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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Daniel Seth Seiple, of 814 Michael Drive, Mount Joy, and Justine Ruth Sauder, of 365 Arlene Drive, Mountville. Seiple’s parents are John David and Melanie Deborah Seiple. Sauder’s parents are Benjamin Kauffman and Andrea Dawn Sauder.

Trent Logan Zook, of 978 W. Main St., Ephrata, and Courtney Nicole Funk, same address. Zook’s parents are Samuel B. and Sandra Lynn Zook. Funk’s parents are Kevin Lynn and Deborah Lee Herb.

Jeryl Lynn Zimmerman, of 166 Conestoga Blvd, and Bethany Rachel Ricci, of 947 Barnside Road, Allentown. Zimmerman’s parents are Leonard Good and Miriam Laverne Zimmerman. Ricci’s parents are James A. and Anna Ricci.

Luke Isaac Knisley, of 33121 State Highway 58, Hydro, Okla., and Ashlee Mae Weaver, same address. Knisley’s parents are Brian Dale and Vicki Renee Knisely. Weaver’s parents are Jeffrey Eugene and Tracie Rexene Jones.

Joel Bryson Buffington, of 19 Brian Drive, Lititz, and Kelsey Marie Zimmerman, of 642 Fountain Ave. Buffington’s parents are Joel Bryson and Angela Marie Buffington. Zimmerman’s parents are Daniel Lawrence and Lori Jo Zimmerman.

Cole Andrew Martin, of 1618 Buttercup Road, and Colleen Ann Andrews, of 421 Penn Grant Road. Martin’s parents are Robert Jay and Jane Louise Martin. Andrews’ parents are Randall Scott and Christine Lynn Andrews.

Kevin David Kiralfy, of 218 Springville Road, Mount Joy, and Rachel Nicole Hall, same addess. Kiralfy’s parents are Robert and Leanne Kiralfy. Hall’s parents are Arthur Porter and Jennifer Hall.

Jason R. Schaeffer, of 236 Basswood Drive, and Jason Edward Griffith, same address. Schaeffer’s parents are Robert Miles Schaeffer and Teresa V. Hampton. Griffith’s parents are John Robert and Diane Lynn Griffith.

Seth Michael Habicht, of 550 S. Hanover St., Apt. 103, Elizabethtown, and Taylor Renae Corbin, same address. Habicht’s parents are Fred Charles and Christine Marie Habicht. Corbin’s parents are Joseph Duane Corbin and Diana Lynne Boughner.

Jake Ervin Stoltzfus, of 55 Deer Lane, Holtwood, and Sarah Jean Miller, of 60 Clay Road, Ephrata. Stoltzfus’ parents are John David and Fannie F. Soltzfus. Miller’s parents are Ora Wayne and Edna Marie Miller.

Max Alexander Rey, of 5 Acorn Court, Ephrata, and Meghan Elizabeth Clisham, of 45 Whisper Lane, New Holland. Rey’s parents are Maximo Walter and Marlene Jo Rey. Clisham’s parents are William and Amy Elayne Clisham.

John Michael Zimmerman, of 726 Stonecrest Road, New Holland, and Janae Good, of 168 Reading Road, East Earl. Zimmerman’s parents are Curvin Z. and Susanne Z. Zimmerman. Good’s parents are Clair M. and Lucille A. Good.

Michael Raimond Kover, of 301 N. Market St., Myerstown, and Leigh Ann Lindenmuth, of 9 W. Ferdinand St., Manheim. Kover’s parents are Lincoln Conrad and Terrie Ann Kover. Lindenmuth’s parents are Martin Luther Lindenmuth and Jacqueline Lee Sweitzer.

Mitchell Adam Zook, of 760 West Swartzville Road, Reinholds, and Jessica Amber Hoffman, of 313 Pool Road, Ephrata. Zook’s parents are Floyd and Kimberly Zook. Hoffman’s parents are Thomas James and Sheila Mae Hoffman.

Benjamin Carl Norton, of 2122 Andrew Ave., Elizabethtown, and Danielle Joy Lehman, of 826 Lightfoot Drive. Norton’s parents are Robert Allen and Jeanette Geruldsen Norton. Lehman’s parents are Daniel Christian and Lisa Gail Lehman.

