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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Randall Wayne Maiden Sr., of 679 Sheridan Woods Drive, Melbourne, Fla., and Cheryl Ann Shearer, same address. Maiden’s parents are the late Carl Gilbert Maiden and the late Ardis Augusta Maiden. Shearer’s parents are Rose Marie Dixon and the late Lamar Allen Dixon.

Brandon Todd Ehrhart, of 602 Bentley Ridge Blvd, and Morgan Lea Christy, same address. Ehrhart’s parents are Darryl Lloyd Ehrhart and Janelle Renee Rankin. Christy’s parents are Robert G. and Patricia Mary Christy.

Mahmut Eren Ozsar, of 620 E. Erie Ave., Philadelphia, and Heather Mull Nguyen, of 68 N. Soudersburg Road, Gordonville. Ozsar’s parents are Mehmet and Ayse Ozsar. Nugyen’s parents are Loi Van Sr. and Pamela Anne Nguyen.

Taylor Lynn Mackrell, of 426 Bentley Ridge Blvd, and Jocelyn Marie Snook, same address. Mackrell’s parents are Brett Roger and Nancy Mackrell. Snook’s parents are Daniel Lee and Theresa Marie Snook.

Stevie Jay King, of 105 Churchtown Road, Narvon, and Leah Fern Beiler, of 402 Cambridge Road, Narvon. King’s parents are Melvin E. and Esther S. King. Beiler’s parents are Verna Smucker Beiler and the late Mervin Lapp Beiler.

Benjamin James O’Neil, of 290 Cool Creek Way, and Melissa Faye Bryan, of 520 Babylon Court, Willow Street. O’Neil’s parents are Michael Steve and Susan Jean ONeil. Bryan’s parents are William Thomas Whatley and Barbara Jean Render.

Joshua Arthur Epler, of 7 Brendan Drive, Reinholds, and Marisa Kaye Boyer, same address. Epler’s parents are Barry L. Epler and Lisa Heinsey. Boyer’s parents are Todd A. and Kimberley A. Boyer.

David Kelly Jewett, of 1359 W. Main St., Ephrata, and Jennifer Lynn Jewett, same address. David Jewett’s parents are Glenn Roger and Patricia K. Jewett. Jennifer Jewett’s parents are Kevin Floyd and Maryanne C. Mentzler.

Michael Jordan Frantz, of 287 S. Second St., Bainbridge, and Aileen Daye McElhenny, of 2379 River Road, Bainbridge. Frantz’s parents are John Edward and Amy Teresa Frantz. McElhenny’s parents are Lloyd Landis and Heather Christine McElhenny.

Erick Alejandro Mora Sandoval, of 23 N. Hershey Ave., Leola, and Eylin Espinoza Rojas, same address. Mora Sandoval’s parents are Luis Gerardo Mora Vargas and Idali Sandoval Cordero. Espinoza Rojas’ parents are David Espinoza Martinez and Emilce Rojas Valverde.

Carl William Geesey III, of 951 Wood St., Mount Joy, and Teresa R. Wilson, same address. Geesey’s parents are the late Carl William Geesey Jr. and the late Shirley Ann Geesey. Wilson’s parents are William Arland Moodyman and the late Teresa Moodyman.

Leandro Cabrera Guerrero, of 621 Wyncroft Lane, and Jinnet Franchesca Olivero, same address. Cabrera Guerrero’s parents are Alejandro Cabrera Susana and Raquel Guerrero Inoa. Olivero’s parents are Francisco Olivero and Ysidra Reyes.

Clayton Steve Sensenig, of 182A S. Poole Forge Road, Narvon, and Rosene Zimmerman Zimmerman, of 1081 Lancaster Ave., Terre Hill. Sensenig’s parents are Ivan N. and Esther Mae Sensenig. Zimmerman’s parents are Wilmer Shirk and Alta Leinbach Zimmerman.

Jotham Byrnes, of 902 Main St., Delta, and Amber Lynn Cooper, same address. Byrnes’ parents are Tearsa Lorraine Gruber and the late Eddie Jay Byrnes. Cooper’s parents are Thomas Robert Cooper and Cathleen Denise Davis.

Johnathan P. Jordan, of 1282 Robert Fulton Highway, Quarryville, and Nicole L. White, same address. Jordan’s parents are Michael Dean Jordan and Jolene Anne Meche. White’s parents are Kenneth Lee White and Susie Christina Koch.

Jonathan Brein, of 3293 Main St., Conestoga, and Joelle Jean Yanello, same address. Brein’s parents are Christopher Henrich and Rebecca Joy Judith. Yanello’s parents are Patrick David and Heidi Jo Yanello.

