg, and Rachel Ann Potts, same address. Keebler’s parents are Scott Lee Keebler and Jeanna Lynn Martin. Potts’ parents are Douglas Allen Potts and Paula Patrice Miller.

Otha James Campbell, of 744 Harper Ave., and Janae Kathleen Havner, of 45B Tenby Way. Campbell’s mother is Christine Campbell. Havner’s parents are Robert Havner and Marylin Walker.

Joshua Buitrago, of 223 Riverview Drive, Ephrata, and Karen Lizeth Jacome Rosilio, same address. Buitrago’s parents are Arturo and Clara Buitrago. Jacome Rosilio’s parents are Carlos Emilio Jacome and Carlota Rosilio.

Brock Quayle, of 155 S. Poplar St., Apt. C04, Elizabethtown, and Rachel Marya Hansen, same address. Quayle’s parents are Brian Richard and Cheryl Brenda Quayle. Hansen’s parents are Jonathan Dana and Phyllis Jean Hansen.

Victoria Maria Baez, of 14 Garden Court, Apt. 5, and Veronica Cordero, same address. Baez’s parents are Carlos Baez and Maria Orozco. Cordero’s parents are Hermenio Cordero and Aurea Santiago.

Ramon Luis Otero, of 7432 Williams Ave., Walnutport, and Lissette Vasquez, of 14 S. Ann St.

Cody John Harris, of 2059 W. Main St., 102, Ephrata, and Alyssa Christine Schlott, same address. Harris’ parents are Timothy Lynn and Cathy Ann Harris. Schlott’s parents are Damon Jay and Penny Lynn Schlott.

Matthew Stephen Krause, of 12 Sandstone Court, Lititz, and Jenny Lynn Ecenrode, same address. Krause’s parents are Stephen Thomas and Debra Louise Krause. Ecenrode’s parents are David Michael Ecerode and Victoria Lynn Henneberger.

Edgar Gonzalez, of 89 Valley Road, Apt. C, and Kayla Lissette Bardales, same address. Gonzalez’s mother is Celia Cruz. Bardales’ mother is Delmy Lissette Bardales.

Michael Hatala, of 41 Arch St., Elizabethtown, and Jennifer Allison Thomas, same address. Hatala’s parents are John and Penny Hatala. Thomas’ parents are Kenneth Ray Thomas and Denise Frymyer.

John G. Buffenmyer, of 2045 Foxwood Drive, Columbia, and Charlene Louise Russell, same address. Buffenmyer’s parents are Glenn Lee and Almanara Margaritti Buffenmyer. Russell’s parents are Larry Lee and Marian Louise Russell.

Adam Ross Ferreira, of 17 Kings Arms at Waterford, Apt. 17, York, and Kira Noel Thomas, of 539 Kinderhook Road, Columbia. Ferreira’s parents are John Franklyn and Trina Anne Ferreira. Thomas’ parents are Daryl Matthew and Dianna Sue Thomas.

Kyle Jordan Martin, of 246 Spring Grove Road, East Earl, and Kate Elisabeth Hershey, of 2095 Main St., Narvon. Martin’s parents are Dean Roy and Lucinda Joy Martin. Hershey’s parents are Keith Brian and Carol Ann Hershey.

Stanley William Goff, of 175 N. Penn St., Manheim, and Sheryl Ann Hazzard, same address. Goff’s parents are Harry Stanley and Linda Rae Goff. Hazzard’s parents are Barry Lee and Carmen Helen Brubaker.

Stanley Duane Kauffman, of 3108 Old Philadelpia Pike, Bird-in-Hand, and Stephanie Lois Keller, of 952 Temperance Hill Road, Lititz. Kauffman’s parents are Norman Roy and Wanda Kauffman. Keller’s parents are Bob and Lois Keller.

Lee Joseph Sanchez, of 72 Delray Lane, Absecon, N.J., and Mark Michael Stephan, of 247 E. Chestnut St. Sanchez’s parents are Joseph Luis and Sandra Lee Sanchez. Stephan’s parents are Michael Charles and Carol Stephan.

Timothy Fantuzzo, of 119 W. Fifth Ave., Collegeville, and Christina Naccarati, same address. Fantuzzo’s parents are David and Mary Fantuzzo. Naccarati’s parents are Frank and Margaret Naccarati.

Mark Alexander Anthony, of 36 S. Fourth St., Denver, and Christina Maria Kauffman, of 30 N. Line Road, Stevens. Anthony’s parents are Matthew Paul and Cynthia Sue Anthony. Kauffman’s parents are Ronald Lynn and Pauletta Kay Kauffman.

Joseph David McAndrews, of 115 Fishermans Lane, Wrightsville, and Alyssa Sage Tassia, of 152 New Haven St., Apt. C, Mount Joy. McAndrews’ parents are Michael and Carol McAndrews. Tassia’s parents are John Joseph and Michele Marie Tassia.

Gabriel James Watson, of 385 W. Ridge Road, Elizabethtown, and Jenna Morgan Dubois, of 102 Concord Ave., York. Watson’s parents are Randall Joseph and Lauralee Watson. Dubois’ parents are Dwayne Douglas and Jaime Dubois.

Gerald Anthony Martin, of 671 Red Run Road, East Earl, and Emily Ann Spence, same address. Martin’s parents are Clarence Horst and Marilyn Martin. Spence’s parents are Larry David and Vicki Ann Spence.