Douglas Wellington Murray, of 287 Cedar Hollow, Manheim, and Jennifer R. Riggs, same address. Murray’s parents are Roger William and Susan Winters Murray. Rigg’s parents are Christopher Joel and Sharon Ann Riggs.

Colin James Butler, of 1120 Hampden Drive, Strasburg, and Victoria Angela Chirico, of 567 Georgetown Road, Ronks. Butler’s parents are Brian Michael Butler and Anita Denise Crum. Chirico’s parents are Robert Michael and Suzanne Marie Chirico.

Matthew Henry Herbener, of 101 W. Main St., Apt. A, Leola, and Kristi Lynn Shaver, same address. Herbener’s parents are Henry and Lillian Herbener. Shaver’s parents are Mark and Valerie Shaver.

Matthew Philip Glessner, of 3320 Poplar Lane, Mountville, and Hannah Elizabeth Bomberger, of 205 Charlan Blvd, Mount Joy. Glessner’s parents are Gary David and Margaret Ruth Glessner. Bomberger’s parents are Robert Eugene and Kathryn Louise Bomberger.

Brandon David Mellerski, of 6784 Milestrip Road, Buffalo, N.Y., and Renae Joy Gochnauer, of 101 W. Elm St., Conestoga. Mellerski’s parents are David John and Sandra Lee Mellerski. Gochnauer’s parents are David Lamar and Rebecca Sue Gochnauer.

Conrad Phillip Troyer, of 859 Maxwell Ave., Millersburg, and Stacy Michele Horst, of 349 E. Brubaker Valley Road, Lititz. Troyer’s parents are Phillip and Effie Troyer. Horst’s parents are Kenneth W. and Marlene R. Horst.

Cameron Eugene Jennings, of 490 N. Clay Road, Apt. E, Lititz, and Kayla Joann Dowling, same address. Jennings’ parents are Brian Eugene Jennings and Heather Nichole Lindsey. Dowling’s parents are Kenneth William and Julie Ann Dowling.

Daniel Ray Stauffer, of 60 Hospital Road, Wernersville, and Michelle Elise Gehman, of 300 N. Clay Road, Lititz. Stauffer’s parents are Leon Lamar and Dolores Ann Stauffer. Gehman’s parents are Anthony Kent and Christie Ann Gehman.

Alexander Dennis Shiery, of 218 Quaking Aspen Lane, Marietta, and Leah Kathryn Tingley, same address. Shiery’s parents are Robert Edward and Teresa Louise Shiery. Tingley’s parents are William Robert and Kimberley Joan Tingley.

Gavin Mitchell High, of 1722 Lampeter Road, and Gloriann Nicolle Plank, same address. High’s parents are Scott Anthony and Amy Genevieve High. Plank’s parents are Stephen Joseph and Frances Loretta Plank.

Dakota Lee Moyer, of 175 Creek Road, Denver, and Faith Stoltzfoos, of 130 Pine View Drive, Denver. Moyer’s parents are Shawn Lee and Shawna Marie Moyer. Stoltzfoos’ parents are Norman Lee and Donna Elaine Stoltzfoos.

Omar King Esch, of 195 Hidden Acres Lane, Dornsife, and Sadie E. Beiler, of 2244 Hobson Road. Esch’s parents are Jacob G. and Katie K. Esch. Beiler’s parents are Christian Amos and Annie F. Beiler.

Cory Daryl Shay, of 59 Dixon Road, Clymer, and Mary Elizabeth McGinley, of 214 S. Brookfield Lane, New Holland. Shay’s parents are Daryl Eugene and Roxanne Donna Shay. McGinley’s parents are Conde James and Colleen Marie McGinley.

Rosolino Distefano, of 107 Bridle Path, New Holland, and Anabeth Gaytan Ramirez, same address. Distefano’s parents are Gio Battista and Gerlanda Distefano. Gaytan Ramirez’s parents are Jose Luis Gaytan Corona and Alma Rosa Ramirez Aquilar.

William Devon Lewis, of 341 Warren St., New Holland, and Heather Marie Zeiset, of 33 Runway Ave., New Holland. Lewis’ parents are Douglas Leroy and Krista Louise Lewis. Zeiset’s parents are Vernon Ladon and Paula Marie Zeiset.

Mervin Alexander Santana, of 274 Strasburg Pike, and Taniah Armanie Elliott, of 610 Wyncroft Lane, Apt. 4. Santana’s parents are Mervin Santana and Dawn Marie Cruz-Torres. Elliott’s parents are Terrance Kenroy and Ana Hilda Elliott.