Clair M. Hoover, of 1290 Kleinfeltersville Road, Stevens, and Jeanette Weaver Rutt, of 1802 Brunnerville Road, Lititz. Hoover’s parents are Esther Martin Zimmerman and the late John Reif Hoover. Rutt’s parents are Mervin Groff and Anna Mary Rutt.

Jonthan Zachary Zerker, of 28 Deer Ford Drive, and Suzanna Jenny Flaster, same address. Zerker’s parents are Howard and Carole Jacobs Zerker. Flaster’s parents are Murray Samuel and Linda Rose Flaster.

Clive Nathaniel Crawford, of 1736 Judie Lane, and Keiana Shanece Cowan, same address. Crawford’s parents are Nathaniel Wilford Wade and Laura Susanne Dubois. Cowan’s parents are Bertrand Leslie and Kelly Avirl Cowan.

Rafael A. Kilby, of 850 S. Pearl St., and Vanessa Gomez, same address. Kilby’s parents are Samuel Rivera and Bonnie Ann Kilby. Gomez’s parents are Ada A. Lugo and the late Pedro Juan Rodriguez.

Michael David Heller, of 655 Bricker Lane, Annville, and Sara Jane Calderon, of 98 Bomberger Road, Lititz. Heller’s parents are Dale Elwood and Rosemary Faye Heller. Calderon’s parents are Elber A. and Sara W. Calderon.

Sonny Carl Golden, of 1031 River Road, Quarryville, and Jennifer Lee Harris, same address. Golden’s parents are Joyce Deanna Golden and the late Jimmy Lee Golden. Harris’ parents are Alphia Caledonia Pierce and the late Robert Stephen Pierce.

Andy Lee Breault Jr., of 157 Foxbury Drive, Elizabethtown, and Alyssa Louise Heisey, same address. Breault’s parents are Andy Lee Sr. and Corinna Kerry Breault. Heisey’s parents are James Todd and Tammy Louise Heisey.

Debra M. Gonzalez, of 20 N. Bausman Drive, and Cathy L. Reppert, same address. Gonzalez’s parents are Luis Guillermo Gonzalez and Debra May Leonard. Reppert’s parents are John Daniel Meckley and Judith Louise Hagen.

Wayne Harrison McKee, of 635 Willow Valley Square, and Linda Joy Mac Rae, of 645 Willow Valley Square. McKee’s parents are the late Wayne McKee Jr. and the late Helen McKee. Mac Rae’s parents are the late Arthur Emil Hardt and the late Mary Mayo Hardt.

Richard Michael Hodge, of 392 E. Main St., New Holland, and Miriam Jazmin Betancourt Perez, of 639 E. Chestnut St. Hodge’s parents are Gary and Holly Lynn Loveland. Betancourt Perez’s parents are Anahi Perez and the late Sergio Betancourt.

Anibal Rivera Jr., of 445 E. High St., Elizabethtown, and Angela Alcelma Jimenez de la Cruz, 520 East End Ave., Apt. 5. Rivera’s parents are Aibal Rivera Orsini and the late Maria Esther Mercado. Jimenez de la Cruz’s parents are the late Jose M. Jimenez Batista and the late Farida de la Cruz.

John I. Lapp, of 161 Magnolia Drive, Holtwood, and Yen Nhi Thi Nguyen, same address. Lapp’s parents are Lydia A. King and the late Isaac K. Lapp. Nguyen’s parents are Nu Van Nguyen and Ut Thi Do.

Dylan David Rineer, of 154 Truce Road, New Providence, and Christina Nicole Breidenstein, of 406 Walnut Run Road, Willow Street. Rineer’s parents are Leon Henry Jr. and Dawn Elaine Rineer. Breidenstein’s parents are Gionvanna Miller and the late Eugene Michael Breidenstein.

Daniel Juan Rodriguez, of 23 Hunters Run Lane, Pottstown, and Andrea Kay Miller, of 474 Fremont St. Rodriguez’s parents are Daniel and Carmen O. Rodriguez. Miller’s parents are James Andrew and Darlene Louise Miller.

Joseph Lee Smucker, of 6251 Division Highway, Narvon, and Rebecca Faye Lantz, of 6157 Old Philadelphia Pike, Gap. Smucker’s parents are Ivan S. and Esther S. Smucker. Lantz’s parents are Elam S. and Katie N. Lantz.