James Joseph Morgan, of 2605 Chestnut Valley Drive, and Lina Jean Heinrichs, of 308 Greenlow Road, Catonsville, Md. Morgan’s parents are James Matthew and Sarah Jane Morgan. Heinrichs’ parents are Thomas Alan Heinrichs and Susan Tuccio.

Brian Spohn, of RR2 Box 138, Ephrata, and Cheryl Steigerwald, same address. Spohn’s parents are Ronald Spohn and Barbara Houtz. Steigerwald’s parents are Larry and Judith Miller.

Lucas Allen Buchmoyer, of 1209 W. James St., Norristown, and Elisabeth Hannah Yankelitis, of 226 Neyland Court, Exton. Buchmoyer’s parents are Jess and Diane Buchmoyer. Yankelitis’ parents are Donald Mark and Laura April Yankelitits.

Hailey Ann Strohl, of 1205 Anthracite St., Hazel Township, and Hannah Nicole Soden, of 177 Buck Ridge Drive, Drums. Strohl’s parents are Edward Scott and Christy Ann Strohl. Soden’s parents are Robert Francis and Coleen Marie Soden.

Brian Curtis Erickson, of 102 N. Main St., Manheim, and Desiree Fritsch, same address. Erickson’s parents are Brian Ashley and Allison Elise Erickson. Fritsch’s parents are Richard Joseph and Justin Renee Fritsch.

Ryan Reese, of 204 Darlington Ave., Abderdeen, Md., and Shannon Young, same address. Reese’s parents are Keith Reese and Beverly Helmick. Young’s parents are James and Lia Young.

Nathan Andrew Healy, of 219 Ovington Ave., No. 2, Brooklyn, N.Y., and Natalie Ann King, same address. Healy’s parents are Michael Douglas and Karen Sue Healy. King’s parents are Michael James and Kathryn Ann King.

Jose Nicolas Urena Zuniga, of 4015 Old Philadelphia Pike, Gordonville, and Francheska Arrieta, same address.

Adam Robert Smith, of 140 New St., Millersville, and Stephanie Gebhard, same address. Smith’s parents are James Paul and Cheryl Ann Smith. Gebhard’s parents are Steve Andrew and Bessie Ann Morris.

Michael Alan Horn, of 190 W. Broad St., Salunga, and Ashley Margaret Moyer, same address. Horn’s parents are Gregory Allen Horn and Bonnie Sue Cramer. Moyer’s parents are Randy Lee and Maxine Teresa Freed.

Christopher Ryan Greene, of 40 1/2 S. Maple St., Ephrata, and Allison Paige McEvoy, same address. Greene’s parents are Gary Greene and Janeen Litten. McEvoy’s parents are Charles McEvoy and Robin Barnett.

Jason Michael Stauffer, of 701 E. Willow St., Apt. 12101, Elizabethtown, and Nelda Catherine Buggy, same address. Stauffer’s parents are Richard Bucher and Mary Stauffer. Buggy’s parents are Patrick Richard and Katie K. Buggy.

Wyatt Alexander Steffish, of 503 S. West End Ave., and Brianna Nicole White, same address. Steffish’s parents are Gregory Steffish and Kelly Hartley. White’s parents are Joseph and Jennifer Elisabeth Barnes.

James Elmer Shaffer, of 4887 Elizabethtown Road, Manheim, and Tracy Renee Painter, same address. Shaffer’s parents are James Elmer Shaffer and Sharon Butcher. Painter’s parents are Ronald Robert Painter and Georgiann George.

Jose Oscar Rivera Fromm, of 410 W. Sunset Ave., Ephrata, and Sara Nicole Bischoff, same address. Bischoff’s parents are Brian and Karen Louise Bischoff.

Christopher Marcellino Troiano, of 357 Pitney Road, Apt. 219, and Anne Kathryn Nugent, of 944 Sheaffer Road. Nugent’s parents are Charles and Christine Anne Nugent. Troiano’s parents are James and Lori Troiano.

Waldemar Vicente, of 831 Fremont St., Apt. 1, and Ana Delia Tirado Rivera, same address.

William Thomas Toth, of 78 Pennwick Drive, Lititz, and Angela Hope Weaver, same address. Toth’s parents are Terry Lynn and Robin Lyn Toth. Weaver’s parents are Donald Lee and Janeane Cheryl Gainer.

Lucas Smalldon, of 56 Winding Way, Lititz, and Anoosha Forghani, same address. Smalldon’s parents are Jeffrey and Betsy Smalldon. Forghani’s parents are Ardeshir Forghani and Fariba Shangal.

Robert Joseph Young, of 29 Dublin Drive, Millersville, and Jacqueline Benscome, same address.

Vincent David Materia, of 24 Weaver Ave., Ephrata, and Karisa Marie Gauker, same address. Materia’s parents are Dave Francis and Kathleen Materia. Gauker’s parents are Timothy Scott and Dorothy Mackenzie Gauker.

Zachary A. Guyer, of 110 Sandstone Drive, Willow Street, and Jaclyn Ruth Kuro, of 12 Eagle Drive. Guyer’s parents are Sherman M. and Krista C. Guyer. Kuro’s parents are Joseph Dale and Jane Elizabe Kuro.