Christopher Alan Pagano, of 4400 Crossings Blvd, B202, and Tina Marie Lukas, same address. Pagano’s parents are Carmine Richard and Joyce Louise Pagano. Lukas’ parents are Tommy Lee Norman and Renee Madden.

Michael Donald Luxton, of 638 Petersburg Road, and Caitlin Rae Hostetter, same address. Luxton’s parents are Donald James and Kristine Anne Luxton. Hostetter’s parents are Todd Michael and Elena Marie Teresa Hostetter.

David Alejandro Chaparo Montenegro, of 101 E. Woodland Drive, Mechanicsburg, and Allison Taylor Conrad, same address. Chaparo Montenegro’s parents are Luis Oliverio Chaparo Lemus and Marta Lucia Montenegro Romero. Conrad’s parents are Joseph Scott and Greta Jane Conrad.

Anthony Michael Aument, of 40 W. Cottage Ave., Millersville, and Bridget Ann Boxleitner, same address. Aument’s parents are Roy Wilbur and Gretchen Noel Aument. Boxleitner’s parents are Steven Michael and Yvonne Marie Boxleitner.

Derrick Maurice Seegars, of 310 N. Lime St., Apt. 4, and Anna Grace Farmer, of 255 School Lane, Mount Joy. Seegars’ parents are Derrick Maurice and Janelle Brothers Seegars. Farmer’s parents are David Alan and Wendy Marie Farmer.

Eric Wenger Frey, of 105 Shannon Drive, and Pronita Sayson Atuel, same address. Frey’s parents are Glenn C. and Beth Laverna Frey. Atuel’s parents are Prudencio Cutor and Anecita Sayson Atuel.

Clay Andrew Overholt, of 455 Woodlawn Drive, Jessup, Md., and Mariah Joy Riehl, of 124 Cedar St., Narvon. Overholt’s parents are Stanley Duane and Regina Faith Overholt. Riehl’s parents are David Beiler and Twila Joy Riehl.

Dallas Mitchell Anderson, of 1269 Barclay Drive, and Lily Renee Brown, same address. Anderson’s parents are Steven Edward and Sherrie L. Anderson. Brown’s parents are Stephan David and Karen Louise Brown.

Curtis Edgar Rosche, of 532 N. Second St., Columbia, and Brittany Diane Hess, same address. Rosche’s parents are Terry Rosche and Deborah Hendrie. Hess’ parents are Steven Lee and Toni Diane Hess.

Ethan Matthew Metzler, of 83 Douts Hill Road, Pequea, and Nguyen T. Nguyen Thi, of 4160 Main St., Conestoga. Metzler’s parents are Jay Douglas and Jonelle Lynn Metzler. Nguyen Thi’s parents are Jack Lee Like and Thao Nguyen.

Matthew Thomas Schroeder, of 205 Scarborough Lane, Millersville, and Kadia Sage Julian, of47 Penn St., Washington Boro. Schroeder’s parents are Thomas David Schroeder and Barbara Jean Crews. Julian’s parents are David Yale and Nicole Beth Julian.

Joseph Edward Carey, of 2506 Gilbert St., Broomall, and Kimberly Ann Marino, of 46 Sadler Drive, Christiana. Carney’s parents are Joseph John and Maureen Carney. Marino’s parents are Anthony Marino and Donna Ann Marino.

Joshua Robin Edgell, of 2685 Pinch Road, Manheim, and Karina Elaine Russell, of 25 Mazzotta Road, Stevens. Edgell’s parents are Justus Robin and Maggie Lee Edgell. Russell’s parents are Gary William and Karen Ruth Russell.

Timothy J. Mace, of 23 Buckwheat Drive, Denver, and Amy Nicole Reichwein, same address. Mace’s parents are Raymond Edward and Jennie Catherine Mace. Reichwein’s parents are Richard Allen and Linda Lee Yocum.

Jacob Nicholas Metzler, of 29 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, and Savannah J. Myers, of 10 S. Spruce St., Lititz. Metzler’s parents are James Donald and Valerie Ann Metzler. Myers’ parents are Mark Edward and Karen Elizabeth Myers.