Jody L. Gontero, of 198 Rockford Square, Mountville, and Lydia Ann Primich, same address. Gontero’s parents are Gary Lee and Diane Orr Gontero. Primich’s parents are Daniel Charles and Paula Ann Primich.

Dennis G. Buchanan, of 655 Patriot Drive, and Debra Anne Rausch, same address. Buchanan’s parents are the late Walter Warren Buchanan and the late Mildred Jenny Buchanan. Rausch’s parents are Sherwin Richard and Sheila Caroline Rausch.

James Eric McDonnell, of 125 Watercress Drive, Birdsboro, and Donna E. Becken, of 3028 Chapel Ave., Cherry Hill, N.J. McDonnell’s parents are Dennis Francis McDonnell and the late Mary Bernadette McDonnell. Becken’s parents are Mary Belle Becken and the late Otto Frederick Becken.

Steve Alexander Gonzalez, of 109 Cheryl Drive, Leola, and Kailey Marie Troop, same address. Gonzalez’s parents are Herber and Blanca Gonzalez. Troop’s parents are Kenneth Eugene Troop and Rose Ann Phillips.

Israel Matos, of 264 Broad St., Landisville, and Karahlissa Hannah Hissner, of 809 N. Plum St. Matos’ parents are Jose Enrique and Adelaida Matos. Hissner’s parents are William John Hissner and Harolyn Greco.

Christ F. Petersheim, of 68B Colonial Road, Gordonville, and Priscilla Ann Petersheim, of 439 Red Hill Road, Narvon. Christ Petersheim’s parents are Aaron B. and Sadie Mae Petersheim. Priscilla Petersheim’s parents are Jacob M. and Anna Mae Stoltzfus.

Macen E. Pennington, of 2440 Beaver Valley Pike, New Providence, and Jacqueline Sue Cantey, same address. Pennington’s parents are Raymond Robert Pennington and Christina Gesford. Cantey’s parents are Michael Eugene and Vivian Arlene Sheets.

Samuel Esh Riehl, of 831 Church Town Road, Narvon, and Rachel Stoltzfus King, of 423 W. Brubaker Valley Road, Lititz. Riehl’s parents are Jacob Sr. and Fannie Mae Riehl. King’s parents are Ammon Stoltzfus and Mary King King.

Brian Lee Hoover, of 16 Center Square Road, Leola, and Regina Hurst Sensenig, of 230 Chapel Road, Newmanstown. Hoover’s parents are David Lee and Susan Martin Hoover. Sensenig’s parents are Michael Weaver and Melissa Martin Sensenig.

Norman Lee Hoover, of 1332 Old Line Road, Manheim, and Esther Mae Rissler, of 304 Spring Glen Drive, Ephrata. Hoover’s parents are Curvin Wise and Delphin Zimmerman Hoover. Rissler’s parents are Philip Martin and Verna Nolt Rissler.

Steven K. Esh, of 139 Colonial Road, Gordonville, and Katie Ruth King, of 598 S. Shirk Road, Gordonville. Esh’s parents are Elmer S. and Martha S. Esh. King’s parents are David Y. and Mary Jane King.

Michael Thomas Cannon, of 357 Pitney Road, and Camilla Susan Keady, same address. Cannon’s parents are Bruce Glenn and Barbara Gormley Cannon. Keady’s parents are John Albert and Theresa Louise Keady.

Patrick Thomas Merlie, of 45 N. Market St., and Samantha Autumn Salamon, same address. Merlie’s parents are Alfred Joseph and Barbara Renk Merlie. Salamon’s parents are Thaddeus Cyril and Maureen Salamon.

Benjamin Soto Mendez, of 64 Locust St., and Ricarda Balbuenas Martinez, same address. Soto Mendez’s parents are Fermin Soto and Judith Ellen Mendez. Balbuenas Martinez’s parents are Antonia Martinez and the late Ramon Balbuenas.

Todd Austin Somerfield, of 7 Yardley Green, and TIffany Lauren Takacs, same address. Somerfield’s mother is Heather Lee Greene. Takacs’ mother is Mary Ann Conde.

Carl Raymond Campbell Jr., of 1291 Christine Ave., Manheim, and Diane Karel Shirey, same address. Campbell’s parents are the late Carl Raymond Cambell and the late Margaret Lorraine Campbell. Shirey’s parents are Annabell Louise McGehee and the late Edwin Robinson McGehee.

Blake Miller Edwards, of 758 Scarsdale Circle, and Denice Alene Kay, same address. Edwards’ parents are the late Donald George Edwards and the late Marilyn Louise Edwards. Kay’s parents are the late William James Kay and the late Bernice Louise Bell.