John Allen Groff, of 1006 Bentley Ridge Blvd, and Taylor Nicole Kaminsky, same address. Groff’s parents are John and Janice Groff. Kaminsky’s parents are Carl Kaminsky and Margaret Sherman.

Jesus Aviles, of 708 Sterling Place, and Xiarisse Aroly Caraballo-Saavedra, of 25 Stauffer Court, Leola. Aviles’ parents are Edward Aviles and Evelyn Vazquez. Caraballo-Saavedra parents are Jose D. Caraballo-Mendez and Aroly Galeano.

Brandon P. Roda, of 92 Barre Drive, and Jenna Ann Hallock, same address. Roda’s parents are Craig Anthony and Dianne Metzler. Hallock’s parents are Patrick William and Vickie Lynn Hallock.

Israel Andrew Temple, of 11 Michigan Ave., Apt. B, and Grace Marie Summerson, same address. Temple’s parents are Andrew Ritter and Sherry Esposito. Summerson’s parents are Franklin and Theresa Summerson.

Steven Eugene Appleby, of 417 Masonic Drive, Elizabethtown, and Marly Ellen Stephens, same address. Appleby’s parents are Robert O. Tate and Gloria M. Ehrhart. Stephens’ parents are Otto J. and Rosina Hoffarth.

Salvatore Charles Batto, of 15A Hershey Ave., Paradise, and Monique Charisse Wood, same address. Batto’s parents are Salvatore Charles and Lorraine G. Batto. Wood’s praents are Michael A. Wood and Therese M. Kulawik.

David Soto, of 1709 Valette Drive, and Wilma Yvette Martinez, same address. Soto’s parents are Ramon Soto and Elena Velez. Martinez’s parents are Visitacion Martinez and Rachel Herrera.

Jeffrey Callum Mylin, of 216 Post Oak Road, and Alyssa Marie Raifsnyder, of 1160 W. Penn Grant Road. Mylin’s parents are Steven and Dorothy Mylin. Raifsnyder’s parents are James Mark and Sonya Lee Raifsndyer.

Michael Allen Lehman, of 112 N. Market St., Apt. 101, Elizabethtown, and Deborah Ruth Coffman, same address. Lehman’s parents are Donald Lehman and Sharon Swope. Coffman’s parents are Franklin Eugene Coffman and Wendy Ann Conklin.

Tarelle Dion Tremayne Johnson, of 451 W. High St., Elizabethtown, and Anna Brooke Mullis, of 3065 Todd Lane. Mullis’ parents are James Wesley and Lena King Mullis.

Harry D. Bleacher, of 712 S. 15th St., Columbia, and Nicole Lee Rinier, same address. Bleacher’s parents are Harry D. Bleacher and Marcia Elaine Lefevre. Rinier’s parents are Robert Dean Rinier and Karen Jane Doersom.

Christopher J. Dzera, of 204 Bentley Ridge Blvd, and Caitlin Noel Colonna, same address. Dzera’s parents are Paul and Barbara Dzera. Colonna’s parents are William Luciano and Maureen Colonna.

Paul E. Curtis, of 224 W. Fourth St., Quarryville, and Alice Kirsten Bjork, of 1585 Hickory Run Court, Elizabethtown. Curtis’ parents are Martin Lee and Diana Jean Curtis. Bjork’s parents are Mark Paul and Nancy Fry Bjork.

Russ Allen Willis, of 357 Pitney Road, Apt. 211, and Juliana Mae Preto, same address. Willis’ parents of Russ Allen and Lisa Ann Willis. Preto’s parent are Thierry Preto and Janel Mae Kughler.

Nicholas David Cage, of 128 Elm Road, Lititz, and Andrea Lyn Zimmerman, of 125 Royer Road, Ephrata. Cage’s parents are James Darwin and Dawn Marie Cage. Zimmerman’s parents are Linford Nolt and Cindy Yvonne Zimmerman.

Sean Michael Godwin, of 401 Bellevue Ave., Apt. J6, Longhorne, and Rachael Grace Maughan, of 954 Stively Road, Strasburg. Godwin’s parents are Stephen T. and Judith A. Godwin. Maughan’s parents are Stanley A. and Marilyn J. Maughan.

Christian Thomas Delrocini, of 342 E. Clay St., Unit 1, and Elizabeth Rose Weller, same address. Delrocini’s parents are Thomas Daniel and Dawn Michelle Delrocini. Weller’s parents are Robert Eugene and Loretta Denise Weller.

David William Dague, of 71 Peach Lane, Ronks, and Olivia Lane Hackenberger, same address. Dague’s parents are David Alan and Deann Patricia Dague. Hackenberger’s parents are Darrel Kevin and Amy Louise Hackenberger.

Cameron Lee Souders, of 329 Kelly Ave., Mount Joy, and Stephanie June Benton, same address. Souders’parents are Michael David and Margaret Elaine Souders. Benton’s parents are Gregory Alan and Karen Sue Benton.

Benjamin A. Yurchenko, of 51 E. Main St., Apt. 1, Ephrata, and Natalie Dasha Navarich, of 235 Whitehall Road, Reinholds. Yurchenko’s parents are Anatoly P. and Tatyana Yurchenko. Navarich’s parents are Oleg and Raisa Navarich.

Edward Ray Martin, of 1030 Lincoln Road, Lititz, and Lisa Leid Zimmerman, of 1214 Newport Road, Lititz. Martin’s parents are Emory Hoover and Eva Jane Martin. Zimmerman’s parents are Isaac Shirk and Ada Martin Zimmerman.

Lucas Gabriel Gienow, of 1 Pepperton Court, Lititz, and Kori Renee Kline, same address. Gienow’s parents are Gordon Kimberly Gienow and Tina Marie Pittenger. Kline’s parents are Keith Raymond Kline and Wendee Sue Fulmer.

Caleb Kenneth Gawne, of 210 Southgate Drive, and Jordan Rebecca Rohrbaugh, of 1148 S. Atherton Court, State College. Gawne’s parents are Aron Kenneth and Jennifer Ann Gawne. Rohrbaugh’s parents are Stanley Richard and Jana Elizabeth Rohrbaugh.

Christopher David Kijek, of 391 Douglass Drive, Douglassville, and Trisha Ann Eisele, of 287 WIldflower Drive, East Earl. Kijek’s parents are Stanley Francis and Naomi Estelle Kijek. Eisele’s parents are Lance Sebastian and Karen Eileen Eisele.

Allen Daniel Harding, of 120 Broad St., Akron, and Jill S. Holochuck,, same address. Harding’s parents are Allen Daniel and Ethel May Harding. Holochuck’s parents are William John and Carol Jeanne Degenhardt.

Steven R. Braham, of 4100 Crossings Blvd, D301, and Dana Lynn Fisher, same address. Braham’s parents are Gary S. and Dawn Elizabeth Braham. Fisher’s parents are Richard Allan and Diane Lynn Ann Fisher.

Eric Michael Candino, of 130 E. 18th St., Apt. 9R, New York, N.Y. and Jennifer Rose Zuckerman, of 1230 Belle Meade Drive. Candino’s parents are Paul and Margaret Candino. Zuckerman’s parents are Robert and Stephanie Zuckerman.

Jonathan Deliz Candelario, of 1555 Passey Lane, and Lashundra Cherise Jones, of 2807 Dove St., Williamsport. Deliz Candelario’s parents are Luis Angel Deliz Hernandez and Iraida Maria Candelario Ortiz. Jones’ parents are Darryl Jones and Cherrylann Lydia White.

Christopher Michael Brubaker, of 342 Ruth Ridge Drive, and Helen G. Herr, same address. Brubaker’s parents are Michael William and Cindy Jo Brubaker. Herr’s parents are Stuart Walter and Cynthia Galebach Herr.

Erick Russell Beeman, of 18773 E. Wilson Road SE, Oldtown, Md., and Amanda Rose Heisey, of 33 Parkview Drive, Elizabethtown. Beeman’s parents are Mark Russell and Linda Sue Beeman. Heisey’s parents are Duane Alan and Darlene Patricia Heisey.

Ludmil A. Kosmela, of 6335 Hollow Drive, East Petersburg, and Lois Beardslee Carlisle, of 18 Pfautz Circle, Elizabethtown. Kosmela’s parents are Ludmil Alexander and Clara J. Kosmela. Carlisle’s parents are Edward Clarke and Marilyn Brubaker Beardslee.

Cody Michael Adams, of 117 Rouen Place, Elizabethtown, and Gianna Marie Rizzo, of 533 Prospect St. Adams’ parents are Clark Lewis and Robin Marie Adams. Rizzo’s parents are Frank Rizzo and Jacqueline Bovier Norman.